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Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity (Trailer)

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Rodimus Prime (9 months ago)
"big production" lol
Floppy Bird (9 months ago)
best soft porn in 2018
Karstens Creations (10 months ago)
Hilariously inept film...pure MST3K fodder.
dfectus (1 year ago)
This is what neo-feminists think a video game story is.
The Bane (5 months ago)
THIS SHOULD BE A VIDEOGAME!!!!... by odin i would play it until my eyes bleed!!!...
underwaterlady (1 year ago)
one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time
skirm123 (1 year ago)
this looks like a fart movie. I like that..
Bryton (2 years ago)
..They wan.. REVENGE
Dashuto (2 years ago)
iHelloway (3 years ago)
.... and big dick
D Plusplus (3 years ago)
what a fuck did i just watch
Nicke Steen (5 years ago)
I had this one on DVD ! :-) Now its lost...:-(
Peter Lanner (5 years ago)
Jamen då finns det i alla fall hopp.
Nicke Steen (5 years ago)
Ja, det är tragiskt :-( ligger troligtvis i Estland.
Peter Lanner (5 years ago)
Fy skäms!! Hur kan du tappa bort en sådan juvel?
CubanPete1990 (5 years ago)
Dose this have lesbians sex scene in it?
John Pajuelo (5 years ago)
this travesty from the 80's was real and its original title was supposed to Space Sluts in the Slammer they dont make them like this anymore...thank god!!!
sadako24 (1 year ago)
What's the issue? It looks like the girls get their revenge on their patriarchal masters in the end. Isn't that kind of empowering when you think about it?
China Rose (6 years ago)
is this movie supposed to be real? like serious?
YogaforCynics (6 years ago)
How, HOW was this ignored by the Academy??!!!
R. Harms (6 years ago)
i love how the trailer doesnt take himself serious at all, so refreshing, also alot of B words ("big " rather for b movie)
David Turon Garcia (7 years ago)
this is so brilliant
Batine Acid (7 years ago)
lots of dumb fun. just beware of the phantom zone.

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