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IKEA bans customers from napping in its China store

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For More Latest News Subscribe us: Beijing- Swedish furniture chain Ikea has banned customers from napping on the furniture displayed in a store in Beijing, where hundreds of shoppers come everyday to enjoy the air conditioning and furniture comforts with no intention of buying. The ban and other measures seek to exclude from the store all but those making purchases and to improve the brand's local image. In the Beijing Ikea store, people can commonly be found sleeping peacefully and unabashedly on the display sofas and beds, a fact verified by Efe. In order to expose its products to the Chinese market, Ikea initially opened additional showrooms of furnishings, inviting shoppers to "take a nap" on beds and sofas, reported the news website China.com. After the workers of Beijing Ikea complained that "nappers" had become a real nuisance, creating an unsightly image for the Swedish company and discouraging potential buyers, the company decided to put an end to the promotion.
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muachi do (1 year ago)
china . cant expect much
ariel peterporn (1 year ago)

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