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Final Fantasy XV - Omen Cinematic Trailer

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Final Fantasy XV has gone gold at long last, and it's got a moody, dreamy, action-packed new trailer to celebrate. The First 12 Minutes of World of Final Fantasy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7s8LHEOP2Q Final Fantasy 15 Preview: The Mother of Reinvention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQz2GPXTdWw Watch more from IGN here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfaCiiG5XOw&index=1&list=PLE196726F02565118 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #ign #finalfantasy
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Text Comments (2776)
igor lopes (3 days ago)
2 0 1 9
Alijah Miguel Fama (8 days ago)
I think this should be episode noctis
Im. thebadinfluence (14 days ago)
Same like Ardyn and Area - it reflects the first and last Kings of Lucis, the True King lost his Love and confirm his calling
Im. thebadinfluence (14 days ago)
Sad but badass same time
Adrian Gayle (23 days ago)
Until this day, I still wonder what did this trailer have to do with the main game 🤔🤔😑
جولي ادهم (29 days ago)
لماذا لاتوجد ترجمة
جولي ادهم (29 days ago)
لماذا لاتوجد ترجمة
0:11 Song?
Noctis is so hot!
Weight Overload (1 month ago)
And throughout the whole game the only battle damage you receive is your cap getting burned from ifrit
Shadi Alshiekh (1 month ago)
ما هوا اسم الفيلم
wm ahay (1 month ago)
Raymund Maudo (2 months ago)
Gusion new skin
Point Break (2 months ago)
I wish the game could have been like this. This seemed more interesting rather than the one we got
MarryJanesBud (2 months ago)
OK I get what everyone's saying bout how this is a "vision" but they cut this into a fraction of itself and made it noctis' dream after you fight leviathan. So there ya go
xMattais (2 months ago)
So sad....This trailer had so much more feels then the actual game :(
Refan Pradhitya (2 months ago)
ragnarox16 (3 months ago)
They should have put this FMV as a dream after the first time Noct fell asleep after the events in Insomnia take place. Where his belief and grief of Luna and his father is ripe. Instead it's placement after Leviathan was awkward and unexpected and did not make sense so late in the game. Also, I miss FMVs in general. I know they take a lot of work, but they are beautiful and I wish there were more than just two in the game...
Noctis (3 months ago)
Петухи нерусские
Tears of KAISOO (3 months ago)
I searched for KrisHo FF and this was the vid pop-up
deon overeem (3 months ago)
Whats the name of the soundtrack in this trailer?pls if someone knows
me871025 (2 months ago)
real slow motion - endlessness
Odio Luna :D
khoirun nas (3 months ago)
Rakib Hasan Emon (3 months ago)
I love final fantasy
Hung Pham (3 months ago)
Ta đến từ quá khứ hiện tại hay tương lai
DJ Fantacosca (3 months ago)
IMAscore is the best <3
Ноктис крут!!! Love FF15
Vervara (3 months ago)
I love how there's three delineated portions of the trailer where he uses the Bros' weapons. Why do I keep coming back here?
Sheril Aliya (3 months ago)
Sheril Aliya (3 months ago)
Sheril Aliya (3 months ago)
T1LT (3 months ago)
very moving and emotional I love game Fina fantasy xv
Guilherme Lopes (4 months ago)
Wonderful! Amazing !!!!
Neto Souto (4 months ago)
whats songs?
LostStorm 96 (4 months ago)
Wait way noctis attack luna?
No Name (4 months ago)
Did he just Zack Fair the trailer (it kinda reminds me of the Zack vs shinra thing.)
Zander Ruthven (4 months ago)
This would have been such a better story than the one we got
Kozmikyıldız (4 months ago)
Noctiisss 😍😍😍😍😍
Kay (4 months ago)
Yeah, what was this even about?
Kay (4 months ago)
+No Name Yeah, still makes no sense. Thanks for replying, but it's a total non-issue in the game proper. Or the story.
No Name (4 months ago)
This is what would have happened if he went alone instead of with his friends.
witCurse _ (5 months ago)
Assassin creed 14 is lookin dope
This trailer was 10000times better than the actual game :/
Me when I see a cute dog 🐶 0:51
Christian Zeimentz (5 months ago)
wtf? Noctis was never shooting in the game ;D more of the half of this trailer is never happening in the game. did they removed it? or was this video just a graphics trailer???
kilov6 (5 months ago)
+Christian Zeimentz I mean you could look it up if you want
Christian Zeimentz (5 months ago)
+kilov6 wtf? I Never saw guns or snipers in the game as weapon. And i bought all and got all from the tombs. I have platinum already
kilov6 (5 months ago)
You could equip him with a gun or a sniper rifle
Rushil Anand (5 months ago)
I should admit that this trailer is 100 times better than the original game. If all this happened in the game, I would have definitely bought it.
Sona J1 (5 months ago)
I would kill for this scenes to be in game. I really like the game..but this was the reason i bought a game. I thought this is going to be a part of game. In game nobody see any love between Lunafreya and Noctis at all...She just appeared and then again disappeared. But i was happy they added some other stories of his friends. I was literally crying when i seen Prompto´s story. The best of the this 3 stories was Prompto´s. It felt like other 2 were really quikly made. -sorry for mistakes, english is my second language
Dying Waffle (5 months ago)
Wow makes me wonder what the game wouldve actually been.
zodiac marlboro (5 months ago)
Noctic’s car can drive fast as trailer?
y u n i o (6 months ago)
The song OML it's fantastic!
xBlazeBlue (6 months ago)
I feel like this version of Noctis would have been way stronger than the one we have
Sandeep Nayak (6 months ago)
Cute hero he i like it
*insert cool name* (6 months ago)
Damn these graphics are stunning
MochiDragonNaahva (6 months ago)
this trailer never fails to give me goosebumps. still comin here every now and then
Willjin (6 months ago)
Wow! Ok I'm hyped to play this game I've neglected.
Stranger (7 months ago)
Wasabi Trash (7 months ago)
This trailer really has foreshadowed the whole story. The dog was a reference as ardyn who leads him through the hole thing like a setup. Noctis being shown as the reason for Luna's death because of Ardyn.
Odd Apprentice (5 months ago)
Wrong. The two wolves belonged to Luna. That's how they send messages to each other. Do you even Nerd or do extra content, dude?
Jorge Vivas (7 months ago)
This game could have been loads better..
Stephen Reed (7 months ago)
Kinda reminded me of Assassins Creed cinematics
Ewerton Carvalho (7 months ago)
Trailer Fake
Technerd7 124 (5 months ago)
Ewerton Carvalho dumbass it aint fake y'know.
Rato Ancom (6 months ago)
Ewerton Carvalho esse trailer não é fake, é uma visão que bahamut mostrou a noctis se ele tivesse feito outra escolha
SwordSkill2 (7 months ago)
This trailer leaves you feel like Noctis is some kind of reincarnation of Sin just like Jecht was and his father is actually trying to kill him, but apparently it would be too dark for Disn.. I mean Square Enix..
Levi (7 months ago)
Nicholo Bongat (7 months ago)
Does everyone know that this is an alternate timeline?
teztorrence1116 (7 months ago)
Except the game is nothing like the trailer.
Naseem Wong (7 months ago)
Hint at future dlc
Homeward Rook (7 months ago)
Congratulations you've just played the whole game for free.
Salted Reaper (7 months ago)
they should so make this version! like ff15-2 a what if story
Jude Claudius (7 months ago)
JayMo (7 months ago)
Anyone else get goosebumps??
Madmonkeman (7 months ago)
Definitely false advertising.
Sam Fisher (7 months ago)
Noctus dies at the end of the story and there's no way to avoid it/alternate ending.
Skarfall (7 months ago)
Takeshi (7 months ago)
Drive safe kids
Kieran Lanier (7 months ago)
I finished this whole game. Great game. NOTHING AT ALL LIKE THE TRAILER
Andy Chen (7 months ago)
This was meant to be a Omen, a future sight from King Regis before Noctis set out on his journey.
Coffeeboi (7 months ago)
Nothing of that happened in the game. But nice trailer :D
Andre Suharman (7 months ago)
that man... He's Vitale from Devil May Cry 5 Right?
linux750 (7 months ago)
THIS should have been the opening scene of Kingsglaive. It could be titled "The King's Premonition" Too bad it was scrapped.
Kasper Selvejer (7 months ago)
Christ, why am I crying?..
Millie Steer (7 months ago)
I cried so hard watching this I WANT MOREEE
Millie Steer (7 months ago)
Domain Ghost jr. (2 months ago)
+Blue Velvet Um....ok......wtf
Blue Velvet (5 months ago)
Millie Steer I'm rubbing my clitoris after seeing shirtless Noctis. 💓😍🌟
Ray (7 months ago)
I love both this and the game ITS SO AMMMAAAZZINNNGG
Edw DS (7 months ago)
YaoiFangirl 6996 (7 months ago)
Didn’t they show a part of this trailer in the game when Noctis was having a dream?
NguyennnN (7 months ago)
When trailers actually look like the game.
Gissell Romero (7 months ago)
blue hacker (8 months ago)
to bad the actual game is nothing like this
Simple Kinoactivites (8 months ago)
You Gonna Hold Something Hold True
cry diamond (8 months ago)
all of that action and the only thing you actually remember from the game is picking up random stuff and all you hear is Ignis "THAT'S IT" Gladio "what is it Iggie" Ignis "I've come up with a new recipe."
Mariano Diaz (8 months ago)
What's the name of the OST?
Zeta Radiant (8 months ago)
The CGI movie and the trailer are the best, but the story of the game is bad.
Simple Kinoactivites (8 months ago)
May Saul Forgive Us..
Simple Kinoactivites (8 months ago)
I See What You Mean White Wolf, Green Starlight Totality Down.
Ren-san (8 months ago)
uno uno (8 months ago)
Chris Galinato (8 months ago)
Wait so why does noctus fight Luna in this? Or is it just a representation of “SPOILERS” Arden as Noctis because he’s of the same bloodline
xRaineDropsx (7 months ago)
The king was given this premonition right before Noctis was scheduled to leave. This is what WOULD have happened had Noctis not been accompanied by Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio. Without his friends he would have been led astray.
Cocona Cosplay (8 months ago)
only if the game was as cool as this trailer.
Connor Force (8 months ago)
What's that song on the radio in the beginning of the trailer?
Maxi S. (8 months ago)
tbh, it wouldve been cooler if the trailer was the actual gameplay, like you could decide if noctis would stay in the city and end up experiencing this gritty and dark adventure and you fight without his power to basically survive in the game. So like choosing the "hope" or "Omen" concept;Noctis either trys to change his fate, or accepts it. but on a funny note when noctis slowly got shirtless I was like," Ummmmm sir plz stop Imma die if you keep this up."😂 but its cool tho. the actual game was pretty and all but it made me dissappointed, hope they at least make a dlc of this part of the gameplay of the omen concept, bc if they remake it then it would just take longer to wait.
uchiha zharo (8 months ago)
did uchiha sasuke lost in final fantasy world?
The Beginner (2 months ago)
uchiha zharo i think so

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