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50 Greatest Magic Tricks

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TheRadio Times 4 -- 10 May 2002, columnist Jane Rackham, among other things said "Presented by Adam and Joe (although you'll soon be wishing that they vanish in a puff of smoke)" etc. After watching the show, I totally agree with her sentiments. These two idiotic 'clowns' -- and I use that term advisedly, and their amateurish and childish behaviour, were the cause of many people switching channels prematurely. I know this because I had asked several friends and neighbours to watch the show, and give me an unbiased opinion today. Fortunately a few sat through the excruciating shenanigans of these two 'WANKERS', whose air-time would have allowed the complete Richard Ross Linking Ring routine (And others) to have been shown; could have been called "60 Greatest Magic Tricks".
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TyDie85 (7 months ago)
Jenny Sinclair #48 ....men, stay away from this psycho bitch. She takes a magic trick and makes it into some statement of sexism. Love the video, but god damn I cant even watch magic shows without seeing dumb shi*
domsau2 (2 years ago)
#13: "Of course that's impossible, that's why we do it!"
j Nakhjo (3 years ago)
how the fuck did yuri gellar become such a big star! he only has 3 tricks and is so corny
Rahul Gaikwad (3 years ago)
35:20 magic revealed
halfpintrr (3 years ago)
Geller was disproved by James Randi.
guitarherochamp4 (3 years ago)
Number 7 and seen Tom Mullica yes!!! I love him
muchira njau (4 years ago)
pihyv (4 years ago)
Still one of my favorite videos out there.
craig whyte (4 years ago)
Are there any twat free illusions on this compilation? the hosts are general twats, and that second guy is a loud irritating twat. i had to stop watching
Haxx Mastar (4 years ago)
Richarp Pierceficid (4 years ago)
Number39 i saw him bend it im not stupid
ThalesPo (4 years ago)
Most of these tricks are ridiculous. I know how most of them were performed. The #1 for example, David has his lower body folded under the table. The reason you see nothing under the table is because there is some hi-tech invisibility cloths being used. Look for military stealth technology and you'll see that it exists. The levitation inside a box uses two sets of many thin wires that passes thru the edges of the glass cover. The floating light bulb uses a bulb with a battery inside it, and the guy has a piece of string with him tied to 2 wheels, one at the ceiling and the other inside his mouth, and somewhere in between there is a blob of wax attached to the wire, then he attaches it to the bulb when he wants to float it, this way he can swing the ring over it without catching the wire. The cards on the pool table is the most ridiculous, he shows 3 cards of the deck at the beggining, and the rest all are queen of hearts. The David Blaine levitation is the Balducci levitation performed for real, but they added camera cuts to make it look better on screen. The person switch from inside to the top of the arc uses a bag with a fake bottom and the arc has trap door on behind, then the girl is wearing 2 swim suits to quickly remove the top one before appearing. Well, anyway, I can keep talking, but that is enough. There were some great tricks though, like the indian rope. But one of the greatest was not presented, that is the fast clothes changing, were the woman changes clothes, I think 6 or 7 times in fractions of seconds. Also, not taking the credit out of the magicians, who, many of them are very talented, like David Copperfield, who performs fantastic tricks, David Blaine, who is also very creative, and that trick with the candles and the doves... that was fantastic
Rob Trent (4 years ago)
12:06 you can see him pull his left thumb out of the band and push it back in after it passes the sword.
Rob Trent (4 years ago)
10:02 caught him palming card in his left hand.
spinfo wars (4 years ago)
pause the roller coaster at about 1:10 - look at it close the first few times you see it and notice the large track clearance and black wheels - then the last clip where the thin paper coaster is being pulled at about 15 mps - if the thin paper coaster hit him it would stop and bounce off - notice there is no track clearance and no black wheels - it is blue all the way to the track - loads of blue thin paper on the side under the coaster - if it looks like he is not going to be ready - they just stop pulling the paper along the track - it will stop immediately
Aya BreA (4 years ago)
i hate it when they have to cover the trick! it's very obvoius that they are hiding something bullshits!....smh
Flash Man (2 years ago)
You should check out Dynamo then.
Andrei Duduc (4 years ago)
Tamariz's first trick, he is killing those cards lol...
Lilly Cowman (4 years ago)
I know how #1 was done
JoshuaGaming (4 years ago)
How then
HOFxBoards (4 years ago)
K smart ass. Make a video response showing you doing the trick if your that educated.
Bob Lewis (4 years ago)
This is all great except for the inclusion of wankers like Geller and Hydrick.  Those asses belong in a jail cell, not alongside the greats of magic.
Amir Moradi (4 years ago)
Rust blyat (5 years ago)
of the card
Rust blyat (5 years ago)
40 was a fake he looked at the reflection
neztahw (5 years ago)
they forgot a lot of better versions by other magicians. kept waiting kaps,vernon, Richey artie with his sawing much more theatrical ect.
Sleep Jr (5 years ago)
Meir Yedid always reminded me of Mathew Broderick.
Dino Raptor (5 years ago)
1 yr later
Kryzz Knight (5 years ago)
acknowledgment of how much we hate reality. We want the impossible. We want a trick, that's NOT a trick. It has to be impossible...but yet..possible (otherwise it just can't happen if its impossible lol), know what I mean? THAT'S the fun of magic. We know magicians don't have superpowers, yet its happening front of you. We humans in generalwish the impossible were just possible, that's all and magic accomplishes that impossible task, therefore making it possible. So, the impossible was possible.
Kryzz Knight (5 years ago)
We like the impossible. We like pretending that we can levitate a pen when we're too lazy to reach for it. Its almost an acknowledgment
Kryzz Knight (5 years ago)
But, when its a trick that has no physical explanation to us, nothing was covered or hidden THEN we want everyone to see it. We WANT no one to have a explanation and just to enjoy it. If you pick a card, then you automatically know that there's alot being hidden from you, you have no control over the deck, and therefore you shun it as a trick. But when someone comes along the scene and ask you to JUST think of a card THEN you feel it isn't a trick. We want to be amazed. Our skepticism only mean
Kryzz Knight (5 years ago)
We're always ready to show our friends a trick on YouTube if its good. If it doesn't meet the standards of a trick. When we think we know the secret or what it takes to do the trick, then automatically, we shunned away as geeky, lame, boring magic.
Carl Williams (5 years ago)
Here's a magic trick! Point both pointer fingers toward each other right in front of your face staring straight ahead without them touching. Move your fingers away from your face and towards it until it looks good. It's called 'ghost finger'!!!
stergion kwnstas (5 years ago)
dude this is a big cardboard thing :P
I absolutely love this video. You're right on with these fantastic effects.
Norre (5 years ago)
Franz Haray: "i'm make your mom disappear." Boy: "DO IT!!!!!!!!!"
gdog_yaboi (5 years ago)
lol twat
Kristopher Tice (5 years ago)
Haha who here has read "The man in the white suit" by Ben Collins (aka: The Stig)? He hates Uri Gellar! Great read, interesting story about Uri. thought I'd share.
pedro armando pliego (5 years ago)
y que fue de uri geller
EDungarian (5 years ago)
I kinda found Adam and Joe to be entertaining lol

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