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Steel Rats - Launch Trailer | PS4

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Steel Rats™ - 2,5D combat arcade platformer is out now on PS4! Waiting time is over, as now you can take control over 4 Steel Rats members, and defend Coastal City from Junkbots Invasion! 27 levels, lots of combat, exploring and mayhem awaits! http://steelratsgame.com/en/
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Text Comments (342)
Reactive Tech (1 day ago)
Do people really buy this game for PS 4??............
Daniel Pinnock (3 days ago)
Coolest looking Rat Logo I've ever seen.. and I hate rats. Is Master Splinter the real rat running the show though?!
Reaper_ 2018703 (3 days ago)
So will it have a 4 player couch co-op mode or not.....that would make it a thousand times better
не впечатлила
Tim EcheSketch (3 days ago)
Kinetica goes retro.
Simon Botero (4 days ago)
OMFG a new road rage game 0:56
Isaacs king (4 days ago)
OficialCisco (5 days ago)
Creando hype hasta 0:56 para luego destruirte las ilusiones y la vida... Esto es PS4? Really? Sacan rdr2 mostrando la potencia que es capaz de llegar a tener la PS4 y ahora te vienen con esto? Repito... Really? Falto que sonara "para vosotros jugadores" para que os lo comáis con mayonesa porque si no, ya te digo yo que esto no te baja... (Y que conste que no soy de comentar nunca los vídeos pero esto me a sentado como una patada en mis partes)
Hellboy Mngt (5 days ago)
Coming soon on Google Play😁
felipe floyd (5 days ago)
GABRIEL GOD (5 days ago)
Biker mice from mars
haha haha (5 days ago)
such a boring game, i realized, ps1 is better than ps4
Rpg13 (5 days ago)
This game Looks great
Ahmad Khaled (5 days ago)
Its on steam and there is sale on it, its 16.99$ i'm buying it! looks pretty fun
noone special (5 days ago)
Yeah no thank you
dollayx8 (5 days ago)
yeaaay road rage new gam..... okay never mind
Kalidas Vshan (5 days ago)
ashok kumar (6 days ago)
Biker Mice from Mars, anyone..? definitely will be a great game on mobile devices, rather than on consoles..
Sahil Marwah (6 days ago)
flow repins666 (6 days ago)
Why can't we just get twisted metal...
hello (6 days ago)
the game would better if their was actually rats on the motorcycle.
Mr. Chips (6 days ago)
Cool! when will be available on play store
Ryane Skate (6 days ago)
Really never trust the trailer
kamodojk (6 days ago)
Looks like you copied Biker Mice from Mars...
silverhairdemon (6 days ago)
Looks like old school fun.
WhEXgamer (7 days ago)
Whirligig Saw? Is that you?
Sagar Gupta (7 days ago)
Faltu game
Gamer World (7 days ago)
Played this at pax east! So fun!
Scott Pendlebury (7 days ago)
Will it come to Switch?
Beer_Wolf (7 days ago)
With the name I was thinking Biker Mice from Mars.
THE_GHOST_RICAN (7 days ago)
This would make a better Vita game though rather than a PS4 title.
Macper Duszaj (7 days ago)
It's Trials, that was crossed with Donkey Kong
esteban osores (7 days ago)
lisa chinchon ñiandun
Deiby L.S (7 days ago)
Es un juego para Android No?
Aaron Griffiths (7 days ago)
Looks great , then shown real gameplay , not interested now
leonel villamil (7 days ago)
Gos rider dlc.
Muaz Ali (7 days ago)
Look into my eyes
Kareem Magdi (7 days ago)
That looks like infected machines from HZD
Jordan Vallejo (7 days ago)
Looked promising...then went downhill real quick
Abiss Player TV (7 days ago)
markponicki (7 days ago)
This is on PC, too, right? Like 95-99% of all games that get made?
Wanderson Silva (7 days ago)
01:35 That Stranger Things reference
Tate Multimedia (3 days ago)
At last someone noticed! Thank you!
Amonlith (8 days ago)
This won't come out, there is no non-white-non-straight oriented character in the game. What a time to live in...
dimitris bam (8 days ago)
I honestly think after 25 years of gaming that this generation of consoles was the worst of all times...I own a ps4 and played literally 5 games expect the remakes and remasters
Danieru Horal (8 days ago)
I thought it's about Harry Harryson book...
Rudiansyah Tabuti (8 days ago)
This is PS4 game?
Dawood Nasir (8 days ago)
Boooooring game 😥😥
Chenge Hlahla (8 days ago)
If there’s no Dante guest appearance with his bike or at least a Dante skin ... then, I dunno
giorgos sidetos (8 days ago)
That music, looks like comes out from Terminator series
Angel G (8 days ago)
Should of been called street rats
j Barnes (8 days ago)
if this was for switch yea but for playstation no
Saif Ali (8 days ago)
I was deceived
Hideyuki Hayabusa (8 days ago)
It's like trials fusion but better
EvilRickMaster (8 days ago)
Looks fun, gonna give it a try
Hakeem Jassim (8 days ago)
this game will be best in the phone not in ps4 Raitt
Venom V (8 days ago)
Looks cool like its inspired by Ghost Rider
ElementGuns12 (8 days ago)
Better than ubisoft's trials series
George NgR (8 days ago)
SA imi bag pl in mortii vostri de draci
neosrt10 (8 days ago)
Would make a decent smartphone game.
ridersonthestorm666 (8 days ago)
Twisted Metal 2012 was better, but I'll still buy.
wlat barznjy (8 days ago)
i dont think i would play this even if its for free
Marian Tsvetkov (8 days ago)
This is "Shoot Many Robots" V2 (PS4 Edition)
Kr0n81 (8 days ago)
I’d rather play that cg intro...
Tyler Ayala (8 days ago)
So this is Sonic meets terminator.
SlimTim 178 (8 days ago)
A Trials Fusion game with an Inside environment/atmosphere.
Veronica Silk (8 days ago)
1:02 That's a nice sight to behold.
Charlie Durán (8 days ago)
I thought it was for Android and IOS xD
SpiffyGolf (8 days ago)
Bye hype 0:56
eb49273 (8 days ago)
This is a mobile game, right?
Mattia Bocchi (9 days ago)
Mouse bikers without animals
Todo iba bien hasta que vi que era 2D . -_-‘
Seth Leoric 2 (9 days ago)
Its trials with combat physics?
Vladislav Strelkov (9 days ago)
Trialsvania: Zero Dawn. On a serious note though, at the beginning of the video I was expecting a new take on Road Rash or something... well, interesting nonetheless
ankit sen (9 days ago)
Is that dante😂
rakeshchoudhary (9 days ago)
Wow wow wow.
Ricky D (9 days ago)
looks like one of the best Indies this year!! my kinda genre mashup too!! Tate is a great dev, at least imo based on playing their really fun games throughout the past few years.
Chris Mad (9 days ago)
Cool but on Android
Wayne Colman (9 days ago)
When the cinematic has more budget than the gameplay
bayu mahendra (9 days ago)
ill buy if i still have grocery munie left
Я живу чтоб распевать
Jairo Colômbo (9 days ago)
Wow amazing!
Project Danzo (9 days ago)
I can't find this on google play
James Keith Tampus (9 days ago)
For some reason, I thought I would looked like 3d 😔
Raul Reyes Jr (9 days ago)
I'mma real rider and I've been waiting for this game. Want the physical copy though.
dave Taylor (9 days ago)
This has PS Plus ➕ written all over it 🤣
ابو طارق ! (9 days ago)
Gost rebar
pmcollectorboy (9 days ago)
So... Excite Bike with boss battles?
MatrixTheIllusion (9 days ago)
Looks like easier trails with enemies
You2Nosey (9 days ago)
Anyone else getting a Ghost Rider vibe?
Alex Klim (9 days ago)
ps vita game,this not for ps4
shreder75 (9 days ago)
Looks cool
Dustin Brinnon (9 days ago)
Looks pretty cool. Might have to snaggletooth it.
Ivo Teixeira (9 days ago)
Whoever developed this game, I'm sure was a "Biker Mice From Mars" #1 fan.
Ching K.L. (9 days ago)
Please don't be a worst game !
i am not a human (9 days ago)
Kartikeya Srivastava (9 days ago)
Akira: The Game
jax44 (9 days ago)
Just a moment : PS4 / XBOX ONE / PC.
john hawkwood (10 days ago)
Are Bill Rizer and Lance Bean unlockable characters? 😄
Hassan Ghanim (10 days ago)
Its like if 2D sonic games was more action focused , sold :)
Alex Vargas (10 days ago)
Fortnite part 2😂

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