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9 MCU Character Changes Marvel Tried To Slip In Without Anyone Noticing

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What the heck happened to Scarlett Witch's accent, Marvel?Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6 Marvel is known for having well thought out characters and plot lines that string all the films together. The entire MCU is brilliantly made into a completely other world in which we only dream to live. There are some changes within the films that we’re certain Marvel Studios and Disney tried to sneak by us to not throw off their perfect creation...but alas, we have caught them! Actor changes like Edward Norton and Terrence Howard in films like Ant-Man and Iron Man represented some of the biggest changes. Others included a blonde Black Widow and an accent-less Scarlet Witch, which we easily noticed. What do Dominic Cooper and John Slattery share in common? Does someone have beef with Robert Downey Jr. who plays Iron Man, AKA Tony Stark? Why has Thanos’ appearance changed? Why was the Hulk recast? And did Fandral from Thor get a makeover? The famous cast of Marvel films include, Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Holland, Josh Brolin, Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chadwick Boseman, and Mark Ruffalo. The spanning over a decade have gone from “Guardians of the Galaxy” to “Ant-Man” and now finally have arrived at “Avengers: Infinity War,” with many more films slated to come. Through their entire repertoire, we found all the mistakes Marvel tried to hide and we’re going to reveal them all to you! Watch this video and count how many of these changes you already noticed or perhaps the ones that slipped right by. You’ll be shocked at these major changes that many didn’t even catch! Featuring: Entry 1 THE HULK SWITCH Entry 2 BLONDE BLACK WIDOW Entry 3 THANOS APPEARANCE CHANGED Entry 4 FANDRAL UPGRADE Entry 5 RED SKULL RETURNS Entry 6 HOWARD STARK MUSICAL CHAIRS Entry 7 BEARDED CAPTAIN Entry 8 TERRENCE TO CHEADLE Entry 9 SCARLET WITCH Check out these other awesome videos! 25 Marvel Fan Theories That Actually Came True! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBdFuKf3mMs You'll Never Watch Deadpool 2 The Same Way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQj3FrH0ziI Our Social Media: https://twitter.com/screenrant https://www.facebook.com/ScreenRant https://plus.google.com/+ScreenRant Our Website http://screenrant.com/
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Text Comments (5017)
Stoner Dave (1 hour ago)
caps beard was because he has been in hiding since civil war
Raoul Duke (5 hours ago)
@screen rant You think i didnt notice you calling Don Cheadle John Cheadle?
Killa (22 hours ago)
It’s about time someone said something about scarlet witch accent. I noticed that ever since she came in the mcu
dull delusions (2 days ago)
hey guess what,, the howard stark thing is because he ages. ya know,, like people do
**Epic_3 Gaming** (3 days ago)
Stark Industries was actually created by Arno Stark, Howard’s dad
jer bo (3 days ago)
ruffalo is a much better hulk
Yeah. We knew those already but who cares?? 🙄
Roger Stevens (4 days ago)
13:12 Legendary
Ella Morton (4 days ago)
Josh Dallas is in my favorite show, MANIFEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SO IS MY UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grimgriefer40 (4 days ago)
Have you guys heard of a thing where you lose your accent when you live around people with another for along time I mean 4 and a half years could be long enough to do so you know
Toxic Supesps (4 days ago)
This is so wrong everybody knows this is supposed to be known. No hate but this whole list is wrong
Star Zombie (4 days ago)
Lol heard Norton was a control freak! That's why he's not the hulk anymore
Carnage Venom (5 days ago)
In the german version scarlet witch still has her accent
Jdub (5 days ago)
This is the dumbest video I've seen in a while.
Harry Jones (5 days ago)
This is just actors changing and looking different
Harry Jones (5 days ago)
None of these where supposed to slip by us
Faith Wright (5 days ago)
You forgot to add Wanda's hair color change. But everybody noticed that. She probably changed her hair for the same reason Steve and Natasha did: To disguise herself so the government was less likely to find them.
Brian Mccann (6 days ago)
Changes to Howard Stark was simple... Iron Man appearance 1970s. Captain America/Carter. 1941-1950. Ironman2 1970s. Antman 1980s/1990.
Ebony Ferguson (7 days ago)
Thanos different types cause different actors Josh Brolin and the other dude
lThellRockl (8 days ago)
Lets be honest here... RDJ pretty much founded the idea of Multiverse. sorry, i meant IronMan. If he wasnt as good as he was, his cash would not be upped like that...
Rian Turner (9 days ago)
not gonna lie, i didnt notice the hair change until i watched Infinity war the second time
Shi Ni'ia (9 days ago)
I had a theory for black widows hair change, yes she could have just bleached it. But. Maybe its an alternate universe and the black widow there had blonde hair so the BW in the prior movies is from a different universe. but thats just a lazy theory lol
Baby Doll (9 days ago)
What about Chris Hemsworth blonde hair and beard in the first Thor movie and they got darker In the latest films
Sheldon Gunby (9 days ago)
They took away Scarlet Witch's Accent cause she sucked ass at it.
FrankGarrett316 (9 days ago)
You guys have gotta be trolling us. Hardly any of these were "slipped in" with the intention that "we wouldn't notice," lmao. That's just not even what they're doing. Wanda's accent I'll give you (assuming you covered that, as I'm typing this prior to the video finishing), but the rest of these... yeah, no.....you guys are either fooling with us or extremely bad at reading situations.
NBA SIZZLE REELS (11 days ago)
Scarlets hair is definitely on purpose
8o8 k!d (11 days ago)
the last and original version of Thanos was the best IMO, most life-like.
CaptainRex 33 (11 days ago)
Everyone noticed all these things!
Reval NoLast (11 days ago)
ya know. I think SR is just trollin. why did ppl LIKE this sht?
Reval NoLast (11 days ago)
His helmet and armor are gone. Show him with his helmet and armor...
Prophein X (12 days ago)
People noticed, they just didn't care
Prophein X (12 days ago)
Terrence: looks at mk 2 prototype "next time" Me: "nope"
YB studios (12 days ago)
Slattery and cooper look kind of identical so it makes sense that slattery is the older one
Cooked Jelly (12 days ago)
Didn't Thanos took off his armour in the start of infinity war after he beat The Hulk
Fireball__Gaming (13 days ago)
you do realise that the beard for Captain America was because he was not exactly living the rich life, after Captain America: Civil War, I mean cmon, he was wanted to he lived low and just didn't have the time to take care of his looks. + for Wanda I though it would have been her accent changed due to her being around people with that same accent so much. I mean wouldn't anyones accent start to change if they didn't hear their native tongue for years?
TheLocutus70 (14 days ago)
Thanos' first appearance looked more like the comic book Thanos.
Maverick Hawke (15 days ago)
Dominic Cooper all the way he was the best Howard Stark.
Jammy The Panda (15 days ago)
All the characters who were on Cap's side in civil war who went into hiding had physical changes because they needed a disguise. That's why Natasha is blonde, Cap has a beard and Wanda has a different hair colour too.
Jer M (15 days ago)
2 things. Lady Sif disappeared. And Natalia Romanova should have an accent since she was raised in Russia.
Gaming Bros (18 days ago)
Lol who cares about most of these changes
J (18 days ago)
Seriously? Beard and accents? This is pathetic
crowskyler (18 days ago)
Widow's blonde switch is because she was on the run for two years. Changing your hair that much confuses people. This list is pretty ehhh.
RedWolf Plays (18 days ago)
Are the hulk movies even in the mcu?
kujibur (19 days ago)
All of these "changes" could be because of Skrulls!
Stacey (19 days ago)
Scarlet Witch's accent was dropped because Elizabeth Olsen's idea of what a slavic accent sounds like was terrible and made it hard to take the character seriously.
Calvin Grove (19 days ago)
God in heaven, can I have my 13:37 minutes of time back? This is the dumbest thing ever.
Mellow Yellow (20 days ago)
..I want my 13 minutes back please.
Alexis Martin (21 days ago)
No one will sub me
Logic Skeem (22 days ago)
Black widow is a spy and thats what spies do is give themself a different appearance and disguise.
Austin Givens (22 days ago)
I remember when Rhodes changed actors, didn't realize that he was Rhodes until he put on the armor, but even then I thought it was a different character I didn't know about lol
Rosario Martin (23 days ago)
Asssh so boring.....
Life and Gaming (23 days ago)
1. Everybody noticed. 2. We were meant to notice this, what?? 3. I'll give you that one. Upgraded tech, etc. Didn't make a huge difference. Thanos looked incredible. 4. I'll give you that one, I guess. Cast change of a minor character. 5. What!? That was a huge fan service moment, what makes you think they tried to slip that by without us noticing! The change of actor, yeah, that was a change we weren't meant to notice. And his performance is spot on to that. 6. Different ages dude. Come on. 7. WE. WERE. MEANT. TO. NOTICE. 8. Everybody noticed. 9. I'll give you that one.
William John (24 days ago)
Scraping the barrel for content, huh Screen Rant?
Lerma Pantorilla (24 days ago)
Josh brolin is also cable on deadpool 2
Marloxx x (24 days ago)
Black widow’s hair is also a call to yelena belova in the comics which I prefer instead of just replacing Scarlett later on with another actress
R Carrasco (24 days ago)
I bet these creators' girlfriends don't notice when these dudes try to uh...slip something in.
Ronaldo Gamer (24 days ago)
KainzMusic (24 days ago)
Thanos in Infinity War=taking matters into his own hands
slaywee (25 days ago)
this channel have some bullshit videos except for *Pitch Meetings* those are the best series on this channel rest is crap.
But you yourself are ignoring the 2003 Hulk film in which Eric Bana played the role.
Elvis PressPlay (25 days ago)
Why would a beard need to be explained? I think the joke Thor makes to Cap about it is more than enough of a reference.
Not So Lucky (25 days ago)
if you're lets say are a British female/male and you move to America for however many years your accent starts to change or it does change its litterly nothng special and I don't think marvel was trying to slip it in without anyone noticing. I think they just trying to say she adjusted or adjusting
Lucy Foxlady (25 days ago)
The change in hair cuts/colors might be to help audiences with time line orientation since Avengers 4 will definitely contain time travelling
Bleb Han (25 days ago)
I didn't mind at all when the makers of Spider Man turned Aunt May from an old bag into a hot MILF.
Nathan Frederick (25 days ago)
I instanly noticed Natasha's blonde hair. Scarlett looked so sexy as a redhead
Black widow being blonde, as well as Steve Rogers having a beard, stem from Civil War, where they were trying to stay unrecognizable, as they were on the run. It went with the storyline, they werent trying to hide it, it was completely intentional.
StarKiller 5iveOh (25 days ago)
Edward Norton and Terrence Howard had creative differences with Marvel. Apparently, Howard wasnt even told of these differences and was caught off guard by the release. Josh Dallas did well. I did even notice the switch lol
padawan buffy (26 days ago)
i thought captain america's beard!
Christopher Hill Sr (26 days ago)
It was never Ed Norton fault the movie sucked it was a bad adaptation of a beloved character and then have him get his but kicked by abomination!
josh shearer (26 days ago)
I think cap's beard fits. He's been on the run n it makes him look matured
duholland (26 days ago)
i love mark as hulk
Jimin’s Wifeu (26 days ago)
Why mention Caps beard? People age.
Jose Delacruz (26 days ago)
I noticed the accent change on SW immediately...I just thought a few years living in England with Vision/Jarvis did it..
Bob Hollywood (26 days ago)
Do they not know the difference between a “character” and an “actor”? Title should be cast changes and not character changes. The characters don’t change at all.
Joshua Salles (27 days ago)
I didn't like that Hulk, seemed more like a drama than a super hero movie.
Daniel Wolfe (27 days ago)
Didn't Romanoff and Cap have to go into hiding from the u.s. government trying to govern them so they donned some changes
Sean Hinkle (27 days ago)
You forgot to mention Thor had bleached eyebrows in the first Thor and then regular in the sequel
I can’t imagine what it would be if mark ruffalo play bruce banner in 2008 incredible hulk
DDavid Mac (27 days ago)
It was a week Norton And AND DAM After Ang Lee Ah FK IT
Legends 101 (27 days ago)
cap tricked me Not kidding
GerrisonMachadoTV (28 days ago)
Norton played a great Banner, much better than Ruffalo.
Chris Cattelino (28 days ago)
You talk about the Fandrall change that I did not notice but what about Hogun the Grim? Blatantly 2 different actors but neither of them grim or looking remotely like the comic book version.
Merron Douglas (28 days ago)
I know why Cap has a beard! He's depressed.
Tanvi D (29 days ago)
This was a waste of time “Something hardly any fans caught” I want my 15 minutes back
joeguy1092 (29 days ago)
If Terrance Howard would’ve just took the pay cut it could’ve opened up more roles for him
davisr02 (29 days ago)
I made it exactly one minute into this before I had to quit. Screen Rant, you're awful.
Darrell Hart (29 days ago)
Rhodey? They tried to slip it in without anyone noticing? It was literally addressed right there in the movie: "It's me, I'm here, deal with it." 10:33
Pat (29 days ago)
you know Thanos took his armor off at the begining right?
Spaced_Out_rn (29 days ago)
This is an terrible video
Emsi Desi99 (30 days ago)
Fandral the dashing You mean Charming get it
Andrea Sims (30 days ago)
Scarlett witches accent changes cause they didn't want to pay someone to train Olsen to talk that way?
Hana Banana (30 days ago)
Wanda's accent dissapeared because maybe, just maybe, when you start speaking a language on a daily basis you will loose your accent, which is a consequence of language improvement
B H-0 (30 days ago)
I like Mark Ruffalo but Edward Norton was a better hulk.
Norton was a horrible Hulk. Thank God Ruff was brought in.
Kodiak660 (1 month ago)
Don Cheadle and Mark Ruffalo were poor replacements. Both characters suffered because of them.
xXGalaxyGamingXx :3 (1 month ago)
WAIT WAIT WAIT you said this video was about stuff Marvel DIDN'T want us to see... Hmmm
Immie Payne (1 month ago)
Don Cheadle is better and suited Rhoadie better
Immie Payne (1 month ago)
Just let Chris Evens have a BEARD!
Immie Payne (1 month ago)
Marvel changed her hair because they didn't have any changes to her outfit only to her hair
ShawnCHunter (1 month ago)
SO WHAT !!!!! they make mistakes

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