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Watch This Scene from Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity (1987)

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Watch This Scene is the natural evolution of the Worst Movies Scenes of All Time series. Too often I was finding one very entertaining moment, either good or bad, from a movie that was otherwise pretty worthless. The scene itself is worth watching/good for a laugh, and that's what I want to showcase. This relaunch episode is a test, but includes an amusing moment from the sci-fi T&A remake of The Most Dangerous Game called Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity.
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Jhiken Sasuke (1 year ago)
y las esclavas? maldito mentiroso
Jhiken Sasuke (1 year ago)
1:36 📣🔉🖥🕩 oye compañero, k pasa? una mujer desnudandose sin ninguna razon aparente frente ami ,¡¡acaso dijiste tetas!!, no yo nunca dije eso,pero cuales crees k sean sus medidas, y bla bla bla lo normal 2s robots teniendo una platica mientras ven a un mujer desnudandose frente a eyos ¡FIN!
Ron Dean (1 year ago)
Slave chick wants to screw a robot? This movie is ahead of it's time.
Erich B (5 years ago)
love the musack version of Rock You Like A Hurricane.
Captain Video Blaster (5 years ago)
Robots with boners always results in trouble.
Claudiu Cornea (5 years ago)
Worst just got worse
Mattteus (5 years ago)
What was Kelly Bundy doing spying on her?
Godeepgts11 (5 years ago)
BamThwokCanada (5 years ago)
Great job on the new graphics. Also, why does the film play sneaking music when the first robot walks?
frank rizzo (5 years ago)
sassy robot peeping toms.... weird
got me at Rock You like a Hurricane
Pradeep Kanchan (5 years ago)
Does she sound a bit like the female Tommy Wiseau?
BadInfluenceMan (5 years ago)
The new graphics look great.
RckerMom87 (5 years ago)
I'm happy I was born in 1987 so I didn't have to see shitty 80s movies like this lol.
LocutusSilence (5 years ago)
This is why I would never buy an android, damn things will fuck you over for 80's blonds.
GoblinXXX (5 years ago)
So, this was cut from EPISODE 2 for time, or..?
UsedToothpick05508 (5 years ago)

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