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6 Things You Should Unlearn From Your Driving Test

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EXPLORE OUR SELECTION OF CAR PARTS HERE: https://uk.carthrottle.com/pages/car-parts The traditional driving test is an archaic system that's desperately in need of an update. So with that in mind, here are six driving test techniques that you should forget as soon as you get your license! Subscribe to Car Throttle: http://bit.ly/CTSubscribe VISIT OUR SHOP: https://shop.carthrottle.com/ ----- Follow Car Throttle ----- Subscribe to Car Throttle: http://bit.ly/CTSubscribe On our website: http://www.carthrottle.com On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/carthrottle On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/carthrottle ----- Music by ----- Tom Kent: http://www.tomkentmusic.co.uk YouTube: http://youtube.com/tomkentmusic ---- Credits ---- “Camilo driving” by rabble http://bit.ly/2a5bM5N “Learner Driver, Demeka, Ethiopia” by Rod Waddington http://bit.ly/2aKOt2y “Driving lesson” by qorize http://bit.ly/2a5boE3 “Motorway Madness” by David Bolton http://bit.ly/2ahW5so
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Maddie Siegmund (2 days ago)
9 and 3 or 10 and 2, folks?
Harr32xis (5 days ago)
What crazy country expects you to handbrake at every stop
I watched a lot of driving test/tips videos from the UK. I must say the road regulations and rules are some of the most retarded I have ever seen around Europe. I have no idea how can people teach new drivers this shit.
crab dab (7 days ago)
Cross-Eyed Cat (7 days ago)
learning to drive here in the US, have my learner's permit to be real honest the push pull system is a fuckign retarded system for most turns, you should be using it ONLY for shallow turns. the only real point with the feeding turn is that if you crash while crossing your arms to make the turn, you are almost guaranteed to break your forearms, which is a valid point. which means, the ONLY place to use this kinda system is in high-speed areas, not fucking nieghborhood roads where you wont get more than a scratch if you crash.
Fxbian._2v (7 days ago)
1:39 when u see a girl with a nice ass
Niclas Mattwich (7 days ago)
Not a single point is taught in Germany. Here it is already taught "correct"
The Power (7 days ago)
Lolz florida driving test is a joke, when i was parking i ran over the median and still got my licence
Moutassem Kassas (7 days ago)
I feel like the title should mention that this only applies to the UK...
pindiwal (8 days ago)
Fix your accent and get on the right side of the road... everything will be fine.
Gerda Jensen (8 days ago)
Can I just, who learns to turn the car by feeding the wheel? When I learned to drive I was taught to cross my arms
Liam English (9 days ago)
Very similar to Australia
Wild Photography (9 days ago)
You shouldn't flash people anyway! When I get flashed it bloody hurts my eyes, and that's when I'm looking at the road. It could be dangerous to the other driver's eyes or can be a misunderstanding leading to a possible accident. And when it comes to speeding, people shouldn't be doing it! I've had to break the speed limit TWICE before when maneuvering to right side (since maintaining 40mph was not enough and brakes would have been a bad idea) to make sure the car occupants were safe, thanks to some idiot coming off the roundabout at 60-70mph! If traffic is going faster than speed limit, I don't care, I'll still do <=speed limit unless I see a serious problem. I also have Cruise control that goes down to 20mph setting, so I have the car set to maybe 28-30mph in a 30mph zone and unless I'm going down hill, I don't have to look at speedometer much.
Dragan Vujatovic (9 days ago)
I'm from Serbia and I am currently going to driving school. I've finished 6 out of 40 classes before I can do my driving test. I'm not even allowed to "feed the wheel". I'm instead required to cross my hands while steering like you've shown. I also don't have to handbrake every time I stop. I haven't driven outside of the city jet. Instructor recommended me to drive 10% slower than a speed limit in town, especially in winter conditions but he didn't say that it also applies to highway. I didn't flash my lights jet, but in theory classes we've learnt that flashing has multiple uses and that it is allowed, even for informing drivers that there are police radars, because it will make them respect the speed limit. Only wrong thing they teach us here in Serbia is the worst one! They tell us that we have to use blinkers even if we drive a BMW!
bmw3series (9 days ago)
Anyone else’s mom or relative does makeup while they drive
driftkingBBS (9 days ago)
0:56 WRONG, in case of a crash, this guy would eat his own forearm, btw have you tried doing slaloms without feeding the wheel?? terrible advice... feeding the weel is for pros, actually you have to practice quite a lot to perform this technique properly
Gravity™ (7 days ago)
driftkingBBS idiocy
Revir (10 days ago)
I'm watching this in the us, and when you were driving on the other side of the road, I about crapped myself.
nathan hoover (10 days ago)
While feeding the wheel on sharp turns is bad, it's still good for low speed maneuvers(like when I pull out of my driveway), but any other time I use the other method of crossing my arms
Bull1the1Great (10 days ago)
nice jab at the bmw-ers
Albert Koning (10 days ago)
In the dutch we learn to cross or arm
Anthony Spaltro (10 days ago)
Excellent video. Some of these techniques harken back to a time when manual transmissions were the default and vehicles were hard to see out of because of the enormous door posts.
RyAn FoRmals (10 days ago)
Last one was funny.
Bob Sacamano (11 days ago)
Feeding the wheel is what we did before power steering. Your reason for it being dangerous is ludicrous. In that scenario the problem is you are driving too fast on roads you are not familiar with.
Spear (11 days ago)
My dad always uses the handbrake when we stop too,takes about 2 seconds to disable and then other cars on the back beeps as we go.
Lukas A (11 days ago)
"Speed is not your enemy" Please tell that all the german drivers, who drive always 20 km/h slower than allowed!
Radosław Zwolski (11 days ago)
The first one got me off guard. In Poland crossing hands on the steering wheel is taught for the test. Here they teach us the proper way from the start.
SHIVANG PANDEY (12 days ago)
Alright mate, I'll start flashing from today.
PrxZ (12 days ago)
Then why do we do them?
tSp289 (12 days ago)
I'm pretty sure this is all wrong now. 1) So long as you maintain control of the car, you're fine. You can cross your hands so long as you do it competently. 2) You get marked down for stopping unnecessarily because it increases your response time and means you slow others down. You get marked up for positive driving: creeping where appropriate and timing well to avoid stopping. Only use handbrake where you're going to have to stop and then move off with your foot on the accelerator, unless you have 3 feet of course. 3) You need to demonstrate good awareness. 6 point check is for when you move off from a stop, not all the time. Examiner is watching your eyes, you don't need to exaggerate. 4) Flashing your lights to warn someone of a police speed trap is illegal, but otherwise it's not. Don't know about it on your test... didn't come up. 5) You'll fail your test for driving too slowly for the conditions too. You need to 'make progress' and not cause anyone else to slow down or swerve. Don't speed, don't go slowly, just drive. A good instructor will expect you to keep an eye out for speed limit signs and know how fast you're going. If you have to keep checking your speedo to know that, you're probably not ready for the test. 6) Correct. They are also allocated a minimum of 2 bays in car parks and right of way in all situations.
sloppy 2 (12 days ago)
lmao i hate driving with 2 hands, yes i understand its more practical but i just drive 1 handed were i feel most confident, my left hand usually will either rest on my left leg or hover over the gear stick in preparation if i need to change the gear at any point and feel more comfortable doing this, funny thing is i wasn't taught or watched someone drive 1 handed it just came naturally to me and you should drive whichever way feels most comfortable but still being safe, since passing my test 2 years ago not i never done the 6 point check who the hell does that, in driving lessons and driving test it way too exaggerated, just look in the mirrors thats all it is... great video thumbs up...
Gingerbreadman 4502 (12 days ago)
Dang the UK does not know how basic driving works
DJ Gaming (12 days ago)
Most of these I already did in my driving test and didn't receive minors for, it seems they are starting to update and catch up
Jachariah (13 days ago)
Well I was never taught to feed the wheel and by chance and probably picking it up through tv I cross my arms
Tactical Marksman (13 days ago)
Here in Bosnia and Herzegovina when we pass police patrol we also flashing to drivers from opposite direction to warning them that there is police patrol up ahead, and also when you driving on high beams and driver came from opposite direction if you do not want to blind driver from opposite direction just turn off the high beam light and he is gonna to flashing back to you few times sending you a message "thank you very much for that i appreciate it".
Mar Mar (13 days ago)
Please make a 972 things you should unlearn from school
Kenyah McIntosh-Brown (13 days ago)
People who slow down on merge ramps should be taken out and shot
Aidan Tuthill (14 days ago)
What the fuck that car looks silly
Ian Ocampo (14 days ago)
I find the handbrake better because everyone that just press the brake pedal give me glare at night
123 (14 days ago)
With the two hands on wheel method you could get hurt really bad when the airbag gets activated
OMW2FYB (14 days ago)
This video is outdated to be fair
Karl West (14 days ago)
Most young drivers I encounter consider speed as their best friend forever
Meerkat More (14 days ago)
The video was entertaining, but it only applies to the UK. At my driving school, they taught us not to feed the wheel, and we didn't have that ridiculous 6 point check. They also told us to only use the parking brake when you, you know, park
天天天真 (14 days ago)
I cant believe this many people liked the video. What you learn from driving instructors is definitely useful. And by the way, your pull and push is not to the standard. Go learn how to do pull and push steering properly before you making this video, otherwise many learner drivers may be misled by you.
Shaylan Prasad (15 days ago)
The BMW drivers thing is overrated it's stupid I live in Australia and everyone that owns a BMW uses a indicator here
Mashari H. (15 days ago)
in saudi arabia, flashing your headlights means "fuck you" or "lmao you're trash at driving kid get a life".
Kwon 2kim (15 days ago)
They are driving a manual car or shift stick. Ride that clutch.
Tim Pauwels (16 days ago)
“Feeding the wheel” in a Belgian test will probably cause you to fail-crossover is taught as the only way. Also, the only time the handbrake is useful outside parking is if you’re in a traffic jam on a steep hill. Looking in that way before pulling out is required, but no need to be so obvious-the examiner only needs to think you looked enough, not check boxes.
L_iwnl (18 days ago)
I didn't get the bmw part can someone explain
Simeon Wilequet (19 days ago)
My BMW's indicator lights have been broken for a few years now yet nobody has noticed.
CanadianBullFrog (25 days ago)
That feeding the wheel thing would fail a person in Canada
Marius Groth (25 days ago)
Now i realise how logical driving tests is in denmark compared to uk
Luis Alonso (25 days ago)
I'm from planet x and we drive with out dicks
DeviantKid (26 days ago)
I usually use one hand to turn
Sans (26 days ago)
1:00 whats the car model?
Dashcam HdF (27 days ago)
That's funny because none of these are taught in France. We're taught the right techniques from the beginning
Luis Rascon (27 days ago)
Axel Alexson (28 days ago)
A bit late of a reply. In Slovenia feeding the wheel is a fail on the test, hand-breaks are optional and only necessary when you park. You must also reach the speed limit and not driver under it (especially on the autobahn).
Asdfghjkl (28 days ago)
0:17 who the hell turns like that? I've passed my driving test in Spain and I learned to turn just like you say we should
Inferis (28 days ago)
Thank God these are not true anywere else :D In Hungary we 1: Have to use the cross arm method (with 3-9 or 2-10 stance) 2: Only use handbrake when parking 3: We do have to check the mirror and blind spots, but only the ones necessary (left, when turning left, etc) 4: While a student, that is actually true. 5: Kind of true, however we do have to drive a few hours on country roads 6: You actually get rekt if you speed here as well, but I would not call it a mistake and you should indeed check it if you cannot feel it
francisofthelamb (28 days ago)
can confirm, my grandpa is pro, he twists the wheel with both hands, and lets it roll back by itself
Luca B (28 days ago)
I learned none of these wrong things here in Germany. Good for me.
Johannes Mo (28 days ago)
I never learned such a nonesense in Germany.
The real Slim Shady. (29 days ago)
I knew feeding the wheel was slow, I just thought I was bad at it. I'll carry on for my lessons but not after.
Jess Gia (30 days ago)
the first driving lesson i had, i kept checking my speed to the point where i would start to drift off the lane i was in. luckily now i know what different speeds feel like so i have an idea of what speed i'm doing (of course i still look though haha).
philly Fail (30 days ago)
Damn right i dont need to use em Jk
Hydra Jamm (30 days ago)
I dont know why people are being all elitist about driving a manual. I mean it offers no benefits really
Hydra Jamm (30 days ago)
Who tf feeds the wheel. Guess just a europian thing?
Matt Hayward (1 month ago)
Wtf is this? I have never heard of any of these things
Mr. Marian (1 month ago)
Do brits really wear hi vis vests in work almost all the time? I always associate these vests with the UK.
Re3Ns (1 month ago)
The steering wheel is upside down
KuroAno (1 month ago)
I cringed at the "feeding the wheel" thing. In France when you learn to drive, you cross your arms. Doing it another way is eliminatory. For the handbrake, in France it's recommended on the test but is not mandatory.
Janimi (1 month ago)
In Germany, I never learned to feed the wheel😂 Also to use the handbrake all the time you stop is nothing you learn in Germany. I learned to speed on the Autobahn for like an hour at 150-170 km/h. I think this is important to learn so you have done it when you drive faster yourself
Lord Royce (1 month ago)
Is India the only country where everytime you drive you go out to war...
Yashsvi Dixit (1 month ago)
In India, all you need is 500 Rupees to get your driving license.
Josh Sumner (1 month ago)
When I took my license I was given a CRITICAL error (which you can only get 2 of before you fail) because I sped up just before the 80 sign, as you would. Because I didnt wait until I PASSED the 80 sign I was penalised
Rayshaun Preston (1 month ago)
The first point asserts some weird, general aloofness on people who "feed the wheel"... 'Cause it's impossible to do it smoothly? 😕 ok...
Brittany Curtis (1 month ago)
Who the hell steers like the first point wtf
You guys complain about BMWs not indicating, you guys dont have pickup trucks everywhere do you?
What is this feeding the wheel bullshit, Here in canada you cross your arm, witch is already a challenge for me since my natural habbit is turning the wheel with my right arm and my left hand is a 7'o'clock hovering the wheel
Mikolaj Kraszewski (1 month ago)
Where I come from, they teach us properly... And hell, I can't imagine driving on the left and having the steering wheel on right side.
Deepak Mohapatra (1 month ago)
hold on there right hand drive cars has wiper stock on left side of steering wheel while indicator, headlamp and flash stock is on right side of steering. then why @2:18 he is using flashing on left stock. i think its bcoz uk can have both right and left hand drive cars so to simplify in both way those stocks are the that way. am i right?
Benjamin Buddhist (1 month ago)
that car is fucking disgustin its like the marmite of cars you either love it or hate it
This is true and false.
Condor Boss (1 month ago)
To drive a Beamer (or a Porsche), you must prove that you have never, ever have shown any courtesy or consideration for other drivers. Stopping at an intersection less than 3 seconds after the light has turned red is right out and will result in the dealership confiscating your car.
sam o-o (1 month ago)
I don’t understand why y’all are bashing BMW drivers 😂
Kod Adı Berke (1 month ago)
In Turkey, people flash their headlights to swear.
Sandrikas Svobutas (1 month ago)
It's worse in Lithuania. Turn signals everytime you move around something, heavy head movement to show that you REALLY are looking at mirrors, hands on 10 and 2 or fail immediately, if you stall you fail, if you don't stop by pedestrians crossing even if somebody just stands nearby and doesn't walk towards road, you fail. It's a god damn nightmare to pass, more stress for some people than graduating exam...
Mitchell Henden (1 month ago)
In nz when we flash our lights it either means theres a speed camera or a checkpoint
k77 chanel (1 month ago)
what is the best to do at L shape turning and at what speed it is good .
Ross Moir (1 month ago)
If you sit on your footbrake all the time you're a wank
Okay but if you don't do 'feed the wheel' and you cross your hands the airbag will break both of your arms.
Stan Torren look if you cross your hands and you get hit you’ll break your arms on your airbag - that’s all I meant and you can’t really dispute that.
Stan Torren (1 month ago)
but the thing is it turns way slower especially if the turn isn’t clear
Stan Torren in a situation where you need to cross your hands to steer you’ll be going pretty slow anyway - I’m not saying you shouldn’t I’m just saying you should restrict yourself from doing it on busy roads where you can get hit at a speee where the airbag will deply
Stan Torren (1 month ago)
but crashing is higher if you feed the wheel due to lack of turning
Alexander Zamani (2 months ago)
Nothing wrong with push pull, slower but you have more control. regardless of steering method, you shouldn't turn into a blind corner at speed.
Joe (2 months ago)
in ohio(usa) usually people flashing means something along the lines of "get the fuck out of my way your too slow"
Rnx X (2 months ago)
The same day I got my license I was a complete different driver
kristn_T (2 months ago)
This is so true. With my driving instructor you got points taken off of you EVER crossed your arms. Other drivers behind us would get so frustrated at how slowly we had to make turns with the “push and pull”. And I literally looked in my mirrors every 10 seconds to MAKE SURE I got points for it on my test, but my instructor STILL told me at the end that I “need to look in my mirrors more” !!! because *he* wasn’t even watching me the whole time!!! AND he’d have to be literally looking *at* my eyes the entire time to see how much I looked in the mirror, SORRY I don’t poke my head out like a pigeon every time to just casually look in my rear view mirror! One good thing my particular instructor taught us though is that you need to match the speed of other drivers on the freeway even if it’s above the speed limit
yerowww666 (2 months ago)
agreed with most even tho some of them(1, 2, 3) arent thought to people here. the whole "look at this, that and the other mirror" is particularly stupid since it takes way too much time and actually following the stuff happening around u is far more effective. i somehow didn't manage to run anyone over even tho i never check mirrors in the way its presented here. also, drivers should also be thought to accelerate to the actual freaking speed limit. i feel like drivng below 80% of the speed limit should be a reason to fail.
The Man The Legend (2 months ago)
1:20 yes the last thing you need to do in EMERGENCY stop is use the EMERGENCY BRAKE
I remember a few years back on the news there was a pile up crash on the interstate, a woman said straight in front of the camera, I just had enough time to pull the E-Brake, here in canadian land we live in roads covered in ice and snow, I wanted to smack that bitch, fun fact in canada until a little before 2010, yes 2010, you didnt have to follow driving school and just needed to pass a 20 minute exam on road
Vezoy (2 months ago)
I took my driving test in Germany. 1) Feeding the wheel was despised here. My driving teachers all always said this is for old ladies. From day 1 I was taught to cross the arms. 2) WTF? Are UK driving teachers retarded? Go to neutral, step on the brake. That is all you need to do when you stop. Handbrake is for parking only. 3) Okay this is something I was taught as well 4) In Germany, trucks do this to signal you can go back onto their lane after overtaking. Other than that, you only do it to signal someone to move aside (not obeying the "Rechtsfahrgebot") or warn them of oncoming dangers. Some also do it to warn others about upcoming radar controls, however this is in fact illegal. 5) In Germany, you are required to cover several scenarios during your driving lessons. The actual driving test lasts 45 minutes and can be held anywhere. A busy town, the Autobahn or just practicing parking. That is up to your tester. 6) That is in fact something I was doing a lot during driving lessons. The last thing you want to happen is going too  fast. However after about 2 or 3 years of driving practice, you are easily able to keep your speed without constantly checking. Most modern cars have a digital and thus way easier to see speed display anyway.
ALBANIA MUSLIM (2 months ago)
2.3k driving school acounts disliked this
Justinas (2 months ago)
Literally no one drives by the rules when they pass that stupid test, even instructors let you pass as long as camera didint see your stupid mistake

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