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10 Most Badass Movie Death Scenes Of All Time

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Text Comments (3299)
all3ykat79 (1 day ago)
re Boromir only the last arrow got anywhere near his heart. the others were survivable... possibly, with antibiotics.
Ravindu Ratnayake (3 days ago)
Vasquez’s and Gorman’s deaths in Aliens?
Catnip (3 days ago)
Why mad dog still alive in the raid 2.? . .coz he is mad dog
He & She Attack (4 days ago)
You Forgot Flyboys, The death of Cassidy who sacrificed himself to destroy that Blip
Travis Stanaway (4 days ago)
Obvi even a list of 50 you will leave some out
Sinister Minister (4 days ago)
Wulvie 13th Warrior.
Amir Ali Bazdar (6 days ago)
finnicks deathfrom hunger games
KA M (6 days ago)
The martial artist in the raid “mad dog”, I do believe he was also the martial arts choreographer
Endorill (6 days ago)
loved it.
nickengineroom (7 days ago)
All bullshit on ur list with the exception of scarface .
Jay Speed (7 days ago)
GRATHE MUSIC (7 days ago)
Scarface death master of the badasses ✊💯
Tyler Keller (7 days ago)
My vote goes to The Thing as the greatest use of practical effects ever seen on screen.
Popeyes Watermelon (7 days ago)
The ending of John Wick 2 was just amazing
James Adams (8 days ago)
Anything Tarantino , pulp fiction, reservoir dogs any of that shit is gold.
Fa Chil (8 days ago)
Mad dog from indonesia
Russ Rogers (8 days ago)
Anything in reign of fire isnt badass and matthews character jumping into the dragons mouth was bullshit cause it nothing
Ricky Ortiz (8 days ago)
6:45 I thought that was Daniels trump
The Matirx red pill (9 days ago)
Can't get the moment of the scene with you ranting over the top, dickhead.
Jose Alvarado (10 days ago)
Gus dying in Breaking Bad
Amanda Mullen (10 days ago)
Definately BADASS!!!
Ozzy G (10 days ago)
Set it off. The scene where cleo gets shot in the lowrider
Howard Wilson (10 days ago)
The end of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
daniel keane (10 days ago)
The death of leonidis in 300
vis vis (10 days ago)
Training day
Jovaan Mills (10 days ago)
They way she killed bill was the best shit I've seen
Mark Williams (11 days ago)
Doc Copper, not Cooper, yeah really know your movies
Rick Papineau (12 days ago)
Sorry, but T2 was most certainly NOT a badass death... especially when considering what isn't on this list.
Rey Macías (12 days ago)
What about Jack from Titanic?
Ben Scorer (12 days ago)
Kingsman church scene
something here (12 days ago)
The most badass movie is hacksaw ridge. that desmond doss save like eighty men and he dont have weapon of all time. Sorry my english is not good
RETROSANS Gonzalez (12 days ago)
8:15 is that undyne genoside mode undertale
Majhoooł (12 days ago)
Gus Fring?
DARlUS (14 days ago)
Punisher has to be here
FistFighter 2000 (14 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what movie the thumbnail is from, I swear I’ve seen it before
Endeavor Warrick (15 days ago)
I watch this expecting Leonidas from 300 to be 1
devrim Arslan (16 days ago)
My comment is " you talking to much" but good content :)
Raghib Haider (16 days ago)
You forgot bahubali, the death of bahubali scene
Rigel ARTestian (16 days ago)
Wado ada madog
Latin_girl beeech!! (17 days ago)
Liked just for The Raid : Redemption 👍
Andrew Ince (18 days ago)
During his portrayal of Inigo Montoya, Mandy Patinkin channelled his real life emotions into that famous scene. Patinkin had lost his father to cancer some years previously. During the scene he says he pictured the six-fingered man as cancer which makes that final "I want my father back, you son of a bitch" all the more genuine and heartfelt.
Daniel Triplett (18 days ago)
mackapacka (19 days ago)
mr stark, i dont feel so good
Nicholas Pranata (19 days ago)
Indonesia it's the best guys
Joshua Catuday (21 days ago)
you forgot the spartans in 300
Alok Kumar (21 days ago)
Where is the death scene from I Spit on your grave
Howdy Everyone (21 days ago)
Full Metal Jacket had some good kills.
Connor Cliggott (22 days ago)
Hardcore Henry
Aidan Piel (22 days ago)
If u know the band alt j you should know that in the song matilda there is a line witch says this is from Matilda
Karan Holmes (22 days ago)
Pretty satisfying choices...................for now...
huracan bg (22 days ago)
Well, it's series, but Breaking Bad's Gus Fring death is the GOAT.
Null Morningstar (22 days ago)
But he did survive......in the video game😂
Yusril Ryu (22 days ago)
Maddog 🤣🤣
Michael Jackson (23 days ago)
In the books, Boromir is just as badass as Aragorn. It’s a shame that the movies made him out to be shady from the very beginning, when in JRR Tolkien’s story he has only one moment of weakness
Irina (24 days ago)
Stealth, EDIs death scene.
KRYS CODES (25 days ago)
Death of L and kira what do you say???
Boumbipbip (25 days ago)
Bill is bot Dead, 5 steep! Bot 4
J. Felix (28 days ago)
Mad Dog 🤣 Yayan Ruhiyan is the best
sakitzperutz (29 days ago)
300? The last samurai? Braveheart? The Raid 2?
renzoqu (29 days ago)
Where is Matt Damon?
Jacky HD (30 days ago)
Why you talk all the time... Just let me see the badass Death in peace... You talk too much
kowe96941 (30 days ago)
Tarantino movies? No?
Alexander Arnold (30 days ago)
Eddie Murphy.
Sam Russell (1 month ago)
Some I see I agree with Dr Schultz in django honestly so badass Leonidas in 300 Will in braveheart
Mercent Perrault (1 month ago)
Where the hell do we weak and scaredy guys stand? How in the world will we ever protect our GFs from danger?
S 57 (1 month ago)
Raid 1 and 2 are all time best
bigcheese82 (1 month ago)
This is like watching a movie with someone who has already seen it, and they talk through the whole move
jamie burns (1 month ago)
Elmer Valentino (1 month ago)
Im just here to tell you that John Wick killed a guy in the bar with a fucking pencil
Marie Hofer (1 month ago)
This list shows you didn‘t understand the word badass at all. Boromirs death or the thing have nothing to do with badass.
Marie Hofer (1 month ago)
Glad you tried to explain badass in the beginning but failed with the clips lmao.
Marie Hofer (1 month ago)
This list sucks
Rittermuecke LP (1 month ago)
佐藤啓 (1 month ago)
good choice
Shashank Gairola (1 month ago)
boromir on top..great
DRAGONLuksis02czLP (1 month ago)
American psycho is missing HEY PAUL
Shanananananan Dlan'E (1 month ago)
What about John wick?
RYAN CHAMBERLAIN (1 month ago)
‘‘Tis but a flesh wound.
Ahh Woody (1 month ago)
This channel
zXxXz (1 month ago)
Worst analisis ever
Jetto (1 month ago)
Stang5.0 killsya (1 month ago)
Decent list, except Bill in Kill Bill. Meh....
julio garcia (1 month ago)
But it was a good video
julio garcia (1 month ago)
I watched the whole thing with the gf to show her the scene from the video you selected to preview this. Didn’t see it. Bastards thumbs down
peter c (1 month ago)
*Thanks for ruining the scenes by not showing them and telling us what happens*
CockStirredMartini (1 month ago)
Uses picture of the departed, doesnt include the departed
daniel Dalrymple (1 month ago)
The Kiss of the Dragon. Death the Kiss of the Dragon
Bayu Rafiq Zakly (1 month ago)
Change your opening.. That had a bad sound 4 ears
Totaly not Red hood (1 month ago)
Mad dog was in the raid 2 so that would count as a fight scene
Nereyda Vazquez (1 month ago)
You forgot takers the brother death
purnima gupta (1 month ago)
Wolverine's death in logan
Robert Johnson (1 month ago)
yoren from game of thrones
Robert Wilhite (1 month ago)
Uruk-hai, you damn hippie.
Eggy Unknown (1 month ago)
Does my jump and break neck count as master of dying on screen?
Pedro Belusso (1 month ago)
What is the name of that movie 0:07?
faded Kyrow SDK (1 month ago)
You chose wisely for your number one
Lasse Bastholm (1 month ago)
Tarantino blowing himself up in Django Unchained?
Zoomin (1 month ago)
a thing we learned from borimir that we take with us in wow, hunters are no match for warriors
kaiser dee (1 month ago)
Critiquer les dents de la mer, Léon et certains autres laisse moi rire, ce sont des films qui ont marqués des générations, tu ferais mieux de changer de créneau c'est toi le badass pauvre andouille !
Top 10 most badass deaths in game of thrones

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