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Today I am finally showing you guys my LIVING ROOM TOUR!!!! YAHOO!!!! Sorry for the delay, footage went corrupt while I was out of town but here we are now! Good Things Grow Here http://bit.ly/2yErZNI Beads http://bit.ly/2LhLnV3 Credenza http://bit.ly/2I4bfSs Bowl http://bit.ly/2pB9Gny Mirror http://bit.ly/2JCttv7 Mirror http://bit.ly/2N3Gbo4 Letter board http://bit.ly/2OkjYqn Juju hat http://bit.ly/2Mwp4Qf Peacock Chair http://bit.ly/2OURgJe Similar Chairs http://bit.ly/2KyghHZ Pillows http://bit.ly/2MsG1v9 Blanket Ladder http://bit.ly/2MvpM03 Bone Inlay Nightstand http://bit.ly/2OWzNjN Face Planter http://bit.ly/2N3Gm2I Lamp http://bit.ly/2OppQQe Anthropologie Blanket http://bit.ly/2K2n6lM Media Console http://bit.ly/2pHgqjK Sleeper Sofa http://bit.ly/2pKD3DR Cactus http://bit.ly/2FLqKlG Letters http://bit.ly/2CGXub3 Fur Blanket http://bit.ly/2Db84d9 not sponsored #anthropologie #BohoHome #UOHome #livingroom #roomtour
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Text Comments (102)
H D (1 month ago)
I love how you thrifted so much stuff and it still looks all very nice and harmonic. That's the art man
suga got no sugar (1 month ago)
I like everything so much except the fake plant, I I just don't understand... Don't like this trend of using plastic fake plants at all.
hoo hoo (5 months ago)
ugh i want to move out now :')
Anne-Marie Cartier (5 months ago)
Another yeller....thumbs down
Dylan Monroe (5 months ago)
Framing wallpaper.. inspired! ✨
Umm Ayse (5 months ago)
everybody the same. no original no any style. moroccan pouf, palms on the wall. kilim covers... no soul, just copy.
manderrose123 (6 months ago)
Wow you have it decorated so cute! I love it!
Claire Namo (6 months ago)
Ugh this is my dream home can’t wait to be done with college and get my own place
Mountain Mama vlogs (6 months ago)
Home decor goals 😍 I use to watch your videos when I was in college. Love your style !
Nikki BonBon (7 months ago)
Love it! Are we supposed to mix cool tones with warm tones when decorating?
Nikki BonBon (7 months ago)
Can you do a bohemian christmas?? 😄😁😚
Natalie Kwart (7 months ago)
How is your couch holding up? Is the mattress comfortable?
Nicole Fey (7 months ago)
Your house is stunning!!
Khadijah McNeil (7 months ago)
I love this
becomingellis (8 months ago)
Layers and layers of style!!
Haley Roush (8 months ago)
Where do you get all your little peacock chair plant holders?
Naree Kaliyanei Patnoe (8 months ago)
Check out some boho decor in my new partnered shop focused on thrifted and vintage items of Artisan Amenities on ebay! https://www.ebay.com/usr/scandi_farmhut_thrift_shop
Gretchen DeMasi (8 months ago)
what do i love more your jean jump suit or decor? love em both!
Bethany B (8 months ago)
Awesome style, each corner is so well done❤️❤️❤️🌵😃👏🏼👏🏼 Glad I found your channel!
Laura Hmswth (8 months ago)
I looooove your space! This totally inspires me to post my own room tour soon as I'm moving in a couple of weeks <3
Monica Molina (8 months ago)
cute doggy.😍 remember that Jesus Christ loves you and he want to become your only savior of your soul
Latonia Lewis (8 months ago)
Beautiful decor
HeyitsDeirdre (8 months ago)
you have a nice home and love your little dog
annablahh (8 months ago)
I'm pretty sure that bowl on the table next to the couch is a Charleston sweet grass basket. It has a super interesting background that you should look into! And they are very expensive!
Charli Bradford (8 months ago)
Love your home because it’s not the typical stark white and overly perfect look..it’s so cozy and warm with all the colors and thrifted pieces! Love ❤️
Esperanza Lorena (8 months ago)
I love your home decor style! So cute <3
Ms Bling And things (8 months ago)
Hi were did you get the wallpaper
XoxoKenz (8 months ago)
Obsessed with everything 😍 you did such a good job decorating!!!
Stephanie (8 months ago)
Bed room tour pls!!!
Laticia Johnson (8 months ago)
How cute?! It’s some homey and cozy. I find your style so unique & I love it! Such positive vibes coming from your home, I’m obsessed. ❤️ I’m loving your content girl!
Dee (8 months ago)
Really good idea to frame the wallpaper. I might try that since I'm having a hard time finding cute pictures I like enough to hang up on a 8ft blank wall that is driving me crazy. Very cute decor, I'd never be able to put it together like that.
Ashlyn Dold (8 months ago)
Loved this! Keep doing you! So weird to think back when I first started watching you at your parents house! Also love your lips they are looking so good lately! I don’t know if you changed fillers but they looks so good!
Katie De La Cerda (8 months ago)
Yes so glad I found you, cant wait to keep watching YIPPY. ♥♥♥
white girl in a crowd (8 months ago)
i feel like this entire apartment is a case in cultural appropriation 101 ????
Lisa Marie (4 months ago)
They WERE from Target and she DIDNT know what they were called nor does she have to!!! Who the hell are you to twist a strangers aesthetic into your sick twisted projections? [email protected] girl in a crowd
M S (4 months ago)
Are you kidding me!!! Get out of here!
M S (4 months ago)
@white girl in a crowd, the bohemian look is cluttered.
Cocoa19634 (6 months ago)
what ur suggesting is segregation. culture should be shared not treated like kids with their "thats mine not urs". also not everyone can remember what things are when they r on the spot filming. no one wants to watch her try to remember what a thing is called for five minutes. there r things in my home that i dont know the name of r u going to say im culturally appropriating my own race now too?
Cocoa19634 (6 months ago)
no its not. shes not making fun of it, its works of art that she appreciates for their cultural values and significance. if everyone thought like u these works would be lost in landfills or disgraced by painting over them. They're actually really well maintained and meaningful sounds like ur just reaching
tallblonde1976 (8 months ago)
I wish people would show the entire room, not just one corner at a time. Beautiful home though!
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
I gave an overview, its hard to film the entire thing when its not a wide angle. its a room!
Micah Angela (8 months ago)
been waiting for this for soooooo long. loved it!!!!!!
CHAIDEELOVE (8 months ago)
.....your good ....that is a pretty perfect room....very nice...I could move right in and not change a thing....
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
Katie De La Cerda (8 months ago)
Just gorgeous im a new subscriber! Your style is on point.♥♥♥
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
awww thanks so much <3 thanks for subscribing too!
Jenny Saephan (8 months ago)
I love it! It’s so cute.
Mica Artis (8 months ago)
Love Miller! He's the cutest! LOL when you said he looked homeless haha. And of course I adore all your boho decor!!
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
hes so cute isn't he :)
JustALittleFig (8 months ago)
Everything looks so homey and perfect I love it!
Marissa Rock (8 months ago)
Beautiful home 🏡 ❤️. Love the decorating. You’re awesome !!!!
Katherine Rendon (8 months ago)
so glad you still uploaded this after your struggles today..everything goes together so well. I wish I had your eye for designing😍
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
aww thank you so much <3 I am so happy you enjoyed it
Juliana (8 months ago)
"and then just a bunch of shit" haha mood
Courtney Rose (8 months ago)
Not my style but I love admiring someone elses taste. Still beautiful ♡
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
totally understandable! thanks for the nice comment
Steph K (8 months ago)
Ahh, ilysm , Sarah!🤗💕
Kellie Monahan (8 months ago)
Yay I've been so excited for this since you moved in!! I love it😍😍
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
YAY thanks so much <3
Cortney Korns (8 months ago)
The boho is amazing! Do a full home tour! Would love to see that!
Cortney Korns (8 months ago)
Sarah Belle Haha no rush...just excited! :)
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
I will def do one if I ever complete my entire place!
Lily Kulhanek (8 months ago)
Steph K (8 months ago)
Lily Kulhanek wow, that’s amazing . 💕
Lily Kulhanek (8 months ago)
Stephanie K Yeah!! I’m Czech/Polish!
Steph K (8 months ago)
Lily Kulhanek Me either lmao. I’m so shocked because Kulhanek isn’t a popular last name. But our whole family is Polish and German
Lily Kulhanek (8 months ago)
Stephanie K OMG!!! I’ve never met someone with my last name!!! What’s your nationality??!
Steph K (8 months ago)
Lily Kulhanek omg , I don’t have my full name on here but we have the same last name how funny lol
Ann Kennedy Perry (8 months ago)
Absolutely LOVE your decor! I see on your insta stories you’re always hitting up goodwill and other thrift stores. Do you ever find good furniture there? I’m starting to shop for me next apartment and dont know if it’s worth the hunt there or if I’d be better off looking at craigslist, etc
Bailey Shatney (8 months ago)
Ive had the most luck with craigslist and facebook marketplace! I got 2 peacock chairs for $150! Its best if you are specific in your search!
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
yeah theres some good stuff but you gotta go a lot to find it!
Sibs Lawrence (8 months ago)
Oooh gorgeous Boho aesthetics!! Absolutely love your interior design. More please 🤗
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
aww thanks so much :) it makes me happy to read comments like this
Christina Marie (8 months ago)
I’ve totally been here since your style was super preppy! Loving the boho though 😍
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
thank you so much for sticking around, I appreciate it so much :)
Gabrielle Sweezie (8 months ago)
peyton clemmer (8 months ago)
I can't believe I caught this so early
peyton clemmer (8 months ago)
@Sarah Belle i did ! :)
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
yay I am so happy you were able to :) hope you enjoyed!
Ashley Carroll (8 months ago)
sooooo dreamy ✨🌿 I’m obsessed babe!!
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
thank yo so much!
Katie Branscum (8 months ago)
Katie Branscum (8 months ago)
Sarah Belle you’re welcome! I love your content! You’re one of my favorite youtubers 😊
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
<3 thanks so much for watching
Mollyb123 (8 months ago)
Yess!! 🙏🙌🙌
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)
aww thank you so much! @Mollyb123
Mollyb123 (8 months ago)
Sarah Belle My monday just got SO much better!!
Sarah Belle (8 months ago)

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