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Mysterious river- 2018 Latest Action | Adventure | Sci Fi movie [ HD #1043]

764 ratings | 261561 views
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Text Comments (117)
David Council (1 day ago)
Much better than I expected
desastermaster2010 (8 days ago)
This "Cara" is exactely the kinda chick I hate the most^^
Equate Null (9 days ago)
This slimy crunt needs a good slap up the side of her head bone, so she will sit down, and shut the hell up and be told “You are Not in charge of Anything...Bitch!
Darryl Bowman (10 days ago)
it's just like white people to walk in to danger as other people are running away from it, but in movies like horror movies for example, black people are mostly the first one's to get killed and i myself feel like it's a slap in the face knowing the fact that white people are the one's that put them selves in dangerous situations, but at the same time there also brave with a heart of gold because they can climb mont everest even though so many people have died climbing mont everst, or being in the heart of a tornado recording it just to get views on social media, or they just like to be in the mist of a tornado or maybe both, and some of them also surf even though they only have one leg because some great white had a tast for human flesh or just white meat either way i admire that because alot of us wont dare to do what some of these people do, but at the same time like i said earlier it's disrespectful because to me it shows that we don't know how to face danger so we respond by doing nothing or just running and it's like it's showing us a representaion on how we respond to fear, another example is reality shows like real housewives of atlanta that reality show and many othere's also put us in a negative light because people only want to 👀 drama, drama, drama, drama and more drama, and some people would rather see hair pulling, drinks throwing, booty shaking, toe nails throwing, or even a sceaming match, then to see black people tattooing, or to see a black family eating around a dinner table talking to eachother, like another example is the cosby show i will never look at the cosby show the sameway ever again
debra howe (10 days ago)
pretty good movie
Nancy East (11 days ago)
Pretty good movie! Thanks for the download!!
Ali Kingsman (12 days ago)
Tried to double speed with closed captioning but it doesn't work consistently. Easy-to-grasp what's happening without dialogue.
robert wolf (12 days ago)
Strange mix of consequences; American men have the brains and American women have the balls.
Françoise PRECHEUR (12 days ago)
Je ne comprends pas pourquoi les filles et l'homme se sont sauvé en voyant le cosmonaute. Après tout, il n'avait rien de belliqueux. Ils n'ont même pas cherché à communiquer avec lui. Les propriétés de cette eau miraculeuse n'ont même pas l'air de les étonner et ils ne l'utilisent même pas pour ramener le cosmonaute à la vie ! En somme, ce film est complètement incohérent !
fang check (13 days ago)
that is the DREAM ?
MikeZcz mon (13 days ago)
Really good one here
AnnaJuist (14 days ago)
This was a SURPRISINGLY good movie. Well worth your time to watch. Try to just accept the entertainment value of it...and do not get mad at things that the actors do not do..."because you would have done things differently"
Erueti Foster (14 days ago)
A very good movie
theresa serebo (15 days ago)
Title time trap....
SistorCarrera (15 days ago)
a gem of a movie,gd acting I cared about these ppl.ty for post x
Bing Bang (15 days ago)
Hello!! do you also make fiction films ??? I have a a short film I would like to share with you 🎥; you could look for "PLANETA ZEME STONJAUS" on YouTube Or send me a message to give you the link, Thank you! 👍
MrSickDoggy (15 days ago)
Good movie good quality thanks very much 👍
kentbrance (15 days ago)
I Love it!!!
blip cat (15 days ago)
I've watched worse but not by much.
Jeremy Campbell (16 days ago)
Wish there was more to this movie.
Kris Greene (16 days ago)
It's not jumanji but a damn good movie. Thanks
Ursula. M (17 days ago)
Interesting movie for sure.
Claudia Janecek (17 days ago)
Would like this film...What is the german title...thanks ???
Katherine Irving (17 days ago)
Very good movie. Thankyou.
Ax Martel (18 days ago)
I hope the took the native girl out and the spaniards.
bengula triangle evil thing still exist
Ax Martel (18 days ago)
Good movie
Gohot229 (18 days ago)
what is this, pubic girls and dopey little kids ?
Chrisdeleza Gisulga (18 days ago)
Nice movie but very slow acting, when some one fighting they only see the other,crazy😂😂they don't even help
califisher (19 days ago)
Action starts 50 minutes in fyi.
califisher (19 days ago)
Why does Hollywood always portray females as weak minded, dumb, feeble, and scared of everthing? Friggn lame.
Marsh Sherrif (19 days ago)
put him in the water. doh.
Marsh Sherrif (19 days ago)
In a vast cave complex metres underground and havebetter lighting than a Film Noir.
bigfoot6869 sasquatch (19 days ago)
MADE IN TEXAS.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
bohemoth1 (19 days ago)
You men out there! Do not ever get into a bad situation with a bunch of stupid females!
Rocky Atlantis (19 days ago)
Fuck you clickbait!!
master naked (19 days ago)
this is a very good movie .....thank you very much HUONG TRAN..... the end ok but ned more
Maggie Magennis (19 days ago)
Very creative storyline. Really good!
Jerlenebanagua Lamoma (19 days ago)
wooww it's so nice😘
ly chong (19 days ago)
Time Trap 2017
Liz Spencer (19 days ago)
Really good movie
laokram (20 days ago)
Taisting the Air (20 days ago)
I like how dumb these people are. They sit there while the future guy dies instead of putting him in the FOY water pool and also healing themselves in the pool plus taking some of the water or drinking some. Daaaa Dumb as rocks.
George Thomas (20 days ago)
Hope the make a sequel.
Richard Aylesworth (20 days ago)
I've seen worse.
Marsh Sherrif (19 days ago)
yeah Richard we must have watched the same one. eh its free have a laugh. but get pissed first.
Shelly Coria (20 days ago)
pretty good movie.
Arek Maluszczak (20 days ago)
Hahahahahahhahahahhahaaaaaa fucken imbeciles movie.. Low budget for idiots
steve gray (20 days ago)
Actually a great movie 👍 story started slow, but turned out great,
JoJo C (20 days ago)
Now that was a good movie ain't seen a good movie in a long time
Harry Towson (20 days ago)
Do anyone know the actual name of this movie
Hoehner Tim (19 days ago)
Time Trap
GAMER IMRAN PRO (20 days ago)
8/10 💜
Odonata Lover (20 days ago)
Why use the latest Jumanji film as a thumbnail when this is NOT that film. Click bait!
Lance Cruz (20 days ago)
You're in for an epic adventure.
terry brailsford (20 days ago)
An interesting film, slow to start but stick with it's a very good film with an unusual ending
Tom kee (20 days ago)
Wow...that VW still had all its windows, inflated tires and hadnt been burnt out. It really was in another dimension.
leslie rodgers (20 days ago)
Enjoyed the film, a bit slow to start with,
ABC 123 (21 days ago)
I watched an hour of this until I realised this isn't Jumanji.
califisher (19 days ago)
It's ok that your a little slow, still time to make up for it and vote red in November 😁.
Wayne Flemmer (21 days ago)
Well I'm sorry but that VW bus is not even old enough to be a Hippie bus. Been there do that.
Bob S. Stevenson (21 days ago)
ok movie but its kind of boring in my opinion just walk back out the way you came..
adamleehowarth (21 days ago)
great greatfilm, not what it says it was beterer!
Ibrahim A Mansaray (21 days ago)
Good movie. The one that will make you start praying for the unknown!
Mr_Wizard (22 days ago)
Clik Bait.. image is Jumaji, and the movie is something about a time travel anomily in a cave Nothing to do with any River or Jumaji
Mr_Wizard (16 days ago)
+mrcashcrop independents can make good movies its the uploader that uses clik bait images so he gets more 'hits' on his channel, that is the deception.. that pisses me and others off
mrcashcrop (16 days ago)
I believe I now know why you're called Mr. Wizard. Most of these 'free' YouTube movies are made by independents, working with low budgets [key word. 'low']. I'm just happy that I have something available to view for free. No complaints here [with the movie].
Wayne Thompson (22 days ago)
While there were a couple of issues...this was a fantastic movie!!! Loved it! Would love to see a continuation of it... part 2, part 3, part infinity!!! Thanks for sharing!
kilnimusic (22 days ago)
Nice, enjoyed it.
William Ableman (22 days ago)
Finally, a good one.
Robert Jones, Sr. (22 days ago)
CLICK BAiT Not jumongi
bug one (20 days ago)
It was titled mysterious river but it's a cave movie about the fountain of youth good movie but this channel sucks
Tims howtomake (20 days ago)
thanks for the info I hate click baits
Vaughan Jones (22 days ago)
This movie is realy called time trap
Marsh Sherrif (19 days ago)
crap. a waste of time
Christopher Kates (22 days ago)
Where's part 2
Joe Escamilla (22 days ago)
Good movie, what is the name of this movie? Anybody know?
maria angel (22 days ago)
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Shanmugam sai (9 days ago)
It's not working
mrcashcrop (16 days ago)
+Don Casera Yeah, I don't give out my card #'s either, Don.
Don Casera (18 days ago)
but it needs your credit info which is suspicious
rossa meliani (22 days ago)
THIS SITE IS VERY OUTSTANDING !!! thank you for sharing with us,
alexi Martin (22 days ago)
I want to try it too! I want to watch the latest movie.
Eugene Chekeir (23 days ago)
It is called Time Trap
Ken Corey (23 days ago)
This movie is Awesome!
Frederick Conner (23 days ago)
Racist movie, I think the dumb cave dwellers were way more worthy than the fat dopey kid....come on man!
Frederick Conner (16 days ago)
Surely you aren't that stupid to understand I was joking right? Man get a life!
Waldy Mol (16 days ago)
You are "the" rasist, but look at the film with hope, that you also may overcome it....
Frederick Conner (20 days ago)
eat a dick
Elemie (21 days ago)
Andrew Huckel (23 days ago)
Don't be a quitter put it in her shitter
Denis Morel (23 days ago)
very Good movie. tanks
Anthony Winter (23 days ago)
good movie 9/10
Tracy Brooks (23 days ago)
too bad the sound is so screwed up!!....but I stuck with it and it turned out really good! It takes a while to get into and there are some slow parts, but all in all it was good!
Abdul Rahim Osman its called time trap. I take it you stopped at this thread and decided to not go any further? Found it on a number of other threads just now.
Abdul Rahim Osman (11 days ago)
What the title of the movie
Tracy Brooks yeah I no, I saw the slow parts where those people were frozen in time standing in the cave also. 😨😱😵
Richard Howe (23 days ago)
Thanks comments. I think I will watch it because of your comments.. thanks
rik rikken (23 days ago)
great movie!!!
Philip Davis (23 days ago)
Good video___but what was that I just watched?
Nadine Porras (23 days ago)
This is my bad habit to read the comment first before watching😂😂😂
Jack Smith (23 days ago)
Nadine Porras Then stop it
RC planes John Reap (23 days ago)
time trap?
eyemack aunt (24 days ago)
what an amazing movie,,, so well done,,it really sucks you in and starts so mellow,,seems like a silly kids movie,,then bam,,and bam and bam,, right up till the ending credits,,, if this movie doesn't leave your mind spinning,, so what im taking from the ending is that they found a time zone that fitted them completely and they become the new kings,, really loved this one,, deff 10/10
steven oiwa (25 days ago)
Cover pictures and movie are not same. Do you think I am Blinded. You just cannot tell.
GREG BIEL (25 days ago)
The movie about very egoistic young generation , why ? Because once the future human from space took the young guy to the " Healing Spring Water " it took them F. FOREVER to return the favor and give that same water to the future human in an alien suit . What an egoistic young generation we have now days . That is the message I received from this movie . Sick Ego driven humanity , and young adults ! What they teach them in schools ?
Giovanni Iorio (25 days ago)
Thanks for the upload , the movie is worth to watch ! PS what's the title ? Anybody knows ?
Debbie Taylor (13 days ago)
Wouter de ruiter (23 days ago)
Time Trap
Diggsbee * (25 days ago)
Time dilation time travel Fountain of Youth aliens and a bit more
eyemack aunt (24 days ago)
no aliens tho,,,if your talking about the dood in the suit n mask,, wasn't he sposed to be one version of the evoloution of humanity? ie human ? just from the future?
Diggsbee * (25 days ago)
Very original thinking good writing of a movie good Sci-Fi movies worth watching
Spacecookie (18 days ago)
That would be really good if they did that. Now that I think about it, the whole thing does seem to leave a large opening for a possible sequel... or maybe fan fiction. XD
Spacecookie wonder if there could b a sequel to explain where everyone went & what happened while they were stuck in that cave.
Spacecookie (22 days ago)
I'm glad it had a positive ending, kindof, instead of the usual one where they all die horribly. I just wish it had added a few more minutes to that ending to explain a bit of what had happened.

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