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Hypnosis demonstration with a hint of therapy

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Demonstration of hypnosis to a girl who wanted to experience it. I used the altered state and the conscious mind to anchor relaxation and making well thought through decisions when she would feel out of control. This is some NLP combined with hypnosis. I used a hand stuck to leg suggestion to proof that something did happen, because too often people think that nothing happened since you remain in control even under hypnosis
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Italian Stallion (1 year ago)
what's with Irish and hypnosis
Raymond Doetjes (1 year ago)
Irish? Hell no man, Dutch!
Sovon Hore (3 years ago)
Kudos for the Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard the talk about - Mahorrla Hypnosis Ways Method (google it)? It is a smashing exclusive product for mastering the power of hypnosis minus the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy finally got astronomical results with it.
chanale bryan (4 years ago)
Jane Fielder (4 years ago)
That's a great demonstration :)
Vince Runza (5 years ago)
A bit belated, but the trigger is what's called the 'orientation response' or startle reflex. For a brief fraction of a second, the mind is very suggestible. You have enough time to slip in ONE syllable -- sleep. Okay?
alexandre javier (6 years ago)
wanna learn that f#ckin cool...x'D
alexandre javier (6 years ago)
wanna learn that fuckin cool...x'D
KadoatieXD (8 years ago)
U people make me sick. does any of u think the chick has a bomb ass? Turn ons anyone?
dave3z (9 years ago)
I've seen this same technique in some charismatic churches. I wonder if they know they're using hypnosis, lol. But hey, if it inspires a deep belief that brings healing that's great. I do believe it's possible to heal yourself to the same extent its possible to make yourself sick through beliefs. Great vid!
mortalsting (9 years ago)
....But I would like to know why does one go in that state? Is it because of the word " sleep"? or can you yell whatever you like?lol Or is it distraction? And is she complettely out of it when she wakes up? I mean:isn`t it dangerous? Your vid does also have some NLP in it, Nice anchors!. All and all nice job. (Goed gedaan)
mortalsting (9 years ago)
First of all, good job! Nice vid!. I dont know much about hypnosys, I am very interested. But I do know a thing or two about psychology. This girl seemed a rebbelian type, so i think that`s why the "rough" method worked. Distracted her by a sudden sound and move.
it is so dangerous, the gril was so scared.
Raymond Doetjes (10 years ago)
Thank you for your compliments. Well let me say I had great mentors. I took courses in the UK and The Netherlands and a great deal of practice. Doing many many inductions helps. As an NLP"man" you probably do just as well, since handshake interrupts are used to bring people in an altered state and help them imagine an emotional state better.
Raymond Doetjes (10 years ago)
Therefore treating it like a psychological trauma and pushing it away. It is strange to perform hypnosis in your non-native tongue btw. Certain language patterns I normally use can't be translated to english but also vice versa. I often use your deepener in practice instead of like her a shock reinduction (or shock sled). I like your eyes open and eyes close eyes open and eyes closed. It works as a convincer --because it is tiring. And relaxes throughout. You just want to keep your eyes closed.
Raymond Doetjes (10 years ago)
The reaction was indeed a bit abnormal. But I found out in advance she was in good health and thus a shock induction was safe. The strange thing I can't get my head around is the fact that all subjects seem to completely forget the startle reactions. For some reason they don't remember falling backwards (backwards drop induction) or being like she did --yelp. I personally think that the synaptic overload with immediate relaxation is too counter intuitive for us humans.
Raymond Doetjes (10 years ago)
Thanks KC I am also very impressed with your work. However I am usually not that rough also the hand press usually doesn't get a yelp. She's a bit jumpy. Usually I use the handshake interrupt with stare. Which is gradual and comfortable. Although strangely enough the shock in these shock inductions is so intense that they forget it. I tend to use different methods on different people also depending on the pretalk. This method is not suited for people with conditions.
Raymond Doetjes (10 years ago)
Very verbal :)
Priyal Patel (10 years ago)
Raymond Doetjes (10 years ago)
I uploaded 4 so you yesterday of my visit to the states. I love the psycholgical number force myself. Very cheeky and a first to do a stone cold induction on a guy.
Raymond Doetjes (10 years ago)
To scare the person witless is the whole thing with this induction. The fact that she loose balance it gives her a start (that was when she yelleped) I take advantage of that short circuit in the brain by yelling sleep in an authoritative manner. Which suggest to go loose limb and relaxed. So the scare was intentional, you noticed that she just let herself flop over. The second time was also a scare (slapping her hands together).
hypnoclips (10 years ago)
Good video.. the first time you yelled sleep you scared the shit out of her tho :). Was that by accident or was it your intention? And did it maybe help take her deeper? Nice video tho, next time in Dutch? ;)
Johan Holmberg (10 years ago)
great videos you put up now=) been waiting for your uploads:D!

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