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Vikings: Rollo Rapes Floki's Slave Girl [Season 1 Scene] 1x02 (HD 1080p)

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Rollo rapes Floki's slave girl before departing with Ragnar on their first raid to England. __________________________________________ #History #Vikings Season 1 Episode 2 "Wrath of the Northmen" Actors: Clive Standen (Rollo) Amber Jean Rowan (Floki's Slave Girl) Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok) Gustaf Skarsgård (Floki) ___________________________________________ "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
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Text Comments (402)
Theodore Misc (4 hours ago)
The vikings were blonder, cleaner and didnt have english accents. Cant stand this show
justice 4ever (9 hours ago)
Where is the bobs and vegene?
Ritercrazy (1 day ago)
So they're all rapists?????
Zuzana Urbáneková (1 day ago)
i hate all of you
player 1 (1 day ago)
The slave is creepy like she has some kind of evil plan. Maybe she has aids and wanted to infect rollo or he is tranny who wanted some D in his fake pussy.
Jan Hollon (1 day ago)
Ah, Vikings...where men are men and sheep are nervous!
Zahid Mehmood (2 days ago)
Plz movie nam
Gwyn Williams (2 days ago)
No Vikings didn't invade Wales they stopped off and settled in some places but didn't stay long it was too do with Welsh rivers to steap and fast they couldn't get they boat's up far. In Scotland and England and Ireland you find a lot of Viking DNA but absolutely none in Wales. There is one big settlement in Anglesey but that didn't last long
Benyamin Yisrael (2 days ago)
When you're a star, they let you do whatever you want...grab em by the pussy
Kerry Purcell (3 days ago)
36 years later she will report it,,,,,,
george armstrong (3 days ago)
Why dont you all get real its a Movie designed to entertain those who dont know history Vikings left their historical records in the form of SAGA’S stories handed down from generation to generation, who gives a shit if they blew their noses in the bath water George Armstrong a Viking Descendant
Jordan Redford (3 days ago)
She liked it
Anne-Marie Brummer (2 days ago)
Jordan Redford , that's was all perb think.
John Timothy Unson (4 days ago)
So where are the SJWs screaming about new stuff like Goblin Slayer having "tasteless rape"? Ah right, they did say that Game of Thrones and this show portrays rape in a "tasteful" manner~
SJWs?! Why the fuck do you have to make it political? Jesus Christ just stop. Everybody says that anime/manga started off too edgy anyways. We get the point, it's dark like Berserk world
Tensa Zangetsu (4 days ago)
Wonder how many stds roamed rampant then....
+iatasever Actually you're wrong on both accounts. There were diseases but the Vikings were surprisingly hygienic as well. Also men raped men as a form of humiliation and kept men for pleasure as well. The only taboo is you couldn't be the guy on the reviewing end if...ya knows what I means
iatasever (3 days ago)
not nearly as much as today because there were basically no homosexuals
Buddysimo Simonetta (4 days ago)
Oh come on life was cheap,,, it still is.
Mary Potter (4 days ago)
Real Vikings had a written language,, but they never wrote about their history. So what we know about them is the same as TV, the writings of a good story teller. They were more like wondering gypsies.
True. Viking actually translate to "explorer" in Norse if I remember correctly
Lady Lady 1976 (4 days ago)
Estos vikingos ademas de brutos, ignorantes, perversos, bestias, sucios, quedados eran maleficos como humanos, cero sentimientos
Jordan Tamonte (5 days ago)
If im the slave i would be a willing victim
Da fuq
Robert Cathcart (5 days ago)
Hey Floki go easy on the mascara it makes you look cheap.
That man can go ******************************a fu***mother fu*****pug
Wangash18 (5 days ago)
The Vikings really had a weird concept of hygiene😦😦. How do you take a bowl of fresh water, wash your face and scalp and proceed to spit and forcefully exhale mucus on to the water😔?
jack (4 days ago)
Nothing like a good rape before you go on a pilleage tour
Anne-Marie Brummer (2 days ago)
jack , perp
Tia Agee (3 days ago)
jack Really???😡
That snooty scene really put me off.
Anita Barnes (6 days ago)
it's rape when woman who said she NO to sex
Ann larry (6 days ago)
Nasty! Those kind of pigs still exist!..
J V (3 days ago)
They still do and you need to kill them before they can harm others that is real justice
Wolfy_677 (4 days ago)
+I sell air Also how much for the air? Could i get a discount
Wolfy_677 (4 days ago)
+I sell air I agree
I sell air (4 days ago)
ali khalil (6 days ago)
This scene will make sense in season 6
Suchitra Das (6 days ago)
how cruel some men are this kind of scenes shows that clearly
why so serious tho (20 hours ago)
Gwyn Williams (6 days ago)
The Vikings invaded England Scotland and Ireland but didn't invade Wales! Because we kicked there assess we were to good for them!
Mack Bolzano (3 hours ago)
WE??? Lol
Vibhor Singh (15 hours ago)
Not good enough to know the difference between 'to' and 'too'.
nishant saha (18 hours ago)
Wales was not invaded by the Saxon tribes too.
Gwyn Williams (1 day ago)
Joe Barmont been reading Viking history in Wales and I was a bit shocked at how many times Vikings attacked Wales from 7 to 11 centuries and small Viking settlements in the north and south about 7 in all so you were right about settlements well done
Joe Barmont (1 day ago)
Gwyn Williams what? I wasn’t talking about artefacts I was talking about two Viking settlements. Oh but I guess Viking settlements aren’t evidence of Vikings settling in Wales. The Vikings never got “kicked out” for good, they didn’t just arrive once and never came back. I don’t think you realise that migration isn’t something that occurs once and that Vikings would often settle nearby areas as farmers. No evidence of Viking DNA in Wales is just evidence that they didn’t assimilate with the welsh population very much, and not a single paper says there is no evidence of Viking DNA in Wales, they all say there is little evidence of Viking DNA in Wales
nilza maria alves (6 days ago)
Al Sp (6 days ago)
Love rape
Deva Malar (7 days ago)
This is the real touch n go..
Daniella Simonds (7 days ago)
The thumbnail is low key creepy tho
King Beef (7 days ago)
About white
Tye pretty girl (6 days ago)
King Beef lol
Medhashree Dutta Roy (7 days ago)
Iiiuuhh!! All were washing their face nd cleaning their nose with the same water...it's no unhygienic 🤢
Brian Kopia (4 days ago)
...and that’s why they all died
charles neely (4 days ago)
That's what Muslims do when it's time for prayer they go wash up and one thing they do is they got to clean the feet and hands and they blow water through their noses they know because in Islam That's what Satan hides it so I never understood that either but before everybody pray at the mosque they go wash up
sivan ferna (7 days ago)
What is this dollar store game of thrones?
Valden 7 (1 day ago)
+Kenny L Garrett Jr go home Keeny, you're drunk.
Kenny L Garrett Jr (4 days ago)
Vikings is fucking just as awesome as game of thrones thank u very fucking much.
Larry Ballenger (7 days ago)
More retelling of anti viking propoganda no rapes weren't tolerated the sentece for doing so as well as the relgious and legal penalty was way to high for doing so the sentence was death and relgiously you'd be "excommunicated" from any and all temple declared an outlaw which means anyone and everyone could kill you on sight ...and despite your Arabic bias Vikings were far cleaner and far more desirable than other Europeans despite the lime paste lice killer which made many "artificially" blonde. 50/50 split between brunette and red head population ....the blonde hair trait is more Mediterranean adaptation and not European whereas red head and Auburn European ...but you believe the propoganda if you like and remain ignorant!
Les Clanton (7 days ago)
Damn spell check it was supposed to booger
Les Clanton (7 days ago)
Boomers give there haiR a real shine
Mario Britton (7 days ago)
Chris Marshall (7 days ago)
Did you see the episode when they were randomly sacrificing their own people to their gods as offerings
Steve Anderson (7 days ago)
Roll was always a piece of shit.
Ravi kumar (8 days ago)
That was a real quikey
Joe Dunn (8 days ago)
carolinafan2016 (8 days ago)
Rollo you"re Big Dummy!!
Matrix Master (8 days ago)
Good Thing They Are Not Russians: youtu.be/5TujDkPUvLo
Rick Bruner (3 days ago)
You are aware that Norse traders who settled along the Volga river were referred to as the Rus, the origin of the Russians https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rus%27_people
Matrix Master (6 days ago)
+Luna Nightmare No^^
Luna Nightmare (6 days ago)
Did you have to put the link ?
Samuel Byron (9 days ago)
Pigs I feel sorry for slave girl
RetroSupporter93 (1 day ago)
+Max C. If HE was the one taking it from behind instead of giving it, he sure would be. 😅
Max C. (1 day ago)
RetroSupporter93 doesn’t necessarily make him a “good fuck”
RetroSupporter93 (5 days ago)
Samuel Byron At least the guy was a good fuck, e.g. tall, dark & handsome. 😅
Chester Donnelly (8 days ago)
First Viking rule; never pity slaves.
Rag Rag (9 days ago)
Jesus freaking Christ! I really hoped I'd never see that snorting into one water thing again after "The 13th Warrior".
Max Davis (9 days ago)
marking his territory... different era
Melissa and hubby (8 days ago)
still happens today
Jeremy Watson (9 days ago)
Charmaine Balzan (10 days ago)
I oppose those people who are coward enough to stand silent
Charmaine Balzan (10 days ago)
And use abuse my vulnerability for more escalating violations
Charmaine Balzan (10 days ago)
Sexual slavery against the pristine great loving future all slef defeated by one who is their own worst enemy while i watched out laws children be born yet they made sure that Aftrr my parents passing they would kill me with lies and defamation
Charmaine Balzan (10 days ago)
What a bunch of primtive fools
James Leon (3 days ago)
+Megavicid yep that's nasty ass depraved Neanderthal Devils​ for you.....that's their nature
Megavicid (6 days ago)
Anthony Blue you white cuck pale whales always use africans as a scapegoat even when they have nothing to do with the subject
chatuana colney (6 days ago)
The English colonized India and realized that daily baths were so refreshing....hence europe gets the idea of bath. 😁.
Saaduddin Ansari (7 days ago)
Things were actually Better those days... 😂
Udc Lekamge (8 days ago)
+Anthony Blue don't talk like that! sometimes you whites are even more savage.
pantslizard (11 days ago)
...she gave him the look...(0:55)
Chester Donnelly (7 days ago)
Did I say consent? I meant an invitation.
Jessi Privat (7 days ago)
TheCrazyKid1381 (8 days ago)
Chester Donnelly Lmao
Chester Donnelly (8 days ago)
Yes that was consent. I saw it too.
Gwyn S (1 month ago)
That was considered a form of trespass in the Americas, if it was done without the master or mistress' permission.
yael ro (2 months ago)
thats it? thats "rape"? lol gosh what a bunch of pussies. doesn't even come close to GOT. stupid show.
Melissa Ann (2 months ago)
That slave was creepy looking
Viktoria Van Eycke (2 days ago)
+I sell air so would you like to be raped
I sell air (4 days ago)
+Viktoria Van Eycke that's life.
Viktoria Van Eycke (6 days ago)
+maimuna siraj danhassan what planet are you from where a person deserve being raped by pigs. Little children get raped too so do they deserve it too
The Disaster (6 days ago)
She is so pretty.
Charlie Möller (6 days ago)
+kayla imani She does.
c'est moi (3 months ago)
this entire show is like fucking porn for women. These men are so HOT! Rollo could rape me anytime.
The Falkland Islands (3 months ago)
Then the Saxons came.
Stanneta Prospere (4 months ago)
I'm guessing that isn't Helga....
Marc Evans (4 months ago)
(COMMENT BY JUDY-LOUISE CURTIS) (To Dimitrij Sergeij);- Another Disgusting-Filthy-Pig-Idiot heard from. I'm glad you put your name beside it. Ditto for the other dirtbag,(""Brace Land")"--- also taking his ''peculiarities'' out on women. Lets hope police read it.
Leslie Sauceman (4 months ago)
They blow their nose in it and then wash their face? 😨
Drago (9 hours ago)
You have to remember this is the 8th century
PoSh Smurf (3 days ago)
Leslie Sauceman yeah right😅🤣
New York native (3 days ago)
Nevermind the slave rape, lets discuss why people snot in a bowl.
Redhorse Tolentino (3 days ago)
that is ritual of the alien people 😰
chatuana colney (6 days ago)
Innthe 13th warrior they did the same, and the arab guy was so disgusted.
Pâque Feal (4 months ago)
brutal and disgusting Rollo.
Charles Dickens (4 months ago)
No wonder Muslims fit in so well in Sweden!
ندى العنزي (3 days ago)
only Christians are rapists 😒
jaymicro labuyo (4 days ago)
They were pagans
Anthony Thornton (5 days ago)
dina only (6 days ago)
+Jordan this is what u think
Jordan (6 days ago)
+dina only all i said was facts.
syntheticgerbil (5 months ago)
I'm two episodes into season 4, and whatever this scene was doesn't make any sense within Rollo's character arc. I am guessing whatever they were planning with his characterization by showing this was abandoned. He also was pretty sleazy about Lagertha and that was abandoned as well. I'm guessing the showrunners probably want to go back and delete this scene considering Rollo has become a dorky, good natured stronk man living in the shadow of failure. He's had plently of other opportunity to rape women just like this but does not.
Hannah G-K (5 months ago)
Rollo is gorgeous. I've gotta be honest... if I was the slave, I wouldn't resist much!
I sell air (4 days ago)
+tanmay kalita you're probably more priveleged than me.
I sell air (4 days ago)
+tanmay kalita you need to end yourself.
I sell air (4 days ago)
+tanmay kalita I'm priveleged? How? I have to work for everything just as much, if not harder than you. I don't get diversity scholarships or hires like you sluts.
Xx_Futaba_Sakura_xX (5 months ago)
Rollo looks like Seth Rollins
Mtumwa Ameir Abdallah (5 days ago)
Rori Senior (9 days ago)
that is the same thing i said
XDgamer (29 days ago)
And now that I think about it, he looks a bit like Drew Mcintyre too.
Mike2500L (1 month ago)
Lol that's what I thought when I started watching it.
Dennis Cowe (1 month ago)
Omfg he does
Chanel Coco (5 months ago)
All these sad 💩 brains in the comment section trying to imply that rape is hilarious or whatever (if that’s what passes for wit these days that’s sad) if it happened to them they wouldn’t be able to survive. They are what’s wrong with society. Oxygen thieves 🖕🏼
I have a Dream35 84 (1 month ago)
Your pussy still sore aswell
Drink Me (2 months ago)
Look at da hand that's what porn is for, you don't have to do it yourself. Living through somebody else's experience without the consequences that come after
Look at da hand (3 months ago)
Gregorios Vitaly Why not do it yourself then?
Icelandic Viking (3 months ago)
Drink Me True
Icelandic Viking (3 months ago)
My profile pic is edgy I hope so.. im sick and tired of life.
Marc Evans (2 months ago)
(COMMENT BY JUDY-LOUISE CURTIS) (To AlarmmClock);- If this will help, I believe you.( Re comments by Billie Dahling and The Hidden) ;- I wasn't going to say it, but I'm a proud descendant of the real Rollo too; (approx 31st Great Grandfather) --- learned through professional geneology. Inevitably some aggressive Snottie will pick a fight when it's said out loud.
MajicMongoose62 (8 days ago)
Interesting link, especially when you realize “Rolf the Walker” or Rollo was William the Conqueror’s great-grandfather as well, leading to the English Plantagenet kings
missy Adwoa (5 months ago)
What is she? I mean where is she from?
Nirvana - (5 months ago)
missy Adwoa she is Floki's slave
Dominus Noctis (5 months ago)
Easy taking. Sweet!
Ritercrazy (1 month ago)
Disgusting statement.
Hzo Ricardo (1 month ago)
Lmfao! Dude.. come on.. haha
Serafina (3 months ago)
Gregorios Vitaly liar
Serafina (3 months ago)
Gregorios Vitaly you both are grade A disgusting
Serafina (3 months ago)
Dominus Noctis Sorry Not Sorry I'm not jealous of a girl being forced into slavery because he country was conquered by a murdering raping Vikings. Seriously dude you have problems major problems
Bhor King (6 months ago)
Long live floki
Marc Evans (3 months ago)
(COMMENT BY JUDY-LOUISE CURTIS) (To Birki gts) :- Yes, this scene IS shocking, but Vikings were as notorious for raping as they were for pillaging. Rollo's vicious brute attitude to both the HEINOUS act and the girls aftermath were the sickening norm on mass .That is one of the main points'here; as opposed to bad exploitation and Isnt-JUST-Rollo-The-Bastard?? They ALL did it.
Sara Khan (6 days ago)
Jayke Moanes (9 days ago)
Thank you for that research. ACTUAL research.
eli romero (6 months ago)
You know she wanted it cause she moaning....
srbrooks (6 days ago)
She was gasping because she was terrified you absolutely terrible person
Resident Poltergeist (10 days ago)
+Ayla Nickelsen you can moan in pain and still enjoy it, you know. most women i slept with liked it.
Serafina (3 months ago)
Look at da hand yea oh but they way he said he raped before which I doubt I reported the comment he really is an idiot
Look at da hand (3 months ago)
Serafina Ik. Just a reason. Lots of pedophiles were abused as kids themselves. But that just tells you why they're like that, doesn't excuse their actions. Most serial killere were also abused as children. You can feel sorry for the kid but not the adult after they did their shit, ya know?
Serafina (3 months ago)
Look at da hand he would be a total idiot if he did confess that online plus I don't think he's brave enough to try it
Martin Korlie (6 months ago)
Ø (1 month ago)
+ericabertagnoli hot
Veni Vidi Vici (3 months ago)
Damien McGonnell So you just admit that the woman who gave birth to you is a whore and that you’re a son of a bitch?
I sell air (3 months ago)
ericabertagnoli one of your fellow females down here even admitted she wouldn't resist of Rollo tried to rape her. Women are whores, they're just good at hiding it.
Martin Korlie (3 months ago)
ericabertagnoli Am I really 😉
xrx0R 9 (5 months ago)
Martin Korlie rape is not hot.
Birki gts (6 months ago)
I never really understood the purpose of this scene, seems like something that was just pushed on for shock value.
+William Bagley How in the hell is this left wing propaganda? How? Please explain
William Bagley (2 days ago)
Just trying to portray white men as evil...left-wing propaganda... typical
Roger Field (5 days ago)
William Froh the question wasn’t directed at yourself. It was for Katia. It may or may not have been rhetorical. Nothing to do with you. When I want to direct a question to you, I will.
William Froh (5 days ago)
+Roger Field i have no idea why rape happens. Are some people just born with parts of there brain missing. ??? Please explain course i have no clue. Would love for you to explain it to me.
AlarmmClock (6 months ago)
Well........... this is especially strange considering Rollo is my (approx) 25x great grandfather.
Minecraft Rules (3 days ago)
+Claude Vanlalhruaia My surname is Allison though so mine is true.
Regulus Mine (3 days ago)
The slave girl is your grandmother 25×'s.
Claude Vanlalhruaia (3 days ago)
Some of you peasant don't seem to understand that a lot of people specially from high born like Nobles, Kings etc do keep a well documented lineage from as fast back as 900AD.
Minecraft Rules (7 days ago)
I am the descendant of Allister the Great.
Abf Gif (7 days ago)
I am a descendent of some fucking ape that raped another ape. BTW he was the alpha of the ape tribe
** Zarkanik ** (7 months ago)
Harder. That bitch deserves it
Dr.Segway (7 months ago)
iTs NoT RaPe iF iTs yOuR PrOpErTy

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