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6 Things You Should Unlearn From Your Driving Test

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EXPLORE OUR SELECTION OF CAR PARTS HERE: https://uk.carthrottle.com/pages/car-parts The traditional driving test is an archaic system that's desperately in need of an update. So with that in mind, here are six driving test techniques that you should forget as soon as you get your license! Subscribe to Car Throttle: http://bit.ly/CTSubscribe VISIT OUR SHOP: https://shop.carthrottle.com/ ----- Follow Car Throttle ----- Subscribe to Car Throttle: http://bit.ly/CTSubscribe On our website: http://www.carthrottle.com On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/carthrottle On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/carthrottle ----- Music by ----- Tom Kent: http://www.tomkentmusic.co.uk YouTube: http://youtube.com/tomkentmusic ---- Credits ---- “Camilo driving” by rabble http://bit.ly/2a5bM5N “Learner Driver, Demeka, Ethiopia” by Rod Waddington http://bit.ly/2aKOt2y “Driving lesson” by qorize http://bit.ly/2a5boE3 “Motorway Madness” by David Bolton http://bit.ly/2ahW5so
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Štěpán Daněk (12 hours ago)
What the f**k do they teach you in the UK lmao. I made my tests not even a year ago and, for example, the shit with the steering is strongly discouraged. The hand brake is just for parking, if you go a little over the limit it's ok as far as you drive safely and correct yourself fast enough, you should check your mirrors often but not to the point of taking your eyes of the road ahead of you for too long... there's probably more but that's how I was taught and I don't think there was anything stupid about it. You guys should really make some kind of revolution because this is just creating more dangerous drivers lol
Robbie Mulholland (1 day ago)
This channel is so full of shit!
M3TAL43V3R (1 day ago)
Who the hell teaches "feeding the wheel"? I didn't learn it that way. I used my right palm, pushed it against the surface of the wheel, and steer in a circular motion while I made it look like a was also using my left hand. It wasn't the way my teacher wanted me to drive but it worked, he didn't notice
Bhum Brahmavira (1 day ago)
What mong thought feeding wheels on a powered steering/drive by wire car is a great idea?!
DENTUS (2 days ago)
Wtf is feeding the wheel
Яudi (2 days ago)
I don’t do any of this
also what's all that stopping at red lights bullshit
Makan Tahi (3 days ago)
things are not just black and white, it is mostly gray- more or less dark or bright
Shanker (3 days ago)
I'm from the US and I feel bad for you guys. My test took 10 minutes and I drove in an empty neighborhood. There was a girl there who said she passed when she never had driven before. No wonder we have so many bad drivers
DJ FX (3 days ago)
This video is bad advice
DJ FX (3 days ago)
Flashing headlights to others is annoying
David Toma (4 days ago)
wait the UK uses miles? huh I thought literally everywhere but the US used kilometers
Maximilian-UK_Army (4 days ago)
Seen a BMW driver indicating the other day fucking prick thought he was joking and I actually crashed in to him
wino0000006 (4 days ago)
I constantly flash my high beams to send other road users messages in Morse code.
Brandon M. Bruursema (4 days ago)
They specifically teach hand-over-hand steering and shun shuffle steering here. It is not as absurd of a check list as in the US, but there is an annoying checklist for lane changes that distracts you from the goal of doing the list by making it so systematic rather than natural.
AsemTheAwesome (4 days ago)
In Saudi Arabia flashing people on the highway usually means “move out the fucking fast lane” Flashing headlights in the city is usually done when someone is slowly swaying into your lane. It means “don’t you fucking dare cut me off” While a short beep in the city lets someone know you’re allowing them to take over your lane if they’re trying to change lanes but seem reluctant.
Mate (4 days ago)
3:39 oh no, he used the blinker in a bmw
daniel shaulov (4 days ago)
Tazness (5 days ago)
Flashing lights in Australia means there’s cops ahead
potawatadingdong (5 days ago)
Feeding the wheel is the worst thing for me. Even the CDL testers want you to do it which is bs. Also I've never heard of using the handbrake every time you stop.
Owi (5 days ago)
And I thought it was bad in Germany. I take everything back 😂
Holy Crusader boi (5 days ago)
Remember kids always change your blinker fluid every 2 or 3 years
rraannddoomm (6 days ago)
Lol what the fuck do you guys learn XD I live in Germany and our system is difficult but very realistic and good
Kitty xoxo (6 days ago)
You should specify in your channel which country this might be helpful to.. 😂😂😂
Kitty xoxo (6 days ago)
Here in Canada BC we flash our headlights at each other to give the right-of-way to that person, like if you both arrive at a 4-way stop and not sure who should go first, you flash it to the person across from you to go ahead and take his turn :) in Europe, they do it to warn you that Police-Checks are ahead LOL
DPF 24 (7 days ago)
Don’t worry in fact I’ll probably be using the accelerator a bit too much
CAfakmykak (7 days ago)
transporter255 (8 days ago)
What for fuckin bullshit do they teach you guys there!?!
NoNameC68 (8 days ago)
I have never heard of the "pull-push method" before. That's actually a thing they teach over there?? That's absolutely astonishing.
Sick as Fuck (9 days ago)
probably matter of culture cause for example young drivers usually drives way faster than others here sometimes you see even some 100 Km/h in city
LongShotRT (9 days ago)
Just get a proper driving school and you will not have these issues. Pretty simple
DaG_SoFt (12 days ago)
Are some ppl actually feeding the wheel ? Like what the fuck bro
Well brazilian driving test still full of bs but is way better(but about the motorway part, I really got scared to pass 60 when I started driving by myself).
Arsenalfanatic09 (13 days ago)
Feeding the wheel is at least minus a couple test points here in ON, Canada lol
gaurav (14 days ago)
if speed is enemy, ban fast and furious movies mf...
chari Muvilla (14 days ago)
Wtf?! Feeding the wheel is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. My driving teacher never mentioned this stupid technique
Mako Mori (16 days ago)
The "feeding the wheel" technique, also known as shuffle steering, is actually SAFER than crossing your arms over the wheel. When you cross your arms over the wheel, you put your arms in the area where the airbag comes out. If you're turning arm-over-arm and get into a wreck strong enough, the airbag will deploy your arms straight into your face in your body with a punch that rivals the strongest boxer. Shuffle steering is used in EVOC driving and guarantees that you won't have your arms in the area that the airbag deploys, and is recommended beyond emergency situations, but for everyday driving.
Butch Hudson (16 days ago)
I am handbraking on the red lights, because I dont want to stand on my brake pedal for 60 seconds, handbraking is more comfortable to me. And also I hate to look into the brake lights of the car in front of me. Especially when it is dark outside, I really hate all the drivers in the traffic jam standing on their brake pedals or what more using fog lights. God damn, I am 0.5 meters right behind you, I can see you, turn it off and use your handbrake!
ChrisGeez (16 days ago)
LOL the UK driving test!!!
Amare Daniels (16 days ago)
Enema. Yummy.
Did you just add indicators and BMW on the same sentence
Greg James (17 days ago)
Was on the fast lane on the motorway and saw a bmw coming up behind I slowly moved out the was and made a gesture like, go ahead sir, he flew past hhaha
Nao Shadowpaws (17 days ago)
When turning you should always do hand over hand. You’re driving not milking a cow, geez
Zoe Gasson (17 days ago)
wtf is that bmw one IT IS A CAR YOU STILL HAVE TO INDICATE jeezus explains why so many cra crashes happen there
Adrià Ribas Bravo (18 days ago)
Flash your lights in some countries and it's an easy way to start a fist fight
Dev Jyoti (18 days ago)
Well i don't live in UK
Chaingun juan (18 days ago)
MBN to have fuckin power steering
George Nadian (18 days ago)
Bruh the way you looked over your right shoulder 💀💀
Taolo Samuel (18 days ago)
I took this guy's advice because he drives on the right side of the road
M. de k. (18 days ago)
Across the pond in the Netherlands. You are taught to steer by passing through and taking over. You are not allowed to drive 5+km/h slower than the maximum speed limit unless it causes dangerous situations, you are allowed to signal. So basically you learn to drive properly and then you drive like an idiot the moment you get your driver license.
deepspacepotato (18 days ago)
I pretty much unlearned this bs when i got my license. Now I drive like a noob on speed and that makes me a much safer driver than if I were to drive as instructed by the... uh well.. instructor.
Fan gogh (19 days ago)
You just reminded me to top up my blinker fluids. Thanks
ITZYOURSAVAGE (19 days ago)
😂🙏🙏that bmw part is so true😂😂😂😂😂 Mercedes benz fo life👌
flamehiro (19 days ago)
I hate when they expect you to look around like an idiot all the time, if you plan to switch lanes it makes sense otherwise not really. Haha I loved how you included the speed limit I always thought that was bullshit too. How is it safer to constantly be looking at your speedometer versus going a couple miles over.
Martin Demo (19 days ago)
Martalica (19 days ago)
2.5k dislikes... BMW drivers.
acefaceuk (20 days ago)
The 'speed is the enemy' point is bang on! So many people don't seem to know how to speed match when joining motorways and dual-carriageways. Even worse are the complete mouthbreathers already on the motorway that slow down to let joining traffic on! Driving instructors often repeat the mantra "it's a limit, not a target", however in 40mph zones in urban areas that 40 is actually a target. 40 is the speed at which the highest volume of traffic can flow through a road while maintaing safe distances. Any slower and it simply takes longer to get the volume of traffic through, leading to congestion. Any faster and the distance between vehicles negates the speed increase. Hence why motorways and dual carriageways (usually) have multiple lanes, it allows traffic to travel faster while still allowing a high volume flow.
Legendary ss Broly (20 days ago)
He said 30 miles an hour.. should be 30 kilometers an hour. Lol kakarots wife.
Legendary ss Broly (13 hours ago)
And? geographically hes in Europe, which strictly uses the metric system. Which in some parts of the uk, does too. Get bent
Waseph Wastar (1 day ago)
no, he's from the UK...
Walmar (20 days ago)
Uk : dont do this that yacht ah yacht ah yacht ahh Us: “Hi im Here for my driving tes-“ “Good job mr smith you passed”
MiniTrail50 (20 days ago)
Common sense and thinking ahead will keep you alive.
Agar (20 days ago)
9/10 New drivers in America can't drive a manual, instant fail on the UK test.
leo cairns (20 days ago)
I would not let a new driver watch this video. I have found that doing the things that this video tells you not to like using you're hand brake is very useful and if people actually follow this guys so called advice could potentially cause numerous accidents.
John P (20 days ago)
Sounds like silly UK stuff.
T H I C C boi (20 days ago)
fuck imagine using the handbrake every fucking time you stop
Anna 3084 (20 days ago)
US driver here...what the fuck is a hand brake
Chaotic Zackk (20 days ago)
Weirdly enough, as a learner driver I was told more to slow down then speed up, like I wouldn’t speed cause I was learning but I just had a heavy acceleration which always makes the instructor worry xD
Ruthy Bap (20 days ago)
In NI, we have to go 45 until we are off our R plates, I’m nearly off mine and it’s going to weird/slightly scary going 70
Ruthy Bap (20 days ago)
Feeding the wheel is tragic. So slow.
John P (20 days ago)
Ruthy Bap and the wheel also becomes obese!
Dano1947 (21 days ago)
UNLEARN? That's a ridiculous term. You can ignore or forget something but unlearn? Nah.
Ace Arellano (21 days ago)
meanwhile bus drivers in southeast asia
Adam Butterworth (21 days ago)
Load of bollocks this. The problem with flashing your headlights is that it can be misinterpreted. Imagine a bus wanting to emerge from a side road, a car wanting to turn right and a woman with her kid wanting to cross the road and you flash your lights to let the bus out. How will the other 2 know you’re not flashing to let them proceed? Good luck cleaning up that mess.
Thunderstruk1993 (21 days ago)
No wonder y'all have so many crashes over there y'all don't pay attention to anything on the road lol
EndlessVacuum (21 days ago)
I wish I'd known about blinker fluid when I started driving.
Glasshalf_Pessimistic (21 days ago)
I'm confused about the BMW thing. Is that a joke or for real?
Indrid Cold (21 days ago)
It is real. There is a tiny design flaw in BMW cars that if you use the indicator you run a very tiny chance of ruining the car's entire electrical system. Chances are it will not ruin the BMW's electrical system if you do use it. But why chance it? Just drain the blinker fluid out and do not use it.
So this video is the reason for all the bad driving I've been seeing lately. In all seriousness. People should dismiss your first one. The way people are taught is absolutely correct. If you turn a corner the way you did in the example, your positioning is at fault, not your steering technique. I have a friend who used the criss-cross method and she broke both her arms, elbows, jaw and nose and that was under 30mph. You could end up getting sued if people take your advice seriously.
Twix (21 days ago)
If you cross you arms turning the steering wheel and have a crash the airbag will go off and you will punch yourself in the face at 300kph, you are the ones endangering lives.
Twix (18 days ago)
+Anarcho-Swagism The push- pull method is most effective. Just the stupid example shown in the is completely wrong. Both BMW and mercedes teach these methods
Anarcho-Swagism (21 days ago)
So do you drive like that to be safe from the airbag?
Škorpion 313 (21 days ago)
I dont know where you learned to drive but they dont teach that retarded stuff in the us.
Tyson Webber (21 days ago)
In Texas swap BMW for jeep
William Moreland (21 days ago)
Here in Canada, we flash our lights to warn people of police running radar. The worst thing you'll find here though is at 4 way stops when everyone wants to be kind and let the other person go first, even if they themselves have right of way. It's the Canadian version of traffic jam. Not me though, everyone can get out of my way because I'm impatient, and no, I do not drive a BMW, I just feel entitled. Don't like it? Sue me.
Lachlan Fisher (21 days ago)
I can't tell if this is all a joke or not 😂
Thor Nejman (21 days ago)
Make sure that you drive on the correct side of the road 😂 that's a lesson to be learn my fellow brits :P
xavier why (21 days ago)
U don’t have to do a six point check on a t junction and they do go on the dual carriage way which is 70 mph
ytmndan (22 days ago)
So basically the only thing about driving in the UK that is the same in the US is that Beamer drivers are total cunts.
Nintendo Kid (22 days ago)
Feed the wheel? Hand-over-hand? I don't do either of those. I usually have one hand on the wheel. If I need to turn the wheel farther than normal, I do it with my palm.
James Currie (21 days ago)
Nintendo Kid that is stupid and not a good way to drive!
Nintendo Kid (22 days ago)
Wow, what the hell? We're never told any of this shit in America. The "hand brake" is called the "e-brake" or emergency brake, or the "parking brake." And the only time it's used is during parking, or apparently people also use it to help them start from a dead stop on a steep hill to keep them from rolling backwards in a manual car... OR when we wanna leave the car running without us in it, like say on a cold winter morning when you wanna let the car warm up before you go driving in an icebox to work.
The SamsungExperiance (22 days ago)
they dont teach feeding the wheel in lessons and test now and you are even allowed to cross your arms when steering as long as both hands are on the wheel at all times unless changing gear, you are NOT allowed to drive 1 handed like most do now (me)
John P (20 days ago)
The SamsungExperiance there’s nothing wrong with driving with one hand, ever watch a fighter pilot fly?
paul jarvis (22 days ago)
I was never taught feeding the wheel or the hand brake.
Random guy (22 days ago)
The rules are ridiculous there, rather than here in Saskatchewan Canada.
Yung Whale (22 days ago)
The UKs driving test is shit the US is fire
Julian (22 days ago)
If your mirrors are set up properly you do not need to look over your shoulder. If you can see your rear door in your side mirrors they aren't adjusted properly. If you can see a car in both the rear view mirror AND a side view mirror, your mirrors are NOT adjusted correctly.
Julian (20 days ago)
+John P According to Car and Driver magazine, most drivers keep their side mirrors out of tune to ideal positions, causing blind spots that can lead to serious accidents. Car and Driver illustrates a car mirror setup that, once you get used to it, could prevent lane change accidents. The auto magazine is basing its mirror alignment diagram from a paper published in 1995 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). That paper suggested moving side mirrors to point farther out into adjacent lanes -- which is counterintuitve to most drivers who prefer seeing part of the side of their own car.
Julian (20 days ago)
+John P In massive trucks pulling trailers, yes. In a car no. If you tune your mirrors correctly as the vehicle in your rear view passes it should disappear in the rear view, and appear in the side view. As the vehicle disappears from your side view, it will show up in your window, then in front of you.
John P (20 days ago)
Julian no, there are still blind spots.
joe Vulcan (22 days ago)
Does it pop and whistle while spinning in a circle while shooting sparks out of the exhaust pipes 🤔
Domi nik (22 days ago)
Ufff.. I just can't feed the wheel xD Doesn't matter how hard I think about doing it, I just forget about it. And this is quite a problem in driving school
Twana Hamawandi (23 days ago)
my driving instructor made me to go 75mph swerving through traffics, going off road, long trip driving and bumper to bumper traffics and the vehicle of choice was an old toyota hilux it had a really stiff clutch and he said speed can be a friend if you know when to use it
Twana Hamawandi (15 days ago)
+How does this prick have 117K? well i live in kurdish region of iraq driving here is like a battle royal with cars and he got so many speeding tickets the mony is more than what his car worths
He should be fired.
Kerch Kringle (23 days ago)
Most of this is no longer taught in the states.. just saying.
Christos Athens (23 days ago)
In Greece If you flash your lights, its a signal that there is a Cop Block upcoming your way.👮👮👮
lol name (23 days ago)
BUT THIS >bullshit<
BWOLF (23 days ago)
In germany we aren't even alowed to "feed the wheel" in driving school. At least in my driving school
Atharva Pawar (23 days ago)
U.K sucks
Saying "All BMW drivers are bad drivers" shares similar levels of generalisation as "all blacks are criminals". If you generalise any group of people, you're as bad as a racist.
Sérgio Alves (22 days ago)
It's a joke. He's a BMW driver himself...
TechMantra (24 days ago)
Feeding the wheel felt horrible when I first learnt it. I use it in combination with hand over hand.

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