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Mysterious river- 2018 Latest Action | Adventure | Sci Fi movie [ HD #1043]

2440 ratings | 936415 views
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Text Comments (293)
rock island (14 hours ago)
THE SOUND IT TRASH !!! AND STICK THAT WIDE SCREEN............................
philthy cat 1 (4 days ago)
Sound recorded by Bean Tin and String.
Amy Lotts (5 days ago)
Not get it, nothing makes sense, kinda crap
Idi Bvindi (5 days ago)
That is an awesome movie
M. Shazzadul Islam (5 days ago)
Waste of time
Wesley Sandel (6 days ago)
Yet another third-rate scifi movie in which everyone is dressed except the female characters. After the collapse of civilization low-cut tops will be essential.
Dream (5 days ago)
Wesley Sandel….I agree wholeheartedly with your first sentence. The second sentence...let's hope you are wrong.
It is not your video, thief! And your thumbnail is bullshit. Eat maggots, you're one.
SevenOfNine xx (8 days ago)
not sure about the movie but,,, i could watch that blonde with the shorts climb that wall all day long..js lol
CTFO MyCTFOCBD (10 days ago)
Tin can Sound sucks,,,it gave me a headache after one Minute
whenever121 (13 days ago)
why don't they put spaceman in the water? hahahahaha. anyway, this movie must watch. i think this is good movie.
Paul Burgess (14 days ago)
Awesome SI-FI film Thanks
Robert Hicks (20 days ago)
Love how the cave has nice level floors and plenty of room for dancing. 😀
barry fulton (20 days ago)
why is there no Cast showing i googled it and got No results. Looking for Actors names
Jim Green (20 days ago)
It took a while but damn...it grabs you by the ____s and takes you for a ride! Thumbs up.
Amazing movie. Solid 8.5, 9/10. Very few wall bangingly stupid parts, like, only one.
DAVID YOUNG (21 days ago)
Low audibles in the beginning,but it was a good movie.
I avoided this movie for weeks. A couple times I told myself "yep, this is why I did that." But by the end I was so glad to have finally watched. Good fun. Very good fun. I'd love to see a second. But, I have a great imagination and like the scenario's I've come up with for the rest of their lives played out. 😄
icecreamlady driver (21 days ago)
You need to write a book and maybe someone will turn it into a movie.
Mark Tucker (22 days ago)
Good film, but takes ages to get going. Def, needs to be a part 2.
Teresita Quiroga (23 days ago)
Si pasan películas en latino américa sería bueno q fueran traducidas al español No todos entendemos inglés. Gracias
sadou othmane (23 days ago)
in the end where their are going to paradise? I love to be their in second episode.
Matsey Matthias (27 days ago)
Magic Sutra (27 days ago)
Moderately good movie.
footfkn looose (27 days ago)
what about mom and dad......nah they're fine
MidwinterLady (28 days ago)
What did you do to the sound . . .
Issam Mohanna (28 days ago)
No doubt , most actors are below average and some of those are even stupid and ridiculous when acting showing no seriousness in their bad performance.Regardless all that, the movie is really good as idea and scenes and was made very well thanks to the professional technical staff. The choice of actors was really bad and wrongly made.
Jack lovecraft (28 days ago)
Where's the Rock I don't see him in this movie,or the other three people the picture. That's falls advertising. I don't know about you people, but I'm unsubscribing from this channel.
groyne kolobe (28 days ago)
i really enjoyed this movie started off a bit slow but damn awesome
Andre De villiers (29 days ago)
Need to find that cave in 2019
Mike Victor (26 days ago)
I am game
Adam Monster (29 days ago)
It just needed 5 more minutes.... Just 5....... Was it to much to ask for....???
jesus saved me JG (30 days ago)
Awesome movie 👍 worth watching people insane movie 👍👍 👍👍
BC Bob (1 month ago)
Ninjas fighting a cave man in a cave?
Aloewells (1 month ago)
Excellent movie, if u understand
Mayflor Tacaca31 (1 month ago)
What's the title?
Doug Dick (1 month ago)
Let’s hope the mysterious river drowns the fucking lot of them.
MrWaco63 (1 month ago)
Josep Anton (1 month ago)
im only 5 mins in... i like it... acting... quality... visual... reckon i wont be disappointed... 👍
time tramp
GrafBln (1 month ago)
VERY nice movie...would happy to see the second part...
Jim NORRIS (1 month ago)
Time cave
CryptoChat (1 month ago)
MalhaIIa (1 month ago)
ruined by sound quality
ajoliver74 (1 month ago)
This is a great movie, even if the thumbnail is crap and it's missing a chunk of the begging.
Glenn Llewellyn (1 month ago)
America gets all the best stuff: UFO’s, Fountain of Youth, Big Foot, and AOC.
D. Howerton (1 month ago)
Horrible sound. The only mystery is what the plot is.
Alison Andalas (1 month ago)
Chapter 1 – Adventure Fantasy TV Stream Online Ce film est plutôt bon, il faut voir les derniers films ici à mon avis c'est très bien  scary-films-terror.blogspot.com/
TRELAWNY (1 month ago)
Talk about waking up!😮👏👏👏👏😮🖤Writing skills are fucked up though, lots of mistakes, 2019 writers please get your shit together we ain't yesterdays audience Okay!!!
Miraculous Jackson (1 month ago)
Good one glad I stayed in it👏🏿👏🏾👏🏿👏🏾
Shawn FreeofTyranny (1 month ago)
Not at all my kind of movie but kept me watching to the end. Kudo's to the awesomely pretty blonde who portrayed the epitome of a true female. Small stature, very nice body, nice person, tough as nails climber without any manly muscle, timely emotional crying but fierce and fearless as a mother bear with cubs in climbing and taking on stranger to protect her hurt male friend. Screw feminism ! I would give anything for a woman with those attributes and treat her as a real female should be if they act right towards men like she did. This world needs more real men and real woman like her. We would also breed better people for a better world. So many marry for money and badass men who don't treat woman right and that is what we breed. Greedy, spoiled, neglected kids and then have nerve to wonder whats wrong with next generations. Quite a ride movie if you open your mind at parts as it includes many different times of life and categories of many diff. style movies.
Mark Emerson (1 month ago)
Bravo. Where’s the sequel
Lady-Lynn (1 month ago)
I know one thing, there needs to be a remake of this movie it is awesome! Loved the ending!
DRS_ au (1 month ago)
The picture representing this video clip is misrepresenting the actual movie. Too bad the uploader cant be sued into oblivion.
old timer 69 (5 days ago)
You are a fat clown..🤔🤔🤔
gwen Sweet Gwen (1 month ago)
those kids were morons right front the start. 1. they did not explore ANY of the other tunnels looking for a way to WALK out in instead of climbing. 2. freaking out more over the girl seeing the dead boy, than any sane person would. 3. the male seemed to have the fight with the three troglodytes all covered when he grabbed the rock and took out the first one, then he just stood there like a total idiot and let the second and then the third caveman tackle him! 4. quote form tastingtheair below, " They sit there while the future guy dies instead of putting him in the FOY water pool and also healing themselves in the pool plus taking some of the water or drinking some. Daaaa Dumb as rocks." 5. then the writer refusing to show the audience what the others are keeping from the kid, what, does the writer think he's writing for 13 year old kids ? 6. He must, since he made that tremendous error when the girl climbed out, then climbed back down, and supposedly they said she was only gone for seconds, but the time inside was passing at the rate of 2 months per second. The people in the hole below the climber would have been dead from dehydration long before she ever got back from her trek across the mountains and her look at the sky, which must have taken her at least 20 seconds ! probably took her 2 minutes ! Don't the actors ever read the book or whole script before making a movie? They could have mentioned to the director or whoever is in charge that these mistakes were going to mess up the movie. Otherwise, it might have been a good movie ...
Michael Reilly (1 month ago)
I just got inline too see this movie... It looks really good so far... I only hope is that it lives up to the expectations... It looks intriguing...
jeya bharathi (1 month ago)
Irritating movie. Full movie is going in the dark only. Couldn't see properly.
John Ross (1 month ago)
Good Show
Laserssafe (1 month ago)
Audio SUCKS!!!
Paul Daystar (1 month ago)
Way Too dark...
George Loyie (1 month ago)
Good show!
Carl Ray (1 month ago)
The sound sucks. Sounds like someone in the bottom of a bucket. Never mind. The sound got better.
Samuel (1 month ago)
1:22:33 CHUNK!
T Taylor (1 month ago)
Good movie 😁
Bill Reckus (1 month ago)
My Thanks to the great reviews. I was going to stop watching after about 5 minutes but decided to check the review comments here first. All the positivity persuaded me to continue with the film and I'm glad I did. I was much better than the first 5 minutes indicated. Great movie ..... worth going through the slow start.
Yeon soo (1 month ago)
Should read the comments first before watching so do not waste time. is there anything like me? 😁🤣🤣😂😂😂 #Likes. Not to bad.🤗👍👍
Zachary Brown (1 month ago)
Very cool movie. Thanks for posting
Doksh (1 month ago)
Could anybody tell me please, why in the movies the men would be wearing shirts and pants, while the girls always wearing half naked? I believe this is just disgusting!!!
Larry (1 month ago)
good movie but why does this guy always think he needs to put a big something on the screen with his name on it, Luislifon, i usually just watch something else when i see his name in big letters on the screen.
Klaus Rhodes (1 month ago)
Great ending, only white people survived, all them savages stayed in the cave B-)
Chad Klaren (1 month ago)
The Spaniards didn't get rescued nor did the cowboy, but who knows maybe the cave monkey men are there to.
Robert Reklaw (1 month ago)
Great movie fantastic
joe Hersey (1 month ago)
"That kid could afford to miss a meal!"
Wall Christopher (1 month ago)
well it depends as to what extent
Gaz Tinsley (1 month ago)
Part 2 ????
Romel Merkado (1 month ago)
but in last part something wrong hahaha
Russell Cupples (1 month ago)
Now that's a good movie
graygray1960 (1 month ago)
Excellent thank you. Why is it not a mainstream film. Why have I not heard of this film. What is its name. Some stories are so good you think the writer must have lived it.
David Potter (1 month ago)
Good story, but not new. Well done to all. The sound quality was poor, which made it difficult to hear the dialogue. 9/10.
Brian Neale (24 days ago)
the sound Is on the poor side for sure
Kevin Reed (1 month ago)
OK!, movie buff here, The movie is called Time Trap 2017, folks, just enter the movie on youtube explained and wa-la, you get everything, too freaking cool, plus the the whole movie. What a find, like finding the cave. I'll be watching it again, when am bored, I'll watch it again, and who ever said there should be a part 2, your so right!!!!!
Bad Sound....
what's up (1 month ago)
Huh. Pretty cool movie.
Tom Rakos (1 month ago)
Wow great film
Colonel Cole (1 month ago)
Poor directing, poor acting. Bet they spent all of $500 to make this stupid movie.
Robert Turinia (2 months ago)
Its one of those jobs you train your whole life to do, and hope you never have to do it Chump.
Rick Cruz (2 months ago)
Some of these scenes look to be filmed at the national parks in UTAH so if they film at night it looks like they're in a cave
james alexander (1 month ago)
It was filmed up Nancy Pelosis asshole, that's why it was dark and endless, smelly and full of shit. 💩
JoanneZane2016 (2 months ago)
The boy in the grown up body is the most dumb and useless lead actor! And hos acting is so terrible 😣 so annoying!!!!
Jess Samuel (2 months ago)
Wow! This movie is just what i was craving! Sci-fi mystery movie with a twist. Thank you X3!
David Fisk (2 months ago)
you big video masters that upload this stuff should listen to your sound rip BEFORE you upload it.tin can.
Shawn FreeofTyranny (1 month ago)
Big shouters may want to learn more about the many diff. sound issues and multiple volumes on utube, devices and compromised browsers before speaking. I had no sound issues. FYI. I also was suffering them again recently and it is only in one browser and was main one I used. Most likely not the upload.
Ravi Manalan (2 months ago)
Taken 2
mutc joshua (2 months ago)
Must have been the cheapest movie to shoot. Did they get out of one room?
SLEEPLESS in SEATTLE (2 months ago)
All I can say is "WOW". Best movie I've seen yet ... Thank you for your time in downloading this awesome movie...
Michael Reilly (1 month ago)
This movie is the best over seen in a long time,,,...... Keep em coming guy's or gals.....
DeepWaters333 (2 months ago)
The writer, to me, had a very original idea with this move... Loved it.
R A (2 months ago)
IMDB 6.6/10 Good movie.
RA.. (5 days ago)
Hi R A
Virgil J Jacas (2 months ago)
Luis Lifon ... The Man !!!
Delores Widdifield (2 months ago)
Very cool movie!!
Jakub Celý (2 months ago)
Very beautiful.
Boy Lin (2 months ago)
Ay grabe bilis ng mga eksena
christopher desimone (2 months ago)
I told them don't go into the cave. They didn't listen. So SHTF.
Ferris Griggs (2 months ago)
I love the ending saving the boy awsome
Ferris Griggs (2 months ago)
i should have watch father in the movie she did us the water good girl
Ferris Griggs (2 months ago)
is it me or is this guy the stupidest,.looking for hopper.who could'nt get out,had his throught cut,then healed with the water,why not heal the girls leg?other than that good movie
Andrea Riley (2 months ago)
Please no part 2 to this ignorant flick. I just scan through these types. Have all imaginations been erased?
Kenneth Kustren (2 months ago)
Please, by all means, submit your scripts to adaptation for YouTube. I await screening your premier.
dom garrett (2 months ago)
Looks a great children's adventure,but not for me.
Rhena Chase (2 months ago)
The thoughts of man is nothing compared to the thoughts of God. Father forgive me for ever doubting the wisdom of your creation.

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