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Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us

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Text Comments (41999)
Park Gideon Abanilla (2 hours ago)
Taylor Swift is always the best... 😆😇😅
Be lla (4 hours ago)
2018 December?
amal mousa (15 hours ago)
This gives me harvard university love story vibes
michaelrgamer2017 (1 day ago)
hi youtube
Wiko Phone (1 day ago)
I Love micsic
Elissa Decota (1 day ago)
This is the best lyric of all time.. 2:07
Jesus WEST (2 days ago)
It was just the real story of us.
Aisyah Salmaa (3 days ago)
Omg i'm crying i miss this song so bad
Stephen Sczurek (3 days ago)
Happy Birthday, Taylor!
kei (3 days ago)
7 years ago almost 8
Zehra TUNÇ (4 days ago)
2018-2019 anyone?
Alejandro Alonzo (4 days ago)
Luna Lovegood (4 days ago)
*_I've never heard the silence quite this loud_* _This is tooooo deep_
Ahamed Youssry (5 days ago)
وقصم الواد بتاع المفاتيح وصحابه وبتاع البيبسي
Klement Kkutra (5 days ago)
TayTay happy birthday 💝💯
Luckystar Lapasam (5 days ago)
Happy birthday swift 29🎂
you're amazing Taylor swift please don't change you're perfect just as you are you don't need too change who are just because people don't like you there just mad because they can't do anything you can do there's things you can do that i can't do and there's things i can do that you can't do practice makes perfect 8)
not only do i want love you with all my heart i want too beat the shit out of criminals too 8)
Shane Swift Sword (5 days ago)
We definitely need to play some Ark Survival Evo together.
Hana Barajas (6 days ago)
we going 2019 already and this song still slaps. talk abt power this queen can relate :>
LoveEnthusiast (6 days ago)
me everyday 4:18
Arthur Trauer (6 days ago)
This reminds me more than a little of Shania Twain. An admitted influence of a young Taylor Swift. Not bad. Not bad at all.
Gerry Nathan (6 days ago)
Who's crying when hear this song? :')
Lea Quirog (7 days ago)
I just realized all Taylor's band are here,,lmao
NO CONTROL (7 days ago)
today im still listening this song
Sad Sad (6 days ago)
Grace Howard (8 days ago)
I'm sorry, but this song is so underrated
Jay R Vidal (8 days ago)
Who's watching this in 2019???
Ahamed Youssry (9 days ago)
والي اتحفل عليه اسبوع ممكن يتحفل عليه طول العمر والعلم عند الله
Ahamed Youssry (9 days ago)
انا عليا زبره يخش القص علي المهبل علي قناه الفالوب علي المشيمه علي الرحم
Nefeli Taprantzi (9 days ago)
2018 anyone?
The Change (10 days ago)
"I've never heard silence quite this loud" 😍🔥
Just Me (10 days ago)
Haha, I got the TS Instax advertisement before this this video 😂😂❤️
Ahamed Youssry (10 days ago)
حسين ياعبيط ياخو سناءقصمك انت ومنصور ابن المتناكه الي امه شالته ايام العدوان الثلاثي عشان يمسك الصاروخ بايديه ومسكه وامه حطيته في قصها تمام كده والمرجع اسال اي مدرس بتاع عربي في تانيه اعدادي
Alisson Limeira (11 days ago)
Hino! Uma pena ter flopado ..
maccimusprime (12 days ago)
wow ok this snapped
Rikki Loose (12 days ago)
its cool that I can relate to this song
Allifa Lindemann (12 days ago)
Any december 2018 guys? This song is very very legit omg❤️
Ahamed Youssry (13 days ago)
علي فكره يبو عمرو انا مرديتش احسب الشتيمه من النهارده حسبتها من امبار عشان مراتك متناكه دار السلام
Vio hazard (13 days ago)
Anyone still gonna watch this in 2019?
CR Reviews (13 days ago)
I always thought I was going To marry Taylor
Swifty Elsa (13 days ago)
Gilrussel Balason (13 days ago)
Ari Leung (13 days ago)
This reminds me of Hogwarts for some reason...
erobed21 (14 days ago)
Loving the powerful cliché dodge. Would have been so "easy" to have Taylor wearing a "sexy" school uniform with short skirt and a lot of cleavage on show, and they didn't. Just a standard shirt and skirt because she's a classy, awesome lady who doesn't need to show skin to get people's attention - her voice does all the talking.
Ahamed Youssry (14 days ago)
الي عايز يتغلط فيه يقولي سهل اووي انا الحمد لله بعرف الف اغاني بالعربي وبالءنجيلزي علي البنات والرجال وافيهات وبضرب وبخش خناقات انتحاري يعني
Tankgirl (14 days ago)
Its been almost 8 years but it feels like yesterday....
Shiza Ahsan (14 days ago)
TRYING TO BE FUNNY (14 days ago)
This video screams the 2000’S
Kenneth Perias (14 days ago)
December 2019
Filip Baričević (14 days ago)
I love this song
Anna Ross (15 days ago)
I like your songs but not this one Taylor Swift’
sruthi basvaraju (16 days ago)
I've never heard silence quite this loud. BOOM!
Ahamed Youssry (16 days ago)
Ahamed Youssry (16 days ago)
ازبار بس متوريني يامحمد متوريني ياعبده محمد عبد العزيز متوريني ياعبده ياخول يال مصاحب الخول عبده التاني محمد متوريني ياليليان متوريني ياحمد يافكري متوريني ياهاني يافكري متوريني يااشرف عبد الفتاح ومحدش يقولي انا مش شوفتش التعليق ده بيشوفه 7,400000000 ده عدد سكان الءرض تمام يارب تكون وصله
Joe Tekulve (16 days ago)
Song 3 after Mine , Speak Now Tour , Gorgeous All Night , 12/2/18 .
Tin Ymmanuel (16 days ago)
all-time favorite taylor songs: clean all too well new romantics sparks fly the story of us state of grace blank space delicate fearless mine
miiriiam 17 (16 days ago)
Ahamed Youssry (17 days ago)
نفسي في الدكور حد يكلمني
Ahamed Youssry (17 days ago)
ابوه ابن المتناكه الي كان بيتاخد ورا سكه الحديد نفسي دكر فيهم يكلمني ها يامحمد ياعادل ها يا عبد الرحمن محمد وعبد الرحمن الي ابوه كان وشه احمر من كتر النيك الي بنكهولوه كلموني ها لو رجال احفظ القناه والءغنيه وكلمني وانا لو مطلعتلكش مبقاش راجل
Ravi Kandera (17 days ago)
I love this song
Linda Todd (17 days ago)
My daughter told me this was her song for ex boyfriend
mashaal hussain (17 days ago)
It’s almost 2019 and this song is still a masterpiece
Umer Saleem (18 days ago)
december 2018
Lilly Ridgway (18 days ago)
November 2018?
Jahidul Islam (18 days ago)
Tita Laral (19 days ago)
Como te va en tus estudiios.
Tita Laral (19 days ago)
Your geurgius.
Tita Laral (19 days ago)
Jaja querida.
A Friend (20 days ago)
The only thing certain is change. I think some people might be upset because women don't have good role models these days. Taylor portrayed herself as a humble woman in the beginning, but now is a carbon copy of every other generic ho in the charts. - Obviously we don't know her personally, but that doesn't matter. It's how she portrays herself that matters. Young girls have no good role models.
Sasaki Haise (1 day ago)
I believe parents should be the children's role model and shouldn't be blamed to othee famous people. Like really.
Xzora Unicorn (20 days ago)
Why this song sounds like mean?? Lol its okay i still love it
Rachel Ko (20 days ago)
This song is so underrated in my opinion! It’s one of my favorites 💓
Chester Didzena (20 days ago)
my battles are not over with me
Chester Didzena (21 days ago)
il rock my days away
usasoldiern (21 days ago)
I feel kind of bad I didn't get into her music sooner, damn she's good.
Chester Didzena (21 days ago)
your ok u finds
Chester Didzena (21 days ago)
im not avoiding u im down for ya
Chester Didzena (21 days ago)
wished y your ok"
Verratti Siama (21 days ago)
Mawi ltk mawi ltk....!!!!
Chester Didzena (22 days ago)
u Taylor your awesome
Anakha Siddique (22 days ago)
Oh this song.even now.💕
Chester Didzena (22 days ago)
ive only built walls around my life because to be honest im afraid of rejection in my past i was let down nseen unfaithful individuals that broken me so im not falling that easy again
Sebastian Chirinos (23 days ago)
Like si lo escuchas en 2018
Kristine Angela (23 days ago)
Nov. 2018?
Brett Perez (23 days ago)
Love it
grace muter (23 days ago)
this song is still s bop
Bhaskar Chatterjee (23 days ago)
Anyone listening this in November 2018?? I'm doing and I still love this song!!!😍😍😍
Michelle Lee (23 days ago)
Tay then: "I've never heard silence quite this loud" Tay now: "i got some big enemies" It's not about old Taylor new Taylor, honestly I've never cared for her as a celebrity (I care about her music), while there's occasionally good songs like Delicate, the lyrics are nowhere close to where her lyrics were.
Chester Didzena (24 days ago)
I liked you Brenda that's all it is hope u can see it thats all it is got my own life too
Claudia Young (24 days ago)
2:30 that hair tho im dead i love it so much its killing memmemememem
Coco Grande 02 (24 days ago)
love this song so much *
Gabgirl 456 (24 days ago)
2:11 my favorite part! A couple years ago when I was maybe 10 (I’m 13) I asked for a Taylor Swift album for Christmas and my mom got me SPEAK NOW I’d never heard the music on it before but I played it anyway (on my CD player) and listen to it every night and when this song came on I’d replay that one line like 5 times just because I loved something about the way she sang it
Jack Ruby (24 days ago)
Jack Ruby (24 days ago)
Nijia Johnson (25 days ago)
Somebody was a Harry Potter fan
Jody Love (25 days ago)
After listening to my friend's playlist for hours (that btw gives me a really bad headache) and didn't dare to tell her to stop, she's finally asleep and I can do a relaxing and mood boosting Tay Marathon. My brain is so relaxed and happy now (no longer tortured). :D
Jessica Lyme (25 days ago)
This literally sums up my feelings about my current relationship
Shekinah Meimei (25 days ago)
Its 2018 and still listening to this 😍😍
Tiyang Amry (26 days ago)
This song was release on my sister's birthday.
mohit Gupta (26 days ago)
Woooow amazing 😎 😎😎😎
Katlin Christopher (27 days ago)
So glad Taylor killed off the old her. She seems to have found her peace. And we all deserve that despite ones career.
Bellatrix Evans (28 days ago)
OMG!! at first I though that's Hogwarts! 😍 And that's the forbidden Library 😂

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