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Text to Speech Hints and Tips for Adobe Captivate

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In this Adobe Captivate video tutorial, I review some hints and tips for creating text to speech in Adobe Captivate. Download the User Guide for Neospeech here: 🔗 https://captivateteacher.com/vtml Download the text to speech converters here: 🔗 https://elearning.adobe.com/2017/06/download-locations-for-captivate-text-to-speech-converters/ Download sample project files from many of my videos for FREE! 🔗 https://captivateteacher.com/freedownloads Purchase an hour or more of my instruction 🔗 http://bit.ly/CpInstruction Learn about advanced actions, multi-state objects, and fluid box responsive design. Get my 1.5 hr Premium Adobe Captivate course for FREE! 1) Follow me on https://twitter.com/captivateteachr 2) Subscribe to my YouTube channel 3) Tweet me a pic showing you subscribe. Support my channel and get free project files and themes 🔗 https://www.patreon.com/paulwilsonlearning My Gear: Blue Yeti Microphone: https://amzn.to/2TiBw4A NEEWER Microphone Scissor Arm Stand: https://amzn.to/2CsnkjZ Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam: https://amzn.to/2HLudQK Webcam Light Stand for Live Stream: https://amzn.to/2TgvXDZ Knox Gear Blue Yeti Shock Mount: https://amzn.to/2UOavYF Do you require technical support? 🔗 http://bit.ly/AdobeCare Want to report a bug to Adobe. 🔗 http://bit.ly/AskAdobe #AdobeCaptivate #elearning
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bu baby (1 year ago)
Hi Paul, I recently started using AC9 and find the information you provide is very helpful to someone just starting. I have been using slide notes text to speech on my project and find it hard sometimes to make words/letters sound correctly. I have tried various pauses and things to see if I can make the letter "'O" sound correctly . I have spent too much time in trying to fix this problem and thought that it was time to ask for help. Do you have any suggestions, thanks.
Text to speech is excellent. However, I have always tried to use human speech whenever possible. When I am using text to speech and encounter a problem word, I look to the technical documentation from Neospeech. I've saved a copy on my website: https://captivateteacher.com/vtml I've also started to keep notes about what has worked for me in the past. For example, to have Neospeach say all the letters individually from an abbreviation I use: <vtml_sayas interpret-as="ssml:characters" format="characters" detail="4">GTAA</vtml_sayas> Another example might be to have numeric information read using a particular format I use: <vtml_sayas interpret-as="vxml:currency">1,900,000</vtml_sayas> Another thing you may wish to consider is to look into Amazon Polly. A pretty good alternative if you find the right voice.
Jess B (2 months ago)
Thank you, Paul, this video is very helpful. :)
You're welcome.
Jamie Henry (4 months ago)
Can you have the text translated to a different language and read through captivate.
Amazon Polly would be the Text to Speech alternative that I would use if I needed a language I didn't have access to with Adobe Captivate. For me, I generally only have to deal with English and French Canadian, which is covered by Captivate. Here is the voiced you get with Adobe Captivate: https://youtu.be/NQ9JTU9P-X0 As you can see, there are very few choices included. You can reach out to the company that provides the voices to Adobe and purchase additional voices. The Company is Neospeech, and you can talk pricing with them. I've found them to be high priced, but I'm just a one person eLearning company. If GE is training tens or even hundreds of thousands, then it's probably a good deal. I would consider hiring a localization company to do much of this work for you. They will translate your text export (I can show you this part if needed) into the multiple languages for you, record the audio files for each of your slides. All you would have to do is import the translated text for the onscreen and closed captions (the part I can show you) and then import the audio files over the existing audio.
Jamie Henry (4 months ago)
I'm a little confused on the last part. Are you you saying that we would have to get voice from amazon to read the translated text? I would just import that into Adobe Captivate? I need multiple languages and curious to cost as well. Thank you for the quick response. I genuinely appreciate that. Been watching a lot of your videos. I work for GE and thinking about purchasing the tool but trying to see what interactive training, screen recordings, and PDF desktop procedures look like for this tool. If you have suggestions on videos to watch I would greatly appreciate that.
Yes. the process is to export your Project Captivate and Closed Captions to an MS Word file. Send it off for translations with a localization service. Once the translation comes back reimport it into your project so that all the text is replaced with the other language. Technically Text to Speech isn't included in this but if you check the checkbox for text to speech on the closed captions it will be ready to run the speech management tool to convert it to another language. Of course, there must be a speech agent installed for the language that you intend to use. If not you will have to have a native speaker read and record the narration which you would then import. Alternatively, you could use an alternative text to speech tool like Amazon Polly to create the narration files for you.
Ian Stirling (6 months ago)
Learning how to use Captivate, this is a very good explanation, thank you !
You're welcome Ian Stirling, and thanks for watching. Please feel free to like and share my videos, and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to be notified when I publish new content.
Gary Walden (7 months ago)
I can't paste into the text box? I did everything you did in the video, however, when I tried to paste the copied edited text into the last step it doesn't work?
Gary Walden (7 months ago)
+Paul Wilson Adobe Captivate Tutorials thank you! I was right clicking. It worked.
Use your keyboard shortcuts to paste (CTRL+V for Windows, Command+V for Mac).
Gary Walden (7 months ago)
Sorry. I commented on this video regarding customizing text to speech. The demo when you customized Julie's voice and then copied it out of the editor and pasted it into the text to speech option in a side. My issues is that I can't seem to past text into the text to speech dialog box when in a side. I have to type everything in for the voice to use.
I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. Please keep in mind that I lack any context when you comment on 1 of about 400 videos that I have made. Especially in this case as this video was made almost 4 years ago.
corinne coe (8 months ago)
👌really love the way you teach and the content was really useful. Thanks
corinne coe thanks for the compliment. I'm curious what you think of one of my newer videos by comparison.
POSTIVIE (10 months ago)
Please make tell how to make computer voice more like human.. By editing in audition
Also, use a human. 😜
Generally, I only use Audition for sound effects and processing.
Fabio Duarte (10 months ago)
Paul, can you have text to speech say the value of a variable?
No. And there is no need to ask the question twice.
Mesha L (1 year ago)
Hi Paul- I was wondering if you could give me a tip on a faster way to do something. I'm currently working on a course with text to speech audio. I've got a slide with six buttons, each button opens a pop up and triggers audio. Right now, I'm creating the audio as you described in this video, renaming it, removing it from the main slide and adding it to the action triggered by the button. Do you know if there's a way to add text to speech without attaching it directly to a slide so that I can do this more efficiently? (cpt 9)
You could maintain several hidden slides to generate the audio for these other items. This might save you some time. If you regenerate the audio for those hidden slides, however, you will have to point your object audio to the newly rendered audio. Something to keep in mind.
Keith Clark (1 year ago)
Can adobe Captivate 8 read PDFs or eBooks?
Your answer might be in this video https://youtu.be/PmQSCl6Hyqk
Deb Modugno (1 year ago)
I am just learning captivate. I found the video very helpful.
I'm glad you found it helpful. Consider subscribing to my channel to get notified when I publish new videos like this one: https://goo.gl/iuA6Lm
TIP Developers (1 year ago)
how can I save a project as mp3?
When you create text to speech in Adobe Captivate, it generates WAV files. When you publish the course it converts them to MP3.
TIP Developers (1 year ago)
I mean to say Text to speech project as mp3 or WAV?
Do you mean an MP4? MP3 is for audio only. MP4 is a video.
FinalFinale (1 year ago)
10:18 I'm getting the error "unable to normally execute the synthesizer" when I hit play...?
+FinalFinale I've never encountered this error before. You should reach out to Adobe for technical support.
Angie Carter (1 year ago)
You blew my mind at minute 12! I've always played with spelling variations to try to get the Voice Agent to pronounce a word the way I wanted it. This will be very helpful.
Glad you found it useful.
Roberto Martinez (1 year ago)
Hi Paul, how could i get extra language for example Spanish? I need VTEditor_ESP.exe? where can i get it?
You can get additional speech agents from the provider of the VoiceText software, Neospeech. From what I have gathered, other speech agents are available to license for about USD 1000 and the company, in its interest to protect its intellectual property, is reluctant to sell Voicetext licenses without detailed knowledge of how and how much you intend to use the software.
Callum Laverick (1 year ago)
Is it possible to export the text to speech audio file to adobe premiere pro?
Callum Laverick thanks for the kind words.
Callum Laverick (1 year ago)
Paul Wilson Adobe Captivate Tutorials. Firstly Thank you very much for your speedy reply. Secondly being able now to import this over to my other videos has helped soo much especialy for my users with sight impairments. I have only just found your videos and they have helped greatly in teaching me to create better e-learning content. Thank you once again and keep up the good work.
Callum Laverick open your Captivate library panel and select all your audio files and export them to a folder. You can then import them into a variety of different apps including premier pro.
Jaye-Andrea Arp (1 year ago)
Thank you, Paul. This tutorial helped me to create my first text to speech project in grad school.
Jaye-Andrea Arp glad I could be of some help.
Juan Cano (1 year ago)
can I use Neo Speech for commercial projects - how is the license and cost? thanks
Juan Cano you're welcome
Juan Cano (1 year ago)
thank you
You can export the narration as an audio file from an Adobe Captivate project, however legally I can't comment if this is an acceptable use of the software.
Juan Cano (1 year ago)
can I save a project as an mp3 or audio file? best regards
Juan Cano you are free to use the text to speech voices for your Adobe Captivate commercial projects however your use of the Neospeech voices is limited to use within the Adobe Captivate software. Any use that will not be contained within your Adobe Captivate project would be prohibited. There is no addition cost for using the Neospeech voices when you have a fully licensed copy of Adobe Captivate.
shannonsp2 (1 year ago)
Hello Sir, I'd like to ask if it is possible to have this text to speech option in Adobe Presenter?
shannonsp2 text to speech is available in Adobe Captivate. As far as I'm aware it isn't included in Adobe Presenter or Adobe Presenter Video Express.
Kc Malik Malik (1 year ago)
hello, how can I add text to speech in cap 9-i clicked windows but I don't get the slide notes option.thanks
Try downloading the text to speech component again from Adobe. The following link will take you to a page where you can download what you need. https://elearning.adobe.com/2017/06/download-locations-for-captivate-text-to-speech-converters/ Make sure you download the correct version for your computer (i.e. OS and/or 32 bit/ 64 bit). If you continue to have problems please email [email protected] as I don't provide technical support for Captivate.
Christine Padberg (1 year ago)
Hi Paul, I'm running Captivate 9. This will be a VERY helpful video if I can get the voices to install. I'm getting an error that tells me to "insert disk AdobeCptv90 to continue." https://www.screencast.com/t/wK20PasRjY I have no install disks for Captivate 9 since I downloaded it. Any suggestions on what to do?
I'm glad you got it sorted.
Christine Padberg (1 year ago)
I mean to follow up last week that I did finally get the voices to install and everything is working great. Thanks, as usual, for your quick and helpful response!
Try downloading the text to speech component again from Adobe. The following link will take you to a page where you can download what you need. https://elearning.adobe.com/2017/06/download-locations-for-captivate-text-to-speech-converters/ Make sure you download the correct version for your computer (i.e. OS and/or 32 bit/ 64 bit).
Secret Abode (1 year ago)
This is awesome.... Thanks for sharing!
Secret Abode you're welcome.
Lisa Jennings (1 year ago)
I'm just starting to use Captivate 9 and found your video very helpful to get me started. I'm sure will look for more assistance as I work through the presentation.
I'm glad you found my channel. Don't forget to subscribe and please feel free to share any video with your friends and colleagues.
Courtney (1 year ago)
Extremely helpful :)
Thanks again courtkneeyo
Ganesh Mahali (2 years ago)
Hello sir I am Ganesh mechnical engineer Jamshedpur sir how to make a hindi language voice text and Dj songs
+Ganesh Mahali I don't have the knowledge you seek.
CFC Christophe (2 years ago)
Something wrong happend to me today, by using Voicetext, when I test the sample before listen to my text to speech sound, the voice tell me that my licence is not valid :( I don't understand, my adobe captivate 9 subscription is still running ^^ If you have an explication, thank's :) Have a nice day Paul
CFC Christophe (2 years ago)
Undestand, perfect explaination thank you Paul
When you subscribe to Adobe Captivate, you get VoiceText installed so that the text to speech technology can work within the application but you do not get a full license of Neospeech Voicetext. If you are using the VoiceText application to preview your text to speech you will have to put up with this nag message but not to worry. Your Cp9 subscription is likely fine.
CFC Christophe (2 years ago)
Hi Paul, thanks a lot !
You're welcome Christophe! I appreciate you watching my videos. Don't forget to share my videos with all of your colleagues so my channel keeps growing and growing. I need all the views I can get.
Haruyo Nakashima (2 years ago)
Great video. Many thanks.
You're welcome and thanks for watching.
Dhruv Soni (2 years ago)
Hi Paul, great video on the text-to-speech feature. I have a dilemma regarding trimming of videos. I have created a few videos in the cpvc file format and added them into a project in the cptx format. Now i want to perform some trimming on the cpvc videos and re-add them in the project, but the project is not updated with the changes. Also, is there a way in which i can perform trimming on videos integrated in a project. Thanks...
Saurav Gupta I would first of all subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. I would start by watching the playlists starting with *Navigation* then move on to *Question Slides*. They're not really in any particular order but watching the navigation stuff is probably more basic. Building question Slides might be more challenging. There are 170 videos, each one is anywhere from five minutes to twenty so if you work through them all you should learn quite a lot.
I generally don't do videos about features in *Captivate* (or Windows) that I don't use or plan on using, however in the description of all my videos is a link where you can submit a bug or feature request directly with Adobe.
Saurav Gupta what type of recording was it?
No there is not a way to highlight the mouse cursor from within *Adobe Captivate*. For Video Demos you could replace your standard mouse icon with something more exaggerated. Not sure how you would do this with a *Mac* but on a *Windows PC* you can access the mouse cursor by opening the *Mouse Properties* from your *Control Panel*. Under the *Pointers* tab you can select new *Schemes* such as the *Windows Black (extra large) (system scheme)* or *Magnified (system scheme)*. I may try this on my next tutorial. I never thought to make the mouse more pronounced but it's a good strategy for helping folks learn.
Saurav Gupta I export from library but once edited I just saved the updated audio to my hard drive and import it fresh seems to work better than round tripping. Again this is just my process - what works for me. You may find a better process.
Hi Paul, congratulations for your job.
I am wondering if there is a way to add text to speech in a quiz for the incorrect, correct, try again and quiz result area?
Thank you for your speedy reply and assistance. I will go ahead and try your suggestion.
Yes Jennifer you can add the audio from text to speech. Here is what I do. Add some blank slides after the question slide and right click on each one and make them hidden. Add text to speech on each blank slide, one for each caption you want to have narration for. Find the appropriate audio file for each caption in your Library and drag the audio file onto the caption you want the narration to be heard for. A couple things to consider. If you rerun the generate audio option for your speech files, your captions will still have the old narration attached to them. There will not be any closed captioning for the narration in your captions. Also, the caption narration may interrupt and play over the slide audio if your learner clicks and submits the answer too early.
Vicky Gelatt (2 years ago)
Hi Paul, Can you add text to speech for a video demo? I can't seem to find that option.
Yes you can add text to speech for a video demo, however it's a little bit of a process to do it. First you want to record your video demo, make whatever edits you wish to do to it (zoom in, zoom out, pan and so forth), next save the file as a CPVC file to somewhere on your computer. Once saved create a new standard or responsive project and click Insert >> Insert CPVC file. Navigate to where you saved the file and select and open it into your new project. Once loaded you can go to the Slide Notes panel and click the Text-to-Speech button and do the usual stuff that you do to create electronic narration. You may have to trial and error a little to get the timing just right. Best of luck.
As always, great tutorial!
+Paul Wilson eLearning Development I will try that. Thanks for the speedy reply!
+Jennifer Rumfield I would create 5 individual Captivate project files with a quiz built into each one. Then you can package them together using one of two ways. - Use the Multi SCO Packager to bundle them together; or - Create a course shell in your LMS and upload them as separate components of the course each contributing to the total score of the course in the LMS. I have a video about the Multi SCO Packager here: https://youtu.be/4xg_8dz6GD0
I have a question about quizzes.  I am working on a project that have 5 sections.  After each section they would like a quiz.  If a user fails a section, they want them to go back and review the section over again and retake the quiz.  Is there a way to do this and if so, do you know of any tutorials.  If not, do you have an ideas?
Tricia Goebel (3 years ago)
I can't find the attachment you note with the pdf from Neospeech. This is a great video. Thank you.
+Tricia Goebel Here it is https://media.neospeech.com/document/vt_eng-Engine-VTML-v3.9.0-3.pdf
Tricia Goebel (3 years ago)
Oops, following down on another comment, located it, thank you.
Kyle Armstrong (3 years ago)
Great video Paul! I personally love the NeoSpeech voices that Adobe uses for TTS. I use them in for my training videos
They're no Siri but they are pretty good.
Alison Evans (3 years ago)
For the love of God, can somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how I can convert a PPT presentation with all the animations set up into Abode Captivate and play it to time with my imported Audio file? I have been searching for the answer for the past 6 hours. I watched a YouTube video about a month ago which showed me how to do it. It was very simple - but I can't remember how to do it now. Something about viewing the slides as a full screen and then clicking when you wanted the animations to show up to time in with the audio? Please help. I'm losing my mind...
+Alison Evans I'm not sure it addresses your specific concerns but did you look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6aivJSMV94 ?
Lisa McNeely (3 years ago)
Thanks Paul, I will try that. :)
Lisa McNeely (3 years ago)
text to voice, sorry
Lisa McNeely (3 years ago)
Is there any way to have voice to text ask a question with the question voice?
+Lisa McNeely Yes you can use punctuation and get the expected rise in pitch a question will have. I've always found it a little too exaggerated so I just a period to end even a question. Also you can add a longer break after a question which seems to simulate the waiting that would normally occur with asking a question of someone.
Agata Wodzynska (3 years ago)
Excellent and very helpful! Thank you!
+Agata Wodzynska You're welcome.
Karim Touil (3 years ago)
Merci pour cette démo from Lyon ;-)
Lisa McNeely (3 years ago)
Thanks Paul!
Lisa McNeely (3 years ago)
I am using Text to speech. I have put in the pauses through break. It sounds good in the voice text, but when I paste it back into captivate it sounds the same as before with no breaks and continues to speak rapidly. Please advise... Lisa
The Neospeech Text to Speech component for Adobe Captivate is available from the Adobe Account Management page. Log in to Adobe and click on *Manage Account*. Click on *Plans and Products*. Then click on *Order History / View your orders*. Click on the *order number* associated with your purchase of Adobe Captivate. Click on *Downloads and Serial Numbers* to download the additional components such as the Text to Speech software.
Nitish Sabbajee (2 years ago)
Hi, can you please send me the link for text to speech ?
Rick Morgan (3 years ago)
Thanks Paul, I love your videos
hawleyproductions (3 years ago)
One heck of a hack.  Good work!
Anastasiya Tugushi (3 years ago)
Thank you very much) I have 2 more question. Is there any possibility to highlight text according (synchronously) to the  text to speech audio?  like in karaoke. and the second - How can I export Audio to apply some effects in Soundforge or other programms. Thank you for your work. It is really useful.
Anastasiya Tugushi (3 years ago)
Thank you very much for your answer) I have just started studing Captivate 8 and your tutorials are best!!!!
Sue Shaff (3 years ago)
Thank you so much!   Excellent explanation.  I am going to put this new information to use right now!
Ryan De LaMonte (3 years ago)
Awesome. Thank you very much Paul :)
NLGVIDEOS2 (3 years ago)
Is it possible  to add a more advanced text to speech software into Captivate.
Ed Martino (3 years ago)
Hi Paul, Thx for sharing the tips like the VML editor, very cool. Note that I also like Julie. I did not like the way she says her name, so I tried "Jewly" which works better. I have also discovered that some vowel combos are not pronounced correctly. The solution I found is to split the word e.g. for "create" I write cree ate. This technique gives the software with a more phonetic method to work with/
DrChangMathGuitar (3 years ago)
Hi Paul Thanks for the demonstration.  I will receive the software soon, but just anxious to know if such slides with text-to-audio can be easily converted to a movie file such as mp4.
DrChangMathGuitar (3 years ago)
Cynthia Germaine (3 years ago)
That was very helpful. I am a grad student studying Instructional Design and currently am an intern.
Michael DeMers (3 years ago)
Sorry for being a latecomer to this but I've just started using Captivate 8 (Mac) and I get an error message every time I try to use text-to-speech.  I've downloaded the Captivate 8 Voices dmg and it does not provide me with anything new.  I believe I'm missing something.  Can you or your esteemed followers help?
Michael DeMers (3 years ago)
+Paul Wilson Hi, Paul. Thank you so much for your reply and for these delightful and incredibly helpful videos. Here's what I have learned. 1. The Mac provides many voices in their list, many, if not all of which are dysfunctional. 2. I found that the Captivate_8_Voices.dmg installer found at (http://www.adobe.com/go/Cp8_mac_voices_installer) does work but the voices installed at the bottom and I could not find them. 3. Because the default voices do not work it really is essential that you select one of the seven voices at the bottom that were newly installed. Then it works. Really weird how Adobe includes all those names on the list when they don't work. Hope this helps other mac users.
Gilbert Hunter (3 years ago)
Hi Paul. Enjoyed your video. The link to the documentation doesn't work - have you got another link?
Gilbert Hunter (3 years ago)
+Paul Wilson Thanks!
Sagar Deve (3 years ago)
Thank You Paul
Sagar Deve (3 years ago)
I want speech Agents please give me download link
Nix B (4 years ago)
Thank you for this. Definitely gave me some insight on how to use more naturally sounding voices. I used Julie too. Now I can try and make her even more human sounding. 
TJ Design & Production (4 years ago)
great thanks!
Envectus (4 years ago)
I cant find the voices files in captivate 7....
Envectus (4 years ago)
Are the voices free or I should pay for them ?
CoLb (4 years ago)
Hi Paul. Are there any actual English voices available, rather than American?
Samuel Ramos (4 years ago)
Don't forget us Mac users...lol!!!! Love the vids.
CoLb (4 years ago)
Excellent video. I'm pretty new to Captivate, still getting to grips with it,  but this video was a big help!

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