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Can't you hear my Knocking, Rolling Stones Cover

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Playing the awesome Stones song Can't you hear me knocking in sight of the Rolling Stones' 50th Anniversary gig in Glastonbury. Playing my own style and pieces and playing Mick Taylor's solo by ear as we go along. Playing my home made Micawber.
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Bats Records (3 years ago)
fantastic ! thumbs up
Raymond Doetjes (3 years ago)
+dave burns Thanks mate!
C Section Recovery Kit (5 years ago)
keep on having fun!
GCC (5 years ago)
played in one take?that's best guitar playing I had saw so far. You have that's rhythm filing like if you play guitar and driving drums in same time - fantastic game between notes and pauses.This is fine example how all songs should be played for my ear.
HappyStrat24 (5 years ago)
Excellent playing, I love it!
Raymond Doetjes (5 years ago)
Thank Johan! Good to see you again! You have become quite a card shark! You're awesome man!
Johan Holmberg (5 years ago)
Great cover raymond!

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