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Mercedes Sprinter Series: Fan Assembly Removal on 2.7L Diesel! How To: Part 14

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TreasureDivers (7 months ago)
thanks for sharing mate
Your welcome
Wallace Murray (8 months ago)
Hello. My mechanic tells me that, in addition to the fan behind the radiator, there is a second cooling fan for the engine. He wants to install a switch to turn on the other cooling fan when my engine heats up. Can you tell me if there is a second fan somewhere? Thanks
Dimitriy Perchik (6 months ago)
Yes... There are 2 fans on the T1N Sprinters. On 2007 - 2009 there actually 3 of them. 2010 and up only one. T1N has 2, one mechanical, activate by the clutch, it is the one that you see in this video. The electrical one is in front of the condenser, you can see it through the grill, and yes it comes on with the A/C system. It is not true though that the electrical fan come on only for A/C in order to cool down the freon. The electrical fan it is also controlled by the ECU of the van. In a case that the van starts to overheat, both fans will come on. If you have a problem with overheating, you can do 2 things that will make a difference. First, get yourself a separate cooler/radiator for transmission's fluid. Do not let the transmission fluid go or cool through the main radiator of the van. Second, try to find and buy a thermostat that has a lower operating temperature setting, in other words, the thermostat will open and let the water circulate on the big circle at a lower temperature vs the factory one, that might be set to open up when the temperature of the coolant reaches 80+ degrees Celsius. Having a switch for turning on the electrical fan will not make such a big difference.
Great 👍 hope that solves your heat problem
Wallace Murray (8 months ago)
Thanks. I dropped it off this morning and he said that the extra fan only turns on when the AC is on, but adding a switch will allow me to turn it on anytime.
Yes one fan is attached to the water pump, but it’s a mechanical fan, I am not sure if it’s a clutch system or not but it spins when engine spins, but one fan is behind the grille but in front of AC Condenser, it turns on when engine is Hot, but if it’s not turning on then it’s a problem, maybe wiring maybe fuse or relay, maybe the fan is dead, installing a switch not a bad idea, just make sure to do it properly with a fuse, or you can fry the wiring or cause a car fire 🔥
Rob Brenton (9 months ago)
Looks great! Now to hopefully I have success with it ! Ha. Go Sprinter!!
Thanks so much and good luck
Roma n (1 year ago)
Life saver
Thanks so much
Jonathan Allen (1 year ago)
Is talking about a torx socket for 20 min really necessary?
Maybe many not
Underwater Media (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing. You make sense. I wish you lived next door to me :-)
+Underwater Media lol thanks for the kind words, we can pretend I live next door, just ask me anything if you have a question I am always here to help 👍😃
Larry Craft (2 years ago)
my 2006 Sprinter gets up to temperature at 184 shuts down I have to wait 30 minutes and it will restart I change the clutch fan can you help me out
+Larry Craft that sux, can you explain whats going on, maybe i can help
Larry Craft (2 years ago)
Van still dies after disconnecting mass air sencer
+Larry Craft 184 sounds normal, if i shuts down again, try disconnecting Mass Air Flow sensor located on pipe that goes from air filter to engine, let me know, this is best gues for now, can also be caused by crank shaft sensor good luck
Cristian Peralta (2 years ago)
Thanks you for the video educational, i look in you tube for videos like you did! This personally help me a lot I do most of my repair for my self. I have sprinter 04 , the best van I have. 463.000 miles run perfect.
Wow that is great thanks for being a subscriber and for this Awesome comment! I like 2004/2006 they are great vans and are reliable if you maintain them ;) thanks again and feel free to cement and ask advice or questions i read every comment and try to respond fast
Martin Granados (2 years ago)
Thanks very useful , am working on one of them right now, a i have problem w/ high pressure pump. you said in other video you had fix a ready one, i'll try fix this one, if any problem, i will need your help, thanks again...
your so welcome if you have any questions let me know and please consider subscribing
Colin Kessler (2 years ago)
Is that bolt a Torx or a metric allen?
+Colin Kessler i believe it is, to lock the fan use a long flat head screw driver behind the fan insert between the bolts and use it like a handle
Saro91202 (2 years ago)
Hi, I have an oil leak that is hard to find. I'm seeing drips of oil coming from my belt tensioner and running my oil pan. Is a pretty good leak. Please let me know if you see something like this or may have an idea what it could be. Thanks.
Saro91202 (2 years ago)
+ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW Kalashnik yes, I thought it could have been that so today I did change it and I'm still getting the leak. It oil for sure that is leaking since I did have to add. I'm stumped. I've never had taking apart a sprinter before and don't know what's behind the tensioner.
ohh, wow, ok i think this might be your Oil Cap gasket they need to be changed with every oil change most people dont, one of my friends changed his oil and it happen to him, so if your sure its Oil leek then check the oil filter gusket if its broken or not tight all the way or in wrong place then it will cause a major leek and it will be a mess, and thats right above your tensioner to
Saro91202 (2 years ago)
It's not on my alternator but it's all I've my a/c compressor. At first I thought it was me crank seal but it's too wet up top. It is getting on my serp belt and oil filter cap witch I changed gasket think that might have been it.
I Think its not Oil leek but its diesel dirty in oil from dirty engine, its coming from high pressure fuel pump if its getting on your belt and tensioner, maybe it even gets on alternator, look to see if its dirty oily alternator, let me know.

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