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Buddy RAGES Over Ruined Wedding Cake | Cake Boss

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Buddy breaks down after the cake that has been made for his cousin's wedding falls to the ground! Subscribe to TLC UK for more great clips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2vlpX8sNDBmPcY_1_QSGJg?sub_confirmation=1 Like TLC UK on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uktlc/ Follow TLC UK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tlc_uk?lang=en Visit our website: http://www.uk.tlc.com/
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Text Comments (3620)
Angela Manuel (54 minutes ago)
More like fondat boss than cake boss
InMyOpinion (17 hours ago)
Buddy seems so annoying. He widens his eyes to try and seem intimidating..
josh greg (17 hours ago)
The thing I hate about these guys do they know Wtf cake is because when ever I see them it's all fondant and rice krispies and they charge hundreds of dollars for it you can do that at home, I've done that at home.
Dominican for life (17 hours ago)
It look like the bride didn’t like it
Boi 23 (1 day ago)
This poor guy had too many suicidal cakes.
Mike johnson (1 day ago)
Anyone know what type of chain this man has on is called 3:19
elelelia _s (1 day ago)
gordon ramsay cake
Jungkookie Tpotato (1 day ago)
Bro just get the cake in the background of him voiceovers 🤣
Keo Kurai (1 day ago)
This couple is lucky because not a lot of bakeries would make you a cake last minute.
Kimha 김하 (2 days ago)
Ummm...why not just use the cake that is always behind you?:/
G’nome Boy (2 days ago)
The groom just straight up said “that is not good” at 6:09 LMFAOOOO
Vince V (2 days ago)
2:08 what happens to the leftover rice crispy treats 😢
Joveen Jayia (2 days ago)
Buddy vs Gordon cake off
Teal Lemons (2 days ago)
Honestly i've seen better cakes baked by other bakeries and doesn't look like shit lmao
MissPearl _ (2 days ago)
I would've quit my job after that!😂
Stupendous Jia (2 days ago)
Buddy, “They loved the cake” Bride: how do I murder him and make it look like an accident and put his body in this hideous cake.
I Worship Doge (2 days ago)
I wanna order a cake, and tell him I’m allergic to rice crispies and fondant
HazLizard (2 days ago)
there's some cake on your fondant
Alysa P (2 days ago)
Can i still call these cakes cake??? If it is made of rice crieslies and fondant? Fondants tastes like shitty sugar with lots of coloring. I swear you can't eat these cakes ewwwwwww!!!
Shaky Shabby (2 days ago)
instead of just getting mad over this, do something about maybe your bakery’s infrastructure? Space distribution? Install a lift instead of stairs to prevent falls of cakes?
Kostana Banjac (3 days ago)
Why do you shout so much?
Trippy (3 days ago)
Grown men yelling over cake
Sharon Horsfall (3 days ago)
I can hear Gordon Ramsey now saying *"what the bloody hell is wrong with you blaming others for your mistake shut this kitchen down now"*
Jxydenzx (3 days ago)
I thought the thumbnail was a dead rat with blood
Vince Ramirez (4 days ago)
“They are just floored.” Proceeds to give a weak ass kiss after seeing the cake. As well as a displeased/ungrateful look at the cake.
Jewel Rene (4 days ago)
Ive the cakes aren't even good
Sarah (4 days ago)
Ew. Their fingers are all over the cakes. Idc if they wash them they need to wear gloves too 🤮
Giulio Cimmino (4 days ago)
Buddy is on rage,RUN!
Journee Hyde (4 days ago)
That rose cake loses all shape with all those roses and I hate it. Also "I don't have enough fondant roses. What do I do?" Pipe them, ya fucking dingus. Like the cake decorator you're supposed to be.
Claire Zukowski (4 days ago)
Claire Zukowski (4 days ago)
Why isn’t he using gloves wtf
- iiProtoType - (5 days ago)
Buddy: THEY LOVED THE CAKE!! Camera: *zooms into brides face* Bride: 😟
- iiProtoType - (5 days ago)
Why the crap do you need so many different decorations on a cake when all people are gonna do is eat the darn thing? I mean they add JEWELRY to these cakes. They aren’t your freaking grandma!
(Arki) Chensian Huang (5 days ago)
Buddy: they loved The cake! Briđe: *has a normal face* Hahaha
nesh_ -24 (5 days ago)
So all the details that are added on the cakes,are they edible?
leilah pringle/harris (5 days ago)
Omg this video was published on my birthday 2 years ago
MooMooDaBest420_69 (5 days ago)
Literally the bride looked disappointed in the cake
Levi Betts (5 days ago)
Buddy seemed hard back in the day but now watching this it’s kinda weird like... it’s a cake chill
memes for days (5 days ago)
you probably think that's bad I got mad over a mattress that couldn't stay on my bed and I took a knife and cut it yeah I have anger issues
Monika #1 (5 days ago)
2:23 I like how this has no cake in it
BKPlayz (6 days ago)
i mean...I would eat his cakes. like even though its all fondant, Rice Krispies and sugar, my sweet tooth having ass would live breathe and die for it
Abraham Ramirez (6 days ago)
Nobody: Mexican party’s: **cake gets smashed by everyone**
pito knjomn (6 days ago)
His cakes is shit anyway
R0b L (6 days ago)
I’m sorry but that white cake with the red roses is hideous.
R0b L (6 days ago)
Rice krispy “cake” for a wedding? Is this an American thing? I’ve never heard of anyone using rice krispy for a wedding cake
R0b L (6 days ago)
I swear they ruin cakes on purpose just for the drama
Who How (6 days ago)
Rage quit
Matthew Kim (6 days ago)
The new Gordon Ramsay
rikchal Sherchan (7 days ago)
Gordon ramsay would like to know your location
Capfc12 (7 days ago)
I fucking miss this show haha
Julisses ulloa (7 days ago)
Buddy complains too much.
LilBroke (7 days ago)
5:42 that girl in the front finna get up in all the cake
Soul_ Eater2900 (7 days ago)
Gordon Ramsay?
lilshortytoodope love (7 days ago)
45 more minutes I’m going to turn into Cinderella😂😂😂
Galaxy_Wolf1112 (7 days ago)
For a Baker he doesn't do a lot of baking...it's just sculpting rice crispies and cover it in fondant
Luis Escalera (7 days ago)
I like how everyone in the comments is criticizing the cakes yet not one of you knows how to make a cake
Rachael Moody (7 days ago)
Thank you!
Edwin Quinde (7 days ago)
Did this man kiss the husband 💀
Darkatro (7 days ago)
I love tlc
Sabrina Noto (7 days ago)
they can be soooo mean somtimes and the cakes arent that good and whats with the cakes they are mostlt rice crispys
Phosnerd (7 days ago)
Rice Krispies Boss
Purdi Fletcher (8 days ago)
Osman Aden (8 days ago)
More appropriate title Buddy rages over ruined rice krispies
Jess Pearson (8 days ago)
Why does buddy sound like a higher version of shrek
Zayra De La Cruz (8 days ago)
Look at the little girl In 5.42 she's like oh yah that's all mine
Crystal Price (8 days ago)
I cringe every time he mispronounces fondant.
Angelina Johnson (8 days ago)
*Buddy is just the family baking version of Gordon Ramsay*
Devo Hiilim (8 days ago)
They like dropping cakes huh? Lol😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Megan Hoover (8 days ago)
I should challenge buddy to a decorating off. I’m 15 and I could prob make better basket and flower cakes than him
“German drinking boot cake” **literally %100 rice crispy**
TazIsDark (8 days ago)
I'm just scared their cakes gonna fall down
TazIsDark (8 days ago)
Are the roses edible ?
Ayyyy I’m walking here!!!!
John Casenas (8 days ago)
No lie I thought the thumbnail was a white mouse that got it’s guts splattered all over the floor
pbscraze (8 days ago)
Me: (if I worked for him and he had that nasty attitude with me) I QUIT!!!! (Storms Out)
iTonyC (8 days ago)
Doesnt put on gloves and rubs the whole cake... yeah nvm im good
Evelyn Jimenez (8 days ago)
That’s an ugly cake
Burrito Master (8 days ago)
1 mistake dont need screaming dude
Jory The Collector (8 days ago)
The bride hated the cake, she was just tying not to be mean
Kaylei Martin (8 days ago)
6:26 "they come over and are just blown away!" *they literally hate it and are showing no emotion whatsoever*
Kaylei Martin (8 days ago)
Instead of eating one of his gourmet cakes you can just eat a rice crispy bar it's basically the same thing
MBP Gaming (8 days ago)
The bride does not look to happy lol XD
Cici Louwine (8 days ago)
If you see at 6:12 they nearly kissed on the lips
Puteri Hanis (8 days ago)
Dont take to much order if u cant handle it buddy! Its simple! Stupid
Sylvie Francois (8 days ago)
I realize he always make a cake fo his family like where the customs😂
Nani nani (8 days ago)
Is the "beer boot cake" even considered a cake?
Stephanie Graterol (8 days ago)
The bride hated the cake u can see it in her face lol
He kinda sounded like Shrek in the beginning
Amelia Smith (8 days ago)
“And they are just floored I mean they loved the cake” *insert John Cena’s are u sure about that face*
Coco NJ (8 days ago)
they put a wire in each rose on the rose cake how in the world would someone eat it
Raymond Liz (9 days ago)
He get’s more angrier than Gordon Ramsay when theirs no lamb sauce!
Josiah Stewart (9 days ago)
The chubby kids reaction when a massive cake was brought in!! xD Not hating just found it funny!!
RSVP.Oscar (9 days ago)
I mean they get the sculpture but where the fucking cake
Kiley Bommarito (9 days ago)
are we just going to ignore the fact that the “red” roses look like they are dead i know they are fake though
Jenna Wilemon (9 days ago)
Idk why he’s complaining about all the work cause I’m just thinking about how these people probably paid thousands for it
Oliver Midjord (9 days ago)
0:57 Kinda looks like Mr.Bean lmao as well as 1:31
Thomas Panks (9 days ago)
Why does the half bald guy look like he’s just been hit with horse tranquilliser
theodoros petrides (9 days ago)
"Its 11:15 at night, 45 more minutes and I'm gonna turn into Cinderella"
senhdat12plz (9 days ago)
When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought the cake splattered on the floor was blood
Ashley Thornburg (9 days ago)
See there’s people who argue about who’s smarter and all that jazz but there’s also people who argue about cake!...I was watching and I had no idea what they were talking about

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