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IMO The World of Magic l Scholar Duos VS Sour patch kids

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Part 2
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오지 (3 years ago)
지금까지본 사람들중에 님이 제일 잘함
임동환 (11 months ago)
개못하는데ㅋ 렙빨+상대 외국인들 발컨빨ㅋ
(2 years ago)
+오지 안녕하세요
Wiconi Zephier (3 years ago)
ohhhh I thought wuss fked your brains I see like 2kills maybe but not even solo :o
Wiconi Zephier (3 years ago)
+팬더 멜 lmfao they just fan girling kk
(3 years ago)
+팬더 멜 Lou this nigga saying its cuz im 47 bla bla bla yet he faceplants to a 34 Mage lmfao. Like seriously quit. You suck. Bad. Really. Bad.
Wiconi Zephier (3 years ago)
+iWuSs IMO I don't even have to state anymore facts smfh
Wiconi Zephier (3 years ago)
ZzzTZxxX (3 years ago)
+FR33D0M imo lol maybe cause I don't play the game to talk shit? I pk cmon on Lou I thought you knew me?
End & And (3 years ago)
Trung Van (3 years ago)
Even with HF iWuss still nub........
Burnt Sweet Potato (3 years ago)
I love your vids and amazing song choice. SNSD 4 ever
akaresys (3 years ago)
this is so hot Liel.

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