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IKEA Kitchen Remodel | Before & After | Los Angeles, CA

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IKEA Kitchen Remodel Before And After | Los Angeles, CA Click here to start your own IKEA kitchen with us: http://wp.me/p6nDGz-g7 This gorgeous IKEA kitchen remodel came in at a finished budget of $28k. IKEA Kitchen Cabinet: Veddinge Countertops: Calacatta Lumina Quartz Countertops Backsplash: Hex Mosaic From demo to completion this IKEA kitchen took us about 3 weeks. Looking to start your own IKEA kitchen? Or have questions? (Most people do) then you can reach us here: http://wp.me/p6nDGz-g7 ikea kitchen remodel ikea kitchen cabinets ikea kitchen installation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onhHr6PLrhE 10 Reasons Why More Homeowners Are Buying IKEA Cabinets Over EVERY Other Brand: http://www.modernkitchenpros.com/ikea-kitchen-cabinets/
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Mega Builders Inc (1 year ago)
Love the subtle touch honey comb aspect added to the kitchen. Being the same color as the surroundings it really gives it that quite added flare without being overbearing

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