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How to buy a car without getting ripped off (Marketplace)

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How do you buy a car without getting ripped off? We go undercover to investigate how some dealerships push long-term loans without explaining all the risks. To read more: http://cbc.ca/1.4402394 »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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Text Comments (3390)
Heather Bartholomew (21 hours ago)
Then when you are vulnerable meaning low income and bad credit they take advantage even more.
GAMER SSJON (1 day ago)
Haha id rather buy an old car than a new one
Joshuaron Whitfield (1 day ago)
If a car is the biggest purchase of your life, I feel sorry for you....
HyCo (1 day ago)
I feel sorry for the woman working two jobs to pay off those scammers.
Deepak Rajput (2 days ago)
Tell us the dealership which guided well so we would choose them over the 7 year lurings.
James Andersen (2 days ago)
These dealers are absolute crooks. Their business should simply be shot down by the government, and not allowed to do business ever again.
Asad Hafeez Yousufi (3 days ago)
Online shoppers use the browser in private mode, specially while booking flights
Asad Hafeez Yousufi (3 days ago)
Answer fro this problem is Fair...
Ash (3 days ago)
I almost feel bad for her for the car thing. I get that people don’t understand that kind of stuff and can be too trusting of the sales people. But you’re that far in debt and decide to have a baby? And you know you can’t work those hours for long because of baby so the cars gonna be repo’d anyway. Wear a condiment or use birth control, jeez. Now that financial burden is on that kid too. For god knows how long to come
Nick Howard (3 days ago)
clean your ipad screen, lord
Claudiu Stille (4 days ago)
mi used audi a4 2010 estate 110£ monthly 4yers loan. automatic . puls like a tank
Lana Klipfel (5 days ago)
I hope that they helped Shantell legally----it almost sounded like they did. Update?
J.G. Bloodworth (6 days ago)
Its aboat time!
Afrocanuk (6 days ago)
The entire automotive industry today is severely corrupt. The pricing strategies, maintenance, accessories, interest rates; all corrupt! Then there's domestic automotive manufactures designing Japanese imports to decide what they'll be competing against. A very disgusting thing that did not exist during the 1980's & prior. Now too there are countless motorists using Ford F150 size vehicles mainly as single & two-seaters. As a result, there's a much higher chance of maiming & killing pedestrians, including other motorists in smaller more reasonable size vehicles; like motorbikes.
Brad P (6 days ago)
If I were Chantel I would declare bankruptcy.
John Rogers (6 days ago)
What happened to buyer beware.? Whay happened to making an informed decision? What happened to living within your means? Did she really need a "new" car? Can't help but think she is 50% at least, responsible for her situation.
Hair stuff (6 days ago)
Follow scotty kilmer he knows all about cars
Hair stuff (6 days ago)
Buy Corollas or HONDA's they make best cars and last longer and never will give you problem Yes Lexus is also awesome...i mean they are basically Underneth Toyota's 😀😀😀
InForTheWin32 (7 days ago)
You could tell the lady just went on the show and expected to get helped out all the money
Golib Husanov (9 days ago)
This definitely needs to be taught in early ages, otherwise people get ripped off.
Tom H (9 days ago)
Just another reason to own a beater with a heater.
KitMellow (9 days ago)
So bottom line is never buy a new car
Tyler Matthews (9 days ago)
Sounds like somebody didn't do their research
Joby Fluorine (10 days ago)
Wow! Talk about breech of trust. Talk about anti-consumer! Dirty crooks!
lonelywuffy (10 days ago)
If people can just do clear researching for a week, they wouldn’t run into this problem. People basically knowing nothing about financing cars walk into a dealership thinking the car salesman are interested providing them the best car at best prices.
Flawless Strategy (11 days ago)
God, there is so much vocal fry in this video. 12:02 Ugh.
Channel?R (11 days ago)
every wonder why all the people that total the cost and make you sign the contract for the car are all Indians well guess what because all they do is scam except offcoruse there own dirty hindus nasty evil creatures.
Danny Ye (11 days ago)
Yo all that for a Hyundai??? Bruh...
Pasha Zamani (11 days ago)
I used to work for a premium brand car dealership and left after three years, oh boy this industry is full of crooks!!! watch for unnecessary throws ins, instead stick to the discount on the car first and then move on to the extras.
ROiDigitalgGroup (11 days ago)
Affordable Car Insurance 8345 Walnut Hill Ln #213  Dallas, TX 75231 (561) 264-4334
Nick X (11 days ago)
Why so many Sihk?
Crazy Hands (11 days ago)
84 month's CRAZY .
Soy Karma (12 days ago)
I thank you for alerting us from any scams . You guys do an awesome job in unveiling the truth behind the real world.
Danny Schmidl (12 days ago)
someoneatsomwere (12 days ago)
Jenny is sexy as heck
John Modler (12 days ago)
Notice all of the dishonest sales-people are from India or the Middle-east!
Remembering 1992 (12 days ago)
Easy.  Swallow your pride and buy a used car.
sk8queen (12 days ago)
Russian asset? #webeenknew
Ninjamac (12 days ago)
So Canadian. People in suits supposed to protect consumers, but sitting in an office with pamphlets and not doing anything until cbc marketplace actually investigates. It's the Canadian establishment, govt doesnt care if your treated fairly...they really just want you paying taxes, and giving businesses your money. The suit stated his interest clearly: just to inform consumer, which means buyer beware. Your on your own folks.
Iamreallycoolful11 (12 days ago)
Never buy new.
Deni Defaux (12 days ago)
Is there anything in Canada that is not scam or fraud
Web Cityx (13 days ago)
Should have sue the dealership for selling you a lemon.
J Fulkerson (13 days ago)
buy a 5k camry until you make over 60k a year is my strategy
Mike Gullett (13 days ago)
So is there no such thing as manufacturer warranty on a vehicle purchased in Canada. She only owned the car for 3 months and it started breaking down you couldn't afford to fix it so you traded it off for another car. all the issues with that cars should have been covered under a manufacturer's warranty and she should have never had to traded it off for a different vehicle.
Beautiful! Videos like this are what makes capitalism work!
Blue Cat (13 days ago)
oof im worried for my mom
Aidan Guibord (13 days ago)
1:29 I'm 14 and I have a better car....
joe blow (13 days ago)
I don't understand. Hyundai's come with 5 year 60k mile bumper to bumper and 10 year 100k powertrain warranty. Why didn't she just take it back to get fixed at the dealership? I've had 6 Hyundai's and they are great cars!!
Making Waves (13 days ago)
Repairments of several thousand dollars within three months of buying a brand new car. Don't you have warranties on brand new cars in the US?
Pat T (14 days ago)
Omitting details is the most simple and effective way of deception. Always do your due diligence, I personally wouldn't recommend getting any finance for a car. Pay cash and only buy the car you can afford. Cars are a liability not an investment.
Williams Resnikoff (14 days ago)
Why all dots in video?
Brian Jason Fernando (14 days ago)
399 for a car window tint!!! Wow talk about talking candy from a baby momma
Stephen Hicks (14 days ago)
Credit should be banned. Watch car prices drop like a rock.
TheBassUp (14 days ago)
can someone figure out where that mazda dealership is? lol
QAsim Alavi (14 days ago)
Buyers be aware when buying anything in America or Canada. This girl should have done her home work or taken somebody with her to do the deal. Why she did not repair the car Under 10 years of Kia/Hyndai Warranty? Every New Car comes with 3 to 4 years of Bumper to Bumper warranty. No excuse for not knowing the basics of Car Buying. You are dealing with Vultures or Incompetent people who's job is to make a sale by deceiving the buyers!
inferno (14 days ago)
the responsibility of smartness lies on the consumer, not the seller
Chai Lee (14 days ago)
But used cars are also reliable and u can buy them at cheaper prices in Kenya we have reconditioned cars from japan they Coast around 7grand or we should just Take a bus... No loans just tax😂😂😂😂
Janete Carin (15 days ago)
We Consumers should boycott any car dealers with a bad reputation , and there should be a standard from the government regulators to put a sticker just like they do for Restaurants .
Steve (15 days ago)
Her mistake began when she bought a Hyundai
HueTubeR (15 days ago)
Bi-weekly?! Must be a Canadian thing.
Brent Farlow (15 days ago)
If the car brought down 3 months then it was all under warranty... we got lied to somewhere. Unless she bought a used new car. Even then they give 12k 1 year warranty and the power trains usually good for 7 year 100k miles so she lied somewhere.
Gttec (15 days ago)
So Canada dont have warranty or lemon laws?
CCT90 (16 days ago)
Did the council help the poor girl or not?
Arindam Paul (16 days ago)
I think this should be taught in high schools. The situation is similar or worse in the US. There also needs to be more regulations in place how car dealerships can and cannot act. Also, this negative equity information should be mandatory. But if it is mandatory, they will hide it with other information. My heart really feels sad for people like Chantelle - I want to give her a hug - I wish there were lawyers fighting cases for people like her.
theviet (16 days ago)
Life is all about scam and who can you scam...
Daniel Brown (16 days ago)
Oh please.. people not being responsible. Of course shame on the dealers, but honestly if you don't know your in a wolves den when you walk into a new car showroom, you're a damn fool.
AroundIndiana (17 days ago)
The tragedy of this story is that someone is working 2 jobs to pay off a.....Hyundai? Those things are pretty worthless.
MrDavfit (17 days ago)
People forget driving off the lot your car loses value instantly.. always buy used
derf lasor (17 days ago)
I would love to share this to my friends who wanted to have their first car here in Québec. Unfortunately I did trade in my first car and pay more because of the "negative equity".
LEOWO RLD (17 days ago)
What they should be teaching us in school lol
Abe Kampman (17 days ago)
cars start breaking down after the seven years of payments
Lora Z (17 days ago)
When I bought my first car from a dealership, I let them give me their whole schpiel about payment plans and at the end of it I was like "Debit!" because I saved up like crazy and I hated the idea of owing people. Their faces, their faces. Felt so good.
Bob (17 days ago)
Its all ab out the Up Sell !! Greed and nothing less....consider the re-sell and your still owing more than the car is worth. Hyundai, biggest POS ever to enter Canada. Korea does not allow North American cars into Korea...how is that fair trade??
Lakota Pride (17 days ago)
That girl 👧 is so pretty
Daniel Ly (17 days ago)
Get rid of dealerships and buy direct from manufacturer like Tesla is doing.
Denracer (17 days ago)
Im so happy that Mazda didn't do this lol
Vuong Dinh (18 days ago)
so lease is better, lease for 4 years and then lease for a new car
Gurleen Kathuria (18 days ago)
It's 0 percent interest , how it's rip off really dont get it. In New Zealand 8 to 9 percent is normals . Now that's called rip off .
SAUL TERRIQUEZ (18 days ago)
New subscriber
Kimiko Kasai (18 days ago)
has anyone noticed they are all-most all indian ?? lol ... they are natural scammers
Raigou (18 days ago)
the best advice is in the comments section.
Brandon Henderson (18 days ago)
First of all, I only buy used. I went car browsing this past weekend to look at a used car I saw online. They kept trying to sway me towards a new model of that same car. I went back and forth with them telling them I came to look at one car and one car only and it was the used one. They tried showing me the difference in monthly payments between the new and used. I told the salesmen I'm not interested in the monthly payment. I already know the range based on the price I'm looking at, I want to know the OUT THE DOOR PRICE. He refused to tell me the out the door price and kept trying to sway me to buy a car I didn't even go to look it. I eventually left b/c they wouldn't give me the the out the door price and I won't be returning.
Alicia (18 days ago)
My husband and I are looking into buying our first car and this video plus the comments section is very helpful.
AF Jonathan Barrientos (19 days ago)
What I want to know is what happened to the contract. Did the file a lawsuit? Did the girl get anything since they hid information in their contract? How are you going to end an episode and not say anything. -_-
Colyers (19 days ago)
I don't understand who these customers are. Who just walks in to a dealership and accepts everything at face value. Educate yourself.
jorge135 (19 days ago)
Anybody should know this basic info. If you buy a car this way. You are just dumb. We all know that payment doesn't matter. Price is the what really matters.
Dave Milligan (19 days ago)
You are, and will always be on your own... BUYER BEWARE ! ( correction to my sentence below )
Dave Milligan (19 days ago)
Then WHY does the Canadian government let legitimate companies get away with scamming the general public? Answer... because politicians only care about votes to get them into their comfortable cushion jobs. All talk and NO action.  You are and always be on your own... BUYER BEWARE !
Ashe Chua (19 days ago)
Back 2010, I bought my second car at toyota zero interest for 5 years for 19.5K total. 8.5 years old still working and I’m using it for uber every day. Now you barely find the zero interest.
Sick Will (19 days ago)
7 YEARS?!!!
T J (19 days ago)
Honestly, I think she bought a lemon. I have had a Hyundai Elantra (2016) for almost three years and I have had no problems. So far, I have only had to change the oil regularly, and the battery at 45,000/50,000 miles, and a couple of air filters. And you CAN legally bring the car back within a couple of days (at least in the U.S. ) but not three months.
T J (20 days ago)
BI-WEEKLY payments?? Is that a thing now? I'm not paying you every check!
R&R Coroneti (20 days ago)
& Compound Interest is Usury, a big rip off.
albert7139 (20 days ago)
I'm pretty sure mines only 4 years, and I looked at the price of the car and then calculated the payment with the interest rate I was given, and realized I can afford it, but once it's paid off I'll be looking for a brand new car.
Andrii zzstu Pyhyk (20 days ago)
The lack of financial knowledge will usually be the doom of many people. I recommend reading the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter." It tells an amazing story of Robert Kiyosaki and how his Rich Dad drove the importance of financial knowledge into his head. The book is extremely powerful, I highly recommend and encourage people to read/ listen to it
John Singer (20 days ago)
If the Canadian Parliament wasn't so busy writing senseless compelled speech laws to protect 'feelings' they might have time to write truth in lending and fair practice laws that would protect it's citizen consumers from the misery of becoming a debt slaves to unscrupulous loan sharks. Why are dealerships and banks allowed to prey on young naive people with impunity this way?
posterlion (20 days ago)
Why doesn't the average person know the basics about promissory notes by the age of 18? This is basic stuff.
jim beam (20 days ago)
A sucker is born every minute
Danny Tu (20 days ago)
your expensive car is going to be shi after 7years
Cole Bevans (20 days ago)
2 words... Dave Ramsey

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