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Divine Girls - Official Trailer [HD]

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Divine Girls by Com2uS
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Text Comments (13)
Aesthie ! (7 months ago)
Fucking bring back the game
angery oreo (1 year ago)
What happened? Did this game get deleted or something?
Spirit Guide Mithy (1 year ago)
Is this game banned?😢🙅🚫
Thomas Afterpass (3 years ago)
Hello controllers of illusions where I'm really facing a hard mission to end my heroes are odiness is a holy knight marked with 3 stars and halbrt bonny 2 stars and 2 shadow bandit marked with 3 stars what can I do to clear capital of hell pandemonium dungeon ?
Edge Valmond (4 years ago)
1.Yes,obviously this game can be for males if you know what I mean,(and no,not that way,the other way). 2. There are a lot of funny lines from the Angel,like when she realizes that it is the character that went to the club. This game would have made a pretty funny anime haha. Though,couldn't blame her for being angry your character basically screws her over.
Duy Tran (4 years ago)
can i transfer Crystals from Soccer spirit to Divine girls?
Maria Fonseca (4 years ago)
Is thid game for guys
LujilleGaming (3 years ago)
it's a game for both.....I think....but..I have the game..and it has a temple knight who IS a guy........so idk
Change Doll (4 years ago)
I cant open this game! I just download it and my phone cant enter in game. It just knocked me out.
shoryurepa1 (4 years ago)
I really enjoy playing this game and with the 1st time package we get I got a 5 star which I'm really happy with. The only thing I don't like is the hero cap... 20 is not enough. Would be nice to increase that after a few levels instead of using your crystals cause we want to use those for rare summons
Thomas Afterpass (3 years ago)
+shoryurepa1 you can buy some slots
Vincent Le (4 years ago)
i can only play as guest on my tablet because when I try to connect my account to hub or facebook the app closes and kicks me out
Thomas Afterpass (3 years ago)
+Vincent Le use your google account

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