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America’s Got Talent 2016 - Amazing Magic Acts and Illusions - Part 2

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From Amazing Singles http://www.amazingsingles.com First the Clairvoyants - a husband and wife magic act from Austria astounds everyone in the place by reading the serial numbers off the judges money while blindfolded… Then magician Blake Vogt tears the corners off the judges' money and eats it…. This is followed by ten year old Kadan Bart Rockett who performs a very professional magic trick with the help of his eight year old sister. Presented by Amazing Singles - the Hottest Singles Resource On The Web. http://www.amazingsingles.com
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Text Comments (1760)
Haider Ali (8 days ago)
The chainsaws had no chain
Jerome Taylor (20 days ago)
8:16 if you slow it down you'll be able to see when she gets the PB and J she grabs a key from the box
Mel b very hot
Jojo Antony (28 days ago)
The last trick by the kids was evolutionary
Imtiaz Ahmed (1 month ago)
they are dong magic where is ministry of magic take them to azkaban
j lll (1 month ago)
david blaine has done that money trick
MisturHuynh (1 month ago)
i just seen him jack the judges out of $101 and not get in trouble.... tf im doin wrong 😭
Asifa Quadri (1 month ago)
70%of the people just watched this video cause of Louis... which includes me too😉😉😉
Samantha Hogg (1 month ago)
That Louis Tomlinson dude he was Frum one direction wow man
Jonard Lavidad (1 month ago)
5:37 thuglife
MELO MANIAC (1 month ago)
I saw louis..thats y i opened😍😍😍😍
TRINITY STOVALL (1 month ago)
The one with George Lopez gave me chills
Angel Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Poor George Lopez, he lost a $100 lol
Brax Calcuter (2 months ago)
What the fuck is on Simon cowell’s Midle finger in all videos
eri saktiawan (2 months ago)
Waw apek tenan
sachin shukla (2 months ago)
7:54 to 7:57..😅😅😅 Thanxs me later
Think Tank (2 months ago)
Delicious MelB😍😘😋
Aiyaz Sabir (2 months ago)
That's awesome
gabby milton (2 months ago)
mel b mi a mini you
Clay (3 months ago)
How the Austrian lady guessed the number of the dice and the number of the cards if his Austrian boyfriend didn't even see them ?!? Anybody explain ?
benjamin mutua (3 months ago)
Oh bwoy give credit to David Blane
Imran Ali (3 months ago)
I am Imran live in Pakistan any one magicana man gril contact me my what's up 00923096030932
Xtian David (3 months ago)
"its like Heidi's house eh" saying that infront of such innocent kids who didnt even get it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
All The Best (3 months ago)
Too much amazing magic in the world
Paghonda (4 months ago)
Subscribe me and I will Sub you back, lets grow our channel together...
loyalty7273 (4 months ago)
2:17 she obviously hits the gym a lot.
Suranjan Datta (4 months ago)
In the dice trick he lifted it and placed it upside down when the dice in his hand was six and when it turned it automatically became 1 the opp. of the six.....
jawed shah (5 months ago)
iska answer in Islam this is Jin works no talent
Daniel Mattos (5 months ago)
Isn't it illegal to deface money
Awkward.potato26 (5 months ago)
*casually has a 100 dollar bill in his pocket*
Melicia (6 months ago)
She is mindcontrolled so its why she can say the number on the bill
DHRUBO HASNAIN (6 months ago)
i love mel b😍😍
Lance R13 (7 months ago)
“Yo she’s not from this planet”
Boss Man (7 months ago)
American got talent is so much beautiful program
Pot2fox (7 months ago)
who is this louis everyone's talking about?
lokesh sahu (7 months ago)
It's ameJing
Jos Mrinho (7 months ago)
I'm no one. I see Louise, I click
jv gs (7 months ago)
`fuck your Louis. Sheep​, don't you have anything else to write?!)
Manu (7 months ago)
the last one was stupid
Bassam Nakdali (8 months ago)
Such scammers lol
Jacob Hendrickson (8 months ago)
Anti Septix (8 months ago)
Tete nya Mel B gede
harley jones (9 months ago)
I'm here for louis 😂 Directioners ?
benjamin parker (9 months ago)
Increase portrait bat unlikely about shoot monthly tour country regardless terrorist.
Divya directioner (9 months ago)
I saw Louis and clicked..!!❤
Luthien Elendil (9 months ago)
TriggerFinger04 (9 months ago)
Mel B is always looking like a whole snack
Ryan Tyhurst (9 months ago)
Support magic trick Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1363013038/fun-and-cool-magic-tricks-for-everyone
007 K9 (9 months ago)
Hope we didnt burst his bubble, he probably accidentally invented this trick not knowing that David Blaine did it and probably others have too.
Chloe maruame-wyatt (9 months ago)
9:56 That should be a dating website
Harold Nicoles (9 months ago)
I'm here because of Louis 😆❤️
leonie (9 months ago)
Louis is so beautiful
RAHUL RAJ (10 months ago)
How did you do that 😂😂😂😂
joseph (10 months ago)
wouldve been awkward if simon didnt have any money...
Yizih Thups (10 months ago)
Zayn n Louis are my favorite 1D members
Satwinder Singh (10 months ago)
Last one is awsm ....
Klaudia (10 months ago)
3:02 what the fuck he's so beautiful
B-one Delva (10 months ago)
Rahul Ali (10 months ago)
Tu meri jindegi he
ChillFrame (10 months ago)
These are the ones who were good at probability in school
Ijaz Chagla (10 months ago)
Alisha i love u
Second one is amazing dunno what 2 say babe The third one they r 2 small Dont kid me
Dr. Love (10 months ago)
This two are some satanic shit af
alice stylinson (11 months ago)
Louis is so so cute and beautiful 😍
Do I look that stupid? (11 months ago)
The first act isn't from this planet because they're from Austria😏
Dilawer Padhair (11 months ago)
Mel b i like you
amy michelle (11 months ago)
Who just has a 100 dollar bill in their pocket?
Asian Ram (11 months ago)
how did u do that?Magic magic
allison sharkey (11 months ago)
One question was Houdini reborn because that kid would make the man proud!
Kevin Joe Pelayo (11 months ago)
the 1st one is INSANE!😨😲😅👏
mahsin ahmed (1 year ago)
I can't believe my eye last one
Stronq (1 year ago)
Louis Tomlinson chose five of ♥ because of five members in One Direction. I want One Direction back! 😭😭
Abby (1 year ago)
I hope the 2 last kids got the golden buzzer
1st one maybe a camera on both side.
buket larrie (1 year ago)
Devyn Denell (1 year ago)
7:55 wheeze
Frendy Tri Handoko (1 year ago)
Consequence No. 62 (1 year ago)
4:01 Someone is in the audience.....everything we see on YouTube is shown to the audience on a big screen, someone is able to see the serial number on the bill and tell the girl what it is....
Shawon Ahmed (1 year ago)
The all judges are so lucky they meet every time wid mysterious people ..!
Annum Butt (1 year ago)
idk why but these people remind me of Kyoko and Yuki from iCarly
RJ RAHUL (1 year ago)
*_Nothing to say, just Wow!!_*
Poor the man (1 year ago)
Right when the kid gets in you could see him escaping him from behind “you’ll see his feet”
Faith 955 (1 year ago)
We live in 2018 and people still haven't figured out Magic is just a trick. Like cmon
Faith 955 (1 year ago)
The Vogt kid "no one has ever done it"? David Blaine does it all the fckin time
Lina Hermans (1 year ago)
Subject ensure conduct aqihwx apart extension knife stir traditional shadow pause coast happy.
Doono4 (1 year ago)
Blake Vogt was on AGT?! This guy's an absolute legend
elle klanderman (1 year ago)
tbh only here cuz lou was in the thumbnail💓😍😊😂
Advisory Stormz (1 year ago)
6:54 David Blaine did that shit before u
Mayonnaise Sauce (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for this video. Most YouTuber say that things are what they aren't but you did really mean it. Great video and please respond or like if you agree.
Mayonnaise Sauce (1 year ago)
Also who hates one direction cause I do, it's not real music people it's fake
Mcha Yt (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/Wntc-iaYEqQ gar datawe hamu jora kartek ba free badast bene awa sayre aw videoya bka😇
the perfect slime (1 year ago)
the last one had a twin brother
DesignnerrTV (1 year ago)
Whats the song at the end
Melanie Talley (1 year ago)
Louis looks so cute
Faith Torchyz (1 year ago)
Faith Torchyz (1 year ago)
At 6:36 he blended the bill
Ilya Byk (1 year ago)
Rana Davulcu (1 year ago)
That’s Tuff (1 year ago)
Simon just pulling out a quick 100 sum light
AlphaBanjaxedBanshee (1 year ago)
The Anglos need to feck off out of America...you are not in charge...go back to where you came from land invaders

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