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Penn & Teller - Don't Try This at Home (1990)

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Thought I'd already uploaded this; guess I hadn't. 1990 Penn & Teller special that I first saw on public access (WGBH channel 2, to be precise). Not too sure where it originally came from. Relatively obscure, even for one of their older works. It wasn't even listed on their Wikipedia, last I checked (11/01/12) [While that was true at the time, it has since been added]. Again, most of the gags are repeats/repeated later, but it does contain the first video appearance of the 'Invisible Box Trick', and it's worth watching because P&T are awesome. This video was originally uploaded while YouTube was experiencing a service drop, so the 'Description' section was nonsensical gibberish at first. Oh, wait, it still is.
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Text Comments (1424)
alex hutchings (6 hours ago)
he reaches under the jaws of the traps...
H D (1 day ago)
I regret wearing earphones
Faroo FAROO (3 days ago)
Austin Starke (5 days ago)
I'm so blazed and happy I found this
Stefan Jentoft (6 days ago)
Wow. This was filmed the year I was born.
Jacob Ishii (1 month ago)
Think this an HBO/showtime type deal.......they also did some odd shows like invisible string and cruel jokes for dear freinds.....I vaguely remember seeing this
trolatrolatrola (1 month ago)
He poured bees on his head LOL, now that is art
I'm not sure how the honey bee trick makes me feel
Back in the 90s even these mild mannered magic matriarchs were edgy
Kevin Coffell (1 month ago)
The cuts where terrible cause for instance 19:25 the glass was full but out of knowere it fills back up
Chrispy (2 months ago)
ahh the 1990's and its glorious 240p
FinnaSkrrt Boi (2 months ago)
Penn and Teller should be a WWE team.
izaiah bonilla (2 months ago)
How did she light the mat h after he ate the fire he couldn't have kept it in his mouth he put it out was it the gas vapors
McKenna Pasquinelli (2 months ago)
The fire skit? Tf?
John Healer (3 months ago)
Most of this is magic. The bee act? That takes balls.
Ameer Syahiran (3 months ago)
i still watching this in 2019
Songdao (3 months ago)
Hankie thing fake thumb
Geert Matthys (3 months ago)
Bush was about to throw away his presidency in 1990
PizzaBoy est. 1997 (3 months ago)
Man, nothing like good old comedy magic.
stronghold (4 months ago)
before i watch the end ima guess thaat there is two tires and where one is supposed to be and there is hydrollics on the wheel facing the crowd just a guess
Dustin Oliver (4 months ago)
Guess what kids you can try this at home...and scare your family in the process
Owen L (4 months ago)
The 80s?
Alex Wieber (5 months ago)
Penn and Teller were doing fortnite dances 18 years ago
hi there (5 months ago)
did teller try to talk
Andrew Christensen (5 months ago)
I’m not me only person That got a little bit tripped out when everybody in the audience did the national magic trick right?
Tyler PlaysGames (6 months ago)
Was that a balogna, cheese, and peanut butter sandwich during the trap trick? That must've tasted like shit
Nate Withers (6 months ago)
Why does young penn sound like Harley from epic meal time
CloutGodLeon YT (6 months ago)
*I bet it is fake cinder blocks made of foam and rubber Wheels but they're Hollow inside but TBH idk*
untitled glitch bitch (6 months ago)
Oh shit they seem so different! hhhh
Lando Suttler (6 months ago)
Orange justice 5:00
MUDSWAT (6 months ago)
Teller is extremely physical!
GG Films (6 months ago)
Why is Victoria acting so dumb? Is it a common theme penn and teller have women hosts that act really dumb?
Victor Clemente (6 months ago)
Is she Demie Moore?
Hackybaby (6 months ago)
thumb down. victorias role can be discribed as "dull", "pretty" and "haz understood everyzing". bachdell test = failed
Kyla Monique (6 months ago)
Why doesn’t teller speak?
ViralTaco (6 months ago)
The fire eating "trick" is always impressive to me. Lighter fluid tastes horrible. And even knowing how it's done I can't help but wonder how Penn isn't left with a bad taste in his mouth.
Ravex24 (7 months ago)
You can tell they did multiple shows to makes this special. Look at the gas levels in the left glass at 19:21. Then look when it cuts to the wide angle at 19:27. Just an observation.
Ian Penfold (7 months ago)
beautiful fire routine
Tales Kursped (7 months ago)
I'm definitely gonna try that truck trick at home. ye
M C (7 months ago)
My bet, it's a fake tire. Edit: Well, I was partially right.
M C (7 months ago)
26:54 Do I not understand how these traps work or is he clearly grabbing the bread and bologna from behind the teeth of the trap, meaning no matter how slow he was there was no risk of harm? Is this the trick? It seems far too obvious..
Thomas Truther (7 months ago)
These guys wear red shoes to this day and Pen always paints one of his fingernails red because these people are part of the cabal they are satanists they don't have any real power but they think someday they might. If you watch one or two episodes of their latest thing about full Penn and Teller you will see it's saturated with symbolism and sexual immorality thought these guys are mid to high-level Satanist because their father the devil loves deception
Haldrada savig (6 months ago)
Are you actually fucking retarded
HiNd. RoSe (7 months ago)
Thanks a lot, this is amazing 😍
A Floyd (7 months ago)
This aired on NBC in the 80s.
WillFulForza (7 months ago)
Potato cam and wow we use to watch shit in that quality
WillFulForza (7 months ago)
Is was 28 years ago and I’m 14 and it was made 14 years before I was born
Mc Jethro Pov Tee (7 months ago)
OMG, did Teller survive the truck? -_- (Don't get me wrong I love the magic.
Triskitsgambler (6 months ago)
Mc Jethro Pov Tee No RIP
Chaschuky999 (7 months ago)
I bet they did the truck trick with flex tape
Chaschuky999 (7 months ago)
I swear when they die they are gonna publish an entire book of all the secrets
ádám Tóth (7 months ago)
Geez i miss these simple times LUL
Aaron Versiontwo (7 months ago)
I recorded this on VHS and slowed it down to learn a lot of this stuff. We didn't have the internet then.
Film 020315 (7 months ago)
31:52 You forgot fünf. You completely skipped it, then went from German to English, and finished by saying six and seven. The only trick you disappointed me with.
Olivia Boismier (7 months ago)
Teller is perfect. I love how he uses facial expressions to add to all their shows. It wouldn't be the same without him.
Mike O'Barr (7 months ago)
Is nobody going to bring up the fact Teller made a ham and cheese sandwich with peanut butter? That's the most shocking part of the routine!
consistency man (6 days ago)
Guess it was down to u to do it. Now hush Nancy
William Page (17 days ago)
Didn't notice ham and cheese peanut butter sandwich you got a good eagle eyes
Random Ness (3 months ago)
and he still does that :3
Lila Hartwig (8 months ago)
love that they reveal the tricks secrets
john dowe (8 months ago)
no, not the bees!
Tw!st3d D!gg3r (8 months ago)
YOSHIKO LEAMAN (8 months ago)
As soon as I saw the name of this video I tried it at home just to say you're not my dad
Street Skater 66 (8 months ago)
Fire eating woman is so fuckable😋
TheRealG (8 months ago)
3:00 nice fake thumbs Edit: u can see that when they want to ‘get back the handkerchief’ they had to push their thumb and pull their thumb really quickly, not a great sleight of hand, but it would be actually really hard without a fake thumb...
ESTO (8 months ago)
thats a lot of fake thumbs
Naeuio (8 months ago)
*Lyrics* : Look! My hands are empty! Look! A little white hankie! Watch closely! Not closely enough! It's gone! But a little wiffle dust and it's back! Thank you!
Naeuio (8 months ago)
The voice of the girl that's presenting the truck trick is annoooooooooooooooooooooooooying
Dab Hacks2 (7 months ago)
Victoria Jackson?
MrMajorduck (8 months ago)
7 Years bad luck
Nick West (8 months ago)
Whiffle Dust sounds quite useful
Monki (8 months ago)
Cel (8 months ago)
who knew marshmallows were dangerous lmao
Lochrine -8 (8 months ago)
Time to kill the doughnuts
2D Rollofim (8 months ago)
The most important thing in entertainment is fun. If the performers look like they're having fun, it spreads to the audience too. This is something Penn and Teller have got *down.*
Matthews Blank (8 months ago)
26:40 Is that a reference to El Chavo del Ocho? It's a surprise for me that people know it in the United States.
Tim Aaron (8 months ago)
Don't romanticise smoking. Smoking is bad
Haldrada savig (6 months ago)
Shut up
Monoloch (8 months ago)
The 90s were weird
Saraç İçöz (9 months ago)
21.00, this is what magicians do instead of actual sex
Sion I'd... (9 months ago)
Yeah, it makes sense that the same person who says "marshmallows cant harm you" smokes.
Tricky Piston (9 months ago)
Who puts peanut butter in a meats and cheese sandwich
Vortex Oblivion (9 months ago)
Jesus they look so young
Elzo Kerstjens (9 months ago)
Wyatt Brownell (9 months ago)
Tbh that fire swallowing act was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen
Fej Piramis (10 months ago)
30:18 Bradley Cooper spotted
Nosh (10 months ago)
they did the trap one on their show and he throws the sandwich to teller and it closes on a fake arm which was really awesome. Love seeing them do the same trick but adding things over the years.
imkluu (10 months ago)
Jane Curtain sucks at doing magic tricks. no flare or performance showmanship at all, just dully walks thru it. Penn and Teller get so much better than this.
imkluu (10 months ago)
Did Penn introduce Victoria Jackson as Victoria Johnson? It sounded like it to me.
Greg Guettler (10 months ago)
i just got a fucking 2 minute unskipable ad. WTF youtube
John Weaver (10 months ago)
Anyone know the piano piece playing during the fire scene? Approx. 17:30?
voldem0rt (10 months ago)
This was a ABC or NBC special. I was like eight and gung ho on magic. I remember it like it was last week. It was an october or november special.
David Sanders (11 months ago)
What is blurred at 16:37 a baby lawsuit?
Logan Leathers (11 months ago)
Daniel Saunders (11 months ago)
That blond bitch is fucking annoying
Kolission (11 months ago)
Trap Door!
twitte0king (11 months ago)
they are the original mythbuster
John F30 (11 months ago)
This is 28 years old, but Teller looks better now! Weird
Da Foo (1 year ago)
Hey, it's Victoria Jackson before she became a conservative, conspiracy theorist nutjob.
Dats Awesome (1 year ago)
holy shit when Penn started to dance. It made my life
sydIRISH (1 year ago)
P&T....the BEST!!!!
Gggggho (1 year ago)
Showmanship was much better back then
OmegaFoxxtrot (1 year ago)
17:29 Kids, if you don't get this sequence, don't ask your parents. They'll just tell you to wait till you're older, then never explain it.
Y'all Got Issues (1 year ago)
They did that first trick on Fool Us. Same choreography. lol.
Edwin Cheesecake (1 year ago)
12:45 Is this like when rockstars smash their guitars into their amps?
Matt Lewandowski (1 year ago)
oh I wish I could have seen them live. but I think they have been watching too many Gallagher shows. ah street performers in love :) beautiful is it not?
Luca P (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ I always thought teller was like a midget but I just looked it up and penn is ducking 6’7”.
JoeDeceiver (1 year ago)
Yeah, people often call Teller 'short', but he's actually 5'10, which, yeah, isn't *tall*, but it's definitely not short!

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