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Slave girl imprisoned on boat (Indomptable Angélique)

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Another classic scene from Indomptable Angélique (1967) movie. Další klasická scéna z filmu Nezkrotná Angelika (1967).
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Jodete Yutub (4 days ago)
asi deberian ser tratadas todas las putas mujeres
Bruce G. (18 days ago)
A "full ride"? Is that what the current millennium generation expects? They can't go to college unless they get a "full ride"? Whatever happened to working your way through school? It took me 7 years to get through and most of the people I know did the same thing. Take your "full ride" and stick it. By the way, the "slave girl" clip was just as stupid as the ad.
Pat Downs (4 months ago)
A well washed lot. Clothes just returned from the dry cleaners. But a right manly stubble on the face
Jhiken Sasuke (1 year ago)
asi c les trata carajo!! ow yea bitches!
Jhiken Sasuke
Jhiken Sasuke ,
M yahya (1 year ago)
budak sex
Ernest Barteldes (2 years ago)
Dubbed into Poliah?
PetrD100 (1 year ago)
jasmina the best (2 years ago)
Martial Chen (2 years ago)
All I understand is the word "NO"
KingofArmatures (5 years ago)
thanks :)
sure, i'll do it next week ;)
CandaEH (5 months ago)
Aaaaaand 5 years later.....
KingofArmatures (5 years ago)
any chance you can add subtitles? I'd love to be able to know what they're saying.
Vyxinic PW (1 year ago)

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