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Game of Thrones 7x03 - Jon Snow meets Daenerys Targaryen

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Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 3
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Hart'OF Gold (1 hour ago)
Such sjw moment.. and when was Danny actually raped? Drogo was her husband and he only smashed after they got married.. Danny is a drama queen.
Clare Marie (2 hours ago)
Marcin Gadowski (7 hours ago)
Obviusly....whe do not kneel.
Abraham Anand (7 hours ago)
One of my fav characters is Ser Davos..
J J (11 hours ago)
The night king gets past the wall because jon goes get a wight lol
The Last Ghostrider (15 hours ago)
Here to bend that ass over
Clyde. J Garcia (16 hours ago)
Daenerys.. I have dragons... Jon.. yeah u have dragons.. well we have Anya 😂😂😂😂
Pads Bridgeman (16 hours ago)
(In my best Kilmonger voice) Hey auntie...
Jera Hwang (16 hours ago)
Damn Im looking forward to the reaction of their faces when they know about Jon being Targaryen 😂😂
Rebecca D (17 hours ago)
I love Davos lol.
IdTheDemon (17 hours ago)
I love how Daenery's has all her titles listed before her and Jon just has one, the King in the North. All he needs is that one title. DA KANG IN DA NORF!!!!
cristiano_xxvi (18 hours ago)
i haven't watch this serie, should i watch it? Like my comment then
Angel Avila (19 hours ago)
2:37 Any woman who must say "I am the last Targaryen" is no true last Targaryen.
Deena being (19 hours ago)
Dany is so annoying here. Without her dragons what would she be but chilling out in dosh Khaleen. Jon Snow didn’t need dragons to become a legend. He is Jon snow. But even so I still ship it.....
Anthony Gracey (19 hours ago)
Great scene, Emilia knocks it out of the park. The Hand of the King did try to stop her assassin at the time. Maybe Bran will show her this.
Reefer Von Kush (21 hours ago)
@ 7:43 if Jon Snow had not glared at Davos right there, and made him stop. Davos would have dived right into the massive list of "titles" Jon had to his name, which no doubt would have shoved Daenerys right off her pedestal . The dude is humble as fuck.
RivalSurvival (22 hours ago)
wtf all of these comments made me laugh my ass, yall need to write for the show.
Assrash McBalls (1 day ago)
That half a second lasting face Tyrion made after "This is Jon Snow...".
adrianika 14 (1 day ago)
I've never thought this could ever happen... <3
Voice of Validity (1 day ago)
If John becomes king, will she bend... A. The Knee B. Both Knees C. Over
Monick Acharya (1 day ago)
Goes in search for dragon glass, gets dragon ASS instead! IMPROVISE ADAPT OVERCOME!!
Soccer Loco (1 day ago)
Daenerys always reminds me of a feminist😂lol.
Willz __ (1 day ago)
Still selfish children among Jon Snow. She may of done all those things but still a spoiled brat.
257nothing (1 day ago)
After Daenerys's speech from 5:43-6:39. John Snow:"But did you die?".
Daily Dorks (1 day ago)
Dany: Robert was your father's best friend, no? I wonder if your father knew that his best friend sent assassins to murder a baby girl in her crib? He did. And he objected to it.
Muhammad Mohsin (1 day ago)
3:40 "Almost" hahahaha
Muhammad Mohsin (1 day ago)
0:27 "This is Jon Snow" That's right. He needs no intro because that's how awesome he is.
shooglechic (1 day ago)
When you don't know It was your other Grampa that killed your Stark Grampa.
John Berry (1 day ago)
Ser Davos coming in clutch.
wipeout2098 (1 day ago)
Jon should be like: "They didn't build a 700 feet tall and 300 mile wide wall of ice because they were bored." ;)
Shadowman4710 (1 day ago)
Daenerys: "Hey, you're very attractive, we should have sex." Jon:"Well that very flattering but we just met..." Daenerys: "Nonsense, I'm the Queeeeeen and I want sex..NOW!" Jon: "Well, err, well you're very pretty and I'm single so yeah I guess we can but isn't it kind of wrong?" Daenerys: "What do you mean?" Jon: "Well, suppose we're really related or something?" Daenerys (getting really impatient at this point): "Seriously, dude. What are the odds of THAT happening?" Jon (stripping off his clothes): "Yeah, fair point."
Aecides 3 (1 day ago)
"I have three dragons and an army of Dothraki." "I have Lyanna Mormont and plot armour so thick half the blades in the Nights Watch couldn't get through it."
Lou (1 day ago)
where's Jorah?
whitekid345895 (1 day ago)
You....stand before a thot
Sourav Datta (1 day ago)
'I am the last targereyon'....fact check girl😂😂
Fuzzy Duo (1 day ago)
I fucking hate her, she is everything that SJWs stand for, she preaches what's good for everyone but when it comes down to it the first she demands of people is to "bent the knee" well fuck that, i'd rather raise the middle finger to the power hungry blood thirsty genocidal war monger. Hope her own undead dragon eats her.
"THIS is Jon Snow......" .......... I'm dying 😂😂
devorahacts (1 day ago)
Who defiled her? I guess you could say Drogo raped her but that all worked out, right?
Aaron Alsept (2 days ago)
Gah, I can't wait until Cercei kills off Daenerys ... she is so dang arrogant and evil.
Aaron Alsept (2 days ago)
This John Snow. Uh...he's King in the North.
ihavetubes (2 days ago)
It's hard to bend the knee when it took an arrow.
Otaku Senpai (2 days ago)
I stull think maybe they should have cast someone else for Danny
Ashcool (2 days ago)
At least she was decent enough to apologize for what her father did instead of acting like a jerk and being like "Not my problem. I wasn't there" The current generation of UK can learn a lot from her.
SamDAawesomest (2 days ago)
oh for fucks sake show writers you had to do it Gendry says to jon 'my father trusted yours i dont see why we can't' ffs gendry the irony is killing me and then in this scene daenerys says that jon's father was roberts best friend please help the irony is too much
snidelywhiplash (2 days ago)
Jon @2:13: "I...what?"
Lol, Daenerys' face at 1:44 she's like oh, you motherfu.....
Oscar Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Jon can acknowledge her as Grace. Wht tf cant she? I Even if theyre opposite sides. Ill be so glad when she realizes hes the real dragon
Mc Chmil (2 days ago)
“I am the last targaryen Jon Snow” yeaaahh we’ll see about that
arctic 1878 (2 days ago)
"I am the last Targaryen, John Snow"
Irishtrish NCIS (2 days ago)
Awkward silence... This is Jon Snow
Heru- deshet (2 days ago)
Dragon gentle as a puppy.
deepak chowdary (2 days ago)
is it time for re-watch? Tis
Mark Albertsen (2 days ago)
Video starts at 0:25
Stephanie Lapinid (2 days ago)
Daeny's intro: *long and majestic* Jon's intro: This is Jon Snow... King of the North Tyrion: 😬
Buffy Bell (2 days ago)
Messandei: You stand in the presence of Danerys Stormborn...Rightful Queen of the Iron Throne... Davos: This is Jon Snow (GOT Fans: Actually that is Aegon Targeryn your older brother’s last son. So technically, his claim comes first)
Minh Le (2 days ago)
"i was born to rule the seven kingdoms. and i will." chills
Lacy Gorman (2 days ago)
SEE Hurt a DUDE, they turn Ornery and MEAN and that Breaks Something Beautiful. Trauma Recovery training Ladies. 😍
Lacy Gorman (2 days ago)
Gacha Ben (2 days ago)
Patience Rachel (2 days ago)
"flee bottom accent" 😂😂😥
Superfly Gaming (2 days ago)
Jon didn't win over Dany by bending the knee, he won it by refusing to for the same reasons she would.
Nexus Wolf (2 days ago)
I don't understand why a bunch of cold monsters beyond the wall are so unbelievable to them when dragons, facechanging men, tree-gods, seven-faced gods, and all the other stuff exists. If ginormous firebreathing lizards exist, is a bunch of cold-men that unbelievable?
Dick Grayson (2 days ago)
Even someone like Jon who is way out of Aery's league can smash that savage Queen. Lets go King!!!👑
iamrichrocker (3 days ago)
can u imagine their babies? wow..handsome couple..royalty..money..and good souls..love GoTs...
tRonald Dump (3 days ago)
and then they had sex
Vale Todder (3 days ago)
the moment I started to hate the hairy blonde bitch
Kory Toombs (3 days ago)
John Snow is a bastard, his last name is Snow, the name of a bastard. He doesn't need to follow what the Starks did based on that fact alone.
Benjámin Kurilla (3 days ago)
If only the houses of the north had a webcamera or crystall ball to see how is ther king doing at Dragonstone.
Dr. Ink (3 days ago)
This is Jon snow the king in the north, the former lord commander of the nights watch, the un killed, the protector to the free folk the son of prince Rhaegar Targaryen and the heir to the iron throne.
whatev466 (3 days ago)
What does Varys say to Daenerys at 9:10 to make her go from "You're rebelling against me" to "Sorry about my manners, we'll prepare baths and supper for you" ???????
Xboxlove1 (3 days ago)
Nicholas Rue (3 days ago)
They're both too proud and stubborn. That's part of the problem. LOL
JokeeGA5 (3 days ago)
Those will be some handsome babies...
jessica nechifor (3 days ago)
Jon : hello Dany : i am the rightful queen Jon : the army of the dead is coming Dany : i am the rightful queen Jon : we will die if we do not sto- Dany : I AM THE RIGHTFUL queen
Safrus Salmus (3 days ago)
Imagine how awkward it would have been if Bran had arrived in Winterfell earlier. This is Aegon Targaryen, Trueborn son of Rheagar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, Rightful King of the seven Kingdoms, also known as Jon Snow, King in the North, and former Commander of the Nights Watch.
NichoTBE (3 days ago)
one of the best scenes in GoT
RodneyTheNewsGeek (3 days ago)
Daenery's is my pride and joy but got dammit in this scene she's fucking arrogant and full of it, it's not even hot anymore
DIY Parties Channel (4 days ago)
check out my easy DIY Game of thrones jeoffrey and Cersei crowns tutorial!
tommy hardi (4 days ago)
"He is king in the North !"
Binit Bhattarai (4 days ago)
3:41 Tyrion goes almost. He probably was I failed your plan SUck my ass bitches
Thato Mashele (4 days ago)
His king of the North only
umainebearman (4 days ago)
"I am the last Targaryen Jon Snow..." Nooooo you're nooooooooot. hehehehehe
Sati (4 days ago)
Never really liked Jon Snow even though I tried. He was so whiny from the start, then lost what little respect I mustered for him after how he used Ygritte. Pretty sure he is attempting the same with Daenerys. Can't wait until she Dracaryses him.
George Clinton (4 days ago)
the worst season
vjm3 (4 days ago)
She wants the Snow cone.
Brandon Banks (4 days ago)
That introduction....I bet it took multiple takes to get that right without laughing
Hillary Clark (4 days ago)
I love when they pan to Jon when she says the name “Aeogon Targaryen”
Michael Dodd (4 days ago)
Fucking Fleebottom accent!
Stephanie Estrada (4 days ago)
Fire & Ice
Jay Gee (4 days ago)
I would pledge my life for Dany.... such a powerful figure.
Chaos ZT (4 days ago)
What is with Davos's obsession with addressing people properly?
Tyler Durden (4 days ago)
"I will not hold you responsible for the sins of your father if you do not hold me bound to the obligations of mine. Agreed? <nod> EXCELLENT! Now, shall we discuss some mutually beneficial arrangement based on current circumstances?"
Neb88 (4 days ago)
He gonna smash!
John Doe (4 days ago)
I wonder what John being stabbed, killed, and brought back to life will play in future episodes. Will he be a pawn of the ice king?
LoneWolfRomero (5 days ago)
I would had love to see a meeting with Tywin and Danny!!
Lightup Darkness (5 days ago)
Isn't that technically his throne?
DartLuke (5 days ago)
Dayenerys: I am Queen... John shows her old gif "Mother of dragons" Daynerys: Ok... Lets make new one. John: Deal
abcun17 (5 days ago)
I could look at Emilia Clarke's face and smile forever...
CLxJames (5 days ago)
“I wasn’t there for that oath” “Yea but an oath is an oath so....” Literally 3 seconds later: “I ask you not to judge / hold me to what my family has done. That was them, not me”
MyBean (5 days ago)
I love their reactions to the 'army of the dead'

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