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Star Tek Enterprise - Orion slave women dance

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archer and reed mix a bit of business and pleasure
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Hefizba Beula (2 days ago)
a baby from them two colors would be a mixed between green and peach??? 🤯🤔
Alpha Draconis (2 months ago)
The moment I feel teeth she feels phaser
Jeffrey Martin (2 months ago)
yes they are....lol🎃
TIG5574 (3 months ago)
No joke, someone posted this scene on Pornhub awhile back. Understandable!
specialunit 042 (2 months ago)
lol no surprise
bigraviolees (3 months ago)
The lead dancer was a blonde in a VOyager episode
D man (4 months ago)
Not nearly as good as the tos ones. The one in the middle is the best one. They should have hired belly dancers.
Tinkpaars (4 months ago)
I'm also looking for this song, can anyone help me with finding the origin of this song?
Der Nerd (4 months ago)
shut up and Take my Credits
deadphishiy (5 months ago)
I feel funny
Warbird Phoenix (6 months ago)
Have to hand it to orion men,their aggressive yet seductive selling skills makes ferengi traders look like amatures.
Love Light (4 months ago)
Orions are Matriarchial
Byamba (4 months ago)
most people only watch the clips on youtube they didn't actually watched the show
steve gale (5 months ago)
For slaves? You are aware that Orion men are the Orion females slaves?
Meryilla (8 months ago)
The actress playing the lead girl was also the first actress to portray Tora Ziyal, Gul Dukat's daughter in DS9.
AidanDoesGames (2 months ago)
Yo shit I didn’t know that. Thanks.
Bogdan Shamanul (10 months ago)
can somebody help ,me with the name of the artist and the song?
Jason Ceaser (1 year ago)
...OK..... I gotta ask..... how come they're aren't any Orion Slave Boys, if they even have any, and, or do they even exist!? Every culture on Earth has some tucked away somewheres, I'm sure.... Don't get your panties in an uproar..... you may not like it, subscribe to it, or condone it..... but you know it's true....
Byamba (4 months ago)
the males are the actual slaves, if u watcht he episode u will understand this is all act. the females release some pheromones that males get attracted to them . that's why they fake being slaves. so they can get shit
Kami Easton (5 months ago)
Jason Ceaser In Orion society on Star Trek the men are the slaves while the women are the masters... It's explained in this episode of the show...
Shawn Lucas (1 year ago)
I give the choreography a solid 9/10. Not too polished to look like a competition performance, but not too improvised to look like they just made it up on the spot. Great work.
evilsonic9999 (1 year ago)
Is the pussy green too?
The Mito (1 year ago)
I'd sure love to do some reserarch.
Dave Liao (1 year ago)
Shrek is cracking me up.
JAZZYLEE RACER (7 months ago)
Cyborg Shrek on steroids.
drcurv (1 year ago)
So easy on the eye ....
doginstine (1 year ago)
Too bad they did not play the music that they did for TOS, the Cage.
Howyaduing (10 months ago)
Nah this sounds better
Todd J Piascik (1 year ago)
Not saying I'd turn them down but how about some more meat on those bones? A little more jiggle to go with the wiggle! 😉
Voluntad Integral (2 months ago)
Naaa, they are perfect, just has they are... ;)
LoveStarDragon2 (1 year ago)
I want that music that they were dancing to . The heck with them , I just want that music .
Tinkpaars (4 months ago)
Me 3, haven't found it yet?
R. N. Holmes (4 months ago)
LoveStarDragon2 me 2
Martian Dawn (1 year ago)
Their dancing skills are rather lacking. If it wasn't for the pheromones, they would be a laughing stock.
Simon Potter (1 month ago)
who cares
Voluntad Integral (2 months ago)
They are wonderful...
Voluntad Integral (2 months ago)
Maybe it´s time to taste the wonderful womens touch and scent, and marvelous fulfill yourself with her joyous feminine pleasure, ¿who knows mister jason?, ¿maybe you might ended up loving her sights like it never before happens in your life?... :D
bigraviolees (3 months ago)
funny I thought the dancing was original. FOx trained you to think gymnastics and back flipping is  all there is
I doubt Martian could the two step .
Geliefde Liefde (1 year ago)
They look like transvestites
Voluntad Integral (2 months ago)
Well man, i think you see only what's more vivid in your own mind...
You would say that
The Mito (9 months ago)
Not the lead bitch tho. She's absolutely stunning.
ManuelspaceLP (1 year ago)
typical orion XD

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