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Long Tail Pro Review (2018) - Make More Money With PPC

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Long Tail Pro Review for 2018. Check out why I think every PPC (and probably SEO) needs to know about this great tool for finding profitable long tail keywords. http://bit.ly/2MEhZJ5 === Get 30% Discount On Longtail Pro http://bit.ly/2Kcgzos === Free Keyword Research Training This is my review and tutorial for the popular keyword research tool Long Tail Pro. Usually it's used for bloggers and seos, but I am reviewing it from the perspective of fellow PPC advertisers. It's similar to tools like spyfu and semrush, but I think it's the most approachable but still has powerful features. It's really a great tool for getting another in-depth perspective and coming up with really great targets for long tail keywords that don't show up in google or bing... Which are really amazing for creating your exact match keywords, phrase match keywords and other more specific keywords. I love long tail pro and hope you enjoy the tutorial. More on the blog: http://www.digitalnomadrockstar.com/best-advanced-keyword-tool-in-2018-long-tail-pro-tutorial-review/ #longtailpro #keywordresearchtool #longtailproreview #longtailprotutorial #longtailprodemo
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Text Comments (7)
Roxana Castaneda (4 months ago)
how can you see how much competition is there for each phrase?
The Nomad Brad (4 months ago)
It’s called KC
The Nomad Brad (4 months ago)
Long tail pro has a competitive score. So anything under 30 is low competition, above that is harder. That’s one of the best features of the program
Local PPC (5 months ago)
Would have been better if you actually performed a search.
The Nomad Brad (5 months ago)
Good point! I’ll keep that in mind for doing future vids
Paul Haslam (8 months ago)
Great video ,thanks
The Nomad Brad (8 months ago)
You're welcome Paul!

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