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JELLY GUMMY BEAR► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2juHk2GAbgAuhMzg5FF0bA As you know, people are very interested in magic and other seemingly inexplicable phenomena. Since ancient times, magicians have been playing with logic and tricking people to believe in the impossible. And, as you might know, magicians don't like when their tricks are somehow explained. Nevertheless, we are very interested in revealing the best kept magical secrets and understand how magicians do their tricks. Are you also interested? You probably are! So today we have for you 7 tricks and their explanations… it seems is not too hard to be a magician after all
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Text Comments (3596)
keith mccarthy (1 day ago)
Don’t get the last one
capnhands (2 days ago)
I can cause a person amnesia by loaning them money
Steve Mizera (2 days ago)
Jette (6 days ago)
how is the box bigger on the inside? thats physically impossible
Stella the Locksmith (7 days ago)
I don't know why but I really don't like the bald guy at 6:30 lol. Its like he is turning himself on by eating razor blades
USA (15 days ago)
2:50 Too lazy to even hold faux concentration
Shreyash Parmar (15 days ago)
These explanations suck
jackzoe509 (21 days ago)
7:49 lmao
Paulette Scott (24 days ago)
Even with the CLOSE up of the bent spoon trick........it doesn't appear to be THE reality.......they want you to think that all of the tricks are just that....... "tricks".....I don't claim to KNOW everything.....BUT something DOESN'T add up correctly......LEAVE THE TRICKS where they BELONG.....with "SATAN"!
Samaun Al Abdullah (24 days ago)
Allah will punish these people who make and show women's bad dress picture.
Charlotte Green (26 days ago)
How is the leg trick done you did not tell us properly about that last trick not like the others
Nikki Lay (28 days ago)
Anyone else scrolls through the comments while watching the video
Langa (28 days ago)
Anyone else who felt there was no single explanation????
Daniel Molina (29 days ago)
Nothing makes sences???? Sorry I’m bad at spelling 😅
emflocater (1 month ago)
You explained NOTHING! What a waste of a video.
Chris Earle (1 month ago)
Explain how they levatate when there Naked.
Dejah (1 month ago)
When you watch the video and still don't understand lol
EntertainmentVirals (1 month ago)
Wosef Gacha (1 month ago)
Lol u can see the other half of the spoon 5:12
Andrewplay channel (1 month ago)
Andrewplay channel (1 month ago)
I will trick you all Read more
peter Manzil (1 month ago)
the last explanation does't make any sense ..from the back from the back........ my ass
0:02 I am offended
doug peters (1 month ago)
Do you want a real trick? Try getting a liberal to consider an opposing point of view.
Ivan Volf (1 month ago)
Last one 😂 peoples reactions are awesome 😂😂
Miss Pinkadee (1 month ago)
No the Statue of Liberty was done by a slow moving stage that slowly moved while the curtain was up and did a different angle when uncovered. That’s what I heard.
Alisa Lauzon (1 month ago)
I seen the card thru glass on a vidio at a zoo with an Orangutan How ?..lol. How did he get an extra card onto the otherside? Its on you tube If you want to check it out.
Bruce Kilgour (1 month ago)
Stupid and inaccurate explanations.
Ashis C (1 month ago)
Indian magicians ka alag hee level hai 😍😍😍
Mike Zip (1 month ago)
More like “Secrets to getting over 3.6 million views from a really poorly made video REVEALED!”
G-RaDiCaLs (1 month ago)
it would be easily visable to anyone watching that the card was placed there previously.
G-RaDiCaLs (1 month ago)
the card on the other side of the window explanation makes no sense.
Hot Fuzz (1 month ago)
7:49 was totally unexpected 😂
Max Greenberg (2 months ago)
mind warehouse u are awesome pls sub to mind warehouse
kuhataparunks (2 months ago)
Last one was extremely lame you didn’t show how he did it wtf
Lambert Williams (2 months ago)
What a smug sounding cockwomble you really are.
Realzinks (2 months ago)
Nice one Man u vs Southampton highlight https://youtu.be/B8SdGWu45oI
JTR (2 months ago)
Dislike from me. Too many adds
ajarepanjtan (2 months ago)
Hi p
What I thought they turned the platform they sat on (statue of liberty)
Funtime foxy the weirdo (3 months ago)
No guess what? He just turned the staged and the statute of liberty 🗽 went on the other side
Titus (3 months ago)
Natalie Is just Lit. (3 months ago)
4:06 when I’m really constipated.
BlitZ- Fang (3 months ago)
crazy loco (3 months ago)
all these " reveled " videos just show alternitives to the actual way...none of these reveled videos show how to perform amazing tricks on the fly...just ideas of how the originals COULD had been done
chase schneier (3 months ago)
Very poor explanation of most of these, like the sticking card trick( how is the assistant not seen placing the card on the window), or the sectioned girl( show the inside to back up the contortion claim), Overall, meh....
Ahmed Abdulazeez (3 months ago)
I like to watch magic
Ozone Magic (3 months ago)
Check out https://www.youtube.com/c/ozonemagic for unbelievable magic videos.
Osvaldo Perez (3 months ago)
Hahahaha 7:49
Ozone Magic (3 months ago)
Check out https://www.youtube.com/c/ozonemagic for unbelievable magic videos.
Kid Kameleon (3 months ago)
The statue of Liberty trick was performed by the stage(along with the audience)sloooowly moving to where the statue is out of sight, This video doesn’t even know how that trick was done
bryer06 (3 months ago)
My poor childhood and I thought magic existed
Ozone Magic (3 months ago)
Check out https://www.youtube.com/c/ozonemagic for unbelievable magic videos.
tino higa (3 months ago)
names of all those movies
Nathan Clark (3 months ago)
that is terrible
Chris Kozma (3 months ago)
Copperfield didn't turn any lights 'off' on the Statue of Liberty or the groundlights...really? You think he's 'special' enough to get them to do that? Uh no. People were on a damn stage that was slowly rotated as the curtain was up, hiding the Statue behind one of the pillars so when they look out they see nothing. Lights on the pillars helped to night-blind the people so they can't focus on anything and notice they are moving.
Ozone Magic (3 months ago)
Check out https://www.youtube.com/c/ozonemagic for unbelievable magic videos.
Christopher Trantham (3 months ago)
yourpaella (3 months ago)
Hi, how can you use movie clips when they have copyright? Thanks.
Lorenzo Harmony (3 months ago)
You don't really explain these very well at all
mjula1027 (3 months ago)
This video sucks.
Teen Titans (3 months ago)
u just read things , people here just to heard explanation not watch explanation in YouTube btw #factofusion is way better
lovestospooge (3 months ago)
8:56 the assistant is hot af
soakedbearrd (3 months ago)
This comes off like a hardcore skeptic pulling straws trying to reason things with comical explanations.
Cool Stuff Gaming (3 months ago)
Oh yeah yeah
beth23 (3 months ago)
10:51 that dog was so lost lol
Brodie Benjamin (3 months ago)
I saw a magician in real life turn paper into a real dove
yoitsjust (3 months ago)
He barely explained anything. Your channel should lose more subscribers
willkilledit posts (3 months ago)
how will somebody paste a card on the window without atleast one person in the audience seeing, but you just make these videos for money right
willkilledit posts (3 months ago)
All your theories are kinda shit
Tiberius van Riotson (4 months ago)
why the f..k would they like when them tricks are explained.for many of them took years of work to learn and perform those tricks. is them work and they have all the rights to be angry.beside of that you as a spectator shall apreciate them effort in doing this special art .
Ivan Torres (4 months ago)
Why is it every generic ass channel has this voice and way of speaking
Gary Winthorp (4 months ago)
Whats with the fucking Matrix scenes? Is this really "WORLD'S 7 GREATEST **MATRIX** TRICKS REVEALED"
teodelfuego (4 months ago)
As always, waaaay too much narrative
Song Khmer (4 months ago)
Good video subscribe
Therayu (4 months ago)
i like
Le Lu (4 months ago)
Thats what i call to play 54 pick up
Sai Charan (4 months ago)
Dislikes from ppl who realised that they are fooled!!
Faris Shuaib (4 months ago)
Awful explanation ..... also that's not how David Copperfield made the statue disappear !
teknofil007 (4 months ago)
We let ourselves be fooled. I'm not sure if it's okay to see this. Because many live on this job. On the other hand, I'm curious. So very fun to see how we get fooled. But it is no longer fun when you know they are cheating and you know how to do it. Cheating and cheating and cheating. No supernatural abilities. Just nonsense.
SideShow Bob (4 months ago)
The truth is, there is black magic. Stay clear and save your Soul. These bogus explanations only convolude the trick.
trey kearns (4 months ago)
7:40 that assistant. . mmm, delicious.. the magician could probably build a house right there and I'm not gonna notice..
Crazy Monkeys (4 months ago)
Is that Dr Phil at 1:25?
smbcollector (4 months ago)
I remember seeing that guy holding his legs trick on TV way back when I was a little kid in the 90s or early 2000s and being really freaked out by it! It sorta gives me shivers revisiting such a shocking image that's stuck with me all these years. I think it might even be the exact same clip 'cause that's precisely how I remember it looking.
PUBGAMER9 999 (4 months ago)
This is Another AMAZING magic trick Hit this and it will turn blue 👇🏼
ThousandKnives II (4 months ago)
I made all the ads disappear!!! its easy!
Jon Anthony (4 months ago)
Thanks for exposing those charlatans but I think I’ll pass on telling my niece and nephew to watch you set fire to gummy bears lol..they both would try it
Dan Rock's (4 months ago)
Dan Rock's (4 months ago)
statue of liberty one was actually done with a moving stage, the whole room turned abit so the statue was off to the side
Andrew Xiong (4 months ago)
the statue one should be wrong,,,u just rotate the stage
JACK ROB (4 months ago)
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Marty Moore Sr (4 months ago)
The explanation of David Copperfield's Statue of Liberty Illusion is completely wrong. I participated in that illusion and the method employed - designed by another world famous illusionist for David worked on a completely different method. to cover the statue of that size with a "sheet" is laughable. The method used is quite simple and as a member IBM and SAM I am not to divulge it in keeping in good standing and honoring my membership oath. But the explanation given here is simply ridiculous.
ABUBAKAR JOMO (4 months ago)
These guyx are geneus
Sky Husk (4 months ago)
07:46 xD
Jason Irelan (4 months ago)
stonesforlife (4 months ago)
Proof that Australians don't understand magicians...
willy llorera (4 months ago)
Batucabe casexff
Moises De Anda (4 months ago)
I didn’t get shit. Bad explained
Moises De Anda (4 months ago)
Want no ads? Just get youtube premium. 🤷🏽‍♂️ best magic trick
Michael Adamonis (4 months ago)
how about floating off the ground?
Trapman Tv (4 months ago)
The last two trick didn’t explained😩 maybe it made sense in your head but to rest of us you get a dislike
pat mourassa (4 months ago)
Too bad that you don,t any CLUE as to what the difference between MAGIC AND WHAT AN ILLUSION IS.
Methadone Kill Me Slowly (4 months ago)
I love Ur video full of satire
WOJOY (4 months ago)
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