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Demonic Savior - Official Trailer

226 ratings | 685107 views
The epic heroes' journey starts right in the palm of your hands! Are you ready... to lose yourself in the thrilling adventure of a lifetime? Utilize each character's unique fighting style to defeat your enemies! Thrilling action combined with stunning graphics, wrapped up in a compelling multi-scenario storyline! Follow the captivating story as it unfolds from the perspective of 4 main characters! Demonic Savior Download Google Play : http://m.com2us.com/r?c=5892
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Text Comments (37)
Jeyx (4 months ago)
Bring this game back!
Jason Alexander Miano (10 months ago)
Why remove game in appstore i really liked it :( please tell me the reason so i can sleep at night :(
SRDxDashNoX (4 months ago)
Jeo Stelar (11 months ago)
item not found
Hat-of-tricks (1 year ago)
What happened I can’t play it now
ScoPeZ _ (1 year ago)
Best character?
WillyR2U (3 years ago)
Better set this into offline. I play once it was nice. though
Rahul Man (4 years ago)
Awesum,but need lucky patvher to b in offline
Vanessa Chow Jia Ying (5 years ago)
Make this game an anime or manga,in Korean. It will definitely be a 5 stars compliment among the gamers.
Thinh Nguyen (5 years ago)
Oh by the way, why do i have to download all the time i switch wifi to 3G? It's really, really annoying. Please help me
Thinh Nguyen (5 years ago)
I visited the hub club but found nothing. I once managed to reduce 50% of his hp, but then died O_O
I had trouble with him too. Get tons of potions and get many levels and get the best dmg/defence ;)
Wallyee Hurb (5 years ago)
Com2us USA (5 years ago)
plz visit Com2uS hub club. That'll be help you. m.com2us.com
Foresight YT (9 months ago)
Com2us USA why did u remove the game from play store?
Galaxy P203 (10 months ago)
Com2us USA why can't play now? Please don't remove this game..I like to play
Thinh Nguyen (5 years ago)
Man!!!! Bosses in this game are very hard to defeat. I can't defeat orchines. Can anyone help me?
Jun Yi Teo (5 years ago)
exactly... it makes this game so hard to play :(
Jalanie Sultan (2 years ago)
emmanuel Enriquez (5 years ago)
1: pots cost a lot, and I mean, a hefty lot! U'll be farming for half an hour just to buy 1 hp pot! 2:monsters do not drop pots anymore ( so u'll end up doing #1 ) 3:special monsters have so low of a drop rate in terms of magic or rare items 4:skill points allocation is so much of a hassle, u have to think in advance on where to distribute it without even knowing how skills work! More so is the skill pts. req'd to level a high-tier skill making ur char even weaker!!
emmanuel Enriquez (5 years ago)
Now I'm having second thoughts on this game! Too much nerfs on its latest version, not recommended for those just starting the game! U'll only be frustrated on trying to make ur char stronger...
PnoyBlargh (5 years ago)
This needs to come on the apple please.
emmanuel Enriquez (5 years ago)
Amazing game! Loving it already... the only downside is, it needs u to stay OL all the time!
MrBeerDear (5 years ago)
MrBeerDear (5 years ago)
So I guess everyone was right. This game really needs a wifi connection to be played.. I thought it would be like initial plus the game just crashes whenever I try to open my com2us acct
Tan Pham (5 years ago)
this game should be offline because it havent pvp
Julius Joaquin (5 years ago)
pls make this offline plsss.
Jessica (5 years ago)
- Kq
Mackenzie Pierce (5 years ago)
Esse°c os d,k y°c od ce
Brian Jay Celeste (5 years ago)
Make it compatible and available at Ipad 2 and make it available at japan because I'm in Japan for a bit of time so please.
Hugh Le (5 years ago)
When out for iPhone? When inotia 5 too?
Brian Jay Celeste (5 years ago)
And I like rpg games so I'm a bit sad
Brian Jay Celeste (5 years ago)
This but the link don't work
Brian Jay Celeste (5 years ago)
I'll try the
WorldEaterZero (5 years ago)
link doesn't work :'(
akamade (5 years ago)
¿When Ships Inotia 5?
akamade (5 years ago)
Excelent fantastic. +5 Starts.

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