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TVs 50 Greatest Magic Tricks

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TV illusionists have been sawing ladies in half catching bullets between their teeth reading minds and performing feats of escapology for decades. Channel 5 counts down the best including the astonishing set-pieces of Penn and Teller the mind-bending of Derren Brown and the street magic of David Blaine. It features spectacular illusions such as making the Statue of Liberty disappear intimate card tricks and the lighter side of the business thanks to the inclusion of comedy great Tommy Cooper. Paul Daniels and new kid on the block Dynamo also feature in this magic compendium with contributions from Joe Pasquale Dick and Dom and Stephen Mulhern. Enjoy
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Text Comments (821)
Steve Mazz (6 days ago)
Magic Tricks are only a Trick, nothing magic about any of it. The edit of this could have been so much better... to much talking.
Mr. Destruction (16 days ago)
Well.. Most of the tricks have been exposed by the masked magician
Mr. Destruction (16 days ago)
46:30 chloe looks like Stacey that helped piff the magic dragon #interesting
McKennan Kappeler (17 days ago)
This show gave me cancer
Mr. Destruction (18 days ago)
Most of this tricks have been exposed by the mask magician LONG ago
Balcifer (28 days ago)
Where its Yif ?
BB Cute (1 month ago)
20:29 Who is this actress?
Lance Sayavong (1 month ago)
wow @12:50
wideseen (1 month ago)
TV-producers are a nuisance. Show the tricks and stay on the perfomer. The useless quick cuts to audience reactions is for the sake of the producer only, for the TV audience it's crab. Useless!!!
Jack Danielz 151 (1 month ago)
I think the English are funny. They think EVERYTHING they do is the worlds best.... Get a life
Galen Warren (1 month ago)
"Ronald Reagan started a recession on purpose". He saved California, albeit only temporarily (see the news today) from a socialist agenda. On the back of that he got elected POTUS. The recession after he took office was due to delayed response to his economics plan.... a plan that took him from 32% approval rating mid term to a re election two years later (due to the rebounding and booming economy that followed). Entertainers, regardless of what they do in front of an audience, seem to always get everything outside their craft completely wrong.
All Things Magic (1 month ago)
He had a duplicate mouse for the blender trick
sdbaref2 (1 month ago)
Magicians keeping their tricks secret is the same premise that illusionists using cameras tricks hide behind. Such a shame. They act like they really did a trick and say it's a magicians secret so that don't have to give away that it was just a camera edit. What a classless way to perform "magic".
sdbaref2 (1 month ago)
#20 is an obvious camera trick. There is an edit right at the point where the humvee is about to hit the guy. The magician/illusionist knows it's bs no matter what he tries to say.
Ace Williams (1 month ago)
What a terrible tragedy not include in this list one of the greatest magicians ever in the history of magic. He was the world's greatest card manipulator-EVER!. The David Blaine trick of the card on the other side of the window was actually his, except the original trick was on the outside of Bugsy Siegel's 30th floor suite window in Las Vegas. He was also a master escape artist who performed Houdini's escape from a cage dropped in the river. He actually assisted his friend Houdini in debunking many fake séance fakirs. He was also a master mathematician who broke down the odds of every casino game and was the inventor of the six deck shoe to prevent casinos from being ripped off as well as protecting WWII troops from being ripped off as an advisor to the US Military.  He performed on the Merv Griffin show with a group of spectators including actor Jack Klugman. His routine was absolutely flawless. I am god smacked that the producers of this show have completely discounted master magician John Scarne. I watched this and I am completely dismayed that he is not remembered, especially after some on this programed were mentioned more than one. What an utter sham and an insult to the art of magic itself. Shame on you!
václav šlajch (2 months ago)
Honestly... This is the WORST tv format ever. They just can't simply present the tricks... They just need to ruin them with idiotic commentaries a constant cuts to people nobody cares about.
Robert Patterson (2 months ago)
Ed balducci , levitation trick , then show audience reaction., cut , edit , use wires to show d. Blaine lifting off completely by a foot. Cameramen are the magicians, the person in front on the camera is the actor.
khollin swann (29 days ago)
How the fuck did he do the levitation by camera when the people in front of his fucking face saw him doing it???
Robert Patterson (2 months ago)
URI geller , was a one trick pony. He failed miserably on Johnny Carson, he was unimaginative, as far ever conceiving any other damn trick. He knew how to make money off of spoons and forks . How come no table dinner knife , with a thick metal handle? And neither he or his staff would be allowed access to it all . ? He was a con ,like James Hydrick. It is an embarrassment for all other accomplished artists mentioned to have ‘spoon bender ‘ on this list👎😜🥄🥄🥄🥄
sinekonata (2 months ago)
Brown's mental tricks obviously involve good actors and nothing more. Why are those interviewees all defending his magic and acting like he's actually a mentalist...
No Excuses (2 months ago)
Pause the video tap the time ➡️ 2:06:26 you can see his lower body in a hole and that his waist is fake, camera man fail, I saw him in person he was just ok
fidobarks (3 months ago)
delete the bogus boring analysis by the cornballs....
Embers End (3 months ago)
Chris angel shouldn't be on this list...
Simon Says (3 months ago)
Older video, but in defense of Criss Angel, before his immense fame/television show, he did have to hone his craft to get a show to then make a mockery of it. He was quite good before the buckets of money.
Yusli Adnan (4 months ago)
Pen & teller..the coins at the chair..he take it use his left hand..who agree??
David Rogers (4 months ago)
Cris Angel is such a great magician; he even manages to change the girl's initials to upper case on the coin! Genius.
Horia-Alexandru Visan (4 months ago)
Uri galer = crook
firstname lastname (4 months ago)
Fantastic. Piff, you can bet EVERYONE knows piff!
glen polen (4 months ago)
I cant watch this anymore after 4 minutes.im not gona waste any more time. I want to watch a magician do a magic trick from the beginning to the end without people interupting and talking about each magician and the trick they are doing. This is terrible. Why. I dont get it. Cant people shut up.
Nick Bock (4 months ago)
Why in the hell is Uri Geller in this Documentary?! A cringe-worthy sham.
Hunter Phillips (4 months ago)
noones gonna talk about tommy cooper just making a ton of bottles appear.
chandler r (4 months ago)
Siavash Safavi (4 months ago)
Number 50 is Penn and Teller's party trick :))
VirtueAss (4 months ago)
1:22:00 He claims the Hummer is doing 60mph. It is clearly doing about 10-20mph. I say the hummer has a rear motor and the guy jumps thru a trap door grill.
C Liberty (5 months ago)
Love magic!!!!
Nickie Combs (5 months ago)
That should have not been the number one magic trick of all time
Baron Lovat (5 months ago)
It's a fuckin Gallium spoon for fucks sake...
all4Hisgloryalone (5 months ago)
The motorcycle trick was not amazing at all You could see he simply dropped down a ramp to the other box It was obvious. Thats why they needed the distraction
J.M. K. (5 months ago)
Uri Geller was a fraud, he prepared every spoon, etc. up front, he couldn't do it with spoons provided to him.
pollard068 (5 months ago)
you think penn and teller would be alive, if they used guns provided to them?
PJ CM (5 months ago)
botbot magic pause ra
RC LIFT OFF! (6 months ago)
Beaker from the Muppets! 1:04:31
Sindragozer (6 months ago)
I love Piff! That appearance on Fool Us was *AMAZING!!!* If only the volunteer didn't have a y in her name, it would have been an even more impressive performance!
Dax Dessy (6 months ago)
1:55:39 "What is they charged him even? For jay walking on the rivuhhh?" Gufffaw What a fucking goof!
Shekhar Iyer (7 months ago)
V v.
Ivan Hermes (7 months ago)
Shayne Cawcutt (7 months ago)
I did it.
Peter Kiryluk (7 months ago)
I wish they glued all the magic clips together without the random people talking out of their butts for hours
tinashe samuel musara (8 months ago)
srsly this sucks
donald reetz (8 months ago)
I’m 1h 4m through this video and I haven’t seen Doug in decades...I almost forgot
BroskyWhoDatedHoski (8 months ago)
i first seen lance burton in knight rider. he played a killer magician. and it was early 80s
BroskyWhoDatedHoski (8 months ago)
getting 2 big laughs.between.my brother.pause... and Steve. is beyond amazing
broshaman (9 months ago)
RIP Paul Daniels. You were a legend.
adamtzsch (10 months ago)
Geller got high-paid jobs finding oil and gold for companies. People can be so stupid.
Hermes Crespo (10 months ago)
how is the floating lightbulb even a mystery. its obviously habging by a wire
stonesforlife (11 months ago)
There must be at least a thousand better magic tricks than these....sorreeeee!
Gabrial Lopez (11 months ago)
no offense but polite Brits can suck my chicken
ellisdtrails420 (11 months ago)
The answer is Auld Lang Syne! You can thank me later. Also, did they show David Blaine clearly being lifted by wires and have a magician alluding to the Balducci levitation as his method? Video magic I dare say.
faredust77 (1 year ago)
Half of these are garbage!
John Dintrono (1 year ago)
No James Randi? WTF?
罗逍然 (1 year ago)
Uri Geller???????? Really???????
Rick Manning (1 year ago)
the best trick.. Sigmund and Roy ever did was when the tiger ate his head,. they were boring stupid hairdos tricks not amazing none of my generation watch them the 60s
hank hank (1 year ago)
My dad was the greatest magician who ever lived......he disappeared when I was a kid and was never seen again!
ImetGodinperson (1 year ago)
@1:08:55 - what a bunch of racist Brits, outright racist towards Americans and not ashamed of it! wow! fuck the rest of this show, I'm done at this point. Fuck you racist British snobs, you talk like a bunch of stuck up pretentious morons who wannabe the Queen, whose throne has only ever milked you people dry since the conception of the kingship over commoners.  To assume and label all Americans as lacking a proper upbringing is disgusting and shameless and arrogant. You Brits are the cockiest fuckers on the planet and the world HATES the sound of your stupid accents to start with. The one with the bad upbringing would be you lot who are on "TELE" as you ignorantly call it, badmouthing 300 million people out of prejudice.
ImetGodinperson (1 year ago)
@42:00 - I can see how almost every one of his tricks are done. He has the doves in his chest, and from the angles you see him you can see how his chest is unusually puffed up. also his dove-white frilly and flared sleeves are on purpose. you can pause and slow mo the video and you still CANNOT tell whether you see dove faces up his sleeve or the cuffs due to their design. Clever manipulator. He is so fast it is literally faster than I can rapid click in slo mo, its insane skill. His candle is collapsible and has a silver handle you see at times, he did not hide it well enough hehe. It collapses small to lipstick size and he tilts his hand to slip it up his sleeve and you can see the object in various places such as hitting the sleeve inside. he is clever but not clever enough. he never throws a dove up in the air, he throws a hankerchief, when he dips low looking up he is putting the bird up his sleeve. the camera filming this is obviously helping to further the illusion by cutting out key positions in moments. the previous magician who did the lightbulb trick is done with phosphorescent chemicals or lightbulbs which DID light up by themselves or by small batteries etc - they had back then trust me - and it is done on a string, why it is done in the dark and light bulb at all is to hide the thin string setup which mimics it floating and stopping. all strings and pulleys well planned and practiced aforehand. no magic. the ring he uses around the bulb notice he purposely fools you by never actually bringing the ring fully around where the string is at the top. it is very obvious he just flips it and avoids the string but a thin light string would not impede it anyways but still. and its why he says don't touch. all fishy smells add up to fish. if it smells fishy, that's the fish.
Rapilol (1 year ago)
uri gellers spoons are from gallium...
makan aneh terus (1 year ago)
tapi bagimana bang cara membuat alat sulapnya
paysonfox88 (1 year ago)
at 1:56:00 -- They stole that trick from the Great Blackstone Harry Blackstone Sr was the first magician to Saw a girl in half without a box. -- Why didn't the List put Blackstone on? The only reason I can see for their not being a "Blackstone" was that he died in 1965 and made very few TV appearances. Most of his work was done in the era of stage and primitive movies (1900-1940's)
Rip E (1 year ago)
people really believed he was walking on water lol
why is 41 here when he claimed to be real and then got smashed for lying out his ass on live tv?
Christoffer Feser (1 year ago)
1:12:08, Can anyone tell me anything about the shirt the Indian looking woman is wearing, other than that it is pastel Orange?
Christoffer Feser (1 year ago)
My favorite trick was when manticore made Roy's career disappear. ;)
neonicon (1 year ago)
LOL the real question is did that one guy make him miss his stop on the train? lol
John Yi (1 year ago)
Penn and Teller are so fake wtf
John Yi (1 year ago)
David Blaine the goat
David Schlender (1 year ago)
#1 Explanation... The audience artists were plants, and the bullets were in their mouths the entire time.
Steven Perez (1 year ago)
I saw Penn and teller do the bullet trick in Vegas and I went from skeptic to complete fan in a second and it was great to take a picture with them
Mike Micola (1 year ago)
the very best magician was Mandrake
jp3813 (1 year ago)
David Copperfield should've dominated this whole list. He didn't win 21 out of 38 Emmy Awards for nothing.
formerib (1 month ago)
jp3813 he is the one I absolutely despise. Total trash. Boring shit.
pollard068 (5 months ago)
2 shows a day for 20+yrs!
Matt Morgan (1 year ago)
That destination question though... wonder how many people got that wrong :p
Sgt. Pepper (1 year ago)
ok how the fuck did he get that ring into the snowball. answer me
Clay3613 (1 year ago)
I feel like giving Penn & Teller the #1 spot was kind of kissing ass.
Yan liang (1 year ago)
NewRemoteGames (1 year ago)
RIP Paul Daniels, one of the greatest. Will forever be missed.
Al11na (2 years ago)
Tellers shadow trick is also very good!
Shamsul Arifin (2 years ago)
I want to see magic not chit chats
Fat Mann (2 years ago)
I'm not angry that Penn and Teller won.  They should be in the top ten or five but I think that Copperfield Statue of Liberty should have taken it.  I also believe that there were so many bad acts on this list and its funny that many of them were from the UK.  It seems just bias that they were on this list.  There are many great magicians from the UK but you shouldn't have put these bad ones on it any more then you should have put Chris Angel or David Blane.
pollard068 (5 months ago)
50 is a huge sample size for something like this. A top 50 list includes "bad ones." If you made a playlist of your 50 favorite songs, then listened to it once a day, by the end of week 1, you would be skipping 5-10 tracks. Try it with your favorite sport, list the top 50 athletes from it. Guaranteed when you look at the top 5 vs bottom 5, you'll agree that 47-50 are far off from 1,2 and 3!
Fat Mann (2 years ago)
I'm sorry but David Blane and Chris Angel should not be on the list.  All their street magic is done by paid actors and the producers of this show know it.  Just watch them in NY when they do their video's and make a few extra bucks.
Balcifer (28 days ago)
what about Yif anyone hear about him?
khollin swann (29 days ago)
+fidobarks what about the time he held his breath in water for 17 minutes?? Or when his did the actual bullet trick that was more dangerous and even Penn and teller had a problem with him for doing it the dangerous way??? And how did he levitate with no props?? And u said paid actors. Okay. Sure. Even great magicians reveal there secrets
fidobarks (3 months ago)
that reveal is all over the internet, tacky trick
Siedler Joe (1 year ago)
So how do actors help david blame survive for a 24 hours in icewater? 2Weeks without food in a glass box standing on a pillar? You dont know David Blane tricks if you honestly think its all done like Chris angel's tricks with camera angel and actors.
Fat Mann (1 year ago)
+Hamza Geweifal It is what it is.  I've heard people say the opposite.  As I have said even Penn and Teller have issues with Blaine.
Chris Kelly (2 years ago)
the first time that guy disappeared the bridge thing i didnt even notice.... i just saw the birds and thought that was the trick
Shoaib Mumtaz (2 years ago)
Where are The Horse-Men xD ?????????
Andrew Salas (2 years ago)
Usually I hate countdown specials but I have to completely %100 agree that the bullet catch is very deserving of that accolade
Elijah Berman (2 years ago)
v5u7sulh2 (2 years ago)
Sex, Drugs, and Magic hahahahahaha
sweiland75 (2 years ago)
Gays can marry
brendan thomas (2 years ago)
Shin lim look it up he does some pretty amazing routines
Magic Event (2 years ago)
So good!!! All the best........
Daniel Druziki (2 years ago)
bullshit, just a big media around this big drama, all actors getting well paid.
Guy Fawkes (2 years ago)
And the amazing trick in this special? THERE WAS NO VACATION GIVEN AWAY!!! MAGIC!!!
KhazWolf (2 years ago)
46:20 How the fuck. How the fucking fuck. When he throws the cube in the air it is far from solved. When it's airborne, it's still scrambled. He catches it and it's solved. He has time for like, two or three turns at best, not buying that he did the solve. So he swapped it for a solved one, but HOW? I thought up his sleeve but that sleeve doesn't seem wide enough... What the fuuuuuuck?
jack chandelier (2 years ago)
It's not a "self solving cube." When he shows you that it's "scrambled" you only see one side. He throws it and then catches it and shows you 5 of the 6 sides. Notice you don't see all 6? Because 5 sides are solved and the 6th is the scrambled side he showed you.
KhazWolf (2 years ago)
As a guy who can solve one of those in under 30 seconds, they range from extremely tight to falling-apart loose normally, depending on what kind of cube. It rotates normally, which means if it's a trick cube it's fucking elaborate. My BEST GUESS is he has some way of changing the stickers on the cube faces themselves. Either has fake ones and removes them when he catches, or puts some kind of cover on. I mean, I'm sure you could make a collapsable empty solved cube such that you could hide it in your hand and have it pop out of nowhere like that, but then where's the old, demonstrably-functioning cube go? One way or the other, I'm impressed.
lowellriggsiam (2 years ago)
The cube itself is rigged. Watch it again and you'll notice the squares on the cube are very loose. I suspect it's a self solving cube.
NoBullshit (2 years ago)
13:16 "Nipples to the dick" wt
Andrew Salas (2 years ago)
"Aces from the bottom of the deck"
Yan liang (2 years ago)
1:59:11 :P
Perry Gordon (2 years ago)
Yan liang e
Yan liang (2 years ago)
figured out russian rolutte :D i also thought 5 was the bullet but the guy started counter-clockwise
Yan liang (2 years ago)
the ball sticks to the top
Yan liang (2 years ago)
finally understand when he hits the cup the ball falls out he doesn't put it in the cup again he just leaves it there :D for the first 15s i can follow aft that :P

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