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Pop Out Effect | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

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This pop out effect, Final Cut Pro X Tutorial video will teach you how to create a really cool effect that is usually done on After Effects. I'll show you a way to do it on FCPX that is EASY but does require a bit of repetitive work. **Sorry for the bad audio! Both my Blue Yeti Mic and Rode Mic broke last week - still waiting for my replacements** My Gear: My MAIN Camera - http://geni.us/SmKt My FAVOURITE Lens - http://geni.us/BPgBy Another GREAT Lens - http://geni.us/ZB3bHl My STABILIZER - http://geni.us/2BQHy8 ******************************************************** Learn how you can get your video projects sponsored by big companies! - http://geni.us/WJWKe ******************************************************** What's in my camera bag - http://geni.us/Vj7c Color grade your travel videos in seconds with my NEW TRAVEL LUT: http://geni.us/Qdj5 Follow me on Social Media: Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/bryanprimetime Snapchat - http://www.snapchat.com/bryanprimetime Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/primetimecoll... Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/bryanprimetime Music found on Soundstripe - http://geni.us/oU7J ** Use Promo Code "BRYANPRIMETIME" to receive 10% off your membership or purchase ** **Above are affiliate links, which means if you click a link and buy a product, at no extra cost to you, I make a little bit of commission to help me maintain my channel and blog!**
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Text Comments (497)
Bryson Bao (5 days ago)
amazing effect !!!! keep more!
Bryan Francisco (2 days ago)
More on the way!
Zach Tron (13 days ago)
Very useful thanks
Zach Tron (2 days ago)
Thanks for ❣
sats4eva81 (15 days ago)
That was amazing. Subscribed
Bryan Francisco (2 days ago)
Thanks for subbing!
NatLi Daily (17 days ago)
damn. it is so cool! Clear and effective
Creative Play Graphics (20 days ago)
This was super cool and can wait to try this! ❤️
Tony Montana (1 month ago)
so nice dude
Amor Virt Travels (1 month ago)
Can u do a tutorial like your intro?
David Victorino (1 month ago)
this is awesome.. I'd like to try this one day. thanks for the awesome tutorial
Bryan Francisco (1 month ago)
Let me know how it turns out for you!
Luke Eidsvold (1 month ago)
Hey keep up the good work! I really enjoy your videos and have learned a lot... appreciate it
Bryan Francisco (1 month ago)
Awesome to hear Luke! 🙏
What The Dude (1 month ago)
Awesome binge watching all of it
Bryan Francisco (1 month ago)
haha that's awesome!
ducaapple Tina (1 month ago)
Nozerz (1 month ago)
That was awesome! Totally going to try it thanks so much!
Bryan Francisco (1 month ago)
No problem!!
Jack and Bennys (1 month ago)
this is so great
Rahul Deshpande (1 month ago)
LukesLiife (1 month ago)
This is incredible :)
Det. Alexandra (1 month ago)
Thank u for this tutorial i really wanna learn more. ♥️ Sir how do u do the name glitch? Thank you
Bryan Francisco (1 month ago)
No problem! It was a glitch effect that I got from Marc Webster. Search him up on Youtube!
So dope! Thanks for this tutorial!! I’m stoked to try it out!
Bryan Francisco (1 month ago)
Let me know how it turns out for you!
SeherMakeupStudio (2 months ago)
Dudeeee that is just brilliant!!!!!
Bryan Francisco (2 months ago)
Willy West (2 months ago)
quick and to the point. thank you
Bryan Francisco (2 months ago)
No prob!
GIZZZY (2 months ago)
Wow this is so cool!
Bryan Francisco (2 months ago)
Glad you liked it
Eric sharma (2 months ago)
whats the name of your title bro ?
Thais really Great. But could be a Little Bit more slowly. Its better for understanding what you‘re doing with the Settings. :)
Bryan Francisco (2 months ago)
There's always the pause button 😉👌
Armand Rochas (2 months ago)
Great job Bryan thank you!!
Bryan Francisco (2 months ago)
No problem!!
waumic26 (2 months ago)
Super merci
Bryan Francisco (2 months ago)
Titus Nixon (2 months ago)
Love it bro.
JHamilton (2 months ago)
I love when a tutorial gets straight to the point. Thanks man!
Telugutechcity (2 months ago)
Bro how to download final cut pro in windows 10 and nice video I'm subscribed your channel 👍
BlueShadow08 (2 months ago)
Looks amazing.
JCG Productions (3 months ago)
Love this effect, so sick.👍🏼
SMOKEMAJOR (3 months ago)
I tried this kind of I think. Jumped out iPhone. Check it out let me know what u think?
Willie Serrano (3 months ago)
That was nice 👍 good work.
Rung Productions (3 months ago)
Awesome vid! That gave me some good ideas
Miha Oomod (3 months ago)
wow this is cool
Bryan Francisco (3 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed it Maya! =)
Jess Chhit (3 months ago)
Bryan Francisco (3 months ago)
Ridaz4LifeR6 (3 months ago)
Thanks for your tutorials, really appreciate it. Here’s my rendition of the effect https://instagram.com/p/BqqJmJ2g0kx/
Naf Bro (3 months ago)
Please please upload more videos like this!
Fatima Henadel Remigio (4 months ago)
Whoah!! I love this idea!! thanks dude!
Bryan Francisco (3 months ago)
No problem Fatima!
video 90 (4 months ago)
John Talo (4 months ago)
Thats crazy kool!
Bryan Francisco (4 months ago)
Alexander Kim (4 months ago)
Love the music. Someone plz share the name of the song
Alexander Kim (4 months ago)
Name of the music or at least the link on Soundstripe. Plz)))
Ron Holt (4 months ago)
Awesome, yes make more ,I want to do that with my next one man band covers https://youtu.be/aZxLQFcGS2M
Salama cissé (4 months ago)
Nice more videos please
Bryan Francisco (4 months ago)
More on the way!
Creoletof (4 months ago)
Could you use that technique to have someone head pop out of the screen instead ?
Bryan Francisco (4 months ago)
Yup you definitely can! Same exact way as well
Intruder Film Studio (4 months ago)
Thanks for this tutorial. I experimented with this short clip https://youtu.be/EN2mQ53dNHI
Nia Davis (5 months ago)
dont understand ur directions :/ y is this so hard :,(
rj32 (5 months ago)
Well done brother, I like your style! Im a new sub!
GuessItsMDS (5 months ago)
amazing love your work!
don jefe (5 months ago)
yes this shit is raw time for me to smash the red button
LeePay Bravo (6 months ago)
can i do this with people instead of objects?
Julie Flestado (6 months ago)
Awesome kuya!
Samar slaitini (6 months ago)
Yes pleasssse , more tutorials in fcpx...
Jean Chindeko (6 months ago)
Many thanks 🙏 for your tutorials. Clear, Simple and effective. FCPX is an amazing tools and paired with Motion is even better.
Pedro Chaca (6 months ago)
Your intro is very nice! Could u do a video about it ?
bobin studio (6 months ago)
Soooo cool maan !!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
FishPotato (6 months ago)
Super cool!
Rosie Carpio (6 months ago)
wow cool
The Zoo (6 months ago)
Thank you for putting this tutorial together. I have been wanting to do this for months and finally got an opportunity to put it into one of my family videos. I started out the video with a handheld title board and then flipped it over to do this effect on the back of the board. The hand roto drawmask wasn’t as bad as Colin Ross made it seem. Maybe I was just really excited to put this effect in the video. My daughter was so excited to be pulling me into the screen for the intro of the video. I can’t wait to do the Spider-Man grab with my son next. He actually has a small Spider-Man suitcase. Keep up the great tutorials.
#неБУДНИ (7 months ago)
Hi! Can i do this with 25 fps?
Newsome Productions (7 months ago)
I enjoyed your video. I used a couple of these tricks in some of my videos. I'm subbed to you as well. Really happy you responded to my comment!!! Any advice you got for going pro as an editor. (school or challenges you face.) I'm looking for a mentor lol.
Bryan Francisco (7 months ago)
Awesome to hear that my tutorials are helping you out! Thank you for subbing! My advice is to always try to do something different with each new edit. Try out a new masking transition or maybe colour grade your footage a bit different. This will be the best way for you to get better at editing and also learn as you go.
M003RIN3 (7 months ago)
Are u half filipino?
Bryan Francisco (7 months ago)
I'm 100% Filipino 😉
Newsome Productions (7 months ago)
Hey I'm an amateur editor looking to go pro do you mind checking out my videos on YouTube channel. Any tips or advice
Bryan Francisco (7 months ago)
Watched a couple of your videos, great stuff! Keep it up! Love your creativity
All Entrepreneurs (7 months ago)
awsome i like this one
Le Seynt (7 months ago)
Awesome dude 🙂
Bryan Francisco (7 months ago)
Miguel Balderas (7 months ago)
You’re my new hero !
Bryan Francisco (7 months ago)
TheAudioDabbler (7 months ago)
Pretty cool. I might have to try this trick on my channel.
Brrye Sotto (7 months ago)
thanks bro now im planning to buy an i mac download fcpx and stay tuned to your channel to learn more techniques
Brrye Sotto (7 months ago)
Bryan Francisco i got it man 😄
Bryan Francisco (7 months ago)
Awesome to hear that!
AKSHIT MITTAL (7 months ago)
U r helping sooo... much , with these videos . Man love yaa...
Bryan Francisco (7 months ago)
Glad you're loving it! =)
Elite Solutions Chennai (7 months ago)
Awesome bro
Marsh xD (7 months ago)
That was amazing!
Bryan Francisco (7 months ago)
Thank you!
Class A_818 (8 months ago)
thats soo cool. love it
Bug Hollowgang (8 months ago)
I’m just starting out on fcpx and can use any tips or tricks that are available. I hope this comes out the same way!
Bug Hollowgang (8 months ago)
I appreciate the response and I’m gonna be watching everything u post
Bryan Francisco (8 months ago)
You can do a ton of great things on FCPX. Hope these transitions help you out!
why is this so hard
Nia Davis (5 months ago)
no offense bro but this is still so hard 2 understand, me n my girl nataly dont know what's going on :/
Nataly Maggi (5 months ago)
Bryan Francisco 😂😂 definitely didn’t think you was going to reply to this 😂 Ok question when I go to Move the key points it’s black instead of the paper being distorted?
Bryan Francisco (8 months ago)
Lol I gave you step by step instructions
Ceterizine Hydrochloride (8 months ago)
Need to know your video editor sir. Thank you' Your tutorial is awesome!
Matt M. Viray II (8 months ago)
Awesome Bro!!! Just subscribed!!! :)
Bryan Francisco (8 months ago)
Thanks for subscribing!!
Yesh wanth (8 months ago)
man you are doing OSM <3
Bryan Francisco (8 months ago)
Boxed Out Visuals (8 months ago)
Class video
Thank you!!!!
Bryan Francisco (8 months ago)
No problem!
Ryan Schneider VLOGS (9 months ago)
Hey man, Is there an easy or semi-easy method to pulling an object OUT of the green screen? I have created a cool method but I cant seem to line up the shots easily. Any suggestions?
Bryan Francisco (9 months ago)
Hey Ryan, the only way I've done is with the draw mask tool. I feel like it is kind of easy but it is repetitive work moving the keypoints along.
Stay Motivated_official (9 months ago)
What is the name for the intro music please please reply
Out Of The Box (9 months ago)
This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to use this!
Bryan Francisco (9 months ago)
Let me know how it works out for you!
Twisted Dice (9 months ago)
XALIRATE (9 months ago)
That is epic. Keep these tutorials coming 😁
Bryan Francisco (9 months ago)
More on the way!
Haider onTube (9 months ago)
Thx make more vids like this
Bryan Francisco (9 months ago)
Yep, definitely!
Guilherme Rezende (9 months ago)
What is the name of that effect when it shows up your name in the beginning? at 0:18 Do you have a tutorial teaching how to make it ? Thanks
Bryan Francisco (9 months ago)
I don't have a tutorial yet on how to make it but I used one of Ryan Nangle's glitch plugins to glitch in my name
I love this effect. I love the effects you put out, here's some of mine https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5EaNVo4BDjNDMNbTNugMOZ5bCoSeDKBF I'd love it if you downloaded any of them or used them in your video.
Bryan Francisco (9 months ago)
Great job with the tutorials! I'll definitely take a look at your other effects to see if I can use them in future videos =)
CYCY Peachy (9 months ago)
New fan!!! Hope you could do Premiere Pro Tutorial as well ㅠㅅㅠ
Bryan Francisco (9 months ago)
Still learning the in and outs of Premiere. Once I figure it out, I will definitely consider it!
CheatDeath NYC (9 months ago)
Thank you, this channel is gonna get me to the next level!
Bryan Francisco (9 months ago)
Glad to hear that! =)
Vini 1234 (9 months ago)
That doesn't look easy. Lmao am I just lazy ?
Bryan Francisco (9 months ago)
It's definitely easy. Just takes patience..
Techno GJ (9 months ago)
It really cool
Bryan Francisco (9 months ago)
Detector Tales (9 months ago)
Bryan Francisco (9 months ago)
Appreciate it!! 🙏
julian rodriguez (9 months ago)
love the video , but can someone explain to me what the green screen has to do with anything . Im confused ughhhhhhh =(
Bryan Francisco (9 months ago)
Thanks for watching! It easily lets you separate the subject from the background when you're editing in your program such as Final Cut Pro
Devil x Creation (10 months ago)
i want youtube intro sound ca u give me plaz.
Ujjwol Shrestha (10 months ago)
hey brother it would be easier for us if u had kept the laptop one footage in the description
Ujjwol Shrestha (9 months ago)
Yup but it would be easier for practising😉😉
Bryan Francisco (10 months ago)
then we'd all have the same clips lol
Sim-antha (10 months ago)
Wow this is awesome! I would’ve never thought to do something like this!! Subscribing!!
Bryan Francisco (10 months ago)
It's pretty easy too! Thanks for subscribing!
Les Ramirez (10 months ago)
I have Lumafusion tho 😫
Bryan Francisco (10 months ago)
Ah I can't really say that, I've never used LumaFusion.
Les Ramirez (10 months ago)
Bryan Francisco Really? so FinalCut blows Luma out the chart?
Bryan Francisco (10 months ago)
Time to switch!!
Les Ramirez (10 months ago)
Man! that was nice!
Bryan Francisco (10 months ago)
Thank you!!
basiliszag (10 months ago)
awsome guide, i appreciate it
Bryan Francisco (10 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
KeeJee (10 months ago)
So sick, please more tutorials on these magic tricks!!!!!
Bryan Francisco (10 months ago)
More magic coming up!
GMU (10 months ago)
You Make my Head Melt anytime i watch Any of Your videos.You make cool videos. Im really loving them. please make a video on your intro 0:13. Pls
Bryan Francisco (10 months ago)
Thanks for watching my videos! I actually just bought that intro from VideoHive.net and then customized it.
kia rash (10 months ago)
Bryan Francisco (10 months ago)

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