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Magic For Humans | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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From baffling people on the street to orchestrating elaborate tricks, Justin Willman blends good-natured magic with grown-up laughs. Magic For Humans comes to Netflix on August 17. Watch Magic For Humans on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/in/Title/80190510 #Netflix #MagicForHumans #JustinWillman SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/29qBUt7 About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Connect with Netflix Online: Visit Netflix WEBSITE: http://nflx.it/29BcWb5 Like Netflix Kids on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/NetflixFamily Like Netflix on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/29kkAtN Follow Netflix on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/29gswqd Follow Netflix on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/29oO4UP Follow Netflix on TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/29kkemT Magic For Humans | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix http://youtube.com/netflix
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Text Comments (388)
U.N.I Chic (5 days ago)
Lols he looks like an older Adam Levine to me
satvik rai (11 days ago)
" real magic " magic can never be real lol
James Spears (11 days ago)
This is the host of cupcake wars lol fake as fuck
Rishikesh Khandare (12 days ago)
Camera trick rehte be bhenchod
RusticHype (12 days ago)
Magic about illusion and miss direction, this so so fake n boring
BABY_SLOTH (14 days ago)
Fake ass show
JohnQ0610 (14 days ago)
Is this real or fake?
Wave ._. (15 days ago)
1:00 my favorite trick by Justin Because he did it for me in person, he's not lying no camera tricks or anything I'm no scam either!!!
Wave ._. (15 days ago)
Magic for Susans!
Mr. McCluckster (16 days ago)
How does he do this? Is it a set up??
Anthony Goalsetter (16 days ago)
With actors like Criss Angel, this dude has nothing on Michael Carbonaro.
Imaginary Lion (17 days ago)
Soo fake.
Joaquin Manansala (17 days ago)
Anyone notice the girl with a cap on episode 1? She said its a 7s Plus, shes from the future.
YahelOr Edri (18 days ago)
Loving this
Foo Kynlem (18 days ago)
0:31 that’s what she said
Shane Richardson (18 days ago)
This show is super fun to watch but it’s fake for the most part the worst one is in episode 4. There were people in a “pitch black” restaurant who allegedly couldn’t see anything, they even cut away to a black screen and said this is what they see. Ok cool so far. They are somehow casting shadows on everything which is impossible without a light source.
Louis Browne (18 days ago)
That spice girls questions was to funny. I love quirky humour.
fucking fake.
AWMindset (19 days ago)
My family and I have been watching the Carbonaro Effect for years and absolutely love the show. When I saw Magic for Humans advertised on Netflix I was hopeful that it would be another great family TV show like the Carbonaro Effect. Sadly, its not. This guy lacks the showmanship, charisma, and decency of Michael Carbonaro. As a parent, I am disappointed that this shows slips in adult content, like a giant penis mowed into a lawn, talk about the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause not being real, using a penis pump as a prop, asking sexual questions of his participants, among other things, etc. I am definitely not a prude and enjoy adult humor when appropriate, even raunchy humor, but for this type of show its completely inappropriate and unnecessary. Its does nothing to enhance the show. Again, it's the entertainment industry's plan to corrupt and sexualize children as soon as possible. I do not trust Justin Willman's judgement and no longer allow his show in my home.
Kyoko Soryu (16 days ago)
I'd think you'd be more annoyed by the tricks all being staged.
C r gun Gun (19 days ago)
this is fake AF
johnnybrubaker (19 days ago)
fake bullshit, camera tricks and boring SJW actors.....fuck entertainment in 2018, fuckin bullshit
Kyoko Soryu (19 days ago)
I really don't understand what this show is trying to be. It's plays itself like it wants you to accept the tricks as real, but it's painfully obvious they're all staged. But if it's trying to be a parody, it's not nearly over the top enough to actually be a funny; you spend too much time sitting through tricks being tediously set up and played out in a way that's clearly trying to sell them as real. It's so tonally confused, I have no idea what it's actually going for, what I'm supposed to feeling when I watch it. It's not entertaining as magic because it's blatantly staged, and it's not entertaining as a parody because it spends way too much time trying to seem real and has way too low of a gag rate. What exactly am I supposed to be entertained by?
Eli Bishop (15 days ago)
EXACTLY what my g/f and I were saying after the first episode alone. It's not as funny or satirical as Eric Andre or Tim and Eric (T&E produced it), but the magic tricks were terrible and not entertaining in the setup. We couldn't figure out if they made the show to troll people (that being the gag) or if they wanted us to actually believe they were doing tricks without CGI, considering the CGI is bad at points and also the reactions from the actors are not believable. I just don't get what they were going for, as you said, the major problem with the show is that they didn't pick a tone to go with and it's just not entertaining the way that it is.
Hue Lu (19 days ago)
Yeap, last time I gave nothing improved... so well 🙄
Kenny Roc (19 days ago)
Justin used to be a decent magician, I watched him years ago when he first started performing on tv. Back then it was sleight of hands and a funny personality. Somewhere along the years he stop growth as a magician and started becoming an entertainer more. One look at the imdb rating you can tell there are hundreds of fake reviews for this show, with dozens of new accounts giving the show 10/10.
crbx (19 days ago)
Watch the third episode 5:50 and then tell me its not fake... There a big fat obvious cut in there... Wow
Eman (20 days ago)
0:29 “wow it’s so big and black”
SjSharky TV (20 days ago)
So staged
Jonny Knight (20 days ago)
This looks so bad
yo adrienne (20 days ago)
Is this intentionally being obvious about being scripted or are they so bad at hiding it? Like the invisible guy was a lot better at attempting to look like "real magic" than the freakin Goat Yoga. I just don't understand it and IDK why I keep watching this on Netflix but I do.
lly g (20 days ago)
It’s so fake it’s cringey
Lionel Lerner (20 days ago)
I wouldn't have been mad if some of it was staged, but CGI, really? The magical backpack was notoriously staged and CGI'd, I couldn't keep watching after that. I rather watch a CGI movie about magicians with a nice script.
Bodhi1satva (20 days ago)
Damn I want to learn that tarantula trick!! Too cool!
EXTINGUISHER (21 days ago)
Got netflix only for this guy
Sieist23Jahrealt (21 days ago)
This man needs to burned at the stake for heresy, sorcery and witchcraft. He practices the dark arts.. he’s definitely not working with actors he found at a city college improve theatre class and or Craigslist. He’s working with the devil.
VIK҉A҉S ҉PA҉TE҉L (21 days ago)
2018 and you can still make ppl fool with camera tricks
Davi DeAndrade (21 days ago)
I watched the entire season already (of course 6 episodes goes by fast when you’re binge watching) AND I LOVE IT!! PLEASE MAKE A SECOND SEASON ALREADY!!!!!!!!
The Wolverine (21 days ago)
"Wow its so big and black" you know that's not the first time hes said that.
JJFit89 (21 days ago)
It’s so big and black 🤣
IGAM3RPRO (21 days ago)
do not watch is its fake
jirka sejkora (21 days ago)
Its fun in its humorous nature. Most of it is cutscenes and some green screen
Alyssa Bogdan (21 days ago)
I hate how it's all fake :/
Blitz Ray (22 days ago)
"can i have it since i made it?" that kid is the real deal😂😂😂😂
Ice Flame (22 days ago)
In the fourth episode at 20:20 they stole the drum track from a piece from Halo: Reach. Please tell me I’m not the only one that heard this.
The1247317CROW (22 days ago)
Wow...he should be on AGT
Jay Teranova (22 days ago)
Oh cool! The Carbonaro Effect...but with actors.
zhiwei yang (22 days ago)
Did anyone watch episode 2? How do you think he did the earing one?
Sal VW (22 days ago)
Does anybody know if this is staged? I just started watching this and some of the stuff he's doing seems completely impossible, so I'm having trouble believing that it's real.
The Wolverine (21 days ago)
Its staged. Source: I am a real magician.
Legolam (22 days ago)
In the episode where the 2 girls are eating in the dark (episode 4), he asks one of them if he can borrow her ring. She holds the ring between the fingers of her left hand and he covers it with a cloth napkin. Then exactly at the same time he tells her to pinch her ring through the cloth with her right hand, she does exactly that...not immediately after, but at the same time...as though she knew what to do.
ActionPactCinema (22 days ago)
Every person in this is an actor...
hofnermty (21 days ago)
Man, I thought Chris Angel was bad. This "magic" show was so lame I couldn't make it past the second episode. Camera tricks and people's reactions edited with other tricks that they weren't reacting to is not magic.
rohanzo1 (23 days ago)
Wait isnt this the guy with the hot wife?
Anything Inq (24 days ago)
This show is faker than press on nails.
Smiso Thwala (24 days ago)
I smell the Carbanaro effect here
Aadil Parack (24 days ago)
0:30 Wow so big ..... and black
Snipegaming Tv (24 days ago)
"so big and black😎
. (24 days ago)
When i Flip it out for her: 0:30
Andrew Edgar (24 days ago)
I've never seen anytime staged in my life!
Laxyzo (24 days ago)
0:29 when she haven't believed you what you said to her, but then she saw it irl
og (24 days ago)
OMG these actors are so bad its not even funny. Stopped watching after the first clip
CharlieSheen's AIDS (24 days ago)
It was good at first. But pulling the wife out the backpack ruined it for me.
The Wolverine (21 days ago)
You lasted that long? C'mon dude.
FUNNY SMS (24 days ago)
The staging is so bad it's cringy.
Seth Tenpas (24 days ago)
Name Here (25 days ago)
Love this show!!!! I've been binge watching and it might just be my favorite show on Netflix. Bravo!!!
Mike Montes (25 days ago)
this show is so fake
Josh Watkins (25 days ago)
I thought this show was awful. In episode 4 he convinces two "random" people that they're invisible while other people (who you're told are in on the act) pretend that these people really are invisible. The people who are turned invisible are terrible actors, and not just that, but the cameraman following the invisible person around doesn't seem to be a problem. Wouldn't the invisible person notice the cameraman can clearly see them (stood right in front of them in some shots), yet no one else can? Moronic.
TotPYsera (25 days ago)
I got all the way up to where he pulled his wife out of the bag before I could detect the CG. Up until that point, the CG was pretty good, which is four fifths of the way through the first episode, if anyone's interested. Look, I just have a problem with "magicians" using CG because that just means the real magicians are sitting behind a computer somewhere making decent money but definitely not as much as they deserve. And that's after years and years of learning super complex things and dedicating themselves to developing a skill set which is universally valued while at the same time being universally underappreciated. Meanwhile, you've got an actor pretending to pull stuff out of a bag in front of a bunch of other actors, getting all of the exposure and most of the money. I don't respect that. Sorry. The "magic" of magic is fooling people who are standing right in front of you. If you wanna say people who use CG are magicians, then Michael Bay is a magician.
Wayne Jamel (19 days ago)
Cool channel. Ethically its just wrong to have fake magic tricks... if that makes sense
TotPYsera (19 days ago)
The part with the wife is definitely fake. That being true, it's safe to assume any "trick" he does may also be fake. "Magicians" using CG is pretty standard practice these days. Go check out Captain Disillusion's YouTube channel to see how easy it is to do these kinds of things with compositing in After Effects. https://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainDisillusion
Wayne Jamel (20 days ago)
TotPYsera he said no camera tricks but in that episode with the wofe he didnt say no camera tricks. I dont like being skeptical but the wife out of the bad looked super fake. I watched it over and over and I'm choosing to assume its not but if it is then Netflix needs to be ashamed of itself. There is a difference between magic trick and straight up lying.
A Singh (26 days ago)
5 Episodes are good. Last one ruined the taste, couldn't go past couple of mins. You don't have to add vulgar talk into the show to make it popular. And even in first five episodes you don't need to ask vulgar questions to your participants, the show is fantastic without it.
Mehdy SERAICHE (26 days ago)
Very disappointed by this show. It's clearly fake with visual effects and actors. In episode 1, when he takes a woman out of a bag, we clearly see the strap of the bag added in cgi on the woman's hair.
jorge alvarez (26 days ago)
Dont be idiots , anybody who done whit middle school know that this is devil shit, no magic here, open your eyes its 2018.👹😈
Osani Wright (26 days ago)
Wasn’t he the guy from cupcake wars?
Apryl Skahill (25 days ago)
I knew i recognized him from somewhere! Googled it to confirm- he was the host of cupcake wars haha.
Fiona Snashall (26 days ago)
Some of his acts are staged
Katmiko Young (26 days ago)
I have watched the whole show and I think it's really good! I for one don't care if it's fake actors or camera tricks or if it's completely real, because it's still so fun to watch! I watch magic knowing that it's obviously not real magic and there's some trick behind it but still while watching I'm amazed and left wondering how they did it. I say to the people who refuse to watch because of fake actors or some editing tricks, to just let go and relax and have some fun watching some magic because at the end of the day it's just innocent fun meant to entertain I thought it was.
Katmiko Young (16 days ago)
Kyoko Soryu yes It might be but even still I found it enjoyable to watch plus there are a lot of real tricks (I know they're real cause I know how to do them or have seen them before) in the show that they don't show in this trailer
Kyoko Soryu (16 days ago)
It's all staged though. What is there for you to not know how they did it? It's all actors and special effects.
Matt Bell (26 days ago)
Im watching now on netflix definitely some camera tricks for sure especially when he pulls his wife out of a bag in episode 1
Funny show. But there were many moments where it was clear that Netflix was trying to push their political agenda. The biggest scene this takes place is the very last one with the gender reveal. Was so weird.
Deadpool (27 days ago)
The episode "Magic For Humans" the first experiment is clearly all actors, even the guys that supposedly believed they disappeared... There are some tricks u can tell he is using actors
Chris Last Name (24 days ago)
Very well, I see what you're saying now. I appreciated this show more for its comments on society and human psychology more than for the tricks. I gather that it's probably what he was going for anyway. I can imagine that even actors, if information is withheld, will still react in the same way that you would expect most people to react. I think the best example was in one of the later episodes where he does the touching trick in the dark restaurant. The trick is based on deprivation of visual input and the lag time between sensory input and conscious thought vs input and reaction thought. It also was a good example of your brain tricking itself into "feeling" something based on other external stimulus.
Deadpool (24 days ago)
U don't get what I'm saying... the black guy in the chair was also an actor... and a bad one at that... he uses actors for a lot of his Netflix series
Chris Last Name (24 days ago)
Did you pay attention to the part where he tells the audience that he's hiring actors to trick the guy into thinking he's invisible? The "trick" was about the power of mob persuasion. If you make enough people say something consistently, you can fool even more people into believing its true.
Adam Rees (26 days ago)
Deadpool even though I could tell everyone involved were clearly stooges, it was the invisible man trick that was so blatantly acted
PoundFor PoundKing (27 days ago)
Scroll through the comments of this video and other videos of his and see all the people saying “I’ve actually seen him perform at an event once “ I’ve actually seen people copy and pasting completely identical ones most popular seems to be at a good blogging conference. I know magic isn’t real and it’s no big deal but that’s not the problem.. it’s when you hire fake actors incorporate CGI, and tell your audience it’s all authentic is when it gets annoying ... and to top it all off make dummy accounts saying that people have seen you perform live giving the perception to people that oh if they saw it live then it must be real.
Young ElmoBSM (27 days ago)
Demonic Matter Manipulation At Its Best!!! THAT'S ALL FOLKS 💀
Iexposeyourlies (27 days ago)
Obviously rigged. Yeah a phone magically appeares taped to his back ...all staged
Shannon Peacock (28 days ago)
I could spot the visual effects for the appearing wife trick. And the reaction of most of them is too underwhelmed. Most of it is genuine illusions, but now I don't trust the show at all. Bummer.
MetroVerse (28 days ago)
They lost my interest after the very first trick. He tied the phone of "random" people to a bunch of balloons and then let it go, and said he "backed it up to the cloud", en then he turns around and it's typed on his back, below his shirt with a SHIT ton of tape. You don't see him take the switch the phone or anything. They legit send the phone flying. There is no way he could've taped it to his back like that. No way. If you want to do a show like this, atleast do plausible tricks, and don't pretend like there's no camera tricks and that it's real magic. This is bullshit. Never watching it again. 5 minutes was enough.
Kate 35 (28 days ago)
This show is so funny! I'm waiting for more episodes. 😂
Mb (28 days ago)
Watching this show with my little kids..and he said Santa and the Easter bunny is not real!! Asshole
D-Que Productions (24 days ago)
Well hes right lol
Mb (28 days ago)
Thanks asshole for telling my kids te Easter bunny, and Santa isnt real!!
Meyer (28 days ago)
This entire show is so fake, obviously real people but actors, and obviously no camera tricks but editing tricks
Myles Pauletich (28 days ago)
I’ll watch David Blaine instead
Young ElmoBSM (27 days ago)
David A Sell out too bro They All Have Demons do they're bidding
Camellia S. (29 days ago)
It always amuses me that there are people in this world thatarr stupid enough to believe that he actually "does magic" and it's not all staged performances and camera tricks. How are you even able to function as adults?
InnovativeMagic (27 days ago)
I do magic on my youtube channel. Would appreciate if you could stop by and watch my trailer. I too am also a human.
success popoola (29 days ago)
Where have I seen him before
xyhanx (29 days ago)
Magic is about ENTERTAINMENT. People commenting it is fake miss the point. How about those "reality" shows or those tv series? Seems fake too but they entertain.
Jonny Knight (20 days ago)
He's saying no actors, no camera tricks when clearly that's a lie. If he would have just said I'm doing magic I wouldn't argue with him.
Matheus Fernandes (22 days ago)
No one believe in magic, we know that some trick is done and we can't see it, but simply paying some actors and editing the entire thing is no trick it's bullshit
Anno (30 days ago)
this show is awesome
Wonderment (30 days ago)
Just finished it, great show loved ever bit of it. Humor was on point. Trick questions for life!
fmb236 (30 days ago)
the magic of cuts
theBOATER (30 days ago)
Totally fake, but the editing seems legit! Except a tiny thing I've noticed during the first episode: green screen messed up.
Peachgames (30 days ago)
“It’s so big...and black...oh my gosh” wtf this isn’t your sex life lady💀💀
Gaming LifeForm (29 days ago)
Too much camera tricks and invited people in the show :/ but i like the reactions oft the kids with the marshmallows :) and Justin Willman has charisma.
My Pants (30 days ago)
So staged
82 Pythons (30 days ago)
Magic= Watch a bunch of paid actors act surprised while they watch a staged trick, then CGI is added during editing before the episode.
geensloth911 (23 days ago)
+Devesh Parekh or you can pay an actor to say he is afraid of spiders. They leave nothing to chance. Go watch the video where they try to trick a guy into believing he is invisible. He is obviously acting (poorly) like he fell for it.
Devesh Parekh (25 days ago)
I can figure out how most of these work using common sleight of hand. CGI is not necessary, nor actors. For some of them you'll have to ask a few people before you get an appropriate answer, so those tricks won't work for a live show. For example, if somebody said they were scared of road rollers, the phone trick would not have worked on them. Just don't show that person in the show and ask somebody else.
Jesus Chimney (1 month ago)
This guy is absolutely incredible . The message he sends is pure af .
Doodlepoop Studios (1 month ago)
Fake and gay
good day (1 month ago)
I’ve watched 2 episodes and It’s entertaining but obviously fake with the actors and digital effects
good day (8 days ago)
Jeremy Ron there’s a difference between slight of hand/camera tricks and cgi/paid actors. It just pisses me off because when you use cgi and actors it takes no skill at all
Jeremy Ron (9 days ago)
They be like... I wanted REAL magic. 😂🤔 You guys realize magic isn't real? Obviously it's camera and slight of hand. It ALWAYS is.
Julián (19 days ago)
It's a TV show for fuck sake, I can't believe you people are so stupid
Scifi763 (19 days ago)
I stopped watching when his wife came outta his backpack. show says no camera tricks. biggest lie ever. !!!
Joel Pichardo (23 days ago)
P_zinga lmao yes i made it that far too

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