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Did humankind really land on the Moon, or is there any chance it could have been faked? Images used under license from Shutterstock.com Welcome to COLOSSAL MYSTERIES, the show that explores life's most puzzling mysteries! → Credits ← Narrated by: Danny Tieger Written & Directed by: Matt Levy Edited & Animated by: Anton Makarau Follow DreamWorksTV! instagram - https://instagram.com/dreamworkstv/ twitter - https://twitter.com/dreamworkstv facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dreamworkstv Join the fun on DreamWorksTV where you can find an endless supply of laugh-out-loud jokes, lovable characters, life hacks, music, magic, gaming and more! Get crafty with our DIY hacks, sing along to today’s catchiest songs, surprise your friends with clever magic tricks, and learn all the best video game tips and tricks. DreamWorksTV has it all, made just for kids! Check back daily for new episodes and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. → Watch Something New! ← http://bit.ly/1L3zRrF → SUBSCRIBE TO DreamWorksTV! ← http://bit.ly/1kulRcU
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Text Comments (372)
Chaitanya Krishna Reddy (12 hours ago)
NASA shooted somewhere and telecasted in slow motion. Ok, if it's true. Why all people died (killed) who landed in Moon?
MYNEXTPHASE (18 hours ago)
No. Hope this helps.
Evan Barsil (22 hours ago)
Aq Zing (22 hours ago)
If the event was a hoax, they don't even need to tell thousands of people working at NASA who were working on the Moon landing . Just need to make these people believe they were going to assist the the astronauts to land on moon, operations as usual and the hoax team do the hoaxed video and audio transmissions to the command centre . That's all it required.
Aq Zing (22 hours ago)
If the event was a hoax, they don't even need to tell thousands of people working at NASA who were working on the Moon landing They just need make them believe they were going on land the astronauts on moon, operations as usual and the hoax team do the video audio transmissions . That's all it required.
Aq Zing (22 hours ago)
There is no need for a space race, if the Soviets fly to the Mars, the Moon landing would mean nothing
Dimitri Kivokrasov (1 day ago)
Moon landing deneyers are funded by the Russian FSB
JigsK3 (1 day ago)
The Soviet flag and description in this video is showing the Chinese flag!😂😂
ExoticCrafting (1 day ago)
It’s fake because the technology wasn’t that advanced so they sent a rocket to space and recovered the capsule but they recorded the moon landing in a studio, it’s obviously not real! If they did go on the moon they said they only had a little bit of fuel left in the moon lander, how’d they get back to earth! All a freaking hoax!
Ian Dropsyface (1 day ago)
We never landed on the moon because my mum told me and she's dead clever
Trapz City (12 hours ago)
ur mom is wrong then
Shan Shan (1 day ago)
Are there people who really believe the moon landing happened 🤔
Shan Shan (1 day ago)
And the excuse NASA makes for not sending more people to the the moon is that they lost the technology with time 😂 😂 😂
JD Brandenburg (2 days ago)
The moon is plasma, not a rock. Can't land on plasma.
don wilson (2 days ago)
Yeah it was fake. And Santa Claus is real. He hangs out with Bigfoot. They like to chase the Easter Bunny around for fun.
Marcelo BRUK (2 days ago)
Just a reminder - the moon on the dark side gets around -100 degrees, on the light side around +150
R Rushford (2 days ago)
No evidence either way
Nautilus1972 (3 days ago)
And to the moon deniers ... cease and desist in attempting to appear smarter than the rest of us by pretending to know something that no one else knows. If you believe that NASA faked SIX lunar missions .. SIX .. .and that 400,000 NASA employees were in on it ... and that the Soviet Union - America's mortal enemy - kept it a secret until this day ... then you have only your own infinite stupidity for an excuse. Shame on you.
ks Valenti (3 days ago)
You proved nothing. LOL
Connection Magazine (3 days ago)
"WE DID NOT SEE STARS": So sad. During interviews, the Apollo 11 astronauts always seemed confused when asked if they saw stars while walking on the moon. Strangely, Armstrong and Aldrin who reportedly walked on the moon, slowly answered by saying they did NOT see any stars; meanwhile, Michael Collins, who supposedly stayed in orbit around the moon, when he saw their hesitation when answering, seemed very confident to answer the question for them by saying, "I didn't see any stars". Yet, he most definitely would have had to see the stars, since an orbital flight would have taken him to both the light and dark sides of the moon. It appears the astronauts were trying to be consistent with NASA's supposed photos from the moon, which do NOT show any stars in space. CHANGING THE NARRATIVE: Interestingly, now NASA has decided to answer for Armstrong and Aldrin claiming the stars were visible from the moon during Apollo 11, but the camera speed was too fast to capture them on film. Houston, we have a problem! Meanwhile, subsequent trips to the moon reported stars are now visible!
B Tte (3 days ago)
So fake, looks like a broadway show, sky pitch black with no stars and landing perimeter the size of a theater stage platform, why no one can tell ?
OfcItzJayme (3 days ago)
Going to the moon, one emits greenhouses gases, two uses fuel(hey also means destroying our own planet to get there) and three landing on a rock that isn’t necessarily vital in our discovery of the universe I believe they did land on the moon, and the reason people don’t now is because, it is wasting materials and is very expensive
David Jones (3 days ago)
With 400,000 workers involved it would be the best kept secret in 400 billion years
A.G.M (3 days ago)
Thousands of people working on something doesn’t mean that those thousands of people know everything about what they’re working on. Do you think a teller has knowledge and control of all the inner workings and policies of the bank they work at let alone that entire financial institution? If the governor of California is corrupt does that mean his secretary must be in on it? No because the majority of people go to work get paid and go home and not everybody is told everything. The majority of people at a job wouldn’t even know if there *WAS* anything to tell in the first place Stop with the logical fallacies and trying to present your opinion as fact. You have access to the same information as everyone else. The only difference is you chose to believe what we’ve been told and other people have chosen not to and there’s evidence to support both
The only sign of an impending apocalypse is the number of people that believe it was faked.
mace9673 (3 days ago)
Still can’t believe some people think we didn’t go .
FlatEarthBrother (3 days ago)
The moon landings were our greatest achievement? Yeah! In fooling the world we went there!
Manoj Varughese (3 days ago)
RIP to Apollo 1 astronauts. They will be remembered more than the rest of them one day.
Timothy Flanagan (3 days ago)
The world deceived! It was staged in the desert,the flags are in the basement of the Alamo
justicecaparros (4 days ago)
I say its real
Tim Nkl (4 days ago)
Why is it when they show live feeds from the space station you can see stars , stars everywhere , but on the moon , not a star in sight ? Just something that always made me think if we really did go to the moon.
When people go to the moon they travel there when it is daytime on the moon. The day and night cycle is about a month (that’s fifteen days of light and fifteen days of dark). It looks like it is nighttime because the sky is not blue, but the sky isn’t blue because there is no atmosphere on the moon. The light from the sun blocks out all stars from being seen, just like how you can only see stars at nighttime on earth too. This effect is commonly known as light pollution. Even at night sometimes you still can’t see stars because of all the light from earth. As for the photos from space, most photos in space where many stars are shown are rare, but the photos with many stars shown are the most popular photos from space and are the ones you see the most.
J. D. Schultz, Sr. (2 days ago)
How many stars do you see in the daytime on earth??
Yug Hang (2 days ago)
They landed during the lunar daytime
Matt (4 days ago)
and you usually cant see stars on the space station footage because the earth is too bright as well
T M (4 days ago)
"There has been nothing shown to prove the moon landings were fake?" That is where you lost me completely.
cinegraphics (2 days ago)
Yeah. It's NASA who has to prove it was real, not the rest of us to prove it was fake. Otherwise it's like religion. "You can't prove that God doesn't exist". Of course I can't. But I don't have to. The burden of proof is on you (I mean, not you personally, but whoever makes the claim).
Well you must not be too clever then because that’s completely true.
Nick002 (4 days ago)
Because they were real...
jacob almeda (4 days ago)
Xavier Lauzac (2 days ago)
Did you even watch the video?
CivilizedAge Daily (3 days ago)
jacob almeda What evidence to you have to prove it’s fake?
CivilizedAge Daily (3 days ago)
jacob almeda Hahha xD
At that time no way they had the tech to edit something that good
cinegraphics (2 days ago)
They did. Stanley Kubrick got the Oscar for "Odyssey 2000" in 1968, which introduced better special effects than Moon landings. It's widely accepted that Kubrick filmed the "Moon landings".
SplinterHDCombat (3 days ago)
You think editing footage is harder than going to the moon?
Maring Largado (5 days ago)
I thougth the moon has no air but when they stick flag it's moving like in earth
The flag only moves while they were placing it into the moon. The flag was made out of a special cloth they designed so that it could roll out after they put the pole into the moon. As they put the pole in the flag rolled outward and this caused ripples in the flag. It waved for a while because they had a harder time than expected with putting the pole in the moon (considering how hard the moon is).
Nebula (2 days ago)
because they were twisting the pole in the soil so it moved
Matt (4 days ago)
This is easily debunked, The flag literally just had those little bendy metal wires in it to keep it up right.
Tom Kerins (5 days ago)
Remember the video of the splash downs? Ya because there never was any even though we knew exactly were it would happen....
Nick002 (4 days ago)
Aircraft Carrier tracked them all the way down so heli crew could collect the crew.
tim chan (5 days ago)
The 1969 NASA Photoshop Workshop was a success
Bat gaming YT. (6 days ago)
theres no air up there
IntoTheVortex (6 days ago)
Easy to keep people quiet if they dont know what theyre working on. Each individual working on the project only saw a small fraction of the big picture
Jeremy Kirkpatrick (1 day ago)
I really don't think so
Barry Pattern (6 days ago)
Another problem was the Van Allen radiation belt. The sun's North and South pole flip every 11 years. Their rotation slowly goes out of sync and solar flares follow the path of the magnetic field. As the poles misalign the solar flares cross paths more frequently and there is more sunspot activity. On the 11th year solar flare activity is at it's maximum and the radiation out of the sun is at maximum. That happened in 1969. As the ionized particles reach the earth they are redirected by earth's magnetic field to the earth's poles causing the Northern lights. This is the Van Allen radiation belt which was discovered in 1959 and was not fully understood in 1969. Put a chicken in the microwave for 10 minutes and that is your astronaut flying through the belt.
Barry Pattern (6 days ago)
The moon landscape is all wrong in NASA's pictures. They show the surface of the moon covered in dust with rocks laying on the surface. That is impossible in the vacuum of space. The rocks would have come after the dust covered the surface. The rocks would leave impact craters if they fell on the surface or they would have rolling trails if they were pieces of a meteor. The rocks are also rounded and weathered. They would have sharp edges if they were meteor fragments. When was the last time you saw bare rocks lying on top of freshly fallen snow? Type 'C rock moon' in to google and look at the images.
cinegraphics (2 days ago)
Well, big impact craters produce lots of dust, which can partially cover the rocks and ground between them. Although I agree that we should see more rolling trails of the rocks. That's an interesting observation.
Tom Alexander (6 days ago)
This has to be one of the greatest accomplishments in human history. Can't really prove they actually put a man on the moon because NASA actually admits to loosing all of the data from the Apollo Missions. According to mainstream news organizations.
cinegraphics (2 days ago)
This was the best hoax of all times. So good that in the year 2019 there are still people believing in it. Someone deserves an Oscar for it.
Nick002 (4 days ago)
They had a clear out
Saltydog (5 days ago)
Tom   and you believe the mainstream media always.
joe coquerre (6 days ago)
When the last B2 Stealth BOMBER was built,more than 40.000 Thousand men and women,across the USA,worked on the project,less than 10 people, knew what they were exactly building............
William Jones (13 hours ago)
But they know now.
J. D. Schultz, Sr. (2 days ago)
joe coquerre, When she conceived you, your mother OBVIOUSLY didn't know what she was doing!🤔
Auston (4 days ago)
150,000 in the Manhattan project as well.
rotolactor (4 days ago)
Smoking gun. Well played, Gamestop!
Ian LaBartunek (6 days ago)
Today is wednesday july 17th 2019 and I found this video because I noticed something strange. I was brough to this area of youtube after watching a joe rogan thing on buzz aldrin talking about a monolith on phobos and in the related video section I noticed an unnatural number of moon myth debunking videos. This was weird enough so I started doing some searches. If you search for anything with neil armstrongs name your search will come up with videos on his first step, his death, various interviews but ABSOLUTELY NO WEIRD CONSPIRACY VIDEOS. Now, things were starting to look kinda weird and hidden so I tried a surefire search for moon conspiracies. NOT ONE WAS FOUND. I searched "Moon hoax proof" which should have brought up countless alex jones followers and cringy photo slide shows but the closest thing I could find were satire videos. That being said, I'm not invested in the ideas of moon hoax at all but man it sure looks fishy when the other side of the debate just straight up goes missing. Do the search yourself and you will see what I mean. I left this comment here because this is the first video that pops up when you search for moon hoax so hopefully people will see this.
A.G.M (3 days ago)
Ian LaBartunek I had literally the exact same experience you just described
Auston (4 days ago)
YouTube is run by the deep state, so they don't want the truth coming out to the masses.
Will Mann (6 days ago)
I love how we simply dont have the power to make the same rockets we did 50 years ago and how all the blueprints for the rockets were destroyed or "lost" and that they had no rock samples for proof also love the fact we can see lightyears into space but cant look at the moon and observe the footprints that will be there for thousands of years
What are you talking about I’ve literally touched the rock samples
Nebula (2 days ago)
Everything you said is wrong, we have the power to go there but WHY? There is NOTHING there
I'm pretty sure they do have rocks samples at the NASA space station where you can visit
Gaige Stoddard (5 days ago)
Will Mann Actually we do have rock samples from the moon that scientist are studying currently and the other capsules that scientist have are being stored away for future generations to come. You can even look them up and see the rock and dust samples the astronauts collected while on the moon. As for the footprints on the moon, there are pictures of Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon, everyone knows that. Once again, you can look that up as well. The moon landing was definitely real buddy.
UltramaniaGAMING (6 days ago)
Evidence that we never went to the moon: there is NO wind in the moon and when they put the flags into the moon, the flag waved around?
Ahmd Naube (3 days ago)
@Michael Mclaughlin why can't the take a round to the moon now?
Michael Mclaughlin (4 days ago)
Have you even actually looked up why this was the case ? That has been widly debunked for years. The astronauts themselves caused the flag to move as they were putting it in. There is no movement of the flag after it was in. Thats the problem with conspiracy theorists is you look up a you tube video from someonw with no background in Science and instead of trying to find out the explanation why something happens you just belive what has been said by your fellow conspiracy theriost.
Lord Voldemort (4 days ago)
UltramaniaGAMING The Pod Was getting ready for launch off causing it to move
Brian Fischer (4 days ago)
The flag is held up by a horizontal bar and simply moves when it is unfurled and as the pole is being fixed into position by the astronauts. The flagpole is light, flexible aluminium and continues to vibrate after the astronauts let go, giving the impression of blowing in the wind.
lucy Llewellyn (5 days ago)
That's the reason I think it was fake
mopthermopther (6 days ago)
No witnesses, no photos, no soil samples, no tangible evidence, no proof, NO LANDING !
C00ltronix (1 day ago)
@you tube No they didn't.
Laura Alicia (2 days ago)
mopthermopther the level of ignorance
surendra Manral (2 days ago)
Well NASA have samples , and various photographs by space organisations of Japan , India and China has confirmed the Apollo missions
Nick002 (4 days ago)
All of those exist ?
Michael Mclaughlin (4 days ago)
Witnesses....what about amuter astromers who actually tracked the appoll aircraft to thd moon ...or should NASA have also sent up a couple of hundred thousand of independent witnesses..No Photos and no moon rocks....Are you being serious ?
Kopronko (6 days ago)
Vucumprá (6 days ago)
I doubt there was enough technology in 1969 to take men to the moon and back. There's things that they didn't think existed up there at the time like strong radiation.
Robert Kimberley (6 days ago)
Everyone soaked up the story including me. This is true , I was watching a TV interview. If the computer failed a lovely young girl aged 20 was going to use a slide rule to calculate trajectories. Captain Cook might have said "Of course!"
Dee34th (7 days ago)
of course it was.. GOV lie to their citizens all the time.
rotolactor (4 days ago)
Amen to that, Gamestop!
Theresa Zackary (7 days ago)
I just shown this video to my grandfather. He is 94 years old and he worked on the leem (the small craft that they claim landed on the moon). I asked him what he thoughts were. He is starting to get dementia but is 90% still with it most of the time but he remembers the past. His eyes got big and he repeated this line 3 times in a row. “They wrote in the news paper that only war veterans (such as himself) were hired to build the leem” he repeated that sentence 3 times. Then he started to talk about a time when the lights went out... he said he was drilling a hole and then it got dark. It took him an hour to drive home that night but usually it only took 15minutes. He also repeated this 3 times in a row. Also mentioned a fire and that all the big wigs came down for it. Then his eyes got small again and he didn’t want to talk anymore.
Theresa Zackary (7 days ago)
He also mentioned that Neil Armstrong came to thank them all for making the leem after he “got back from the moon” I asked him if he said anything about the moon, he giggled a little and said no. But he “just can’t believe people think it was fake” I asked him if he ever heard the term MK-ULTRA. He said no, looked a little confused and went on again about the paper clipping from earlier.
Dr B (7 days ago)
As a scientist, is not the many "proofs" that make a case for a hoax, but a healthy skepticism: the lack of any recent attempt for a new Moon landing mission---with exponentially better and cheaper technology.
Auston (4 days ago)
There's not many proofs showing they actually went to the moon either.
Siebe Morael (5 days ago)
Why do we have to invest in going back to the moon when there's more things to explore in the universe, more interesting than a empty object 500k kms away from earth...
Lion of Zion (7 days ago)
I use to watch Jackanory after school😀🙄😂
TimmyTheSnail (7 days ago)
Lol YouTube only shows videos that support the common belief. Hilarious
Charlie sebbage (7 days ago)
I think if it did happen then by now we would be going up there all the time, so answer that!? American propaganda against Russia. Simple
Laura Alicia (2 days ago)
Charlie sebbage simple: why should we do that?
Zakayah , (2 days ago)
I am on the moon now😂😂😂😂😂😂
Steven Atwood (7 days ago)
That would be a complete waste of resources.
Brayden Smith (7 days ago)
Horrible video. Little research done.
If they did land on the Moon, how come I can see shadows in the video and in 1969 the technology wasn't as good as today, The Moon would be the same as a star, it would take you a million years to get to the stars, why would the moon be any different. NASA killed a producer who filmed the fake Moon setting because he was going to tell the secret about fake news, and how would they collect the footage back to earth? So what did we learn today kids?The Government are liars! UwU
You have no hope.
Phill Jackson (7 days ago)
sanguine fan (8 days ago)
How about this for a conspiracy? "They" want us ordinary people to doubt everything we read, see and hear so that we become utterly disorientated and confused. Then we will be so malleable and compliant that we are easily controlled by our hidden masters. That is the evil intent behind the various conspiracy theories that preoccupy the masses today, e.g. Moon Landing, 9/11, Flat Earth, PID, Kennedy assassinations. They are all calculated to turn us into obedient robots!
be hiphop (8 days ago)
Why would the sovjets betray them they are in the same spacestation they work togheter to fool the world nice try bud
New Clear (8 days ago)
when you put a horizontal stick to hold your flag straight you know you fucked up on so many levels
Walter Tower (8 days ago)
jim morgan (8 days ago)
"It did not happen it's as simple as that." Jim Morgan 2019
jim morgan (8 days ago)
"Departure from the Moon’s surface, which wasn't a problem during the Apollo era, is now a problem due to the perceived difficulties in getting out of the so-called deep gravity well. Furthermore, NASA admits that the agency doesn’t have sufficient understanding of radiation beyond LEO. If just one crucial link in a Moon visitation project is missing, the whole program becomes impossible." – Phil Kouts, PhD. Radiation: "Radiation surely must be the showstopper preventing mankind’s exploration of the Universe.” – Professor Clive Dyer, 1997. Lack of knowledge about the biological effects of and responses to space radiation is the single most important factor limiting the prediction of radiation risk associated with human space exploration. – The Augustine Commission, 2009. Rockets: Dark Moon demonstrates that the Saturn V launcher was underpowered and may not have been able to leave low-Earth orbit. "New research indicates that the F-1 rocket engines could only lift off the pad a modified version of the Saturn V – just 2000 tons instead of the stated 2,800 tons." – Gennady Ivchenkov, PhD. "With such a start to the flight, the Apollo 11 craft had no chance of catching up with the required ascent schedule." – N.V. Lebedev, Veteran of Baikonur Cosmodrome Laser Reflectors: It is not necessary to have a laser retro-reflector on the Moon in order to receive a return laser signal from the Moon – this was demonstrated back in 1962.
Mark Schwendau (9 days ago)
Which of the three astronauts refused to swear on his mother's grave he went to the moon?
Toni Hiltunen (10 days ago)
All I'm saying is that how weird it is that we don't have the correct technology to repeat that today. It's like 1800's farmers would have created lamborghini that can go 0-100 in 3sec but today we can't even get our cars run. Why technology seems to run backwards only in this field? Back in the day computer filled a warehouse. Today we have 1000 times more powerful cpu in a pen.
Oddvar Mørk (10 days ago)
How could the US afford to send manned trips to the moon just after the country had lost an incredibly costly war in Vietnam? It has been said that these moonlandings was due to the space race against the Soviet, but why did they have to take 6 trips, when a single journey should be enough to win? Amazingly, the US was able to send all 6 within a few years, but 50 years after that, no one has been there afterwards. The United States also has in the entire period afterwards counted numerous astronauts orbiting the earth. Even with all the conspiracies put on the sidelines. . . . I think this space strategy seems completely incomprehensible.
Emily Paille (10 days ago)
Goodbyyyyyye moon men
Juby Thomas (11 days ago)
*A C T U A L L Y*
Ricky J.P. (15 days ago)
Oh come on... I mean who could doubt a word that Mr Nixon uttered!! ha ha ha ha ha!!
Ricky J.P. (15 days ago)
The fact that there was not a SINGLE OUNCE of dust on the feet of the "landing craft" not a speck of dust out of place below the hugely powerful thrusters was evidence enough for me. A film set (and not a very good one either)
Pen' em (23 days ago)
1:55 the other flag was crazy russian hacker logo
Linda Fasching (23 days ago)
We did go to the moon ! They had to practice on earth first
William Singht (23 days ago)
I have a big news for you: actually today nobody worry were Americans on the Moon or not. Only Americans patriots :))
caribou eater (24 days ago)
the idk guy RBLX (24 days ago)
hi humans I’m a person that believes in the moon landings! you can start drama I don’t really care
FamilyOfTwo (24 days ago)
It’s an obvious set,there’s no distance.
Charlie Day (25 days ago)
if it happened, why weren't there any repeat missions? the tech today must be better than that of 1969... i'm just wondering
alex j (26 days ago)
The camera outside that filmed neil first steps on the moon how it get there? Think about that!.
See? They landed on the Moon coz Russia and they filmed it! LoL... 😎
Robert Bisard (27 days ago)
You still provided no concrete or scientific evidence that the landing on the moon was real zero
cathryn armstrong (27 days ago)
We really landed on the moon! Geez if it was a hoax with all the people involved, someone would have opened their Yap! Use your Brain people!
Abishek chhetri (29 days ago)
USA is the liar. No doubt.
The Imaginary Gallery (29 days ago)
This video is propaganda misinformation. There's been no evidence to prove the moon landings were fake? That in itself is a colossal *lie* . Take a gander at photos on the moon. Keep in mind that NASA claimed to not have brought any light source with them yet the shadows alone are at different, inconsistent angles indicating 2 light sources. What about the disappearing Coke bottle? How on earth, or in space actually, would that contraption made of tin foil have carried enough fuel to allow it to fly both ways to & from the moon? Is there a gas station in space? What about most of the Challenger crew who are alive, well & some even with the audacity to be using the same name? Did you forget about the visible water bubbles floating in "space"? What about the fact that NASA admits all photos of earth from space have been manipulated (faked) for the reason:they have to be. Why then can we take a photo of the moon from here on earth & no fakery is required to view the image clearly? None of these important details were even covered.
Øut Sider (29 days ago)
apollo 11 was unscrewed ship. While lunching that toy, buzz, eldrin n armstrong were inside nasa's studio.....
Ben Garrison (29 days ago)
The animation from the start has it wrong. The astronauts never jumped higher than 18 inches--the same as here on Earth. They never performed giant leaps like shown in the animation. Of course they never went to the moon--all hoaxed in order to milk the taxpayers and maintain some semblance of national pride. The astroNOTS never left low Earth orbit.
Geoff B (29 days ago)
Do humans realise we are governed by the sun. Any slight change by the sun and humans would not exist. To say that humans will one day escape the margins of our existence and break away from the environment the sun has created is ludicrous. We survive on air, water, and sustenance created by organic growth nurtured by the sun and humans will never escape from this reliance. To say humans will one day explore space is farcical. We can build structures by utilising materials dug up from the earth and using these materials to propel us away from our planet but this is only a short term adventure. The restrictions of outer space will not allow humans to manufacture enough material to overcome the severe radiation emitted by the sun which is why humans have never landed on the moon and will never break away from our solar system or visit other planets. We are destined to stay just within the confines of our capabilities and will remain here until the sun finally fades and this sphere of matter is devoid of any form of life.
Mobile Cyclop (29 days ago)
Actually man into space not moon
Deonte Wells (1 month ago)
Yeah..u would think if they really landed in 69 then they would have a space station on the moon by now..FAKE
rabone (1 month ago)
koosh csanyi (1 month ago)
No we dident land on the moon . 3 simple deductions will school you all ..number 1 . Look up how cold space is then look up how much cold a space suit can withstand , the numbers don't add up , 2 Stanley Kubrick came out and admitted on his death bed he filmed the whole thing in a studio , and 3 ..We would not have been able to go through the van Allen radiation belt , we dident have anything and still don't have anything to protect humans from that type of radiation . If we did fukushima would have been cleaned up by now..I'm just tiard of all the lies . Why do I have to spend so much time reaching to find the truth .
Pierat (1 month ago)
Neil Armstrong Neil.A A.lieN Alien (Illuminati theme song plays)
kane00777 (1 month ago)
I have a mystery why you lie about someone going to the Moon if you cant leave the atmosphere without dying? The radiation will kill you instantly I don't care what you wearing this is a fact not fiction
kane00777 (1 month ago)
Yeah but in reality no one's been to the Moon at all
kane00777 (1 month ago)
The moon landing was real we just didn't have the technology to turn around
kane00777 (1 month ago)
Wait shouldn't we film behind us to? No don't be stupid it's in the front only
T. Noel Trudell-Kays (1 month ago)
This video explains nothing about the lack of a blast crater or dust on the lander's feet. It's ironic that it took just a few people with critical eyes and no money to start this conspiracy and it's taken millions of dollars and countless people to debunk it.
A Swede From China (1 month ago)
Chase McBrien (1 month ago)
They lie. Don't ever trust the US Government. They plan to take out over 90% of the world population. Better get prepared.
Thanks for the cartoon proof
Damian x (1 month ago)
Lies we have never been !
She Nna (1 month ago)
What's the purpose of lying? :/

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