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Mysteries of Magic 2 - Impossible Made Possible

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Journey into the world of optical illusions in Mysteries of Magic: The Impossible Made Possible, part two of the three-volume Mysteries of Magic documentary series. This 52-minute program traces the origin of great illusions by examining the relationship between science, technology, and optical tricks. The other tapes in the set are: Mysteries of Magic: Masters of Mystery and Mysteries of Magic: Death Defying Feats. ~ Kathleen Wildasin, Rovi Credit Mike Slee - Executive Producer, Richard Sattin - Executive Producer, Chris Haws - Executive Producer
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Text Comments (37)
Ariel Roma (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for this. I have in in VHS but in a very ugly quality
George Schlaline (3 months ago)
I want to talk to you about Satan and God. And why it matters
Johann D'oh (5 months ago)
I wish there were cool Magic Docs in HD....just saying
bhakta peter (10 months ago)
People like Blaine have entered into pacts with demons. It works because you agree that the demon will serve you during your lifetime, but after your death you will become the demons servant. This is the real secret behind conjuring. Thats why most people dont have these powers, because most people know that it is not worth it. Just for some temporary sense gratification who knows how long in the next life you will have to serve this entity.
MP (2 years ago)
I thought it had been established that the mechanical Turk did indeed have a person concealed inside. However it was done, it sure as hell wasn't an actual chess computer.
Bill Page (2 years ago)
Clear industrial plate glass at Angles like mirror ideas Peppers ghost theater stage illusion plus theater illusion blue room illusion that was penn and teller tv special don't try this at home plus look up in youtube video search engines penn and teller off the deep end and penn and teller book plus video cruel tricks for dear friends SankeyMagic howtoDisturbReality FernandoP1 haffafnadjib kingmagicsales Herbert l Becker CBS/fox mystery magician yamato905 TheDavidCoppetfield1 curtlow magictvfan
Bill Page (2 years ago)
Marco tempest cool Christian illusionist and Lance Burton cool Christian illusionist the pendragons Christian illusionist and David Seth kotkin Copperfield Christian illusionist Andre kole Christian illusionist
am I the only one who is insincere with the magic?
Katalyzt (4 years ago)
Cool ★★★★★
Bill Page (4 years ago)
Cool stage illusion of cool science idea concepts quantum stealth bending light invisbility tesalas antigravity ufos
Swedish onyx (4 years ago)
50 min of bullshit and skeptical mombo jombo,, look at Criss Angel and Blane, Daynamo and shut the hell up 
A MENTIRA HONESTA (3 years ago)
+Max D Well of course theres nothing supernatural, i think no one here was trying to say that lol He just have madskills on sleight of hand as you said.
Swedish onyx (3 years ago)
Téssio Medeiros (3 years ago)
No problem dude, mine is not that good either. Now you brought a name that really counts, Shin Lim for me is one of the best if not the best magic creator and performer nowadays. The proposition that is very hard to cheat on live tv it's not accurate, not even sleightest true. Penn himself said a lot of times, everything on tv can be tricked.
Swedish onyx (3 years ago)
no man,, i dont defend him but he is doing some amazing things.  some of them my be camera trick but its very hard to cheat on live tv, not on the street. If u like magic ,, check out Shin Lim.. He was on Fool Penn & Teller and fooled dem,, Sorry my poor English mate 
Téssio Medeiros (3 years ago)
live in the street? with a bought audience?
Sebastian Boy (4 years ago)
The regurgitation of liquids and even solids, as observed somewhere around 34 mins of this episode, has also been performed by David Blaine (ive watched him live)
joed596 (4 years ago)
thank you  :-)
Shia 123 (5 years ago)
the tupac hologram is peppers ghost
Bill Page (4 years ago)
Yep pepers ghost stage illusion also called the blue room stage illusion with slivered mirror the magician and the cinma book dc said to get
JermFaceKiLLa (5 years ago)
At 37:42, prof Kevin Dunn is a straight BOSS for his mustache let alone being a chemist/Magican!
Kirenje (5 years ago)
bodie's electricity tricks are pretty similar to tesla's demonstrations though perhaps less amazing
MrDrunkJeff (5 years ago)
That guy at the beginning and end with the tv... People pay to see that?
vinaybindass (5 years ago)
This show doesn't reveal any magic secret
ibizapeanut (6 years ago)
<3 Eugene Burger's voice
Sterling Lowery (6 years ago)
Magic of the total defiance of all natural laws and science.
FalconWeird (6 years ago)
48:55 camera tricks....
Jeffrey Cesario (8 months ago)
FalconWeird only non magicians would say that.
ArcturusLeng (6 years ago)
I recommend seeing the Mythbusters episode about Firewalking.
Raymond Doetjes (6 years ago)
omg Jeff also believes the NLP mumbo jumbo.
DeeWeext (6 years ago)
young lady, no, swollow big things, sure.
Ashish Sawant (6 years ago)
Nice collection

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