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10 Cities That are Going to Disappear Soon

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The next time you're going to visit one of these cities, don't forget your camera. Scientists believe photos will be the only thing remaining from them, and quite soon. For a number of natural and man-made reasons these cities might not make it to the next century.
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Text Comments (21188)
Jose Martinez (21 hours ago)
Isn’t one fourth a quarter in plain English?
Mr.BigWilly (2 days ago)
massive Shark (3 days ago)
I hope italy makes it! I DONT WANT THE GONDOLAS TO DIE
Josh Junda (4 days ago)
Forgot NOLA
Speedy Boy (5 days ago)
Good thing Philippines is not gonna go away thank you
Carmen Vlogs (5 days ago)
this is soo sad
EvelynGamer Panda (6 days ago)
Well I clicked this vid because I’m in NYC and it won’t happen
Gurnoor Uppal (7 days ago)
I hope Calgary never disappears because my whole family lives their and I was born their and I don’t want my funny smart multicultural people suffering
Aldei Hernandez (7 days ago)
#mind warehouse
GalacticNinja98 (8 days ago)
detroit looks kinda... erm
Vanessa S.A Derp cat (8 days ago)
2018? I’m flipping late
Drake Johan Cargullo (10 days ago)
Noo not mexico thats where my favorite wretler lives (sin cara)
Jaime Sitoe (10 days ago)
This is cool💔
John Tristan Alberto (11 days ago)
This shouldn't happen all city's but survive
evlogan (11 days ago)
Just imagine it disappearing while your in... :(
Emilis Puplevicius (12 days ago)
I live in lithuania
Henry Lyngkhoi (12 days ago)
I like it
Geo gamer 23 (13 days ago)
This is not true
Geo gamer 23 (13 days ago)
Ricco Wilson (13 days ago)
Click (Read more) I dare you😡
Ricco Wilson (13 days ago)
Click (read more) I dare you.
Anas Elshobakey (13 days ago)
Why do you think that dude come on
TrueMU Gameing (14 days ago)
2:13 Mexico Not going to let that happen
Tavion Smith (15 days ago)
Phew good this was in 2016 I live in one of these places but in 2016 I was in Minnesota
Christian Jenkins (15 days ago)
Disappointing 😿😿
Candice Tadlock (15 days ago)
Candice Tadlock (15 days ago)
thegaming beaver fan (16 days ago)
God is everthing but but dose not meen it can not be killed
Rider X20 (16 days ago)
why are you using THE WALKING DEAD theme song
Mariecris Gelizon (16 days ago)
god love's us hi won't do tha't
camvlogs (16 days ago)
I like your videos but this one is fake
unknown man (16 days ago)
One like one pray
unknown man (16 days ago)
Plz fake
goldy x unicotnmann (16 days ago)
Guys you never know ok, just cuz you say that this is fake then just wait and you will see but at the same time you guys might die.... Wait what.. * here's about Mexico City * ....Fffffff...UUUUUUUUUCCK.....MY DAD LIVES THERE!!!
PaddyPTV (16 days ago)
I’ve been to Thailand I don’t need to go again. Also it is so warm down there but it warm where I live
Sssniper Gamer (16 days ago)
Its so sad song and the place will be not more there 😯☹️😔
Χρήστος B. (15 days ago)
It will stay because THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO IS FAKE!!!!!!!!
compressor expert (16 days ago)
This video is fake bcoz I am watching this after two years when it is realesed
Flame King (17 days ago)
do u think THIS will happen NOPE this will not happen cuz god will save most of man kind
Detroit looks absolutely scary as SHIT like a zombie apocalypse city also a abandoned scary city also horror movie
SophiaBlue (18 days ago)
2019 anyone i think we still alive right?
Lachlan Armstrong (18 days ago)
Oh shut up! None of this will ever happen.
Seby S (19 days ago)
Why did the Europeans dry out the lake in Mexico that’s on Mexico City now that city will sink very fast, look at a old photo of Mexico City, it looked so cool why couldn’t they keep it like that 😢
jorge perez (19 days ago)
Mexico will not disappear cuz God loves all of us
zNicety (20 days ago)
I bloody love this channel, all the questions I ask my self during the day are answered on this channel 😀😀
zain hussain (21 days ago)
What will happen in 2018
Scott Romani (21 days ago)
Thank God I live near nine of these places😌😌😌
bennystar20 tran (23 days ago)
Don't trust these it's just guessed at least you never know if it will happen or not
Ed Gy (23 days ago)
whats the song ?
Nat Nat Life (24 days ago)
Bangkok,Thailand. Where Blackpink Lisa Was born and camed from.
I live in Bangkok . Why do you do this to me!!!
Spino Eater (27 days ago)
From 2018 none of these have happened. So your all fine ok.
Kamonwan Maiwong (27 days ago)
NO NOT BANGKOK THAILAND NOOOOOOOOO it's where some of my family live😭😰 God plz don't let that happen!!!!!!
Wolf princess16273 YT (27 days ago)
Hyram101564Gaming (27 days ago)
So no Avengers movie without New York?
Xxiceywolf1 (27 days ago)
And i live in Detroit :3 But Detroit doesn't look like that at all! I saw some of those places this is just a lie
Ommaie Ommaie (28 days ago)
Nooooooooooooo Bangkok I miss you because Bangkok have Our God😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
David Besok (28 days ago)
Cala Maria (28 days ago)
It scares me a little bit
Eduardo Rivas (28 days ago)
Not mexico mexico city😭😭😭
Juliana Juliana (28 days ago)
Fake 😒 dude look at ur comments nothing’s gonna disappear 😑
Karter Morrison (28 days ago)
And jesus
Ona Amira Attaouil (28 days ago)
I cried when said Mexico that is Friends home land
Destiny Breslin (29 days ago)
It is 2018
Fandroid MUSIC! (29 days ago)
Liar good does not mean that
Eduardo Peral (29 days ago)
God loves us maby you and your house will blow up
Ramon Ruvalcaba (29 days ago)
Baja California is ducked too
C dog (29 days ago)
Ramaskaite19 (30 days ago)
italy flag is the same as ireland
Ramaskaite19 (30 days ago)
ireland will survive my family and me and other people will survive ireland and i live in ireland and i play roblox aswell
Ramaskaite19 (30 days ago)
i have good news ireland 2ill durvive and me and my family and other people will survive ireland yes
It’s_justkylie Xx (30 days ago)
Oh well at least I don’t believe it and if it is true I’m safe but it’s in a century I won’t be alive 😆😆
sarwin r_m2094 (1 month ago)
You know wat just say world is nearly to end
Thecosmosplayz 303 (1 month ago)
slim shady Fan (1 month ago)
Rip me I live in oakland and rip Mexicans that live in Mexico city Italians that live in Italy rip Detroit humans and rip Russians in Russia
5.41 Amm (1 month ago)
The song makes it so interesting bc I’m used to listening to it while playing the walking dead
Giancarlo Minardi (1 month ago)
Why Italy
newman680 (1 month ago)
Traci Dowding (1 month ago)
Soo sad
Hugo Watt Sjöström (1 month ago)
Naples is also next to an underwater supervolcano
Dino Nakajima (1 month ago)
Oh god jesus good thing philipines is not there and im a filipino...
SQOOSHY man (1 month ago)
It is sinking cuz ov Antarctica
Phew I live in a town in Somerset
The Star Doggie (1 month ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday 😂
DominikGamer (1 month ago)
Liza Margaret Albarico (1 month ago)
I will find these cities
Miguel Rocha (1 month ago)
My family lives in Mexico 😭 Poor Them, and everyone!
Blue Kaylene (1 month ago)
Is it true though? What if the people in the cites disappear!
Karrie Oliver (1 month ago)
phew i just wanted to see if Manitoulin island and Ontario Sault-Ste-Marie is gonna dissapear cause in Manitoulin island thats where is my dads graveyard is and im only 8 he died when i was three and Sault-Ste-Marie is where i live
ItzYt9! (1 month ago)
I hv already been to Bangkok it’s rlly cool
T r u e S q u a d (1 month ago)
This was 2 years ago, almost 3, and none of these cites have disappeared. 😭😂🙄
T r u e S q u a d (1 month ago)
Dylan Phillips that’s what I said....
Dylan Phillips (1 month ago)
None of the cities have disappeared...yet
Leo here! (1 month ago)
The walking dead Music heh?
Nesma Abordo (1 month ago)
dude its 2018 already and these cities are still here vfjyhfj,frky.frdegjtsn yhgfdcgyftvgt,ksdm ,gtblu/gtmdm fvgtyujkfryutmdertyjhgf,yvluih/'
Thanex (1 month ago)
But the Detroit airport is the airport most of us, Asians go to.
fluffy panda (1 month ago)
phew aussie is safe :)
Tobias Dow (1 month ago)
W&M productions (1 month ago)
Btw at least my country is not in the list(philippines)
W&M productions (1 month ago)
I wish that wont happen that venice will disapear
W&M productions (1 month ago)
It makes me sad to know venice,italy will disapear it is really a beautiful place there and i love venice so much.i wish that wont happen
Aof2009 (1 month ago)
The 6K dislikes disliked how these cities will be gone
Brown sugar Baby (1 month ago)
Detroit is nothing like that. Wow it's crazy how someone can distort the view of the masses. Don't believe everything you see or think

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