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Axegrinder The Rise of the Serpent Men [Full Album]

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1.Never Ending Winter 2.Hellstorm 3.Life Chain 4.War Machine 5.Evilution 6.Rise of the Serpent Men 7.The Final War
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Simon Johansen (2 days ago)
David Icke's favourite crust punk band.
Necroputo (4 months ago)
Daniel Cox (7 months ago)
I’ve always heard of this band and recently just started checking them out... I got into Rob Miller’s new band Tau Cross and saw the guitarist (John I think? From Misery) wearing an axegrinder t shirt so here I am! Lol
Tiago Silva (5 months ago)
I got to know Misery because of Tau Cross :)
ProPowerMan (8 months ago)
Frank Reading (10 months ago)
I guess I just can't appreciate older music sonically. To my ear this is absolutely crude and begging for added character. Sounds basic and sloppy.
FalconHelmini (9 months ago)
to Artur's point I'll add: basic and sloppy, in the world of punk rock anyway, is often better and more exciting than complex and note perfect. to me, a band like this had infinitely more character than say Joe Satriani, even tho Satriani is obviously a better musician. to paraphrase Artur, it's less about talent and more about feeling.
Artur Figueredo (10 months ago)
the complexity of the music don't pass through many notes or difficult arrangements, bands like axegrinder are far away to be just a sound, read their lyrics, try to understand what they were traying to do. And if you are a "musician" and dont understand that, try to listen to some David Guilmore solo's, with one note, one bend in the guitar, he can be more complex and have more feeling than any band that you listen. As axegrinder said "recognize your chains"
Kvarkmeister (1 year ago)
1 [00:00] Never-Ending Winter 2 [02:31] Hellstorm 3 [08:12] Life Chain 4 [12:34] War Machine 5 [18:41] Evilution 6 [24:18] Rise of the Serpent Men 7 [30:59] The Final War
Matti Salman (21 days ago)
Thank you mate
DER HEILIGE AAL (1 year ago)
Geile Mucke
Spacefreak (1 year ago)
Forgotten jewel!
robert maycock (2 years ago)
Classic album and a truly great bunch of blokes.
Doug Benson (2 years ago)
Beast Whisperer (2 years ago)
Total Amebix 85-87 worship. Sounds excellent though
Lee Pidford (3 years ago)
new AXEGRINDER soon!!!. ;)
Old Welsh Bloke (3 years ago)
I remember driving to Barry Island......think Helmand only shittier in my mates Escort and all the fuckwits outside staring at us. Might have converted some with the sounds. probably not but fuck em....they lost out!
Rory Murphy (4 years ago)
Have this LP, haven't listened to it in about 20 years, until now
Jimmy Calhoun (4 years ago)
Axegrinder, Sacrilege, Deviated Instinct... Bands like Sanctum, Stormcrow, Putrefaction (Ire) owe their existence to these crust/thrash/death metal pioneers. Sacrilege's '84 demo was almost unbelievably ahead of its time.
Jale Far (3 years ago)
+Jimmy Calhoun Sacrilege early stuff was amazing! Too bad i never heard them live :/
Artur Figueredo (4 years ago)
@Jimmy Calhoun nice thx Jimmy I will see those bands
xunderxdosedx (5 years ago)
Classic album right here.
Jimmy Calhoun (4 years ago)
Yeah, it's pretty awesome. Unjustly overlooked for sure.
N. A. Palmer (5 years ago)
24:16 rise of the serpent men
travis bickl (5 years ago)
Were alot of bands abt then. We didnt have the internet just tapes and occassional vinyl imports. Bands can sound the same without being influenced
Lucía Eberhardt (1 year ago)
so true
Zarrazer (5 years ago)
Amebix influences
aris0978 (6 years ago)
backwardswithtime (6 years ago)
A Crust Classic.
TheUmart (6 years ago)

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