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🇳🇵 Nepal's slave girls | 101 East

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Slavery is banned in Nepal. But hidden behind the walls of city homes, some still keep young girls as slaves called kamlaris. The girls are from the Tharu community, an indigenous group that was stripped of its land and forced into bonded labour after Nepal's first social order was introduced 160 years ago. Tharus farm the land of their landlord and, in return, give back half of what they produce. Often, they trade away their daughters as well. In June 2013, kamlaris from all over the country protested in a bid to bring an end to slavery once and for all. They want to be free from servitude and have their basic rights guaranteed. The demonstrations were triggered by the mysterious death of Srijana, a 12-year-old kamlari girl who burnt to death in her owner's house. The police alleged it was suicide but the kamlaris were not convinced. The police retaliated against the demonstrators with violence. Political organisations and rights groups were conspicuously absent from their demonstrations. 101 East travels to western Nepal, home of the Tharus, where Srijana's mother, Draupati Chaudhary, is still in shock. Draupati had handed over her daughter in exchange for the right to till the land and the promise that Srijana would receive an education. Two years on, Srijana was dead. In a nearby village, another kamlari, Sharda Chaudhary, talks about how she was abused. She slept in the bathroom and was raped by the landlord's son. When she dared to complain, she was beaten up. Sharda worked for only three months. When she was sent back, her mother did not believe that she would survive. While the government declared the practice illegal more than 10 years ago, many kamlaris continue to live lives of hardship and suffering. In the last five years, five kamlaris have died under mysterious circumstances while 27 are missing from the homes they worked in. We speak to the official spokesperson of the ministry for women and children and ask what the government is doing regarding these grave abuses. We also meet some who are working to change the fate of kamlari girls. Man Bahadur Chettri and his organisation, Indentured Daughter's Programme, have rescued more than 12,000 kamlaris. For many of the girls, trauma and emotional baggage makes it hard for them to return home and reintegrate into society, so they end up at a hostel. Here, they receive education, food and shelter until they are able to support themselves. Other former kamlaris have joined forces with NGOs to create awareness among parents who might otherwise send their daughters away. They also take on the more active role of rescuers, in a bid to end the kamlari system by freeing one girl at a time. During our filming, we see young girls working behind the high walls of many city homes and ask one man why he continues to keep a kamlari. He tells us that he provides her with education, food and a good place to stay, treating her like his own daughter. We follow a mother on her journey to free her daughter. In the process, we realise that there are many grey areas when it comes to kamlaris and that what is good for most, is not necessarily good for all. More from 101 East on: YouTube - http://aje.io/101eastYouTube Facebook - http://facebook.com/101east Twitter - http://twitter.com/aj101east Instagram - http://instagram.com/aj101east Website - http://aljazeera.com/101east
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Smelly DOnut (7 days ago)
This is so sad. It’s so unfortunate that many of the government officials are taking advantage of their connections and abusing these little girls.
Brian Sanderson (9 days ago)
Very sad to see this
Demetria Wynn (19 days ago)
Nepal have some beautiful women so does iran Pakistan Afghanistan. All middle east really. Don't get me wrong. Africa does to there skin is so rich in color aww what Beauty
Eric Anderson (1 month ago)
Bhabishya khanal (2 months ago)
its not that we are forcefully keeping them as our slaves ,the thing is that we freed them at 2000 but the government has not given them importance ignorantly and so they have nowhere to go so they are still working under their landlords . the Nepalese government should give the kamaiys their rights
love peace (3 months ago)
This should be shown to those SJW's who complain about how oppressed they are because someone refused to call them by their preferred pronouns, give them a taste of real oppression
Well they are simply useless conspiracy theories which threten and gain access based on greed and abuse they take it for granted landlord means women which pretend to be allowed and make demnds to take so ething which they have no right for that and it is men fault
They are not slaves it is men slave mentality becouse women have tendecies to sexualise everything and assume that abuse is good based on sexual desire
Tiffany Ramos (3 months ago)
I had no idea Adidas made cars. When did that happen? 😁
Vicki lee (4 months ago)
that official definitely has. slave girl, hes aa corrupt as the rest
Shpetim Berisha (4 months ago)
Slavery is a sin. Always has been, always will be. To those who support this and continue it will br punished from the most high. Know this.
Annie K. (4 months ago)
Who would send their daughter at 6 years old to work as a slave? How sad. It's pure stupidity. I have a 7 year old child, and I still feed her to make sure she gets the proper nutrition.
Patricia Rowe (5 months ago)
These girls can be better then there are employers or the people that keep them in slavery. They already are. These people that use others for greedy purposes and abused them in such a manner isn't human and animalistic. My Lord in heaven how is it but there is such a evil in the world. People don't see or h e a r decries and torment of these people that they are torturing??? Absolutely they do. But they have no heart or conscience and in Scripture the Lord Yeshua Jesus said, they have no eyes so they don't see, they have no ears and they don't hear. These are people that are lost and are falling into the pit. Some day was his promise all of us putting people of all Races that I've suffered and I've been treated horrific will dancing is Kingdom alongside of Our Redeemer Yeshua Jesus and in front of the almighty God in heaven Our Father. Yes we will, and these people will not be around to torment or harm ever again. Hold on to your faith and believe. problem is these people believe in a God that doesn't exist. All the things people do is in the name of their God Allah which in turn gives the right to men and women to sell an abuse he's girls the way they do. it's amazing they can do these things, pray 5 times a day, and go to their Temple periodically throughout the week. That's about as Sick As It Gets..
born dead (5 months ago)
Born Texas lol lucky me
Jessica Opal (6 months ago)
Poor sweet babies. If I was rich I'd build homes all over the world and teach them to farm and dig wells. I don't know how we have rich people who couldn't spend their money in 20 generations and we have people this poor. All the rich people together could save civil people 10 fold if they cared.
Detox (6 months ago)
Of course the men are smiling and giggling.
Mieka Degerness (6 months ago)
No amount of money can ever replace Specially a Young Innocent Child (( Girl or Boys )) Life , Make a person Specially a parent wonder what Really Happen . A Young Burnt . Sounds Like these people Tortured her and Before she could run for Help for Herself They Killed her then Burnt Her Young Body only to be called , Suicide . So very Sad in this World for Young Children , And All Children are a GIFT from GOD to us. Sounds like these So Called Land Owner's are Selling these Young Girl into Slavery , It's More like Steeling these Young Girls. This has Got to be Very Hard on These Young Girls taken away at 6 years of Age , Then have people like this Mess with their Minds
Jenny Lee (6 months ago)
We Hindus have very strict rules and I respect that but some go really too far. 😢😤
Rabin Rai (6 months ago)
thanks for this video
kelton poh (7 months ago)
Corruption make poor inoccent people suffered and lost their loved ones!!!!!
reira miya (7 months ago)
Shameful. Karma.
Chantal Rana (7 months ago)
Mat2001uk (8 months ago)
"When the women tried to enter the government building, the police acted with brutality." Seems to me like the police acted with restraint, and only hit them as a last resort. Good to see that sensationalism is alive and well in all corners of journalism.
Siyawash Nishat (8 months ago)
Where is the human right? Where are those who fight for feminism? It is really sad why the authorities don’t act to stop these horrific businesses of the have a share.
bipin thapa (8 months ago)
manjeeta ji..it would be better if you make documentaries about nepaleese labour in qatar. no documentaries about nepaleese labour is made by aljazeera. is this the hypocracy of qatari government.
arbaaz noor (8 months ago)
Why do they give away their daughters only? Why not sons? Daughters are taken by rich people because they want to sexually hares them and they are physically weaker and have lesser options for earning their bread so they would never leave or run away
Rj Lindfors (8 months ago)
Wow! An angry mob of 12 year old girls. That's awesome.
646 Muzik (8 months ago)
As a toddler my mom was a nurse and she did night shifts. she was a single mother at the time so she hired a kamlari. Her name is Sam Kumari Chaudhry and she is like a sister to me. She basically raised me alongside my mom. I have no clue where she is now because I live in New York now. I am now 14 but when I visit Nepal I have to find her and thank her for everything.
646 Muzik (8 months ago)
This is how the world is. cruel and greedy
roach (8 months ago)
you know?... maybe there is more that i don't understand. I'm not from that culture. but I do feel like the woman who was arguing at the end had a good point, somewhat. she took a kid with no future and paid for her education in return for some housework. she must have treated her decently if she wanted to stay. she should have let her speak with her mother, or at least visit, but it was kind of selfish for the mother to take her back against her will, and without being able to offer education. That's a hard life and a hard decision, i don't want to pass judgement, but like they sed, it's not black and white.
winston maraj (8 months ago)
I see the need to have these people killed off very quickly.All of them.
Sanjay Gurung (8 months ago)
I will kill that pimp who are selling to India
Jhash Me (9 months ago)
so sad news, why we people are not just live equal?:(
Kelly Trindles (9 months ago)
I’m never moaning again I live in paradise compared to this
Amithkumar BG (9 months ago)
Politics sucks
Michael Le (9 months ago)
Just like the old colonial word.the landlords slave the poor and the weak. Socialism in the early and mid 20th century had eliminated this problem in many countries.
Josip Tumapa (9 months ago)
Oh come on what an ingrate that ninjima girl.
Ashish kumar lo (9 months ago)
It's happen why? we have to understand.
Sasha Stone (9 months ago)
Females are still slaves EVERYWHERE. The world needs to seriously stop killing females. The world is FEMICIDAL. Your religions and institutions are nothing but male cults that promote this.
chimmychimmykokobop (9 months ago)
I hate how corrupt the Nepalese government is, they use their power to get through anything, as a Nepalese I hate this system
Wanderlust (10 months ago)
Nepal has other side as well. Check this https://youtu.be/aG6ANR7a_Bw
Observer Jr. (10 months ago)
Why doesn't the media expose the names if not the addresses of these landlords and publicly shame them? Let's teach them a lesson.
Keshav Khadka (10 months ago)
actually in terian Region they are indigenous and landlord people later on some elite people capture and made slave them its such a radical I am oppose it also tharu people are really loyal and hardworker
yadav raj (10 months ago)
quatri channel shame on you you are searching story of slavery in southeastern area but what about slavery in Arabia pleatue
Tenzin Wangmu (10 months ago)
Such disgrace!
Ryan Rodrigues (1 year ago)
Those who fight for their freedom will always get freedom.
frosty (1 year ago)
Whats so bad about slavery
Lacedra Minor (1 year ago)
wow sad
quaqmireful (1 year ago)
Manjeeta is an inspiration. And shame the Nepalese authorities / politicians who turned a blind eye to this atrocities!
RAVI DHYANI (1 year ago)
Jo log kamlari ko bachane ka kaam kar rahe wo log bahot acha kaan kar rahe hai
Mem Aleph (1 year ago)
Well that was soul crushing.
Sheldon Cooper (1 year ago)
I was born in Nepal, but I moved to the United States 🇺🇸 when I was six years old. Watching this made me realize how privileged I am. I will never ever take that for granted. I hope this ends!!! These women deserve justice.
미롤KRPR미미Hawaii (6 months ago)
I agreed with you 100%. Its so sadㅜ.ㅜ
Bimal Pokhrel (1 year ago)
I am also from the same place. It is true that there were so many kamlaris working for others. But now as per Nepal Government's rule it is illegal to keep kamalris. We can see from the last lady that some of them raised these girls as their own daughters. Lets pray that this Kamalari system gets over completely and these girls are sent to school.
scatter limbu (1 year ago)
Who can you blame? Poor and illiterate family for giving birth to many children than can afford to? Corrupt and unstable government for not creating enough jobs for the poor, illiterate and without influence or relatives in higher posts? The government which is just busy trying to stay in power, giving good education and creating jobs is not in their agenda yet. Divided people by cast system? Who can you blame really? Or those higher society people who are just busy filling their own bank accounts? Or those who immigrate to better countries? Nepal if Government wanted could be one of the best countries in Asia but well there are just too many reasons it cannot be as we want and as soon as we think. Every country has problems We have a lot Because of the Rana rule we lagged behind from the rest of the world, Slowly step by step we are moving forward, May be not as fast but it's getting better.
Meraj Ali Kiani (1 year ago)
hinduism is abominable and always breeds injustice and inequality
Swarajit Pal (2 months ago)
Meraj Ali Kiani halala product u
Bob LOBLO (1 year ago)
Free the slave girls. Bhutan is the happiest place on earth. Catmando.
Bob LOBLO (1 year ago)
$5000 x 24 = ?
Mary gorretty (1 year ago)
Sad documentary but eye opening
Mandinko23 (1 year ago)
Nepali people are really beautiful. they look like a mixture of mongolian and far east
Neeraz Chaudhary (1 year ago)
thanks for 101 east al jazeera for making this kind of documentry . and all of the social workers for supporting to free kamalari system out of nepal.
isham rusman (1 year ago)
even thou this is a hindu practice country there must be someone who always blame on islam..very pathetic
Lord Willard (1 year ago)
Do they all have the same last name? Chaudhary
Bryan (1 year ago)
Why in the world many men love teenage girls? That is so sick, isn't it?
Keshav Khadka (1 year ago)
yup definitely it's our countries unfortunate but this channel operating from Qatari owned but they never raise questions about so many nepalese and other south asian slavery those are serving at qatar
Netscape Navigator (1 year ago)
Where are the Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeths of the world? Commending the Gurkhas as "great friends" but can't step up to help the same people in need?? Double standards anyone?
Creative Stuff (1 year ago)
there are f**ked up people so called decision makers every where.....
Danicka Addams (1 year ago)
11 girls became pregnant? Well, how did that happen, seeing as they were only supposed to be live in domestic workers. Something is definitely not kosher here.
TSERING BASNYET (1 year ago)
Why the Landlord is not in jail ??? Compensation not enough for human life !! I don't know some people so heartless !! Be human !!
What is it about documentaries about different cultures that seem to breed bigots in the comments?
doudou Be (2 years ago)
Its the landlord is big cause of this. That s why I admire FIDEL CASTRO for abolition of landlord.
madmarvin99 (2 years ago)
no one is blaming hindoo religon andits instituted caste racism
R Quincy (8 months ago)
I blame your spelling/grammar for everything that is wrong in the world.
Entertainment Pavement (2 years ago)
Hinduism is so stupid
jam sam (2 years ago)
I would never give my daughter I blame the parents , Id rather sell my self and keep my daughter
lucy lady (2 years ago)
Thank you aljazeera for sharing this heart touching story of slave girls in nepal. I hope you contribute to help those helping hands not to let them abuse again. It is good to see those girls are back to their parents home. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee, they might not be abused again by their parents again. Just think, they gave away their little ones at early age. Now they are all grown up. Anything can happen. Please god bless them.
Drup (2 years ago)
Nepal as a country is a failed one.
LIZA SUNUWAR (2 years ago)
Nora (2 years ago)
This is why 'Knowledge is power' ... I watch these poor people who have very little education in reading, writing, human rights, family management and wish some day I'll get the chance to help empower them with the simple act of educating them on things some of us take for granted.
Maya Ale (2 years ago)
This is why I hate my country 😡
Maria Marcu (17 days ago)
+Maya Ale ❤❤
Maya Ale (1 year ago)
I am already out of nepal. There is so much corruption its unbelievable.
n mn (1 year ago)
There`s already so much conflict within north-east like Khasi,Bodo people etc.How can Nepalese find peace and unity with Indian North-East?
Levi Little (1 year ago)
Join with Indian North East, all will become one nation, then Indep, then help out our Asian tribals in newly created country Bangledsh. Then join Asean as economic, this can be done within 10 years from now.
n mn (1 year ago)
How we can get rid of these Indian Nepalese?
Sunny Boy (2 years ago)
Disgrace. Beasts
Verminna Lee (2 years ago)
Love how youtube says no mature content.
R Quincy (8 months ago)
You don't get trigger warnings in real life, and no actual violence or rape was depicted. At most, I'd give this a PG-13 or TV14 for content...MAYBE.
Lala (2 years ago)
Even the police and government are cooperating with the slave owners. No wonder all the smart Nepalese people are fleeing the country and immigrating elsewhere.
milkybar06 (2 days ago)
Many are coming to Australia.
LIZA SUNUWAR (2 years ago)
SimplyGuided (2 years ago)
I'm waiting for someone to blame muslims lol it always seems to happen
Ram Subba Wanem (1 year ago)
SimplyGuided yolo isis raped result madafaka are no good than this...get nuked by america n russia out of map
Raquel Jasper (2 years ago)
Esther Baettig only fair since people blamed Obama for everything
Esther Baettig (2 years ago)
or blame it on Donald Trump, lol
SimplyGuided (2 years ago)
I'm waiting for someone to blame muslims lol
Bettalion Simhadri (6 months ago)
They are kaffirs not humans why bother, send them to oil sheiks
Mohan sukla (1 year ago)
SimplyGuided 😂😂😂
Cikguputeri Qaseh (2 years ago)
cant believe slavery still exist in this age
Mantra Raz (2 years ago)
at just six yrs old now she is fifteen all those yrs of nightmares I can barely imagine someone could endure may she has a good future now and God grants her the strength to overcome that ordeal
Tuan Nguyen (2 years ago)
tMantra Raz
Ridgeback Mom (2 years ago)
Such a travesty of life and justice
Ole Fella (2 years ago)
2000 yrs of Hindu upper cast system over indigenous native people is hard to heal for a long time to come.
S CT (24 days ago)
This is Napal, not India. What's with the Hindu?
Suraj Chalise (6 months ago)
It is not about any caste or religion you fool. This is an outcome of extreme poverty and illiteracy. Get something new, Divide and Rule ain't working in this part of the world.
Ishan Bansal (10 months ago)
Ole Fella native americans?
Aang Darkway (2 years ago)
The core issue here is people thinking giving away children is normal. They should punish the parents who sell their children and also those who force the parents to do so. It's such a public and social problem.
Sujan M (1 year ago)
Its about dominance over poor by rich land owners. The land owner could refuse the family to work on the land, take away means to earn lively hood. I don't thinks its a social norm of these nepalese minorities to give away their children.
Deanna Swanson (2 years ago)
Did you even watch the show? The parents are forced to give away their children. The children are taken. Shame on you!
katherine prasetyo (2 years ago)
why girls in nepal can't have a freedom?. they always get selled?. there is have to feminist for nepal
Kuchi Kopi (9 months ago)
katherine prasetyo well there are feminist groups in Nepal, I am sure of that, but they can't really go up against the uber corrupt politicians ruining the country.....
John lew (2 years ago)
but who am I to talk I'm black and am an American citizen and still deal with racism 2016
Kazehu Magar (1 year ago)
+sona sona Not in my community or clan ..only by bauns and some middle class people
sona sona (2 years ago)
We are lucky born in Myanmar looking for very bad Nepalese
John lew (2 years ago)
+Putinisgood yeah you tell em bro ,we tired of all you dang white crystal meth pill Poppin heroin junkies messing up the united States
John lew (2 years ago)
+Putinisgood oh and stop trying to be tough on the computer,your down in your Mama's basement,lol talking about crack and such you wuss😂
Bhola Tamang (2 years ago)
i didn't have enough guts to watch this... feeling sad
Levi Little (2 years ago)
Bhola Tamang Get involve men, Get rid of Arab Indian Nepalese from Nepal.
I don't understand where is police?..... Those parents are selling their kids, police have to jail them. And after being in jail they would change!  If parents can not support their kids and saying poverty as a reason, then better refuse from your kids and give them to boarding school, so government would be more involved and would try to change the system.
Reflected Miles (2 years ago)
I completely disagree with this practice in Nepal (and anywhere else), but I also have to say that the girl wanting to leave the contractor's family around 16:00 ff. does seem to be expensively cared for--she meets her rescuers better dressed than probably 90% of the population. Wanting to be paid and educated, and not forced away from home or abused, is perfectly right and understandable. I'm just not certain that the story of her being slighted in her conditions at their home is credible.
markanddanielsmom (2 years ago)
Happy to hear that mom said she will never give any daughter's away to the landowner those who abuse those children shame on them these girls are someone 's child they have value despicable landowners
Pranav Raghu (2 years ago)
I find it ironic that a Qatari state owned channel is reporting slavery in Nepal when slavery of Nepalese, Pakistani and Indian citizens is common in Qatar's construction industry
Arpan Karki (4 months ago)
Pranav Raghu its truth they are telling.. still so many girls and boys are working for elite as house slaves.. don't you know?
dukeofpkr (6 months ago)
Aang Darkway well there are reports that while Al Jazeera kept reporting about abuses to its reporters and fought for their press freedom the reporters who went to Qatar to report about the World Cup stadiums and the abuse of the labourers there were shooed off
Shrawan Magar (1 year ago)
is this the only episode you have watched from al jajira network ??? LOLz you fool... its more ironic that you can type
Lacedra Minor (1 year ago)
Pranav Raghu true
Bimal Pokhrel (1 year ago)
I am also from the same place. It is true that there were so many kamlaris working for others. But now as per Nepal Government's rule it is illegal to keep kamalris. We can see from the last lady that some of them raised these girls as their own daughters. Lets pray that this Kamalari system gets over completely and these girls are sent to school.
Fisher Lam (2 years ago)
"you're making me angry now" . Very good!
Caprisha Myers (2 years ago)
Caprisha Myers (2 years ago)
hedidit (2 years ago)
Prince Bakugo (2 years ago)
trustfull81 (2 years ago)
These girls do no need a racist at there side. They need justice. What do blacks have to do with a group of people beeing inslaved by there own kind. What justice will there be if by mintioning blacks and ingnoring that is done by diferent races off people. A bigit racist is alway in denail. That why there can not be justice
Chenxi Sun (2 years ago)
China liberated them lol
Chenxi Sun (2 years ago)
Guess who else used to have slaves tibet
Gustavo Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Chenxi Sun dali lama?

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