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Don't fall in the trap!!!!
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just me (1 year ago)
They don't send u to jail for going to church. Every action, there is a re-action. You should have though about that when u were snatching the old lady's handbag.
producer4real (3 years ago)
This is a cold ass world and to be a black man in America you have to be one of the smartest, sharpest motherfuckers alive to avoid all the traps that are set for that ass. Real talk! Good video man.
MrBisketTV (3 years ago)
Follow the money, there's allways someone making money off the thugs, simps, and the women that produce them, Masters plantation is still alive and well...!
Incel Man (3 years ago)
Aren't you worried about Youtube taking down your video man?
Queteacher Que (3 years ago)
Sent a message to your inbox with a few questions about the skilled trades.
I Dream of Apocalypse (3 years ago)
Keep saying what's on your mind. Most people no matter what group they're from will only listen to someone else from that group. Plus, when people from certain races or religions start getting a bad reputation it's because others within that group didn't have the courage to stand up, put their foot down against bullshit, and take the garbage out.
Blue&Orange (3 years ago)
Love your commentary bro, Keep it up!!
Rob O (3 years ago)
Well... I hope you saved the audio to repost after the haters get out of bed today. I had several young black men working for me years ago when I remodeled homes and they couldn't stop smoking dope, smoking crack, and chasing pussy long enough to ever get anywhere. I would pay them on Friday and they would be broke Saturday. I got tired of being their fall back guy on Monday when they were broke and hungry. I started giving them $20 a day as an allowance and I would buy a carton of smokes on Friday with their money and dole them out a pack a day the next week I think when I managed their life I was the closest thing they ever had to a father in their lives.
Luke Powers (2 years ago)
Rob O wow. That is sad really
EvilJagan (3 years ago)
Make a back up page bruh, I don't want them to take your channel down.
Rob O (3 years ago)
Don't get banned. Can't loose the truth..
The Straight Shooter (3 years ago)
I saved the raw video without the pictures. I’m actually surprised that the video has been up this long without being flagged.
EvilJagan (3 years ago)
Damn bruh, I gotta save this video because black whores will probably flag it.
Albacorewing (3 years ago)
You forget the financial services industry that makes huge money servicing pensions and medical benefits for police who retire, let alone the taxes paid to finance those benefits.
The Rocket Radio Show (3 years ago)
bless up bro.
coptic777 (3 years ago)
One of the main ones profiting off black dysfunction is the for profit family courts. One way for black men to stay out of jail is to stay away from black women who are the most likely to use the cops/courts against you.
shideyafudo (3 years ago)
Beatiful vid man a must watch
coptic777 (3 years ago)
Yep I agree.
Vapin Geek (3 years ago)
This was the hard irrefutable truth - so yeah, some people will be pissed.
Boddah (3 years ago)
When you this contains graphic content, I thought what's the worst he could do. Then the drawings, ass shots showed up and I thought is that it? but then 8:18 , 11:19 and 12:05 happened lol.
cecollins68 (3 years ago)
wow....... dont have time to watch it now so i saved it cause after seeing that..... ill be suprised if this video is still up by the time i get to watch it properly lol
AntiquityCar (3 years ago)
Thank you for another great video, keep up the good work! Check out my new MGTOW channel. Cheers!
Phantom Evil (3 years ago)
Jail is equal to modern day slavery.
Neck of the Woods (3 years ago)
I'm not offended or disgusted at all. Thanks for your commentary. After seeing all of my uncles getting locked up in jail or prison, I made a decision at an early age to not get locked up. So far, so good. Age 35, no criminal record for me.
Capcoor (2 years ago)
Neck of the Woods Proud of you, brother. Keep it up
super blue (3 years ago)
Don't find yourself in the jail.

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