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Sinbad And The Minotaur│Full Fantasy Movie

1678 ratings | 1540229 views
Sinbad, his black first mate Karim and beautiful slave girl Tara embark on a voyage to Crete in search of King Minos's treasure believed to be hidden within the fabled Labyrinth. They are pursued by the evil Sorcerer Al Jibbar who bears a striking resemblance to Sokurah, the antagonist of the Seventh Voyage of Sinbad. Al Jibbar's cannibal henchman is seemingly immortal, capable of surviving grievous wounds and highly skilled in the ways of the Indian Jettis, strongmen capable of torturing and killing prisoners with their bare hands.
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Text Comments (76)
Jerry James (11 months ago)
Sakib Ansari (11 months ago)
nice story 😉😉😉😄😄 md sakib ansari
Antonio Pagliuca (11 months ago)
without an english translation this movie isn't worth to be seen ....bye bye
Yvette Dickinson (11 months ago)
Waste of time. POOR picture quality. There are better downloads to choose from on youtube.
Akhilesh Soni (1 year ago)
nice movie
supar movie
Pseudogreek (1 year ago)
I don't understand a word but this is probably still one of the better adaptions of Sindbad. It is like this with almost every non 'Christian' Story. Every ancient European/middle eastern/Asian story turns out either white-washed (not necessarily the actors but the entire mood and setting) or fetishized. There is not ONE good film on Herakles, not to mention the other Greek heroes...so how do we expect to get a decent Sinbad in theatres anytime soon.
Jagga jagjair (1 year ago)
the emazing story
Youssef Ilyas (1 month ago)
Jagga jagjair (1 year ago)
like this movie
Qudrack Hemed (1 year ago)
Waooooh I love dis adventures movies a lot am glad and happy
icefishing master (1 year ago)
Moiz Abbasi (1 year ago)
bkws movie
F Homeres (2 years ago)
wat thy say
Joyce Osborn (2 years ago)
why is this not in English??????????????????????????????????????
Kamal Vohra (2 years ago)
Hazel Yeo (2 years ago)
H O R R I B L E ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I miss u m k s
MrzZ THARØ Official (2 years ago)
arab.c (2 years ago)
Sinbad the European version> lol, It's like bringing a black woman to playing the role of snow White.
Sam Griffin (1 year ago)
Worse film I’ve ever seen. Better off in English
Michael Barnett (2 years ago)
where is the englis?, at least subtiles
Fhsjjj Jhdjjd (2 years ago)
Tanveer428 Tanveer428 (2 years ago)
Tanveer428 Tanveer428 (2 years ago)
Panne lal (2 years ago)
adnan Haider (2 years ago)
nice movie
Tahir Kamboh (2 years ago)
nice movie
Dianna Skare (2 years ago)
FRAUD !!!!!
Wan Mohd (2 years ago)
D C,GS, 24 (2 years ago)
Haaaaaa what a disgrace I never order curry lmfao your fired curry
very nice movie
Pankaj Singh (3 years ago)
hello Dear
Stealth (3 years ago)
More like "Sinbad and the tripp to Calcutta"
TAMER ALI (3 years ago)
what is that? sinbad is not Roman,"his clothes". He is arabian merchant from baghdad. the girls are naked in front of everbady "their imagination" WOW WHAT IS THEIR reference? . I have read the book"alef layla wa layla 1001 nights or arabian nights", of course in Arabic."the original book" and this movie is bullshit. AT 16:02 AND GOODBYE IDIOT
selim khan (3 years ago)
wow nice movie
Kanak Kana (3 years ago)
Mallu 7259387618
fan Mann da (3 years ago)
wowwww great movie
Moha Yare (3 years ago)
Bob (3 years ago)
ENGLISH please .....
Iwan (3 years ago)
Saif Awan (3 years ago)
waooooooooooooooo nice movie
Kkk Manu (3 years ago)
Ange Kenos (3 years ago)
please E N G L I S H or if not, A U S T R A L I A N
Karissa Dalrymple (1 year ago)
gavi deem thats the joke 😞
Kanak Kana (3 years ago)
Faded Memory (3 years ago)
atleast fucking have it in hindi
Ganesh Gondgave (3 years ago)
Ganesh Gondgave
Badsah baloch1 (3 years ago)
nadeem iqbal (3 years ago)
nice movie
Nigel Perren (3 years ago)
Sin/bad = a great name for a freemason!
usda sarxan 0702983808 (3 years ago)
vapcat 0702983808
yanndick (3 years ago)
Some subtitles could have been usefull to many...
Bhadresh Patel (3 years ago)
malhari bajirao
Gautom Saikia (3 years ago)
nic movie
Gautom Saikia (3 years ago)
nic movie
jommari100 (3 years ago)
it seems english language became dead language and indian one is global now.so therefore i will start taking lessons in indian language may be ordo too.fuck you for this stupid movie
nishad gks (3 years ago)
nishad ji
Pulok Roy (3 years ago)
No no
إيمن فتحي (3 years ago)
جميل  الفلم
Green Eagles (4 years ago)
Jaideep Mehara (5 years ago)
Fantastic movie
Arjun Mondal (5 years ago)
Nice movie
Little Light (5 years ago)
until when we shall listen to english movies translated in east indian and allowed on youtube while the others are deleted????? this is outrageous!!
Michael Clark (1 year ago)
Little Light wut r u sayin here?
Rajesh Passi (2 years ago)
Little Light
Dianna Skare (2 years ago)
+Cinecurry 👍
Sijjad abbasi (2 years ago)
juni de (5 years ago)
ashok kumal (5 years ago)
nice move
zahid ali (5 years ago)
very nice movie

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