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Derren Brown like suggestion of Olympic Rings

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I verbally and visually suggest to place the coins in an Olympic Rings layout. As you can see both spectators were influenced to think of the same layout. http://www.alakazam.co.uk/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=112
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Core Combat N.I (8 years ago)
VERY NICE mate! I especially liked the, "It's good to want to gather money" (greed is good), followed by, "people who use all 5 tend to be a bit greedy" (making her consciously think that you're trying to stop her from using all 5 so she rebels and does just that) Same with "most people tend to avoid the outer cards" Also, the coins are already placed in the shape of the Olympic rings. Again, very nice
RCSuperPowers (9 years ago)
So good!
Raymond Doetjes (9 years ago)
Yet the suggestion also worked on you.
Raymond Doetjes (9 years ago)
->follow up, and most often than not when you name something it is removed from the selection. Now 3 is a pretty standard amount that people would select and we want to avoid this.
Raymond Doetjes (9 years ago)
I first do tests like pick a colour (red or blue) and I emphasize red. If the catch on to the majority of the simpler suggestions I can move to the more complex ones like this. The basis is that I suggest that most people avoid the outer cards and the center. People tend to be challenging and thus you force them to do exactly this but at the same time they know they can break this pattern and thus select the 2 and 4 location. Also I say take the coins (and gesture to all) I name 3 several times

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