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10 Most Badass Movie Death Scenes Of All Time

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The Feeling Is Mutual (1 hour ago)
So did you just pick your favorite movies on your bookshelf??? There are a ton of better deaths. But whatever...
To much bla bla bla
Miraculous Astonisher (2 hours ago)
Logan's badass death
Mahdiyar Parto (2 hours ago)
I still dont get it why u guys have to talk and talk and talk on scenes instead of just leting us watch it.
ravi awar (14 hours ago)
What about the Raid 2-fight ini kitchen
HRDCR PEDAL (19 hours ago)
I knew it, Yayan Ruhyan (Mad Dog) will be in it. There's a scene when he said "Biar greget" there's where it all began. And then it's become a meme, finally end up with over exploited meme itself.
Mike Simcoe (1 day ago)
Fucking annoying to listen to
Pugsley tattoos (1 day ago)
Jezus..not even close!
K R (1 day ago)
7:29 Welcome to Real Vice city...
SeBiceps (1 day ago)
I just watched the departed. You know the scene
Bryan Taylor (1 day ago)
I was expecting the whole list to be Tarantino.
Steve Sullivan (1 day ago)
The best seen is when mat daemon decided to leave theUSA,SO GOOD
aniket banavlikar (2 days ago)
Terminator 2 is no.1
Kenneth Cooper (2 days ago)
Queen latifah in set it off
Carson Trankler (2 days ago)
I understand it’s not a movie buttttt.... Arthur Morgan
John Lucero (2 days ago)
300, 13th warrior king
jrhfjfbfjfjfj (2 days ago)
I know it's not on here but MR.STARK I DON'T FEEL SO GOOD
Jose Lopez Diaz (2 days ago)
Samuel Zulkarnain (3 days ago)
You missed out robocop... thats one badass death scene...
BAM Fish Keeping (3 days ago)
No way Ned Stark best death by far!
Ülrick Bell (3 days ago)
At 2:15 I was like YESSS! And he didn't die there!
UxTxHeadShotx (3 days ago)
How you just gonna forget the death scenes in the entire Jason Bourne series?
Fisto 69 (3 days ago)
I would have put The Professional at number 2.
A Hardee (3 days ago)
You’re all forgetting Commander Thorns death in Star Wars the Clone Wars. Look it up it’s so creamy.
Jolly Roger ! (3 days ago)
Morsovs death in Fury Road where he jumps and blows up the buzzards.
Pranav Bhosle (4 days ago)
What is the movie in the thumbnail
Kayson Mao (4 days ago)
Dark knight???
FoastrDubz (4 days ago)
Maximus Decimus Meridius? I thought it was badass.
Potato Batman (5 days ago)
I always forget that john hurt was in alien
Captain Cluster (5 days ago)
Kurt Russell in Poseidon and Chris Evans in Sunshine. Sacrificing themselves to save others was pretty badass.
Gmoneyman (5 days ago)
How do you forget the departed when you even put it in the thumbnail?? Dislike
DR CHOAS (5 days ago)
It takes a double barrel from what looks like the terminator LMFAO
Shyshy Giovanni (6 days ago)
Thelma and louise babehh the start of ride or diee
I B33 (6 days ago)
Inigo Montoya killing the 6 fingered man was the best scene. The lines were delivered to perfection. Also, did not realise the other movies/tv series that actor was in since that movie!!!
C. M. (7 days ago)
The mother in "High Tesion" (2003)
Adam Pritts (7 days ago)
Not a movie but gus off of breaking bad
Trey Brown (7 days ago)
Scarface’s weapon was not an M-16...just saying
Borimir's death fight in the book is even more epic
Doomguy (7 days ago)
Best death ever was when Mitchell from cod aw cut off his robot arm and irons fell into the fire
Anthony Senior (8 days ago)
Not Orcs, they're Uruk Hai.
Okame JP (9 days ago)
You are talking to much. Just show me the scene.
I am Jobu is a fag (9 days ago)
How did the Doc Holiday / Johnny Ringo duel from Tombstone not make the list smh
Matthew Fisher (9 days ago)
Boromir is without a doubt my favorite. We don't deserve the Lord of the rings movies. Absolute cinematic gold!
Erick Weaver (10 days ago)
Samuel. L Jackson 187
Lucila González (11 days ago)
Agrego...Neo! Brad Pitt en Joe Black...Keanu en el Abogado del Diablo..
HisNHers Lets Play (13 days ago)
T-Bird from The Crow.
The last one is stupid
Gracie026 (14 days ago)
Inigo montoyaaa!!!!! Awesomeeeeee
heelfip _ (14 days ago)
Marcus’ death in John Wick was pretty badass
marco mendez (14 days ago)
What abot the end if crank and crank 2 asuming he die.
Joshua Jones (15 days ago)
No 300?
Hennessy 1979 (15 days ago)
Also Scarface wasn't a deplorable man and only in Miami in the early 80s could you fire off that machine gun with a rocket launcher and not even hear one siren imagine doing that now you would have SWAT teams coming in your house
Hennessy 1979 (15 days ago)
I actually felt bad for Bill in the end of Kill Bill
Alex Mendez (15 days ago)
see it right
Knight of Aurum (15 days ago)
Thumbs up for Boromir!
rezin russell (16 days ago)
Ten movies aimed at young males.
Finn The human (16 days ago)
Mark Baumgartner (16 days ago)
Narrator needs to lay off the coke. Doesn't help with ADD.
Nathan Brown (16 days ago)
Well this was a waste of 8 minutes and 50 seconds
Yasin King (16 days ago)
You need to redo this list. You forgot heat, training day, Sonny's death in godfather, the ending of City of God, etc...
Trevon Howard (17 days ago)
What about inglorious bastards all of it is badass lol
Tony Parkin (17 days ago)
Wow, was ready to say "forgot borimir" before I even watched this list. The extended film has more of it and the knife lick by the urak hi that killed him
Jeremiah Stewart (17 days ago)
How many times does he say badass?
Trash Fire (17 days ago)
If The Wild Hunt isn't on here, then this video sucks.
Team Tundra 2 (17 days ago)
Vice Admiral Holdo (Star Wars Episode 8)
William Watkins (17 days ago)
Best of all scarface great movie
near (19 days ago)
yyeeaaayyy The Raid. Greeting you from wkwk land
WColdblooded357W (19 days ago)
The dog of Ill mental health lmao
Philagape (19 days ago)
Darth Vader kills the emperor, Return of the Jedi Kylo Ren kills Snoke, Star Wars: The Last Jedi "I'm no man." The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King "You're fired." True Lies "Thank you." Robocop
Ben Jacques (19 days ago)
Should have said "This is for Mathilda". Don't say which movie, don't show footages. If you don't know, then you have no business watching a video about badassery!
Eric Eckhart (20 days ago)
Orcs? Orcs??? Those aren't orcs my dude.
Zues (21 days ago)
Finally someone acknowledging The Raid franchise!
Insert Clever Username (22 days ago)
This is the most disjointed list I've ever seen.
Minutia & Miscellanea (23 days ago)
The Thing is hands down my favorite sci-fi horror film.
Blue Lipped Warrior (24 days ago)
Doc Holiday and Ringo. Tombstone. Val Kilmer & Michael Bien. "I can be your huckleberry.."
FaZe Hranolek (24 days ago)
Merlin death from kingsman 2 :(
Lucario_Spark (2 days ago)
FaZe Hranolek that scene made me cry
Robert Schäffer (27 days ago)
You guys could just name the video: Sean Bean :D
Original (27 days ago)
The final kill in Salt
Rizal Indra (28 days ago)
Mad dog
Zach Reilly (28 days ago)
The shark in jaws is Bruce from Finding Nemo. They both have black eyes when they’re both trying to kill and eat something. They’re both great whites. I’m high.
I haven't started watching this yet but I hope the elevator death scene in the Departed is included.
Spartacus srabya (28 days ago)
Game of thrones Mountain kill oberyn martell scene Bad Bad badass
Pro Potato (29 days ago)
7:29 isn't that Tommy Vercetti's Bungalow?
Gary Daniel (29 days ago)
Oh yeah. Mel Gibson's film about Christ. Christ died for everybody on top of that. Badass is taking on death and winning. Much to Satan's chagrin.
AbbaZabbaOlyFrn (1 day ago)
Gary Daniel stupid Christian mythology aside, Passion of the Christ was basically a 2-hour snuff film.
Gary Daniel (29 days ago)
The 54th Massachusetts at Battery Wagner in GLORY. Ride With The Devil has some nice ones also. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. A Bridge Too Far has some also. Any Sam Peckinpa film.
Kaiser Klovis Klans (1 month ago)
When Joe Pesci and his brother are beaten to death in Casino is one of the most brutal death scenes I’ve ever seen.
joshua meyer (1 month ago)
Kingdom of heaven. The nordic mans death as he is shot through the neck with an arrow and shot with several other arrows. He fights till they have won. Then he lays down to die.
I forgot to dislike the video...so I clicked on it again...for not showing de caprio death scene...now that's badass
WDTA UT (1 month ago)
Most badass scenes that weren't death scenes:  1) Gran Torino - Clint Eastwood with the spooks 2) Point Blank - Lee Marvin shoots the empty bed
wave (1 month ago)
Truth is ....SEAN BEAN IS A GOD
Fabian macias sandoval (1 month ago)
#1 beowulf’s death
Denis Weimer (1 month ago)
The sniper-through-the-eye scene in Saving Private Ryan didn't even make the cut? And what about Buliwyf from The 13th Warrior? That would HAVE to be in there somewhere. Certainly tops the terminator with his thumb up. Lastly, SOMEWHERE in Man on Fire, at least ONE of Denzel's kills had to be badass enough, no?
Juan Mora (1 month ago)
No Gladiator, Braveheart of The Last Samurai? unfair
Alpha 0mega (1 month ago)
Brad Pitt in Burn after reading.
rudy carreon (1 month ago)
How many .50 cal bullets can one man take? Just ask Boris the Bullet Dodger.
Alpha 0mega (1 month ago)
Why do they call him the bullet dodger?
Wil Roff (1 month ago)
You forgot about Marley in "Marley and Me" but that might be tied with zappin John in "The Green Mile"
Dev Hess (1 month ago)
Marlboro logo
Andrei Dragostin (1 month ago)
Logan, the last comic book movie death that actually matters...
Zoltán Kürti (1 month ago)
Most random video I've seen in a while. Why is there only one dislike button?

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