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Barbie Color, Style, and Cut Styling Head Commercial

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Become a stylist, make-up artist and manicurist all in one with the Deluxe Color, Style, and Cut Styling Head! Use the various tools and accessories to become Barbie’s stylin’ fashonista! Barbie has gorgeous hair girls will love cutting and styling over and over again! Click together hair extensions and clip into Barbie's hair. Use the included hair clips and accessories, that can also be worn by girls, to add extra flair. When it's time for a new look, cut the extensions using the play scissors to start all over. Color-changing nails, eyes and lips allow you to change up her look using only water.
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Text Comments (5)
Power of the Mets (22 days ago)
I have Queen Unicorn. Never knew her name, but I hate her name, is this really from 2014?
Angela Pedrosa (1 year ago)
Alexxa Gordon (3 years ago)
What the hell? The commercials are really pathetic now. The commercials used to be so catchy!
Andy Fennell (1 year ago)
They used to show little girls or sometimes even little boys enjoying their play with the barbie, set to a catchy song, sometimes even a parody. And it had a plain background and the barbie. The only pink was on their clothing and the barbie's clothing.
A butterfly (3 years ago)

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