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Grand Illusions The Story of Magic vol 1

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THIS IS NOT FOR PEOPLE LOOKING FOR TRICKS. ITS ABOUT HISTORY OF MAGIC. Grand Illusions - The Story of Magic - vol 1 Explore the rich, fascinating culture and history of magic through Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic Part One. These six episodes take you inside an alluring and enchanting world. It's all here, from the mechanical automata of Robert-Houdin to the elaborate illusions of Penn and Teller, from the death-defying escapes of Houdini to the bizarre and tragic feats of the sideshow performers. Come backstage and see what's behind the curtain. Run Time: 160 minutes. The father of modern magic: 0:00 Houdini Part 1: 23:30
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Aasif Jadugar (7 days ago)
very very nice
B. Randal (2 months ago)
Despite the oscillation of Roy's story about the attack (at his most lucid and honest moments, he admitted that the animal attacked him) the damage inflicted by the tiger was career ending, normalcy ending and nearly life ending. The attack ended Siegfried & Roy's careers. Watching the close calls they had over the years - it is surprising that the *Mirage* (where the attack took place) was willing to risk the safety of their audience with unrestrained, fully equipped wild animals on stage. Once again, wild animals were showcased as somehow not being wild, and Roy's relationship with them somehow being magical and transcendent of the natural order of the animal's constitution - being wild. A commonality of people who are killed by animals which have no business interacting with humans as if they were domesticated. "Not me - not my animal. We're different." Famous last words.
Dan Field (2 months ago)
Merci !
mirka narika (5 months ago)
Before, magicians were high profile. Now they are made fun of or considered worthless profession
Ray S (6 months ago)
16:25 wtf is that harry?
Laura Johnson (1 year ago)
hmmmmm.... light and heavy chest --- Could that have been done with Electomagnetism ? Electrically charged magnets "ON" - you can not lift it. Turn electric magnets "OFF" - now you can lift it ???
Dan Field (2 months ago)
That is the first thing I thought as well.
Vickie Lawson (1 year ago)
That is it exactly.
Christoffer Feser (1 year ago)
Stupid French-Canadian.
Dan Field (2 months ago)
Christoffer Feser .......I know right ! You'd think he should be sitting on a lilli-pad in a Quebec swamp with the rest of the frogs but, noooo....
Cuts rose scents (1 year ago)
No mention of Mr. Methane. That stinks.
Cuts rose scents (1 year ago)
Great Great grandson Pee Wee continued the Herman family tradition.
MP (1 year ago)
Yeah, good documentary overall, but Houdini, the world's first sex symbol? Uh, I don't think so...
Christopher Parsons (2 years ago)
8:29 Get back up there Antonio!
beatz04 (2 years ago)
Wish they would at least be able to pronounce "Robert Houdin" properly.
Steven X (2 years ago)
Great video! Thanks for posting it.
Great fun
pig bodine (2 years ago)
Next time someone eggs you to take his punch in the stomach, stab that guy.
Dustin Dunbar (3 years ago)
Paul Daniels that bullet catch was so easy for you holy shit....u legend u
Norjenah Baulo (3 years ago)
Norjenah Baulo (3 years ago)
Tony Sadar (3 years ago)
very interesting,thank for all the info. regards, Tony & Margie Sadar
Noremaad (3 years ago)
"Houdini is the Dark Souls of Magic"
John Allardyce (3 years ago)
52:24 "A Magician Among the Spirits" (1924) written by Houdini. Exposing fraudulent spiritualist.
Madeleine Spencer (9 months ago)
no... Its generally accepted Houdini was being vindictive when he wrote the book. Houdini was the liar in this case.
Patrick O'Riley (3 years ago)
+Seedeng Jawn Houdini also wrote "The Unmasking of Robert Houdin" which proved that Robert Houdin greatly exaggerated and even outright lied about the exploits of which he wrote in his autobiography. Those stories were totally fictitious. And many illusions he was credited for creating were actually the invention of other magicians.
enfin un documentaire qui rend hommage à Robert-Houdin, ce maitre des automates et de la magie. Dont Houdini a pris le pseudo... Comme toujours l'Europe créée, et les US pillent...
Dan Field (2 months ago)
great point
MP (1 year ago)
Ah oui? Tu veux dire comme avec le jazz, blues, rock, funk, soul, hip hop et plusieurs autres trucs que l'Europe a pris de l'Amérique? Mais je comprends tes sentiments -- après tout, quelles nations ont jamais été pillés par les européens? Mais quand aux pilleurs, Houdin a volé pas mal d'effets d'autres magiciens.
Katalyzt (4 years ago)
DreamWalker (4 years ago)
When was this made?
Dan Field (2 months ago)
DreamWalker ....a quarter past my @ss
416mcp (4 years ago)
I think 1998
Offshoreorganbuilder (4 years ago)
Many thanks!
Eddy Rice (4 years ago)
This was done very amazingly! Thanks for bringing this to magicians and the world!
Just two words: "ROBERT HOUDIN"
zaubererkalibo (5 years ago)
Thanks for upload!!!
MrHEC381991 (5 years ago)
whoajosh (5 years ago)
Thank you SO MUCH for uploading this! I watched this when I was young when it aired on television and loved it. I'm so glad I get to see it again.
Everything Nick (5 years ago)
thank you, thank you, thank you! Weird Magic at 1:53:50 awesome, been looking for this for years! Thank you
Dantick09 (6 years ago)
tnx for uploading this is very interesting

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