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Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone - Official Trailer

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Com2uS has released the sequel to their hit Chronicles of Inotia series. Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone is an immerse networked adventure. A heroic journey through a land of magic, companionship, and the never ending battle against evil.
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Text Comments (70)
Ryu The Keeper (11 days ago)
I want to replay that.. but what happen now?
Diamond King (18 days ago)
Hey com2us can you just continue this game i really miss this can you just make a new chapter and release "INOTIA 5"
Ultramatum (7 months ago)
I used to play this game so much and i LOVED IT. im playing inotia 4 now :D
MPP #5119 (8 months ago)
Android pleaseeee
Roi Paul (9 months ago)
Inotia 1, 2, 3 on the play store and Apple store Please !!! 🙏🙏 Why don't put the best serie of games completely inside ????
Delaybrah (5 months ago)
Mostly because they are not compatible with new devices. Except for Inotia 3, you can download it online after some searching
Leon Korno (6 months ago)
Link to Inotia 1 vids?
Max Ulrich (11 months ago)
2k18 Still none for Android......
Beerus -Hakaishin 7 (11 months ago)
Can't find inotia 1 and 2 link pls
Jade Inciong (1 year ago)
i cant find inotia 1,2,3 i also cant find demonic savior is something wrong with com2us
I want to play this game!
Keito Ismyname (1 year ago)
Plz Bring it back to android and IOS
yuan gelvero (1 year ago)
Bring it back... Please.. For android
screentaker (1 year ago)
i have the entire game on my channel
Badak Berdansa (1 year ago)
Yanix Lesaca (1 year ago)
Bring this back pls.
who just play this game?
Lloyd Andrew Ranada (2 years ago)
where can i download that
Jason Chen (2 years ago)
Please bring it back for andriod
Mac Berganos (2 years ago)
I found 3 and 4 only and 1 and 2 are missing
Mac Berganos (2 years ago)
how can I download in android
OOO M. (4 years ago)
Why we can't find it on Appstore or Android ? It was the greatest of the saga, anyway ; simple and the hero don't talk about himself that was great !
MIGHTY SAITAMA (3 years ago)
yo I feel the same way like if they made another one like this wig improved graphics they could make money ..
F&M M (4 years ago)
This was the only Inotia game I enjoyed playing till I traded in a good mercenary for a bad one (in the hope the new one was stronger). I loved taping on an enemy and seeing mayhem. I downloaded the game yesterday from the AppStore to play it again but today it says "unofficial game detected" and it will not load. I do not see Cum2us (or Hive, what the company is called now) making a good RPG. I even played Caligo Chaser on my iPad as to get a sort of replay value. Well, to bad.
MickeY eLa (5 years ago)
Why!??! cant i find this in my appstore!?!?? I really want to play it...... This is jussttt soo... Ugh....!!! Amp...
MIGHTY SAITAMA (3 years ago)
from where exactly do you know ? cause bro I would love to play this game again ...
Gary Steven (4 years ago)
You can't find Inotia 1 or 2 anymore, but you can download them from sharing sites.
Evelyn Rodriguez (5 years ago)
I love playing these game better. Inotia 3 was okay, but the Inotia 4 not so great couldn't get pass the spider queen.
Omega0891 (1 year ago)
Inotia 3 is pretty good. The only thing that ruins Intoia 4 for me is the lack of music
Runa Ekuripusu (1 year ago)
No hard feelings but, get wreck. I am not saying to you that you are a noob. What am I saying is that is really easy to defeat also it isn't a boring or hard or whatever you are negatively thinking. I think what I am saying is the reason why I got a little bit offensive. If that hurts you, I'm sorry.
koulss (6 years ago)
they should make it inotia 1 and 2 available for android phones...
rympot (6 years ago)
I wish they could make 1 for android :(
Aaron Becerra (6 years ago)
This art style is so much better then the newer ones.
matomikumark (6 years ago)
i want this on android
GeneNonymous (6 years ago)
i want this on galaxy y, please let us have this masters @,@
MrFerno69 (7 years ago)
Were can i find great bandit jack and ancient weapon oculus
Lim Kai (7 years ago)
@Dragoniar1 heal and atk (both)
prIncE.OF_F-ROG (7 years ago)
how to combine items?
jab653499 (7 years ago)
@ALPHADESIGNTAMPICO i wanna join her religion as well
DragoniarOne (7 years ago)
What Templar do? Is he a healer?
Seth Allen (8 years ago)
guys i just bought the game it wont open just a black screen help !
yujabes (8 years ago)
the character designs are by alien 1452?
tattie1996 (8 years ago)
Is there a way to change party members? btw awesome game I love it
shinra infantryman (8 years ago)
i played this and inotia 1, they BOTH sucked......seed 1 and 2 are even better than inotia :(
Snakedumpling (8 years ago)
CHOOSE FROM 5 classes 1)KNIGHT!!! 2)Almost naked elf 3)BUSTY PRIEST THAT SHOULD BE NAKED 4)EVEN BUSTIER THEIF 8D. 5)templar....(fuck you made me lose my hard on)
Kronos Xnm (8 years ago)
This looks like a 2D ConquerOnline.
jessedeheer (8 years ago)
gameloft games are graphical better!
feinferno (8 years ago)
lol if she was my priest i would so go to church every freakin sundays ill even go before school =)
Chikensaregood (8 years ago)
Wow the way the priest and the thief look make me wonder what was the creator thinking when he made this game,i mean no doubt they are hot but one of them is a priest for fuck sake,she shouldnt even be showing her tits,and the thief looks like she was playing dress up
THE GOOD CONTENT (8 years ago)
Why does the priest looks like a well paid prostitute??? DAMN! I want to joing to her religion! XD
Ronald FlobJobbin (9 years ago)
now they have the archer class woot!
Leyland Stokoe (9 years ago)
zenonia 2 pwns all iphone rpgs, its like WoW on iphone.
Vincent Yao (9 years ago)
i prefer zenonia 2 its better xD
Xelmont (9 years ago)
@lucazzonazzonazzo Then you have bad taste in games, and grammer. This game ROCKS
lucazzonazzonazzo (9 years ago)
i try this game, i terrible.
iamsh (9 years ago)
Does anyone know where the 2 thieves ithink thatu have to kill for named hunter quest
taekwondo20062000 (9 years ago)
check the map
Luzur (9 years ago)
JRPG tits.
Parlance (9 years ago)
This in my opinion the best app. Templar Mage Priest set up is the best :)
Alex Hetherington (9 years ago)
The arena is real characters, being played by the AI.
Alex Dene (9 years ago)
Yea, I think that happens to everyone. Every Merc is different. Yu can only be really lucky to get all the skills, if that's even possible. I always get crappy skills, except on my magician, she has like all skills except two of them.
Alex Dene (9 years ago)
No, not that one. You should be getting it pretty soon, I got mine when I was level 38. What the skill book does is you can learn mastery skills or sealed skills. But I have no clue how to use this thing. It keeps on saying Cannot learn this skill.
TheMilkk Mann (9 years ago)
as soon as i press on start game it brings me to the descriotion of the game on the app store. did anyone else have this problem? please help me
geraldo bispo (9 years ago)
have you seen the automatic murder button
Alex Dene (9 years ago)
Does anyone know how to use the Skill Book on this game?
KennyMaximum2 (9 years ago)
Something about the graphics reminds me of Astonishia story, I'll be getting it when its out 4 sure.
Willis Hsieh (9 years ago)
wtf, no autosave and does not save on call interupt -_-
Codrak (9 years ago)
much better than the first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this one really surprised me cant stop playing it
Hugh Le (9 years ago)
how many hrs. of gameplay?
tdreamgmail (9 years ago)

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