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How To Start With Bing Ads Profitable On Day 1 (Step By Step)

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https://goo.gl/5ZCLbG ---- *Click To Get Free Bing Ads Training* How to start with bing ads profitable on day 1 (Step By Step) Learn how to give yourself the best possible chance to build a profitable campaign on bing ads from day 1. Beginner friendly series - good match for affiliate marketing, ppc marketing, local business ppc, and any ppc really. I also show you how to get $100 Free Bing Ads credit to start out, and a step-by-step demonstration of how to start and set up your account using the best settings. It's basically a full-fledged Bing Ads Tutorial, including what I call the 7 Bing Ads Profit Activators: 1) Separating Bing/Yahoo & Syndicated Networks This is probably the biggest possible step to massively boosting profit on most bing ads accounts. By default, Bing lumps both their Bing/AOL Network and their "Syndicated" network together. Separating them can make a huge difference 2) Use Bing Ads Editor The bing ads editor is a powerful tool provided for free by Microsoft that can help you massively leverage your time and duplicate your efforts 3) Test "Keyword Placeholder" Ads These ads can potentially see a huge increase in click through rates and conversion rates for some campaigns. The effect can be dramatic, but be warned...it's not true in every campaign! 4) Setup Conversion Data This is an absolute must and I feel like I have to tell people all the time. It's just stupid to waste money without having conversion tracking on. 5) Segment Data Segmenting can make an absolutely huge difference in performance, but you want to know how to do it the right way. 6) Keywords: Isolate & Eliminate Strategy This strategy is powerfully effective in both the short term and the long term for finding out which keywords perform best, isolating them and then eliminating the poor performers to exponentially increase performance 7) Optimize Syndicated Placements Finally, the 7th bing ads profit activator is a strategy for optimizing the syndicated placements, much like optimizing by publishers on google display network or on native ad platforms like taboola. Enjoy!
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The Nomad Brad (5 months ago)
https://goo.gl/5ZCLbG ==== FREE Bing Ads Training Course http://bit.ly/2twJM7i === Subscribe on Youtube For More Marketing, Digital Nomad & Online Business Tips http://instagram.com/thenomadbrad ==== Follow Me On Instagram http://www.digitalnomadrockstar.com === More On My Blog
Dylan (6 days ago)
Hello and thank you for the video! I've made several campaings with individual ad groups. Somehow, my ads don't get impressions. When i check my ads with the diagnostic tool i get the following message: No, the search query 'Keyword' you entered doesn’t trigger any of your text ads.
Dylan (6 days ago)
+The Nomad Brad €0.05 its what bing advised
The Nomad Brad (6 days ago)
Hey Dylan, you’re welcome! What is the suggested bid for those keywords vs your bid?
Awesome People (9 days ago)
How can I get a working card for Bing. Bing keeps rejecting my cards.
Awesome People (9 days ago)
+The Nomad Brad i chatted with support, but didn't resolve my issue. Its over 48hours now.
The Nomad Brad (9 days ago)
Sorry to hear that. Ask their support they’re usually helpful
Ariful Islam (25 days ago)
can i direct link adverten offers on bing ads?
The Nomad Brad (24 days ago)
No idea, is that an affiliate network?
ivana ilak (28 days ago)
thank you for this video. I find it very helpful, as well as your other videos. One thing is still unclear to me: is it necessary to set up separate campaigns for mobile website or is it enough when you have mobile url added to an ad? I would appreciate your answer very much, thank you in advance :)
The Nomad Brad (28 days ago)
Hi Ivana, thank you for the comment, so glad you liked the video :) To be honest I've never added a separate mobile link. I just use a modern landing page builder (clickfunnels, builderall, optimizepress, thrive) and they dynamically make the page look good on both mobile and desktop. Hope that helps!
Amir B (1 month ago)
Hi Brad, i didnt find any coupon on your website. Can you please give me one coupon for bing. thanks
El Torino (2 months ago)
So.. where is that video with the tracking explanation because checked your playlist and there is way too much shit in there!
the Retrosaur (2 months ago)
enhanced cpc ran my impressions into the ground. I started with a very simple low cost campaign w/.05 bidding, only a hand full of strong keywords. 18000 impressions over the first couple of days. I thought I would go with some of the opportunities and suggestions (hey more clicks and a bidding strategy that promotes conversions) but after applying all the changes, my ad went into review (side note, don't tweak ads on Friday because your 24 hour review period won't start till 9am Monday) After a few more days of waiting my impressions plummeted to 128 over four days, including 2 days of flatlining. Not only that, this sort of ran my ad rating into the ground on a number of keywords. Also ads wouldn't run even though they had 8/10 9/10 ratings, "not running for other reasons". I finally had to call into the help center because the 24/7 chat help wasn't able to clear the review blocks, I needed a phone specialist. Finally, they recommending to just redo all my campaigns from scratch. This was for a pretty clickable health product with a lot of search terms, not really something niche. I am not sure if these other bidding strategies work. Also watch out about auto applying the oppeortuntinties. when reviewing some of the suggested keywords, there was so much bloat and fluff, and a lot that were barely related. I had a self help product that got tagged with an asian dating keyword. it was bringing in the clicks for no damn reason. 13$ down the drain.
kittygalore2010 (2 months ago)
If I'm targeting US should I have separate campaigns for each state?
The Nomad Brad (2 months ago)
Later you can look through the data and see if you have any breakout states which may warrant creating unique state campaigbs
The Nomad Brad (2 months ago)
Hi, nah don’t bother with that right away I actually tried that and didn’t have great results because it increases your cpm price
lilian richard (2 months ago)
Hello bro very good video and helpful I am kinda new to affiliate marketing but i got accepted on max bounty few months and i started out with free traffic more of social networks the conversion is low though so i want to use paid traffic can i start with the minimum of $50? Also can i use offers that pays low like email submits on bing or only offers that needs a sale?
The Nomad Brad (2 months ago)
Hey there, nice! You can start with $100 free on bing if you check out one of the videos on my channel on it...there’s no minimum though! You can definitely use offers that use email submits on bing no problem. You’ll want to get a tracking service like clickmagick if you don’t have one. Are you using landing pages, list building or direct linking?
I don't see where to learn how to do step one 👀...
Mongol Bhera (3 months ago)
Whatever keyword is entered, the ad is not showing. The reason is showing that the landing page url or keywords not relevant with the ad copy. Please help what to do!
The Nomad Brad (3 months ago)
Well I don't mean to sound insulting but...are the keywords relevant with the ad copy? I have run many many campaigns and never seen this error.
More Than Fun (3 months ago)
Do you have to have a site/domain? Is that btw your site at 21:45??
The Nomad Brad (3 months ago)
You're welcome! Also feel free to opt in to my list to get more info on using bing :) - https://goo.gl/5ZCLbG
More Than Fun (3 months ago)
+The Nomad Brad okey thanks!👍🏻
The Nomad Brad (3 months ago)
No you should get a tracking service like clickmagick and run your ads through that first so you can optimize your campaigns by keywords, ads, etc (I talk about that in the video - most of the same steps apply for maxbounty, just check clickmagick support for integrating with maxbounty). Or get a landing page builder like clickfunnels or builderall and start making landing pages of your own to pre-sell people before they get to the maxbounty offer
More Than Fun (3 months ago)
+The Nomad Brad but I work with maxbounty and most of the cpa offers already got their landing page so should I than just fill the link in by the site/domain place?
The Nomad Brad (3 months ago)
Well you SHOULD have your own domain, even if you want to do affiliate marketing - so you can build custom landing pages, opt in pages, etc. But if you want to do direct linking with no domain for affiliate marketing you can check out this video: https://youtu.be/9RfOfjULvgU Yup that's my domain https://www.digitalnomadrockstar.com - I'm building it on the side as a blog with tons of resources for digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and business in general. Check it out! Peace
Pronto Ltd (3 months ago)
Can you direct link JVZOO offers on bing ads?
The Nomad Brad (3 months ago)
Yeah, check out my Clickbank direct linking tutorial it should be very similar
What about bid strategies. What is the best way to bid
The Nomad Brad (3 months ago)
I like starting low and slowly increasing. If it suggests you bid 1.00 then start at .30 and see if it gets any clicks. After a few days bump it up to .40 if no clicks. Etc etc until you get some traffic flowing.
Thanks from Chicago
David Calixte (3 months ago)
Hi Nomad Brad, I m interested in buying your class. Do you go over how to create good pre sell page and how to link it clickbank?
free2idol1 (4 months ago)
Can you made a video on how to minimize budget for best results? Thanks
The Nomad Brad (4 months ago)
I don't think they're extremely picky, but the challenge with getting approved to networks is they like to see that you already have a track record of getting results. The biggest thing is just answering their phone call when they call to interview you, and have a website that at LEAST looks professional, at BEST has real web traffic. But I can say that affiliaxe was easy to get approved for...Yoonla seems to be very popular for beginners so I would guess that they're easy to get approved...here's your best plan: Build a website that showcases you as a marketing agency, and make sure to answer any phone calls you get from these companies. Start applying to every single one. Don't worry if you don't get approved, you can always re-apply later when you have more results. If you have any results to show (conversions) then take screenshots and put them in a google doc that you can share with them when you apply. Just keep applying until you get approved to some of them, then you can start building up results with that network and build up from there. Good luck!
free2idol1 (4 months ago)
Hi Nomad, Thanks for the answer. I'd definitely check out the training later on. Do you know any CPA network that's not hard to get in? As far as I know, big players like Peerfly, Maxbounty are extremely picky in approving affiliates.
The Nomad Brad (4 months ago)
#1 & #2 - these are complicated and depend on your campaign specifics. You can get my bing ads bootcamp product to know more about how to bid and how to use keywords (https://www.digitalnomadrockstar.com/bingadsbootcamp). I think that #3 is your biggest issue. Similarweb is NOT a good way to know if an offer converts. That only means that their website gets visitors. So you need to find offers that convert. Maybe you should try small cpa offers first, where you have to spend less money to get conversions. I would check out Andy Hafell's tutorials on using Bing Ads & Yoonla, for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GWwTZn1NnM - There are lots of other training videos about doing CPA marketing with bing too. Also #4 is not true. You don't let bing optimize conversions for you like facebook, you do optimization on your own for the most part. Good luck, I hope this is helpful!
free2idol1 (4 months ago)
Hi Nomad, Thanks for the reply. I am struggling to generate sale with my campaign. Some of the problems I have are: 1. How to bid for a keyword? Buying KW are more likely to convert but they are very competitive and has high CPC. 2. KW Match type: Broad, Exact, Phrase. Which one to choose and in which circumstance that I can use appropriate match type? 3. How to make sure the offer I promoted really converts? I use similarweb.com to check this offer (grsultra.com) monthly traffic and see that the offer I'm promoting has over 362k visits per month. IS that a good way to check if an offer is likely to convert highly? 4. I've heard that similar to FB ad, you need to allow your campaign to run for a while before Bing can automatically optimize it and make CPC lower and more effective for you. Is that right?
The Nomad Brad (4 months ago)
Hey free2idol1, I can try! Can you explain a little more of what you mean?
Datta Sawase (5 months ago)
Please make full screen videos. I mean don't made the small screen. By the way nice video.
The Coyote (5 months ago)
Does this work with ecommerce?
The Nomad Brad (5 months ago)
If there's search traffic for your e-commerce product, then yes! If you're doing purely interruption marketing (i.e. facebook ads where they go "whoa...I didn't know that existed...I need it!" then probably not... but if it's something people are already looking for like "funny t shirt for basketball moms" or "best camping tent" then yes! It depends on the niche. Check out my new video on keyword research it may help to see if your niche is present on search: https://youtu.be/eBpv_V9kV4w
Zammil Din (6 months ago)
Nice video... looking forward your next Tracking/Analysis Conversion video...
william papke (6 months ago)
Support link doesn't work
The Nomad Brad (6 months ago)
Hey William, sorry about that. I saw your charges go through - email me at Brad at digitalnomadrockstar.com and we'll get it sorted out!
Daniel Hernandez (6 months ago)
hi The Nomad Brad, great tutorial. i have an idea to improve your training system and makes it grow up, so i want to discuss it with you. Can we talk in private? here is my email for contact me: [email protected]
Andio Sumayao (7 months ago)
Just an honest question. Have you made money using bing ads traffic?
Jarail Rakestraw (7 months ago)
Great vid! Let's say I'm testing and I have 1 campaign, 2 different ad groups but both have the same ads. How would I track which ad was profitable? Thanks!
Marshal Hembram (7 months ago)
What should I do If I'm beginning in the age group section? Because I don't specifically know who are my target customers as I'm just starting out though I have a vague idea regarding my customers
The Nomad Brad (7 months ago)
try using the facebook audience insights tool to get a better idea of exactly who your customers are
Nadeem Hodekar (7 months ago)
Awesome, very helpful for me. Thanks
The Nomad Brad (7 months ago)
You're Welcome!
Paulina Aganauskaitė (8 months ago)
Grow your digital life business for yourself now! Link: https://app.yoonla.com/evolve#a_aid=5ac7ab429274e
Great tutorial and advice!
The Nomad Brad (8 months ago)
Johnny B (9 months ago)
Really informative tutorial. A few months ago I realized that there was a difference in the search volume between Bing and Bing syndicated partners. I usually just promote with the syndicated partners because they usually have the most search volume per keyword. But of course the search volume will vary per keyword. Again.. great tutorial. Thanks!
Johnny B (9 months ago)
You're welcome. Keep those tutorials coming!
The Nomad Brad (9 months ago)
Thanks so much for the comment! Sounds like you're off to the right start. Glad you enjoyed the video :)
sally carolina (9 months ago)
Great Video!
The Nomad Brad (9 months ago)
Thank you! Great comment :D
Gerson Ferreira (10 months ago)
Hey brad, nice to see your video, great information, filled with details. Really want learn more about, just getting in the affiliate marketing, made i few bucks but need consistency. Now i'm investing on Bing and hoping the best....someday if you travel to brazil, make sure come to ''Praia da Pipa'' in Natal, will be glad to take you around and see some nice views!!
Gerson Ferreira (10 months ago)
Sure Brad, 90% sucess is just about persistence, so i ill keep moving. Will be great connect with you and learn a litlle more about your journey! Cheers and Thanks"
The Nomad Brad (10 months ago)
Hey gerson, thanks very much for the comment. If you've made a few bucks you've made it farther than most people, time to just keep going! Thanks for the offer, I haven't been to Brazil yet, but would love to. Very kind of you. Have a great day, and keep working at affiliate marketing
kishawn facey (10 months ago)
hey is the $7 a one time payment? do you have up sale
The Nomad Brad (10 months ago)
Hey Kishawn, that's up to you. If you're very concerned with budget, I don't recommend starting with paid traffic. You should start by learning how to create a product that other people will pay you money for, or learning how to choose affiliate offers, working for a company and spending their money to learn how to buy ads...or building up a service to sell . Those are all separate skillsets. I would also recommend that if budget is tight, you start with a traffic source that doesn't cost money (just time, effort, and skill)...specifically, Youtube or SEO traffic. You can build a youtube channel or a blog for $0-$100 of investment, plus time, patience and learning how to improve the skill. If you find something that works and makes money on one of those traffic sources, THEN you can use paid traffic (bing) to accelerate and scale your results.
kishawn facey (10 months ago)
Ok going to buy it can I get results with a $15 budget a day
The Nomad Brad (10 months ago)
videos for following along :)
kishawn facey (10 months ago)
is it a ebook or video course where I can follow along?
The Nomad Brad (10 months ago)
Hey kishawn, $7 product is a one time payment, the only upsell as of right now is an offer to join a mastermind group. If you don't want to join you get the whole product.
SID GALVANKAR (11 months ago)
HELLO Brad.. this is what i was exactly looking for. i am your fan now after watching this video. very thankful that you are explaining each & every step very carefully & slowly i also want to start earning some money by promoting click sure products i am very serious about Being ads after watching & learning from your videos. can u also give me support via email if i need so? please. my email: [email protected] cheers ^^^^^^^^^Sid Galvankar, Indonesia
Victoria Craig (11 months ago)
are you going to make a video on how to track conversions? Im curious because I use Voluum tracking and I can track bing conversions so is it also good to track in bing? or not needed hmmm great video brad
Makbeth Mindset (8 months ago)
I recommend Clickmeter.. As Voluum is too expensive. They both work the same. Btw Brad Great Course Bro. I use Bing Ads as well better than Google Adwords
The Nomad Brad (11 months ago)
You're welcome Victoria! Thanks for the comment
Victoria Craig (11 months ago)
thanks so much for the help brad!
The Nomad Brad (11 months ago)
Hi Victoria, I do plan on making some more videos showing how to set up on the tracking code on various platforms (clickfunnels, thrive themes, etc) but I made one for general wordpress installs here - https://youtu.be/1h9x6VP4DYM - however, I have never used Voluum and I know that tracking affiliate campaigns in bing is a bit tricker because you can't simply place the UET tag on someone else's website, as far as I know. If you can, then I would want to know how immediately! There are ways to pass tracking tokens via platforms like CPVLab & Voluum, but I don't know exactly how to do it yet. I would look for support forums or specific training on how to track bing conversions in voluum. Cheers!
RedtobeFREE (11 months ago)
Signed up through your digitalnomad link I hope you get credit. I really appreciate you doing this video! Now I'm a subscriber and would like to learn more about you.
The Nomad Brad (11 months ago)
Oh jeez, haha I don't know anything about that...are you sure they won't give you a new account? 15 years seems like a really long time... but that's between them and you. Ok cool, yeah I can get more into FB ads down the road...usually make money online offers are extremely risky and pretty fast ways to get banned. There are other people who specialize in getting those things to work...not my forte. I bet if you search hard enough on youtube you could find some people who know though. In the meantime I hope I can help somehow. Cheers
RedtobeFREE (11 months ago)
Sure thing...do you know anyway to get a google ppc account if they banned you 15 years ago and still won't let set up shop...also more about setting up FB ads for make money online type of opportunities would be great. Or is that niche a surefire way to get banned?
The Nomad Brad (11 months ago)
thank you very much Redtobe, I don't currently get credit from bing ads but I appreciate your support! Please let me know if you want to know more about a topic!
Affx Ghost (11 months ago)
Free Bing Ads video isn't working :(
The Nomad Brad (11 months ago)
Hey Affx, I know I got super sick the past couple weeks so I wasn't able to actually create the video until today. So sorry for the wait! I've just uploaded it (about 30 mins of content) and I sent out a broadcast to the email list if you signed up. I hope you enjoy it! If you didn't sign up, go ahead and click the link in the description to sign up again, and the video is now live. Cheers, Brad
Brad: Really great training (you should think about creating a course and maybe selling it through Udemy or Warrior Forum). Did you ever get approved for Bing Ads affiliate? I've been on the list for months now. Would like to start offering coupons myself. Anyway, keep up the good value packed trainings.
The Nomad Brad (11 months ago)
Hi Digitooly, thanks so much for the positive feedback! I'm so happy to share some good info I think the market needs lots more! I am thinking about creating some courses - any suggestions on topics I should include? I haven't gotten approved by bing yet as an affiliate...I'm guessing I'll have to build up a much more significant presence on youtube or my email lists. Good luck, I would love to send some business their way I love their platform!
Sage Gasf (1 year ago)
Btw I clicked on the free training, put my email and then it says video not available
The Nomad Brad (11 months ago)
Also sorry...I am working on replacing the video I just got really sick the past week, a new one should be up soon and I will email everyone who signed up with the new link!
Sage Gasf (1 year ago)
Pls can you pay with PayPal on bing..... I don't have a credit card
Zoee White (5 months ago)
Looked at pre-paid credit cards?
Sage Gasf (11 months ago)
Omari yeah but you need to link a card tho 😭 I have funds in PayPal but not card
Omari (11 months ago)
Yes, you can pay with PayPal,
The Nomad Brad (11 months ago)
Hi sage, so sorry It doesn't look like you can use paypal with bing. Try to research it though! If you find a solution let me know I bet other people are wondering the same thing
William Sherman1 (1 year ago)
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