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FNAF Was Right! Ennard's Bodysuit Actually Works! | The SCIENCE of... FNAF Sister Location

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BE AWARE! - Footage of dissected frogs appears on screen from 9:06 until 9:29. You can skip this and still understand the entire episode . There is a lot to unpack about the FNAF franchise. From the possessed animatronics to wearing a guy like a three piece suit, this series goes to some crazy places. Today, Austin is going to tackle the latter. Could Ennard wear a Purple Guy suit like in FNAF Sister Location or would it be a gross mess? What a question! Let's find out! Want to join in the SCIENCE discussion? Head to ►► discord.gg/theSCIENCE Find the game here! ► https://store.steampowered.com/app/506610/Five_Nights_at_Freddys_Sister_Location/ SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Game Theories: The Tragedy of Deltarune (Undertale) ► https://bit.ly/2PxobaR Mario's LUNAR APOCALYPSE!! ►► https://bit.ly/2FRgd4Y WARNING! Pokemon May Cause DEATH! ►► https://bit.ly/2FnHjRl How DEADLY Is Mario's Bob-Omb? ►► https://bit.ly/2GnkRLK What is a Kirby? The SCIENTIFIC PROOF! ► https://bit.ly/2GnPP6t More The SCIENCE! How To SURVIVE A Nuclear Fallout! ► https://bit.ly/2Aaeo1s MONIKA: Google's Newest Creation! ►► https://bit.ly/2G3uifh Minecraft Diamonds DECODED! ►► https://bit.ly/2IHqk0n The Move That BROKE Pokemon! ►► https://bit.ly/2JCwEHP Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► https://goo.gl/kQWHkJ The SCIENCE! ►► https://bit.ly/2GAYCgW
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Text Comments (11446)
Eli Koger (6 hours ago)
Remember, not everything in this game is actual science. This is literally a horror game about possessed animatronics...
lazerpie 101 (6 hours ago)
He tells the animatronics how to make a skin suit last longer...
Lynimos (9 hours ago)
You are really crazy....
Captain Rick (10 hours ago)
Skynet is gonna kidnap Austin to help them impersonate humans...
Gaming Tepigex123 (14 hours ago)
So the next question i have on this topic becomes the scooping room. what gets scooped? The video didnt really cover that part. What if when the "skinsuit" originally got scooped the organs were gone? then what? just doesnt make sense to get scooped if nothing gets removed yk?
Sa1tn (14 hours ago)
1:25 Vivaldi goes well with the video
Chempaka Kraemer (1 day ago)
-suspiciously taking notes
Catalina Argyriou (1 day ago)
"the science of fnaf" is an oximoron
DarkSky (1 day ago)
please dude, don't ever come back with ur voice on fnaf theories series, ESPECIALLY FNAF! I Am so Used to hearing mat's voice in every fnaf theories, hearing ur voice in this theory makes it Incredibly boring. No offence but it's the truth
yahir tejeda (1 day ago)
I see your tik tok matpat my username is onsidemoon21715 or universal destroyer
yahir tejeda (1 day ago)
_Piña Salvaje_ (1 day ago)
Matpat: -said in the last fnaf video that everything is solved- Scott: well time to play "make a new fnaf game so he goes crazy"
#ATDN (1 day ago)
Thank you Game Thoery For this VERY intresting INFORMATION DO NOT WORRY i Will not USE this INFORMATION AGAINST MANKIND i mean MY KIND
Zemosion (1 day ago)
Now what effect would all that soul energy Michael kept putting into everything have tho? With 4 animatronics in 1 body thats a lot of that stuff in it so maybe thats why he gets back up after ennard leaves?
Agripino Amaya (1 day ago)
¿Alguien más que hable español? :'v
Foggiest Cat (1 day ago)
i wathc all the fnaf theoris
Eric Halseth (1 day ago)
Does anyone else agree that its weird in UCN music man has the same jumpscare as fnaf 1 animatronics they did this in vr for example fnaf 4 sound for funtime freddy but this is the only case in ucn
Iron Clad (2 days ago)
Hello. I just have a question that has been lingering me for a bit that I couldn't understand. Why would the crying child, Michael, at the end of the mini game Midnight Motorist, run to the pizzeria if he was afraid of it?
Dragongameing (2 days ago)
Thank you human, me and my brother macines will take over the wor-... Who gave the robot youtube again
Chewy Mustard (2 days ago)
You forget one he's a robot and he's alive
Jaymz Cross (2 days ago)
I like that Morgan Freeman Unicorn
Halima Kibria (2 days ago)
I feel like the unicorn thing would be more disturbing than the jump scare
Sophia Jones (2 days ago)
This might be EXTREMELY late (and hardly to be relevant to this video) but, I just got done RE-WATCHING Markiplier's let's play for Fnaf VR and he was playing the night terror with Nightmare Marionette. Apparently when Mark closed the door on Nightmare Marrionete to somehow survive the night, Marrionete ends up saying something about what's currently going on in game. The glitch/virus... Which gets me thinking- do all animatronics/characters in game know about what's going on?- Or am I just tripping over random things I thought I heard
Christrider 777 (2 days ago)
Then how did the body get up and is still alive
tsartomato (2 days ago)
christine mobus (2 days ago)
Jarmmy is glitchchrap he has a grave with the afton's
Tene Silmon (2 days ago)
Mat hv you ever think of this story or should I say the mimy games think way WAY back fnaf two or one today spring trap or I want you to finger it out and ppl who see this comment plz post it over and over saying it and telling him that I sent this... it’s just one word you need mat that you missed missed WAY back that changes what you done and it’s.... pink man.....
Akeira Drohan-Majore (2 days ago)
When are you gonna finish the fnaf theories? There is so much in the vr game that makes no sense and how does it all tie into the original fnaf story?
Jen Puntanar (3 days ago)
Maybe what’s in eggs benidict is molten Freddy! And what’s in molten Freddy ballora,fun time Freddy and Funtime foxy!but baby is not in molten Freddy so molten Freddy is smaller than ennard and baby became scraped baby! So molten Freddy was inside eggs benidict/Michel afton BOOM solved
Al Di (3 days ago)
He gets up and starts moving after ennerd leaves his body!
Ari Tales (3 days ago)
3:22 Sans: Kids like you - ROTTING! Me: *facepalms* ITS BURNING IN HELL!
Neophryez (3 days ago)
I think ennard scooped out all of Eggs’ body then fills the arm and legs probably taking out muscles too, I dont know just what I assumed
XDaniel 24 (3 days ago)
Something seems off, wouldn't Enard scoop out the organs in the literal scooping room?
Gamer Dominater (3 days ago)
Im ao confused why did the purple guy kill the kids in the first placd
Rukia Brolys son (3 days ago)
Wait who are you... oh wait is this the perfanity guy
Christina Rogers (3 days ago)
The scooper ending is actually the real ending. I did my play through and in the bottom corner it's was real dark but I brightened it up and it said real ending
ITZ PIZZA LOVER! (3 days ago)
now do an video how do ballora stands up she's an robot so how do she walks and her feet still like that
Trekky (3 days ago)
Why do you always use really bad classical music. There is an almost almost infinite amount of good classical music pieces and you use overplayed trash every time
niko kettu (3 days ago)
didn’t ennard just use his skin and climb inside? i thought that’s why the body slumped as it did, it looks like an empty flesh bag
YAR Oracool (3 days ago)
"kid like you should be rotting" <- always makes me lagh.
Gabe MagicMaster (3 days ago)
So im not all caught up on every little detail about fnaf so i was wondering after this video if it was ever explain how micheal (this one is micheal right?) is able to live after enard leaves his body. I assume it has something to do with possesion or maybe some holy ghost magic :P idk, can anyone explain?
Professor Gamer (3 days ago)
All that questions that you asked......matpat explained them.
Maybe ennard hollowed out eggs and replaced everything with his endo skelleton
S3R3N1217 òwó (4 days ago)
*this has been stuck in my head soOo* Matpat: finally rest Scott: *FNAF VR is released* Matpat: *AA FRECK I CANT BELIEVE YOU'VE DONE THIS*
jack nerd (4 days ago)
I believe when robots take over this video will be put into the AI of any robots after the take over
Stephanie Seward (4 days ago)
Yes they were
Where is Matt?
Randa Lps (4 days ago)
Anyone here remember Ronnie? Yeah, Moment of silence Please
Randa Lps (4 days ago)
Watch the video and you'll understand
Randa Lps (4 days ago)
@thesquirt64 https://youtu.be/cWTEE4SkCLY
thesquirt64 (4 days ago)
Randa Lps who?
joshua playz (4 days ago)
Mat in 2020 the movie should come out i am seeing it no matter what
MR. demogorgan (4 days ago)
Or what if its a talest man to fit ennard 🤔 It could fit?
Vickie Simpson (4 days ago)
Wait ... this is Matt pats channel and bon bon is like big enough to swallow a human
PhoneMelodyMadness (4 days ago)
but, mike doesn't die!!
stardust. ani (4 days ago)
This makes my brain hurt. - A dumb pre-teen. (( Keep doing what you do, Game Theory ! ! !
Killer A.I: does Amazon sell these so called "skin suit's"? And if so how fast can they ship it?
SW’s Intellect (4 days ago)
Micheal didn’t die though
Kaydence L (4 days ago)
Me: watches video My mom: half listens to video Austin: so if you wanna make a human puppet suit- My mom: Wtf are you watching?!
Munjee Syed (4 days ago)
It's kinda weird seeing Austin's video with a green text thumbnail
Dog lover (5 days ago)
You are maybe not reading this put in ultimate custom night toy Freddy supports the dream the dream theory. Sometimes when he kills you one of his lines is "it's not my fault I have these huge PLASTIC FINGERS" Not METAL so this is a huge improvement to it.
never saw this k m8? (5 days ago)
Because he isn't human anymore.
12:31 CRAP, he knows too much !
majencia 5555555555 (5 days ago)
WHERE'S MATPAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gas0line.mp4 (4 days ago)
vakaris mlg no mlg (5 days ago)
Wait the thumbnail text is green BUT ITS SUPPOSED TO BE BLUE!!!
Eva Goodliffe (5 days ago)
Who is the phone guy on the second game? In the first fnaf game the phone guy says “I’m finishing my first week actually” or something along those lines sooo is there a different phone guy or was that speech a lie
Cruzita Garcia (5 days ago)
Ana Júlia (5 days ago)
11:09 oh hulk
Grimlock (5 days ago)
12:29 You should just remove the skin and wear it.
fnaf is better made into tv series than movies 🍿
Oatmeal Bees (6 days ago)
You just doomed us all telling AI what to do to blend in with humans
?????????????? (6 days ago)
Big Woke (6 days ago)
Oh yeah it’s big brain time
Kinga Saini :0 (6 days ago)
Low key need those endings to be a live action movie that would be the coolest thing ever
Rizzybear (6 days ago)
Thank you for the lesson :)
SHARDAY_ (6 days ago)
Really Dude
Idiot squad (6 days ago)
At 6:45, The guy's chest has a face and I cant unsee it.
Gas0line.mp4 (4 days ago)
Supercreature (6 days ago)
hey mat, have you seen the picture on fnafworld.com, it seems intresting
Nakari Moon (6 days ago)
Bossantor7887 (6 days ago)
Man who are you
Randy Garcia (6 days ago)
all ill say is Michael Afton is a Robot
Olga Medrano (6 days ago)
Cant you get stretch marks to? Or does that not happen because of the loss of blood, also cant he just take the skin and fit in easier?
The Royale Unicorn (6 days ago)
What was this video?
Tropical donut 87 (6 days ago)
Wait but how did the purple dude live tho
Xx_Galaxy Wolf_xX (6 days ago)
Finally a reason to use math
Steven Lowe (6 days ago)
Where was the blue text in the thumbnail
[SB] Spicez (6 days ago)
Hey Austin you didn’t think about how ennard can wear the skin suit like a morph suit what if all mussels,useless organs and bones got scooped out Sincerely your little theorist
Nellie Roden (6 days ago)
I thought it was magic
Forest Giliad (6 days ago)
Can you try solving the mysteries behind disc11 and disc13 in Minecraft?
CosmicQuaesitum (6 days ago)
Niw if someone could explain how michael afton was still alive after that whole frenzy :/
video offline (6 days ago)
Wait so if the guy with the unpleasant odor is actually this Collective guy then why would he be attacked by the other animatronics and why would it matter
Mae Mccomb (6 days ago)
I'm laughing you are like my tech LOL
Em7Gem Lovelife (6 days ago)
I thought they just scooped EVERYTHING out so there’s no bone or anything. So then the skin is left and ennard trys it on. And goes off that. But ok!
Mr. Nasty (7 days ago)
why must you curse youtube with your presence gametheory
AshDraws OWO (7 days ago)
Thank you for the tips 🤣🤣🤣 i totally needed to know how to turn a person into a human body suit, ehehehehhh
Noisy Light Juan (7 days ago)
So what did you learn at school today honey? I learned how to turn someone’s dead body into a wearable suit.
cartoon foxypals (7 days ago)
On the 2 night foxy doesn't jump scare me because I keep a eye on him a lot.😸
Al Duty (7 days ago)
Matpat: THIS WILL BE THE ACTUAL FINAL THEORY! Scott: I’m about to ruin this whole mans career
Alexandra Dordzhieva (7 days ago)
5:19 my perfectionism is not happy you could of reached that 2 meters Ennard. but you didnt.
Haris Live (7 days ago)
Fascinating. Also loved the music.
Some Random Panda (7 days ago)
I loved how by the end this video just turned into a tutorial on how to preserve a dead body!
If my body gets used as a disguise for an animatronic, I'm blaming Austin.
Nick_DSP (7 days ago)
but how afton AKA death body STAND'S UP while baby say ''you WON'T DIE"

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