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Proof of Concept -- Virtual Hell Set

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A back plate for another upcoming music cover. Highway to Hell. All I need to do is setup my green screen *sigh* and film myself as a movie asset that will be dropped in the lower left corner playing guitar, whilst AC/DC is seen playing on the JumboTron. I wanted a border line comic/surreal yet with elements of reality in it. Much like AC/DC's music it's all done with a wink but there are some real dramatic things in there. I tried to find that blend. It's very easy to make it look very realistic and scary and dark but I found I actually needed to really digitally paint the far background to get a bit of that "comic" not to "serious" AC/DC feel to it. The whole backplate is actually a still imaged I made up solely out of 2D elements, in Photoshop. The heat movement and the lava movement is done in After Effects.
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