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9 MCU Character Changes Marvel Tried To Slip In Without Anyone Noticing

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What the heck happened to Scarlett Witch's accent, Marvel?Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6 Marvel is known for having well thought out characters and plot lines that string all the films together. The entire MCU is brilliantly made into a completely other world in which we only dream to live. There are some changes within the films that we’re certain Marvel Studios and Disney tried to sneak by us to not throw off their perfect creation...but alas, we have caught them! Actor changes like Edward Norton and Terrence Howard in films like Ant-Man and Iron Man represented some of the biggest changes. Others included a blonde Black Widow and an accent-less Scarlet Witch, which we easily noticed. What do Dominic Cooper and John Slattery share in common? Does someone have beef with Robert Downey Jr. who plays Iron Man, AKA Tony Stark? Why has Thanos’ appearance changed? Why was the Hulk recast? And did Fandral from Thor get a makeover? The famous cast of Marvel films include, Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Holland, Josh Brolin, Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chadwick Boseman, and Mark Ruffalo. The spanning over a decade have gone from “Guardians of the Galaxy” to “Ant-Man” and now finally have arrived at “Avengers: Infinity War,” with many more films slated to come. Through their entire repertoire, we found all the mistakes Marvel tried to hide and we’re going to reveal them all to you! Watch this video and count how many of these changes you already noticed or perhaps the ones that slipped right by. You’ll be shocked at these major changes that many didn’t even catch! Featuring: Entry 1 THE HULK SWITCH Entry 2 BLONDE BLACK WIDOW Entry 3 THANOS APPEARANCE CHANGED Entry 4 FANDRAL UPGRADE Entry 5 RED SKULL RETURNS Entry 6 HOWARD STARK MUSICAL CHAIRS Entry 7 BEARDED CAPTAIN Entry 8 TERRENCE TO CHEADLE Entry 9 SCARLET WITCH Check out these other awesome videos! 25 Marvel Fan Theories That Actually Came True! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBdFuKf3mMs You'll Never Watch Deadpool 2 The Same Way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQj3FrH0ziI Our Social Media: https://twitter.com/screenrant https://www.facebook.com/ScreenRant https://plus.google.com/+ScreenRant Our Website http://screenrant.com/
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Text Comments (4539)
John Kenny (14 hours ago)
But how many people even realized that Edward Nortons Hulk film even was part of the MCU?
Artistic COMEDIAN (1 day ago)
I think the answer for Captain America’s beard was him in custody after Captan America Civil War.
Deep Death (3 days ago)
I didn’t think she was black widow until they said in Infinity War
Indy Mae (4 days ago)
i always thought that 'The Incredible Hulk' series was in a different universe to the hulk in the avengers. Like how, 'The Amazing Spider Man' is to 'Spider Man'
Alice Leon (4 days ago)
Actually Erick Bana was the first Hulk
James Hobkirk (4 days ago)
How did You miss Eric Bana? Hulk 2003
BTrulez YT (4 days ago)
Ok, so Black Widow, Captain America, and Scarlet Witch all broke the law with the Sakovia Accords and went into hiding. BW changed her hair as a disguise, Cap grew a beard as a disguise, and SW changed her accent as a disguise. They were all trying to hide from the government so they decided to change their appearance. Geez, thought y’all would catch that.
Roem Ichor (4 days ago)
What happened to Thanos? Easy. Lotion and Beauty Soap.
Nika Tsintsadze (4 days ago)
scarlet switch
Chadly Freed (5 days ago)
Kumar Vikash (5 days ago)
Not one of your best work, but I saw till the last.
elizabeth (7 days ago)
the two fandral actors look exactly the same. and as a side character with five lines i’m sure no one is upset about it.
Primal in Pink (7 days ago)
I still think the hair color/facial hair changes for the core Avengers cast will be something to do with time travel or encountering multiverse versions of themselves. The striking visual differences will help us (and them) tell the characters apart. Note that Thor got his short haircut, Ironman's facial hair changed, and Captain grew a beard.
Jim Jones (8 days ago)
got nothing to do?want to waste your time?watch this mismash
Top Doge1999 (8 days ago)
The second Howard Stark is my favorite he looks the most like Tony Stark so the father son relationship is more believable.
bia kitty (8 days ago)
You forgot Eric Bana before Ed Norton.
Puly Yaxley (8 days ago)
Dominic cooper all the way. Also, the accent of Wanda was intentionally disappearing during the different movies. It wasn't from one to another. Cap's beard is beautiful, I don't care about the explanation, it suits the whole situation of being undercover and on the run for years, which is what happens in the story. Having said that, I don't like blonde Natasha, it was a scarjo decision and i don't like it for the character. My favourite version is the long curly hair in IM2
BlackMoon Star (8 days ago)
Captain America beard came from him on the run from the government, dusk he threw away his military clean cut look. I assure you there's gonna be a scene when cap returns and him cutting his beard in a brooklyn apartment or a brooklyn barber shop. (Gotta be)
Guy Fieri (9 days ago)
What about Thor’s helmet?
Spider-Man Pitbulls (9 days ago)
Blue eye THANOS is more menacing So “that does put a smile on my face”😈
omir410 (9 days ago)
Nadine Dine (10 days ago)
In the German Synchro Wanda still has her accent in IW
somebodypo (11 days ago)
I think that you should pick your video titles better. This changes first everyone noticed, and secont I don’t think that Marvel wanted to slip them without explanations, because every change is clearly understandable... 🤪
The one thing that bothers me the most is... how Chris Evans (Captain America's) hair keeps changing color... blond, ginger, and now brown ... I mean geez just keep using the same hair dye ... its weird ... and sometimes it looks like he's wearing a wig.
JUST A GAMER (11 days ago)
I hate the intro
sevach (12 days ago)
You guys really deserved this downvote, congrats!!!!
Clayton Kendall (12 days ago)
I just realized that I never gave my wife an explanation for why I grew a beard. She must be so confused. Maybe screen rant could make a video explaining it to her?
Sarai Nicholson (12 days ago)
Black widows hair change was planned
Dragon Tamer Jani (12 days ago)
I thought Thor's friend looked different
Moneybags Hastings (12 days ago)
I really wanted Terrence ;c
Luminesko (13 days ago)
since different lighting, difference!
BishopDoubleR (13 days ago)
I think more egregious than SW losing her accent is Black Widow not having one
Rumi Laskar (13 days ago)
Can you make your videos short. They're just too much longer then the should be
John David (15 days ago)
MCU is perfect as it is, why look forsomething wrong? We all enjoy all the movies.
Naemi Bechtloff (15 days ago)
I honestly think they got rid of Scarlet Witch's accent so she becomes more part of the team as all of the other's got an american accent... it's her slowly leaving her past behind and becoming an Avenger.
Madhubala Paulus (16 days ago)
What's an accent??
Not So Pretty Queen (16 days ago)
AdamCF (18 days ago)
10:13 Yes, it took me half the movie
Sondre Larsen Osen (18 days ago)
Captain Amerika do look a bit like Obi wan Kenobi with the beard.
Azura Quitta Calandra (19 days ago)
Daniel cooper is Howard stark single version...
Pero Pero (21 days ago)
this video is total bullshit
Audioplasma (22 days ago)
So much unnecessary explanation... Boring....
TheShreester (22 days ago)
Cap's beard and Widow's blonde hair? Seriously? Are you so desperate for content that you had to include those? FYI there are several reasons for their new looks: - They indicate the passage of time and changed circumstances since CW (as they were outlawed so have gone into hiding in Wakanda) - They indicate the progression of the character arcs (which you mention in the video) - They can serve as the base of a disguise (as obviously a beard or blonde hair isn't enough)
Michael Emery (23 days ago)
Captin america doesnt have the star on his chest. It seems like it was torn off
Michael Emery (23 days ago)
Thats something i caught but wasnt talked about
Pepe Sucilla (23 days ago)
Surprised you guys didn't mention Thor's facial hair. His eyebrows look super blond on the first movie and on the first Avengers they're brown.
park_your_car (23 days ago)
What happened to that face masking tech from CA: Winter Soldier, that would have been useful for Cap, Falcon, and Nat to use
cupcakelover lol (23 days ago)
Black widow made me cut my hair then she was blonde like why
NerdFish YT (23 days ago)
They disowned the old hulk movies and most of these r not picking about stuff that they wouldn’t talk about inside the movie unless your Deadpool
William Watson (26 days ago)
When I was 23, I finally started to grow facial hair. Man, I'll bet my friends and family thought I was trying to slip something past them.
What about Vision and him getting weaker as the films went on?
Captain America does not exist he is now Nomad.
Benjie Teng (28 days ago)
should be in the list is Thor's eye color
Adam Ant (1 month ago)
Why is vision dating Scarlett Witch? She used to diddle her own brother!!! EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I don't care HOW hot a chick is.... that's a line right there you don't cross!
star (1 month ago)
RIP Stan Lee
Toys (1 month ago)
Omg! Thank you bro! I'm speechless
Ian Javero (1 month ago)
This video is like me trying to reach minimum 2000 words on my essay.
princeofpersia (1 month ago)
Perhaps the dumbest video I've ever seen. Every "change" mentioned here has a solid reason that could be explained with a 9 year old
Sheri Bunce (1 month ago)
Tho video is awfully made
Mark Stephens (1 month ago)
My favourite Howard stark is Dominic Cooper🤣
Laurence (1 month ago)
Slip? Ah... okay.
Jese Baez (1 month ago)
Many of these changes I noticed but I just took it as Marvel Studios tweaking their formula in order to make their movies better which, if you follow the evolution of all these films closely, that is exactly what they have done. Marvel Studios rocks 😎💓✌🏼🤟🏼🖖🏼
Trevor Clive (1 month ago)
I have a theory about Cap's beard. And stay with me here. Maybe--just maybe--he had not shaved for an extended period of time, which (theoretically speaking) could have led to beard growth. That's just one fan's theory though.
Footy4life 789 (1 month ago)
Changed actors for the hulk? Marvel didn’t “slip” this change in I think they just wanted a reboot because the 2008 film failed And with black widow she had to change her blonde hair because she was trying to keep a low profile We all know thanos has changed like c’mon screen rant This isn’t the content I subscribed for
Keith Kavon (1 month ago)
What happened to Lady Sif? She was in The Dark World, but i don't recall her making any appearance in Ragnarok.
Zeke Gamez (1 month ago)
Marvel made a comic on why her hair is blond but ok😂
Micro Wave (1 month ago)
I never noticed any of these differences before thins video. Thank you
Lil Legazy (1 month ago)
Hulk movie would have been funny with Mark Raffalou
beefy thanos (1 month ago)
you DO know that after being around a foreign accent that you start to gain it, right? smh i’d be questioning if they DIDN’T have wanda lose her accent.
JASON'S WORLD (1 month ago)
Fandral is fake and gay.
david ross (1 month ago)
I think a whole lot of these are too trivial to even have a mention... I have one, why was Cap not the main leader? Where was his shield? Do I smell anti-americanism?
david ross (1 month ago)
Beards are a thing of manliness, I thought it was very tasteful for both Cap and Barns to have a beard, that helps to illustrate, WE ARE MEN! WE CAN DO THINGS WOMEN CANT! I think its a stay away from SJW, I like it...
Unhallowed Gaming (1 month ago)
"Without anyone noticing" lmao
Chay Dichter (1 month ago)
Has no one ever heard of Nomad? As in, Cap but without the ugly suit and with a beard? Jeez.
Gemma and Rosy # (1 month ago)
are people really this picky
Abdullah Ahmed (1 month ago)
I wasn’t that fussed about the minor actor changes you’re talking about tbh
Trinimix Studios (1 month ago)
I always thought the iiron man switch was a different character all together.
Marvel Geek (1 month ago)
They tried to change Thanos
fred lariego (1 month ago)
Umm Natasha Romanoff and her blonde hair? Right. Hair Colors never existed. What are those?
Jalene Nelson (1 month ago)
Hulk/ Dr.Bruce Banner's and Black Widow's romance. Where did that come from. Because I thought she liked Hawkeye. But he have a secret family in Avengers : Age of Ultron.
Dan Lind (1 month ago)
Wow, this is weak. And you're acting like you've discovered something that others couldn't possibly have noticed.
Katelynn Perdue (1 month ago)
The accident of scarlet witch made me so mad! But only because when i told anyone about it they argued with me that she never had an accident like it was the damn Mandela Effect or something 🙄🙄
Moi (1 month ago)
None of that was really secret ;)
keeth sepe (1 month ago)
She just wanted her hair changed what do u care!
hummingbirdcity (1 month ago)
Who doesn't notice actor changes?
Daniel (1 month ago)
And Scarlet Witch's mental powers?
phdcpe01 (1 month ago)
These things were noticed by everyone.
Habib Ahmed (1 month ago)
Maybe Black Widow is a supporter of Captain Marvel... 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Izzy Frost (1 month ago)
they got rid of scarlet witch's accent because it was dreadful, duh
DolphinDiva (1 month ago)
Vision: No one dislikes you Wanda Wanda: Uhhhh.. Thanks? ( Screws what looks like a pepper lid ) : Stares at him awkwardly :
shenronrulez (1 month ago)
Does nobody acknowledge that Eric Bana played Bruce Banner/Hulk a while ago? I was just wondering why no one ever mentions it
Nordén ØD (1 month ago)
Accents change, my parents had a terrible accent until recently
The Otp Sailor (1 month ago)
Wow an actor changed Black widow dyed her hair AMAZING Cap grew a beard SHOCKING Thanos’s clothes are being cleaned Scarlet witch , a really powerful being with huge potential, got rid of her accent
Victor Schwartz (1 month ago)
Blonde hair...hiding Beard...hiding Silly vid
Jeff Farley (1 month ago)
I wouldn't agree with the title claiming Marvel tried to slip this stuff in their super hero film franchise. They sold it all pretty well. Widow's hair was planned and is a subtle plot point of her being "low key". Along with Cap and his beard. Many hero's tend to have alter identies or reasons to change appearances or disguise. This isn't anymore questionable than Clark Kent wearing glasses. Them being fugatives is cannon, so is their method of disguiese. No matter the medium. Both Thanos's resemble eachother quite well outside to the definate color change. What he where's between movies, I just accept as different outfit changes like we've seen with other reoccuring characters through the MCU. Fandral. To be honest I never noticed the actor change until this video. Marvel sold or slipped this one. If you want to call it a slip attempt for me not catching it, so be it. Character changes happen in frachises though. How many different actors played Rusty and Audrey Griswold in the National Lampoon Vacation films? We see these, understand situations, and accept them. Howard Stark is a more interesting change "slip" since it includes 3 actors. We can accept the 2nd and 3rd as different aged version of Howie. First and Second Pappa Stark are definite character change for Tony's dad of that age. Again, if character changes are considered a "Slip", it is what it is. Between Howard and Cheadle, I've grown to accept the modern Rhodie. Didn't take but 2 War Machine appearances to get over that. I'm an fan of both actors inside and outside of the MCU equally. Wanda's accent seems more come and go to me. Not totally gone. Perhaps not as thick, but still present at times, gone at others. Not sure I'd consider that a slip without anyone noticecing. We noticed. We notices all of these. I'll give you Fandral I guess, since I didn't notice. But every other "slip" is blantant. Which sold.
Black Pheonix (1 month ago)
Blonde black widow is pretty she looks fiercer , a bit more like a warrior spy vibe
Jacob Barton (1 month ago)
Maybe they could not come back or just didn't want to come back . The time jump is the reason for an older looking Stark Duh !! The bread is because he 's an outlaw & not a hero really . Also the reason he change outfit too & not just a bread dude
Mint Tsuki (1 month ago)
9:20 *Bearded Captain* looks awesomely handsome and for me fits the narrative of the movies. 🐉🌸
Todd Johnston (1 month ago)
I see rominofs hair white
Arfat Aara (1 month ago)
I was hoping Black widow's hair colour change had to do something with the Avengers going back in the past in the next Avengers movie(2019) To differentiate between this black widow and a younger version of her. Maybe.
damien aitchison (1 month ago)
For those complaining about caps beard learn to read comics, after the original comic of civil war Captain America changes to The Captain in which he has a beard and long hair
The Dragon Legault (1 month ago)
You do know people can loss their accents in real life if they live in a new location

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