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Axegriner - Life chain

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Track 3/7 on their album "Rise of the serpent men" from 1989. Lyrics: recognise your chains you create your own slavery masters forge the locks but... you give them the key hoping your shackles rust in the rain your just another link in the life chain take control - life chain recognise your own potential break your bonds with your inner power no amount of ties can hold you down throw away your mask take control - life chain recognise your chains take control of your life rip the head from your tormentor grind their bones to dust life chain... RUST take control - life chain Line-up: Trev - vocals Steve - guitars Matt - bass Daryn - drums Tracklist: 1: Never ending winter 2: Hellstorm 3: Life chain 4: War Machine 5: Evilution 6: Rise of the serpent men 7: The final war
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