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PHOTO IDEAS FOR INSTAGRAM DIVAS Although a lot of people think that being a blogger means that you only spend time entertaining, it’s not true. Being a blogger means a lot of hard work otherwise you won’t be successful at all. You always find new ways to increase followers and please them with new photo ideas and interesting posts. As Instagram is incredibly popular now there are tons of bloggers and most photos are awfully boring, we are here to share new cool photography ideas with you. We will help you to make your photos special without any fancy camera or expensive editing software. Even if you are not a blogger, you will learn cool tricks to make awesome photos and share them with your friends! Let’s start from the trick that girls may use to make romantic photos. This trick is especially good for those who have long hair. You will need some flowers and the help of your friend. Watch the tutorial! One more idea for girls is a tutorial on how to make photos with flowers and gifts. And the best idea is how to look skinnier in photos or add some curve, you will choose 😊 Another cool idea we may even call a prank. Put a pillow on the floor in your bathroom, stand in front of the mirror, press play and drop your phone. Harry Potter lovers will adore this tutorial. Check out! Are you a travel blogger? Or even if you simply love traveling and want to make the memory of your trips, try to make ‘’change location’’ photos. Ask your friend to help you! Don’t buy an underwater camera as you will use it only once or twice, you can make underwater photos using a clear vase and your phone. We know that you want to make perfect shots with minimum effort! TIMESTAMPS: 00:09 Photo trick for girls 00:52 Levitation photo hack 02:12 Do you love Harry Potter? 05:03 Romantic photo idea 08:21 Prank your boyfriend ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5min.crafts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/5m_crafts Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: https://goo.gl/fWbJqz Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts MEN: http://bit.ly/2S69VUG The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
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Esther Vangchhia (1 hour ago)
11:59 different eye colour! So cool! 😻😻😄😄😄😍😍😍
حنين بنين (1 hour ago)
شوفي المشتركين و المتابعين اگول هاي مو تحصل فلوس بس هم مليارات دولار 🌚
Sophia Bernal (7 hours ago)
4:32-4:39 me and my cousin and 3am after eating chocolate and
Abigail Ott (10 hours ago)
Did anyone notice her eyes were a different color like if you went back in video to look at all the girls eyes 👀👀
Breanna DeWitt (11 hours ago)
I fricking love you guyz 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Krysta Maio (13 hours ago)
is that post malone
Κουβέλη και τελειοο
Είναι το πρώτο βίντεο που Έχω δη τελειοοοοοοοοοο εεεεεεε Είναι όμορφη ή
Lien Taillieu (18 hours ago)
Kaylee Hale (18 hours ago)
Secret hacks to make you and Instagram star... 1. Don’t listen to 5-minute crafts
JC Colorado (19 hours ago)
Some of these hacks are copied
JC Colorado (18 hours ago)
Some of these hacks don’t work
JC Colorado (18 hours ago)
Also why is Vicky here from 123 GO
Marie Dyson Clough (21 hours ago)
I don’t get the basket one
peacemaniac (1 day ago)
at the end anyone notice the two different eye colours? good
B. B. B. B.
Ariana Minero (1 day ago)
Simi kaur (1 day ago)
The 1 st and the 2nd one they have copied of troom troom ..
I looooooooooooooove your videos
Violet Putnam (1 day ago)
On the last 1when they did the before and after in the after pic 1 of her eyes where blue and the other was green
Nouha Toual (1 day ago)
Cristi Stoica (1 day ago)
Amazing crafts!!!
Bongani C Khumalo (1 day ago)
I like intagram life hacks😍😍😍😍😍
world of wonders (2 days ago)
2019:new video 2020-3000:same video
Gacha Beast (2 days ago)
The girl with 2 diff color eyes is so pretty
Sara Kokoric (2 days ago)
Sara Kokoric (2 days ago)
Stella Okezie (2 days ago)
I'm trying the coke one
Reena Easow (2 days ago)
This is wonderful I love it
James Stavrinides (3 days ago)
Jazline Johnson Vlogs (3 days ago)
Jazline Johnson Vlogs (3 days ago)
That bootys flattter then my moms pancakes
Cathrin Bougie (3 days ago)
The thumbnail is actually really impressive Left is Much better than the right ....idk
Luna Moon (3 days ago)
10:40 *Danielle Cohn has entered the chat*
Niña Look (3 days ago)
Hi my friends o
It's perfect 😀👍👍😘
at 12:00 her eyes are different colors
Shweta Viswas (3 days ago)
So cool
Kaitlyn Acosta (4 days ago)
Your videos don't work
Mythic Dreams (4 days ago)
Who else came her just to watch and see how bad these are
Milica Jovanovic (4 days ago)
8:48 a cek fora je da se natrsis na slici sta ne kapiram jbt
Milica Jovanovic (4 days ago)
8:11 gora od tijane ajfon kad se napuci tbr
Milica Jovanovic (4 days ago)
6:56 tebra imas nogw ko zirafa 🤮
Ruby Strange (4 days ago)
Erica Pangilinan (5 days ago)
So creative!
Lidia Freire (5 days ago)
5 minute caft amizindg you
Olivia Justice (5 days ago)
Did you notice on the last hack she had two different eye colors
Elias Pellikka (5 days ago)
How to be a comment star (answer ”somehow”)
Gaia Charnas (5 days ago)
and yet we all wonder why most teens dont love themselves
Andrew St. Germain (5 days ago)
I did not know you had different coloured eyes😃
Whitley Williams (5 days ago)
Love the video!
Millie Pickles (5 days ago)
Has anyone noticed that the girl at the end has two different coloured eyes 😯 amazing.
Millie Pickles (3 days ago)
It’s well cool I want eyes like that
Yes she is haveing two diffrent colered eyes
Nicole (5 days ago)
Nicole's Teron D.T.E.
Sidra Kassem (6 days ago)
Do one of u have multi coloured eyes?
Natalie Audish (6 days ago)
1:57, realize something about that phone.
Natalie Audish (2 days ago)
Lesly Gabino yes. How exactly is that proof that it works.
Lesly Gabino (2 days ago)
Its turned off??👍❤
chloe9412 (6 days ago)
Fiona Graber (6 days ago)
11:44 her eyes are so pretty!! I love that!!
gabriela barreno (6 days ago)
Just kidding good job keep up the good work
gabriela barreno (6 days ago)
I tjought it was 5 minute craft,12 minute craft
Kay Rey (6 days ago)
On the Kiki Danae the man was holding the door but his hands weren’t there
Its me The Hotdog (6 days ago)
1:35 and 1:42 George Ezra: *I'm about to end their whole career* Only some of yous will get. It 😂😂😂😂
Pizza Paisley!! (6 days ago)
Its me The Hotdog ikr like i thing your supposed to screen record
Арина pro (6 days ago)
Хей российские отзавитесь
Karan Singh (7 days ago)
Hair growth idea without egg
Sophie Heylbut (7 days ago)
Why do you always copy 123 Go’s Chanel and you also repeat hacks in different hacks.
Zahra Shahzadi (7 days ago)
Queenie Avery (7 days ago)
I can't wait to try these with my friends! Oh, wait......I don't have a any
Some of these I dont even think anyone would like
Always Dramione (7 days ago)
02.35 Harry Potter, Gryffindor scraf❤💚💙💛
How to have cool insta pics? Step 1: have someone to help... Step 2: A good phone with a better camera....😩
Bad at living (1 day ago)
Photoshop :)
Chloe Robertson (3 days ago)
Andrew St. Germain (5 days ago)
Too bad
Just Jules (7 days ago)
You ule
XxGachaWolfxX :3 (8 days ago)
3:23 Pause there. For some reason that face made me cringe 😑😕
Manoel Amaro (8 days ago)
Neeta Pakhrin (8 days ago)
2:14 did anyone notice her Illuminati tattoo??
Roblox Is The best (8 days ago)
4:27 When you take flappy bird to the next level
Fanny Valenzuela (8 days ago)
Ella es paloma caputo
ja sam (7 days ago)
Am I after watching this video an InStAGraM sTaR??
Leonard Agafitei (8 days ago)
At 2:15 it looks like the illuminati is on her back
Shameem Sha (9 days ago)
Emma... your eyes was unbelievable ☺
bebe bababe (9 days ago)
Starlight gacha (9 days ago)
Pause and go to 11:59 she has two coloured eyes!
Chloe Payne (9 days ago)
Anyone else notice the two diff coloured eyes??
Bethania Kearley (9 days ago)
Me gustan mucho este canal sienpre beo sus videos
Lisa And Margo (9 days ago)
Why do people care if the but is big or not
Emily Gal (9 days ago)
Ich habe Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold und Silber und Gold 😄😄😄😄😆😘☺️😘😚☺️😍🤗😅😚😘😝😊
yahav shachar (9 days ago)
11:59 she have one blue eye and one brown eye
ykabu (9 days ago)
In moment 2:27 it going down much normal but 2:33 how it do to go up?
TheOmagyarorszag (7 days ago)
They did the sqme trick and edited the video to upside down
The Random German kid (10 days ago)
Can Samsung do pano?
Wolf_ 987 (10 days ago)
Eww that bath water was green
Maya Thompson (10 days ago)
if they came up with this then they are like genius's👍😲
I like your new tree hair 💇 Lolololololololol 🌳🌳🌳= 💇💇💇
The girl with short brown hair and two different colored eyes is very rare BY her eyes.
Park Sumji (10 days ago)
11:59 her one eye is blue and another is brown
NobodyImportant (11 days ago)
Am I the only one who noticed she has 2 different colored eyes at the end? No? Ok.
NobodyImportant (9 days ago)
@Seirina Psaria here is a cookie 🍪
Seirina Psaria (9 days ago)
M C I noticed. :D :)
Rakelly any (11 days ago)
i love
aleena maryam (11 days ago)
I feel sorry for the two flying girls they must be tierd especially the one who went the wrong way
neon suits (11 days ago)
I thought the same thing 😂
DJ's Love (11 days ago)
Her Baath water is dirty
Caroline Lozano (11 days ago)
She has curves because she has scoliosis lol its a joke
Nae Lil (11 days ago)
Vickie from 123go
Kenzie & Talia (12 days ago)
These are more like tik toks
Marwa Arjoune Ejatioui (12 days ago)
Azra Akin (12 days ago)
Yük. Müh
Beautiful Dance Moms (12 days ago)
5 minute crafts More like 5 reapeted crafts

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