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Camtasia Animated Text – Animating Bullet Points!

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Camtasia animated text – animating bullet points. [Camtasia Tutorial videos with FREE Project Templates: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqq5GVGhecWIlKBAw-lCw6etLaFoXzV2L ] Doing slides inside Camtasia gives you the flexibility to add animated text that is actually animated bullet points (e.g. kinetic text animations), and you can easily sync/time them with any narration or other message triggers for nicely timed animated text display. Quick Access: 00:58 Animated bullet points demos 01:53 Considerations for animating bullets in Camtasia 03:09 Alt Key Code style bullet points 04:31 Camtasia callout style bullet points 05:20 Icon style bullet points 09:28 Animated bullet points slide example 1 12:49 Animated bullet points slide example 2 13:20 Create re-useable library asset for bullet points Yes, you can do this kind of thing in a tool like Powerpoint and then bring the slides into Camtasia but for the ultimate control in you editing (and tuning), you can do it all, right inside Camtasia. This kind of solution for animated bullet point slides also works well for solutions where you are combining additional media with slides. For example, my tutorial style videos where I utilize lots of different elements combined (e.g. main footage – talking head video in my case, kinetic text animations, b-roll footage, images, and slides). Are you looking to try or buy Camtasia? [Camtasia link: https://gordisman.com/go/camtasia2018/ – Get Camtasia – my go-to editor for YouTube production] Camtasia Text Effects Tutorials Playlist: (Lean lots more on kinetic text effects in these tutorials!) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqq5GVGhecWJi2FJRH8Mx1_Ivb4IVXBqc My channel focuses on teaching video creator/editing skills, video marketing and YouTube. – Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GordIsman?sub_confirmation=1 – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gord.isman – Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gordisman Check out the many ways I can help you succeed with Video and YouTube: – Work with Gord: https://gordisman.com/workwithgord LEARN. APPLY. TRANSFORM. – Learn something new. – Apply what you learn. – Transform your business! Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate links where I will earn a commission if you make a purchase. Shopping through these links is a great way to support the channel so I can keep making quality helpful videos for you. Thanks! #gordisman
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Terry Mc Gonigle (7 days ago)
Another really useful video Gord!
Gord Isman (5 days ago)
Thank-you Terry!
Curious Manager (7 days ago)
Gort, as usual you hit it out of the park. I shudder to think of how poorly my Camtasia skills would be without your guidance.
Gord Isman (7 days ago)
Many thanks, Curious Manager! I have a part 2 for this video with the 3rd example and I show a little more helpful bits. That will release soon
Professor Nez (7 days ago)
WHat an amazing tutorial Gord! You are the man when it comes to these Camtasia tutorials. Very in depth and helpful my friend. Keep it up! I love the way you animated the bullet points. Very cool!
Gord Isman (7 days ago)
Thanks, Professor Nez! Hopefully, you can do this too inside your iMovie, just apply the principles in a similar fashion.
Sweet! thanks again Gord. Fits right in with my work i m doing for a client.
Running a 12Gb for the past 6 + years thinking It was a fast kick-but PC until i upgraded to Camtasia 18. 18 told me i need more memory so I'm now going to 32GB and all the other fast stuff in there. I understand the (Why) that you do with your tutorials rendering the pieces, they are really deep. You make them a work of art.
Gord Isman (7 days ago)
I think it really depends on the editor you use as well. Note, I have a friend who's doing lots of sophisticated 4K video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro with fancy transitions and After Effects work.. and he's jacked his memory up to 32gb. I don't think we need that for Camtasia editing unless you are really pushing the envelope. Again, my machine performs great with 16gb ram. Jim, also consider that you can break your development into sub-projects if they get too complicated and slow to edit/render - that's always an option. Sometimes, for my tutorials, I create all my examples in one project file and then render the pieces, and just add them as clips into another project file to create the final production. Just sharing a little more perspective for you...
Thanks for the info. Doing PC upgrade soon. Just wondering what other Video Editors are using.
Gord Isman (7 days ago)
My solution is a Windows PC running v8.1 (soon to upgrade to 10). I have 16mg RAM, and an i7-5820 CPU 3.30 GHz (6-Core). My graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GTX 070. I run an SSD 1TB drive to run my OS and programs, and then several Terabytes of both internal and external storage. I use Acronis backup as well.
Good idea on the poll, Polls slip by too easy, good to make the point. I do have a question on your PC. I just recently upgraded to Camtasia 18 and found My PC resources needed upgraded as well. Would you share what is inside your PC, like Ram Memory and disks & such?
Stealthy Tools (7 days ago)
Great info for Newbies to Camtasia Gord, they will benefit so much from your training. You really should get this stuff on a membership site dude! The Doktor has spoken ;)
Stealthy Tools (6 days ago)
I think that's a great idea, you give so much great material away Gord. It's time to build your tribe.
Gord Isman (7 days ago)
Thanks Jim!
Courses, a great idea, You are the right man for the job.
Gord Isman (7 days ago)
I'm thinking about a FB Group and then in time produce some courses. I have several in mind - Camtasia, YouTube, VIdeo Memes, etc... What do you think Doktor?
Top Shelf VA (7 days ago)
Excellent video Gord. As you know from our previous conversation, I always use a separate bullet image and separate text box for my bullet points. I then group them together. Makes things so much easier. To me, when doing video, it's even easier than doing this in PowerPoint. We have far more control with the bullet point, animation, and voice over timings.
Gord Isman (7 days ago)
Hi Naomi. I totally agree. But we also know you can do some pretty awesome stuff inside Powerpoint. But again, for me, I like the ability to control every little detail in Camtasia...
William May (7 days ago)
As always you provide excellent content I'm working on the new Real Estate Course and this information is just mind-blowing. It would help my videos tremendously. Thank you so much, Gord. For everyone out there PLEASE like and subscribe to Gord's channel. You'll get the very best quality videos from him. Thanks again Gord and keep up the good work!
Gord Isman (7 days ago)
Hey Willian, I'm glad you found this one will be useful to you and that you can put it to work in your course development. As you know, I specialize in doing helping people develop (and produce) courses and I thought it was time that I share more of these types of tips for course/tutorial production.

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